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Both reprints are probably in response to the new popularity of Robin Hood spurred by the Richard Greene television show see case 4 and any of the four contemporary films. Trease, Geoffrey. Bows Against the Barons. Later editions of this work would remove such overtones and insert different images.

Rhead, Louis.

Gray Gables: Grover Cleveland’s Summer Retreat

Robin Hood. Robin Hood has been a consistent presence in the history of film. Although he is not as popular a figure as some others, every generation has had a Robin Hood film, and nearly every film has been popular and profitable. He also quickly moved to television. It is also very adaptable; it is easy to present on the stage and screen, as there are no transformations, no special effects, no expensive costumes or sets necessary to tell the story of the outlaw hero.

The basic plot itself is well-known, and the adaptability of the story lends itself well to different audiences. As audiences have changed, Robin has been able to reflect those changes without losing his essential characteristics. The Adventures of Robin Hood. The story itself is not otherwise connected with the television series. Adventures of Robin Hood. Michael Curtiz and William Keighley.

Warner Brothers, An action-oriented telling of the legend, it draws upon the earlier Fairbanks film, Robin Hood , for some of its sequences, but ultimately outshines the silent feature in brilliant technicolor. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Kevin Reynolds. Morgan Creek Productions, Despite its problems, it served to introduce a new generation to the Robin Hood legend, and it highlights certain trends in medievalism. As the DVD case shows, many Robin Hood films are gaining new life when released on DVD, with extra features, including cut or extended scenes, interviews, trailers, short featurettes, and other information.

Clearly intended for a young audience, this cartoon is unremarkable except as an example of the commercial possibilities of this widely-known figure. Wolfgang Reitherman. Walt Disney Productions, By presenting the characters as animals, the movie delights children and establishes characteristics at a glance. John Irvin. With Patrick Bergin and Uma Thurman. Most Robin Hood scholars and fans feel this is the better film. The medieval character of the film is more historically accurate because J.

Holt, a noted Robin Hood scholar, served as a consultant. In the twentieth century, scholars started to pay more attention to popular culture, regarding it as a proper venue for academic study. Holt and Stephen Knight. Both have written many articles and books discussing the importance of the figure from historical and literary standpoints. Many others have written about Robin Hood in some way or another, and every facet of the legendary hero is recognized as having some intellectual value. At the same time, Robin again gained prominence in popular fiction.

Many of these novels have done well, and Robin Hood continues to be a popular figure in literature for any age. His continued presence on the stage, as well as the screen, is assured. Knight, Stephen, and Thomas Ohlgren, eds.

Robin Hood and Other Outlaw Tales. A good, modern edition intended for a wide range of audiences, this is one of the most popular METS volumes. Percy, Thomas, ed. Reliques of Ancient English Poetry: consisting of old heroic ballads, songs, and other pieces, of our earlier poets, together with some few of later date. London: Bohn, The Reliques were intended to be an important early history of English literature. It also reflects the anxiety early editors felt about their presence in the text, as these ballads were seen as records of an earlier, oral tradition. See pp. Harris, P.

London: P. Harris, Keen, Maurice.

The Outlaws of Medieval Legend. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, Third edition Holt invigorated Robin Hood studies by debating positions on the Robin Hood legend in a series of articles published in Past and Present. Valentine Harris, in identifying Robin as a historical individual, but instead discusses the society from which Robin arose. His chapters discuss yeomanry, the greenwood, crime, and religion in mid- to late-medieval culture in an attempt to identify the period of the early ballads and tales, and illuminate the tales themselves.

Tudor Architecture Window House Nest Box Gable PNG

Knight, Stephen. Robin Hood: A Mythic Biography. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, Ohlgren, Thomas H. Phoenix Mill: Sutton, Gilbert, Henry. Robin Hood and the Men of the Greenwood. Brock and Walter Crane. New York: T. Nelson and Sons, The idea of Robin Hood as an appropriate subject for children was reinforced by these and similar works.

Blamire, Larry. Dobson, Mary Lynn. Woodstock, IL: Dramatic Publishing, Both plays offer humor and action, set in "The Middle Ages. Fraser, Antonia.

Rebecca Fraser. Richard returns and sets everything right, and Robin and Marian live a long, happy life. After suddenly becoming sick with a fever, Robin stops at a nunnery for help. While there, Black Barbara, a villain who had troubled him earlier, bleeds Robin to death. Roberson, Jennifer. New York: Kensington Publishing Corp.

Lawhead, Stephen. He spent much of his reign extorting money from his subjects and the church in an effort to wrest Normandy from his elder brother; this situation resonates with the modern idea of Prince John raising taxes to ransom Richard I —99 or simply for his own purposes when king — McKinley acknowledges her debt to Howard Pyle, whose work she read as a child.

Carey acknowledges Errol Flynn and Patric Knowles from the film. Olive Grove. Elizabethan Green. Green Gables. Cherry Tart. Baby Corn. Holiday Blue. Artic Ice. Sandstone Rose. Blue Heron.

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Denim Blue. Blythe Green. Avonlea Green. Schoolhouse Red. Coffee Bean. Old Gold. Milk Chocolate. Cafe Au Lait.

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French Blue. Green Tea. Birch Brown. Northern Lights. Terra Cotta. Flowers of Italy.

Robin Gable

Burnt Orange. Leaf Green. Mulled Wine. His son Frances was born here in Also, unbeknownst to the outside world, Cleveland had a malignant growth on the roof of his mouth removed on the yacht of his friend, Cmdr. Then, tragedy struck. His oldest daughter, Ruth, died of diptheria during the winter of and Cleveland lost interest in Gray Gables. Gray Gables was leased in the summer of , then sold.

In a later era, the building became an inn, but was destroyed by fire in It was moved to the Aptucxet Trading Post grounds in You must be logged in to post a comment. Local Media Group, Inc.