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The picture is taken away, and the student tells back what he saw in the picture. A similar methodology is undertaken as the school studies significant musicians and their works.

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Through exposure to selected works of art and music, students develop an understanding of things that are worthy and timeless, and they build a mental inventory of many great works through the ages. Additionally, there are opportunities for Grade 5 students to participate in band and vocal choir.

Students also participate in Physical Education. Art In addition to picture studies, students participate in formal art class once a week.

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To begin, the focus is on drawing and elements of art such as visual components of color, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value. Later, students learn about, discuss, and implement principles of design in their artwork and throughout the year are exposed to a wide variety of media and methods.

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There is also an emphasis on connecting student art to classroom subjects such as history, math, and bible. Recitations Taking advantage of the predilection of young children for mimicry and repetition, we provide the opportunity for our elementary students to commit to memory passages and poems of lasting value. Chosen from the best of the Western canon, the selections in Grades Four and Five correlate to the time periods being studied in history. The full Book of Recitations is available for review in the school office.

The Elements of Grammar in 90 Minutes

Intergration When Christian schools speak of integration, we are often talking about the infusion of Biblical wisdom into all the subject areas that we teach. Although we do have distinct Bible classes, we also reference scriptural facts and principles in every academic area. The lecturer is from Great Britain. In the Speaking section, only items 1 and 2 of the 6 tasks may have accented speech. Below are two examples similar to what you might hear.

The speakers are from Great Britain. In each instance, the example is 15 seconds long, and you would have 45 seconds to respond.

The Elements of Grammar in 90 Minutes by Robert Hollander | Waterstones

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St Alphonsus Liguori on the Council of Trent. Grammar Minutes Grade 3. Echoing Silence. Inspired by the classic Elements of Style , this short refresher course focuses exclusively on correct grammar, the individual parts of speech, and proper sentence format.