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Upon moving to Seattle, I was excited about the land with a coffee shop on every corner, the land where the streets are paved with coffee beans.

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I remember taking a tour around the city tasting lattes. I wrinkled my nose. I populated my purse with packets of Sugar in the Raw. At home, I rotated different flavors of nondairy flavored creamer through my fridge. Coconut Delight. Mocha Madness. Then something changed. It could have been any one of a dozen reasons. I took up running and found black coffee more compatible with my system during workouts. I grew older and my tastes tended towards the less sweet. I began to prefer my red wines oakier; my beer hoppier; my chocolate darker.

What was happening to me?? All of a sudden, we had the best roasters in the city nay, the world personally delivering us their freshly-roasted beans, and the true universe of coffee opened itself up to me:. In fact, pick a flavor, any flavor, that you love.

The Best Coffee Subscription and Coffee Gifts - The Moustache Coffee Club

Black coffees. No flavorings. They start to make sense. That said, sugar rarely augments fresh coffee, so cream is better than sugar but nothing is better than cream! For lots of reasons, getting espresso right is much more difficult than getting a tasty cup of drip.

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A well-balanced, naked espresso shot with a thick layer of crema on the top is a beautiful, beautiful thing, and an entirely different coffee experience than a latte or a cappuccino. Buy Fresh Coffee — If you only change one thing about your coffee routine, buy fresh coffee! Buy fresh, and keep in a cool, dry, airtight container out of the sun. Do yourself a solid by grinding before every brew.

Keep Your Tummy Happy — There are a lot of dubious myths around involving coffee acids and stomach aches or reflux, but in the end, you have to listen to your body. Add just a little less sugar or cream every day, and ease into those stronger coffee flavors. Do you ever hold a cup of coffee in your hand, and get that immediate rush of joy when you breathe in its aroma?

Then, once your cup is complete, you go about the day with a smile on your face? Turns out, that's not just in your head — coffee can really make you happy. Drinking coffee also increases our dopamine levels , one of the happy hormones, according to a study published in Translational Psychiatry. Elliot says. If you feel good after drinking a cup, that's why.

28 Best Coffee Subscription Boxes for 12222

It's also what makes attempting to withdraw incredibly difficult, so take note if you experience a dip in your mood when you stop drinking coffee. There's a reason you may be running to the bathroom first thing in the morning after drinking your first cup of coffee. Not only can coffee make you have to pee, it can also get things in the gut moving. Coffee has an impact on the colonic muscles.

In layman terms, this means it makes you poop, according to SELF. This can be extremely helpful if you are experiencing the many uncomfortable symptoms of constipation , Dr. It also may be that little nudge your body needs to keep things regular. If you are the type that gets jittery after drinking a cup of coffee, then you know that your morning java has a way of turning up the dial on your anxiety.

Coffee can spark anxiety and panic attacks in some people. In the short-term, coffee can have some side effects on people prone to anxiety. If you find that you are more anxious after drinking coffee, but still want that cup of Joe, it may be best to speak with a mental health professional about your symptoms. This way, you don't have to live your life completely coffee free. As previously mentioned, coffee is a pretty decent bathroom-stimulant. It can make you go both number one, and number two, but it's important to realize the impact this can have on your bladder.

Drinking coffee can potentially cause bladder issues, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive Kidney Diseases. Elliot agrees.

However, this and indeed many of these negative side effects only happen in extreme cases, and for most people, drinking a cup or two of coffee a day is fine. In fact, it can even have surprising positive effects on the body. Sarah Flower , a nutritionist at Skinny Coffee Club , tells Bustle that there are some potential virtues of drinking coffee.

Ratings and reviews

She says it can help protect against liver damage and liver cancer, if you drink up to three cups a day. She also says it can lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Flower tells Bustle, "This is because it is believed to reduce sensitivity to insulin. Elliot also notes that while there is some evidence to support coffee's liver-protecting benefits, extensive research still needs to be done. Coffee can also potentially reduce the risk of certain cancers, Flower says, " especially for cancers of the liver and uterus According to a study published in the BMJ , coffee can reduce our risk of prostate cancer, endometrial cancer, melanoma, oral cancer, leukemia and liver cancer.

Similarly, Dr. Elliot says that there has been some evidence to support that coffee can lower your risk of certain cancers. Clearly, coffee is doing more for our body than just giving us that caffeine boost in the morning. It's good to be aware of all the side effects, negative and positive, and be vigilant if you notice any thing amiss. I guess this advice rings true here: everything in moderation.