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Sometimes there are legends of students, teachers, and staff who died there, possibly accounting for the hauntings Here are four true stories of a haunted daycare, a middle school, and a boarding school that will have you checking around every corner and down every hallway. For a number of years, C. For example, when a number of children were waiting outside for their parents to pick them up, he would stand among them, confusing the staff as to how many children were actually there. On this particular night, C. It was about 8 p. He tried to talk to him but got no response.

He assumed it was the son of one of the other co-workers, and he told her that she should keep an eye on him because it was getting dark and cold outside. The co-worker just gave him a puzzled look and said she didn't know what he was talking about. The man looked toward the door of the back room where the child stood looking at him, and again asked the co-worker why she would let her son run around outside in the cold and dark. Now a bit miffed, the co-worker replied that she had not brought her son with her. As the man looked toward the door again, the child was now gone.

Sometime later, an alarm system with video surveillance was installed in the school.


And the alarm never went off. In , Deb was in Year 9 at a school in a remote part of Australia. It was March when the days in Australia were getting shorter and the weather cooler. Deb's class and the Year 8 students were enjoying a sleepover at the school.

4 Scary Haunted School Stories

The school was called Kangaroo Inn, named after some old ruins that were nearby. Deb was put on cooking duty, barbecuing sausages and patties for tea. At around p. There were no dogs at the school! I could hear the bark coming from inside. I jumped over the first one, but when I went for the second, my foot got caught! I fell flat on my face — and broke my nose!

Besides my crush seeing me totally bite it, I had to take senior yearbook pictures the next day with bandages and a swollen face.

Not cute! Burst My Bubble. He told me something funny and as I started laughing, a huge snot bubble formed and popped right in front of him! I immediately covered my face and turned, hoping he didn't see it, but when I looked back, he gave me this totally disgusted look! Offensive Rebound. Later on in the class, the boys came in to watch us play. I was playing with some other girls and right when I shot a three-pointer, my friend came up behind me and pulled my shorts down while I was still the air! I was so happy I made the shot, but everybody including my crush saw everything.

And I wasn't even wearing cute panties!

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All Caught Up. I quickly turned around and kicked the locker door closed with my foot so I could say hi. He said, 'Hey,' and leaned in to hug me. I tried to lean in too but couldn't go anywhere and felt a weird tug behind me. He gave me a quick, awkward hug, like the way you'd hug your grandmother.

Then he looked behind me, and said, 'You know your hood is caught in the locker, right? Learning Resources. Customer Support. Add to Cart. Social School Stories covers important and sensitive topics like: Swearing Stealing Hair-pulling Horseplay Spitting Facial expressions Social School Stories portrays correct and incorrect behaviors with interactive stories and printable activities. You can also help students comprehend feelings with lotto cards, and extend literacy skills beyond the book with book reviews! Related Items.


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