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INTRODUCTION by Joseph H. Peterson.
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The Hours of the Moon are proper for making trial of experiments relating to recovery of stolen property, for obtaining nocturnal visions, for summoning Spirits in sleep, and for preparing anything relating to Water. The Hours of Venus are furthermore useful for lots, poisons, all things of the nature of Venus, for preparing powders provocative of madness; and the like things.

But in order to thoroughly effect the operations of this Art, thou shouldest perform them not only on the Hours but on the Days of the Planets as well, because then the experiment will always succeed better, provided thou observest the rules laid down later on, for if thou omittest one single condition thou wilt never arrive at the accomplishment of the Art.

For those matters then which appertain unto the Moon, such as the Invocation of Spirits, the Works of Necromancy, and the recovery of stolen property, it is necessary that the Moon should be in a Terrestrial Sign, viz. For love, grace, and invisibility, the Moon should be in a Fiery Sign, viz. For hatred, discord, and destruction, the Moon should be in a Watery Sign, viz. Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. For experiments of a peculiar nature, which cannot be classed under any certain head, the Moon should be in an Airy Sign, viz.

For then it is good to make all experiments for the construction and operation of any matter. That is why the time from the New unto the Full Moon is proper for performing any of the experiments of which we have spoken above. But in her decrease or wane it is good for War, Disturbance, and Discord. Like- wise the period when she is almost deprived of light, is proper for experiments of invisibility, and of Death.

But observe inviolably that thou commence nothing while the Moon is in conjunction with the Sun, seeing that this is extremely unfortunate, and that thou wilt then be able to effect nothing ; but the Moon quitting his beams and increasing in Light, thou canst perform all that thou desirest, observing never- theless the directions in this Chapter. New Moon. But if thou shouldest wish to work by night, perfect thy work on the succeeding night ; if by day, seeing that the day beginneth with the rising of the Sun perfect thy work on the succeeding day.

But the Hour of Inception is the Hour of Mercury. Verily, since no experiments for converse with Spirits can be done without a Circle being prepared, whatsoever experiments therefore thou wishest to undertake for conversing with Spirits, therein thou must learn to construct a certain particular Circle ; that being done surround that Circle with a Circle of Art for better caution and efficacy. Concerning the Arts. If thou wishest to succeed, it is necessary to make the following Experi- ments and Arts in the appropriate Days and Hours, with the requisite solemnities and ceremonies contained and laid down in the following chapters.

Experiments, then, are of two kinds ; the first is to make trial of what, as I have said, can be easily performed without a Circle, and in this case it is not necessary to observe anything but what thou wilt find in the proper Chapters. Before commencing operations both the Master and his Disciples must abstain with great and thorough continence during the space of nine days from sensual pleasures and from vain and foolish conversation ; as plainly appeareth in the Second Book, Chapter 4.

Whicht being done, the Disciples must clothe themselves, putting upon their flesh, like their Master, raiment of white linen clean and unsoiled ; and the three last days the Master and his Disciples should fast, observing the solemnities and prayers marked in Book II. Note that the three last days should be calm weather, without wind, and without clouds rushing hither and thither over the face of the sky.

And when they are clean and pure, let each put upon him garments of white linen, pure, and clean, using the prayers and ceremonies described in Book II. After which let the Master alone say the confession. Afterwards let the Master extend his hands over the Disciples, and in sign of absolution absolve and bless them ; which being done he will distribute to each of his Disciples the Instruments necessary for Magical Art, which he is to carry into the Circle.

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The things necessary being thus disposed, the Master will go with his Disciples unto the assigned place, where they have proposed to construct the Circle for the Magical Arts and experiments ; repeating on the way the prayers and orations which thou wilt find in Book II. When the Master shall have arrived at the place appointed, together with his Disciples, he having lighted the flame of the fire, and having exorcised it afresh as is laid down in the Second Book, shall light the Candle and place it in the Lantern, which one of the Disciples is to hold ever in his hand to light the Master at his work.

Now the Master of the Art, every time that he shall have occasion for some particular purpose to speak with the Spirits, must endeavour to form certain Circles which shall differ somewhat, and shall have some particular reference to the particular experiment under consideration. Now, in order to succeed in forming such a Circle concerning Magical Art, for the greater assurance and efficacy thou shalt construct it in the following manner : — The Construction of the Circle.

Take thou the Knife, the Sickle, or the Sword of Magical Art consecrated after the manner and order which we shall deliver unto thee in the Second Book. With this Knife or with the Sickle of Art thou shalt describe, beyond the inner Circle which thou shalt have already formed, a Second Circle, encompassing the other at the distance of one foot therefrom and having the same centre.

Two Circles enclosed between three circumferential lines. The letter Tau represents the Cross, and in Add. Furthermore, thou shalt circumscribe about these Circles two Squares, the Angles of which shall be turned towards the Four Quarters of the Earth ; and the space between the Lines of the Outer and Inner Square shall be half- a-foot. The extreme Angles of the Outer Square shall be made the Centres of four Circles, the measure or diameter of which shall be one foot. All these are to be drawn with the Knife or consecrated Instrument of Art.

Between the two Squares the Name Tetragrammaton is to be written in the same way as is shown in the plate. See Figure 2. Or he may as well recite them before tracing the Circle. The which being finished, and the fumigations being performed, as is described in the chapter on Fumigations in the Second Book, the Master should reassemble his Disciples, encourage them, reassure them, fortify them, and conduct them into the parts of the Circle of Art, where he must place them in the four quarters of the earth, encourage them, and exhort them to fear nothing, and to keep in the places assigned to them.

Also, the Disciple who is placed towards the East should have a pen, ink, paper, silk, and white cotton, all clean and suitable for the work. Furthermore, each of the Com- i.

The Wealth pentacles of Jupiter from the Key of Solomon. See more Solomon pentacles videos below!

The Sovereign Equivalents are the Divine Names referred thereto. After this the Master should quit the Circle, light the fuel in the earthen pots, and place upon them the Censers, in the Four Quarters of the Earth ; and he should have in his hand the consecrated taper of wax, and he should light it and place it in a hidden and secret place prepared for it.

Let him after this re-enter and close the Circle. The Master should afresh exhort his Disciples, and explain to them all that they have to do and to observe ; the which commands they should promise and vow to execute. Let the Master then repeat this Prayer : — Prayer. When we enter herein with all humility, let God the Almighty One enter into this Circle, by the entrance of an eternal happiness, of a Divine prosperity, of a perfect joy, of an abundant charity, and of an eternal saluta- tion.

Let all the demons fly from this place, especially those who are opposed unto this work, and let the Angels of Peace assist and protect this Circle, from which let discord and strife fly and depart. After this, let the Master say upon his knees, as follows : — Prayer. And may God, even Adonai, bless this place with all the virtues of Heaven, so that no obscene or unclean spirit may have the power to enter into this Circle, or to annoy any person who is therein ; though the Lord God Adonai, Who liveth eternally unto the Ages of the Ages.

The which Names are to be placed in the front, behind, and on either side of the head. Furthermore, the Master ought to have with him in the Circle, those Pentacles or Medals which are necessary to his purpose, which are described hereinafter, and which should be constructed according to the rules given in the Chapter on Pentacles.

They should be described on virgin paper with a pen ; and ink, blood, or colours, prepared according to the manner which we shall hereafter show in the Chapters on these subjects. It will be sufficient to take only those Pentacles which are actually required, they should be sewed to the front of the linen robe, on the chest, with the consecrated needle of the Art, and with a thread which has been woven by a young girl.

After this, let the Master turn himself towards the Eastern Quarter unless directed to the contrary, or unless he should be wishing to call Spirits which belong to another quarter of the Universe , and pronounce with a loud voice the Conjuration contained in this Chapter. And if the Spirits be disobedient and do not not then make their appearance, he must arise and take the exorcised Knife of Art wherewith he hath constructed the Circle, and raise it towards the sky as if he wished to beat or strike the Air, and conjure the Spirits.

Let him then lay his right hand and the Knife upon the Pentacles or Medals, constructed of, and described upon virgin paper, which are fastened to or sewn upon his breast, and let him repeat the following Conjuration upon his knees : Conjuration. O Lord, hear my prayer, and let my cry come unto Thee. O Lord God Almighty, who has reigned before the beginning of the Ages, and Who by Thine Infinite Wisdom, hast created the heavens, the earth, and the sea, and all that in them is, all that is visible, and all that is invisible by a single word ; I praise Thee, I bless Thee, I adore Thee, I glorify Thee, and I pray Thee now at the present time to be merciful unto me, a miserable sinner, for I am the work of Thine hands.

Save me, and direct me by Thy Holy Name, Thou to Whom nothing is difficult, nothing is impossible ; and deliver me from the night of mine ignorance, and enable me to go forth therefrom. Enlighten me with a spark of Thine Infinite Wisdom. Take away from my senses the desire of covetousness, and the iniquity of mine idle words.

Give unto me, Thy servant, a wise understanding, penetrating and subtle heart, to acquire and comprehend all Sciences and Arts ; give unto me capacity to hear, and strength of memory to retain them, so that I may be able to accomplish my desires, and understand and learn all difficult and desirable Sciences ; and also that I may be able to comprehend the hidden secrets of the Holy Writings.

Give me the virtue to conceive them, so that I may be able to bring forth and pronounce my words with patience and humility, for the instruction of others, as Thou hast ordered me. Grant, O Lord, that we may become responsive unto Thy Grace, so that through it we may have a full confidence in and knowledge of Thee, and that the Spirits may discover themselves here in our presence, and that those which are gentle and peaceable may come unto us, so that they may be obedient unto Thy commands, through Thee, O Most Holy Adonai, Whose Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, and Whose Empire endureth unto the Ages of the Ages.

After having said all these words devoutly, let the Master arise, and place his hands upon the Pentacles, and let one of the Companions hold the Book open before the Master, who, raising his eyes to heaven, and turning unto the Four Quarters of the Universe, shall say : O Lord, be Thou unto me a Tower of Strength against the appearance and assaults of the Evil Spirits.

After this, turning towards the Four Quarters of the Universe, he shall say the following words : — These be the Symbols and the Names of the Creator, which can bring Terror and Fear unto you. The which being said and done, thou shalt see them draw near and approach from all parts. But if they be hindered, detained, or occupied in some way, and so that they cannot come, or if they are unwilling to come, then, the Suffumigations and Censings being performed anew, and the Disciples having anew, by especial order, touched their Swords, and the Master having encouraged his Disciples, he shall reform the Circle with the Knife of Art, and, raising the said Knife towards the Sky, he shall as it were strike the air therewith.

After this he shall lay his hand upon the Pentacles, and having bent his knees before the Most High, he shall repeat with humility the following Confession ; the which his Disciples shall also do, and they shall recite it in a low and humble voice, so that they can scarcely be heard. The Confession to be made by the Exorcist. I detest also the crimes which 1 have committed within ; the treachery and discord which I have incited ; my curiosity, greed, false speaking, violence, malediction, murmurs, blasphemies, vain words, insults, dissimulations ; my sins against God by the transgression of the ten commandments, by neglect of my duties and obligations, and by want of love towards God and towards my neighbour.

In which I humbly confess that I have sinned, and recognise myself as being in the sight of God the most criminal of all men. Children of God, in your presence I publish my sins, so that mine Enemy may have no advantage over me, and may not be able to reproach me at the last day ; that he may not be able to say that I have concealed my sins, and that I be not then accused in the presence of the Lord ; but, on the contrary, that on my account there may be joy in Heaven, as over the just who have confessed their sins in thy presence.

The Confession having been finished with great humility, and with the inward feeling of the heart, the Master will recite the following prayer : — Prayer. I beseech Thee to defend me from mine Enemies, and to confirm in me true and steadfast faith. O Lord be Thou my succour.

Thou Who art the God of my salvation. O Lord make me a new heart according unto Thy loving Kind- ness. Be Thou propitious unto me who am but a miserable sinner, and despise me not ; save me and succour me, even me the work of Thine hands. I conjure and entreat Thee by Thy Holy Name to banish from my Spirit the darkness of Ignorance, and to enlighten me with the Fire of thy Wisdom ; take away from me all evil desires, and let not my speech be as that of the foolish.

Prayers and Conjurations. O Lord God, Holy Father, Almighty and Merciful One, Who hast created all things, Who knowest all things and can do all things, from Whom nothing is hidden, to Whom nothing is impossible ; Thou who knowest that we perform not these ceremonies to tempt Thy power, but that we may penetrate into the knowledge of hidden things ; we pray Thee by Thy Sacred Mercy to cause and to permit, that we may arrive at this under- standing of secret things, of whatever nature they may be by Thine aid, O Most Holy Adonai, Whose Kingdom and Power shall have no end unto the Ages of the Ages.

The Prayer being finished, let the Exorcist lay his hand upon the Pentacles, while one of the Disciples shall hold open before him the Book wherein are written the prayers and conjurations proper for conquering, subduing, and reproving the Spirits. Then the Master, turning towards each Quarter of the Earth, and raising his eyes to Heaven, shall say : O Lord, be Thou unto me a strong tower of refuge, from the sight and assaults of the Evil Spirits. After which let him turn again towards the Four Quarters of the Earth, and towards each let him utter the following words : Behold the Symbols and Names of the Creator, which give unto ye for ever Terror and Fear.

Obey then, by the virtue of these Holy Names, and by these Mysteries of Mysteries. After this he shall see the Spirits come from every side. But in case they are occupied in some other place, or that they cannot come, or that they are unwilling to come : then let him commence afresh to invoke them after the following manner, and let the Exorcist be assured that even were they bound with chains of iron, and with fire, they could not refrain from coming to accomplish his will. The Conjuration.

It will be noted by the Qabalistical reader, that the above Conjuration rehearses the Divine Names attached to the Ten Sephiroth. I conjure ye by the Name Tetragrammaton Elohim, which expresseth and signifieth the Grandeur of so lofty a Majesty, that Noah having pro- nounced it, saved himself, and protected himself with his whole household from the Waters of the Deluge. Who seeketh out and chastiseth the iniquities of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation ; which Isaac having invoked, he was found worthy to escape from the Sword of Abraham his father.

I conjure ye and I exorcise ye by the most holy Name of Eloah Va-Daath, which Jacob invoked when in great trouble, and was found worthy to bear the Name of Israel, which signifieth Vanquisher of God ; and he was delivered from the fury of Esau his brother. I conjure ye by the most potent Name of ElJ Adonai Tzabaoth, which is the God of Armies, ruling in the Heavens, which Joseph invoked, and was found worthy to escape from the hands of his Brethren.

I conjure ye by the most potent Name of Elohim Tzabaoth, which expresseth piety, mercy, splendour, and knowledge of God, which Moses invoked, and he was found worthy to deliver the People Israel from Egypt, and from the servitude of Pharoah. I conjure ye by the most potent Name of Shaddai, which signifieth doing good unto all ; which Moses invoked, and having struck the Sea, it divided into two parts in the midst, on the right hand and on the left.

I conjure ye by the most holy Name of ElJ Chai, which is that of the Living God, through the virtue of which alliance with us, and redemption for us have been made ; which Moses invoked and all the waters returned to their prior state and enveloped the Egyptians, so that not one of them escaped to carry the news into the Land of Mizraim. Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malkuth. I conjure ye anew, O Spirits, by all the Names of God, and by all His marvellous work ; by the heavens ; by the earth ; by the sea ; by the depth of the Abyss, and by that firmament which the very Spirit of God hath moved ; by the sun and by the stars ; by the waters and by the seas, and all which they contain ; by the winds, the whirlwinds, and the tempests ; by the virtue of all herbs, plants, and stones ; by all which is in the heavens, upon the earth, and in all the Abysses of the Shades.

I conjure ye by Him Who hath made the heavens and the earth, and who hath measured those heavens in the hollow of His hand, and enclosed the earth with three of His fingers. Who is seated upon the Kerubim and upon the Seraphim ; and by the Kerubim, which is called the Kerub, which God constituted and placed to guard the Tree of Life, armed with a flaming sword, after that Man had been driven out of Paradise. I conjure ye anew. Apostates from God, by Him Who alone hath per- formed great wonders ; by the Heavenly Jerusalem; and by the Most Holy Name of God in Four Letters, and by Him Who enlighteneth all things and shineth upon all things by his Venerable and Ineffable Name, Eheteh Asher Eheieh ; that ye come immediately to execute our desire, whatever it may be.

I conjure ye, and I command ye absolutely, O Demons, in whatsoever part of the Universe ye may be, by the virtue of all these Holy Names; — Adonai,! Stronger and more potent Conjuration. If they then immediately appear, it is well; if not, let the Master uncover the consecrated Pentacles which he should have made to constrain and com- mand the Spirits, and which he should wear fastened round his neck, holding the Medals or Pentacles in his left hand, and the consecrated Knife in his right ; and encouraging his Companions, he shall say with a loud voice : — Address.

Here be the Symbols of Secret things, the standards, the ensigns, and the banners, of God the Conqueror; and the arms of the Almighty One, to compel the Aerial Potencies. I command ye absolutely by their power and virtue that ye come near unto us, into our presence, from whatsoever part of the world ye may be in, and that ye delay not to obey us in all things wherein we shall command ye by the virtue of God the Mighty One.

Come ye promptly, and delay not to appear, and answer us with humility. If they appear at this time, show them the Pentacles, and receive them with kindness, gentleness, and courtesy ; reason and speak with them, question them, and ask from them all things which thou hast proposed to demand. But if, on the contrary, they do not yet make their appearance, holding the consecrated Knife in the right hand, and the Pentacles being uncovered by the removal of their consecrated covering, strike and beat the air with the Knife as if wishing to commence a combat, comfort and exhort thy Companions, and then in a loud and stern voice repeat the following Conjuration : — Conjuration.

Come ye at once without any hideousness or deformity before us, come ye without monstrous appearance, in a gracious form or figure. And by the Name Adonai, which Moses having invoked, there came so great a quantity of locusts which appeared in the land of Egypt, that they devoured and swallowed up all that the hail had spared; and by the Name of Patheon, which having invoked, there arose so thick, so awful, and so.

By these, then, and by all the Secrets which the Almighty encloseth in the Treasures of the Sovereign and Highest Wisdom, by His hand, and by His marvellous power; I conjure, force, and exorcise ye that ye come without delay to per- form in our presence that which we shall command ye. Amen, Amen. Fiat, Fiat. This Conjuration thou shalt say and perform, turning thyself unto the East, and if they appear not, thou shalt repeat it unto the Spirits, turning unto the South, the West, and the North, in succession, when thou wilt have repeated it four times.

Behold anew the Symbol and the Name of a Sovereign and Conquering God, through which all the Universe fears, trembles, and shudders, and through the most mysterious words of the Secret Mysteries and by their Virtue, Strength, and Power. X This word is given variously in the MSS. By the virtue of all these aforesaid, we command ye that ye remain not in any place wherein ye are, but to come hither promptly without delay to do that which we shall enjoin ye. The Qabalah some- times expresses the Evil Spirits by the words animals, or beasts, and creeping things. It is probably a corruption of Achad Unity.

J This is also the name of the Angel of Venus. Iaha , in Add. The later MSS. Come ye then from all parts of the earth, wheresoever ye may be, and behold the Symbols and Names of that Triumphant Sovereign Whom all creatures obey, otherwise we shall bind ye and conduct ye in spite of yourselves, into our presence bound with chains of fire, because those effects which proceed and issue from our Science and operation, are ardent with a fire which shall consume and burn ye eternally, for by these the whole Universe trembleth, the earth is moved, the stones thereof rush together, all creatures obey, and the rebellious Spirits are tormented by the power of the Sovereign Creator.

Then it is certain that they will come, even if they be bound with chains of fire, unless prevented by affairs of the very greatest importance, but in this latter case they will send ambassadors and messengers by whom thou shalt easily and surely learn what occupies the Spirits and what they are about. But if they appear not yet in answer to the above Conjuration, and are still disobedient, then let the Master of the Art or Exorciser arise and exhort his Companions to be of good cheer and not to despair of the ultimate success of the operation ; let him strike the air with the Consecrated Knife towards the Four Quarters of the Universe ; and then let him Kneel in the midst of the Circle, and the Companions also in their several places, and let them say con- secutively with him in a low voice, turning in the direction of the East, the following Address to the Angels.

I conjure and pray ye, O ye Angels of God, and ye Celestial Spirits, to come unto mine aid ; come and behold the Signs of Heaven, and be my witness before the Sovereign Lord, of the disobedience of these evil and fallen Spirits who were at one time your companions. This being done, let the Master arise, and constrain and force them by a stronger conjuration, in manner following. An Extremely Powerful Conjuration. Behold us again prepared to conjure ye by the Names and Symbols of God, wherewith we are fortified, and by the virtue of the Highest One.

We command ye and potently ordain ye by the most strong and powerful Names of God, Who is worthy of all praise, admiration, honour, glory, veneration, and fear, that ye delay not longer, but that ye appear before us without any tumult or disturbance, but, on the contrary, with great respect and courtesy, in a beautiful and human form. If they then appear, let them see the Pentacles, and say : Obey ye, Obey ye, behold the Symbols and Names of the Creator ; be ye gentle and peaceable, and obey in all things that we shall command ye. They will then immediately talk with thee, as a friend speaketh unto a friend.

Ask of them all that thou desirest, with constancy, firmness, and assurance, and they will obey thee. But if they appear not yet, let not the Master on that account lose his courage, for there is nothing in the world stronger and of greater force to overawe the Spirits than constancy. Let him, however, re-examine and reform the Circle, and let him take up a little dust of the earth, which he shall cast towards the Four Quarters of the Universe ; and having placed his Knife upon the ground, let him say on his knees, turning towards the direction of the North : In the Name of Adonai Elohim Tzabaoth Shaddai, Lord God of Armies Almighty, may we successfully perform the works of our hands, and may the Lord be present with us in our heart and in our lips.

These words having been said kneeling upon the earth, let the Master shortly after arise and open his arms wide as if wishing to embrace the air, and say: Conjuration. I conjure, I address, and I exorcise ye, that ye may approach unto and come before the Throne of God, the Living and the True, and before the Tribunal of the Judgment of His Majesty, and before the Holy Angels of God to hear the sentence of your condemnation.

Come ye then by the Name and in the Name of Shaddai which is that of God Almighty, strong, powerful, admirable, exalted, pure, clean, glorified, virtuous, great, just, terrible, and holy ; and by the Name and in the Name of El, Iah, Iah, Iah, Who hath formed and created the world by the Breath of His Mouth, Who supporteth it by His Power, Who ruleth and governeth it by His Wisdom, and Who hath cast ye for your pride into the Land of Dark- ness and into the Shadow of Death. Therefore, by the Name of the Living God, Who hath formed the heavens above, and hath laid the foundations of the earth beneath, we command ye that, immediately and without any delay, ye come unto us from all places, valleys, mountains, hills, fields, seas, rivers, fountains, ponds, brooks, caverns, grottos, cities, towns, villages, markets, fairs, habitations, baths, courtyards, gardens, vine- yards, plantations, reservoirs, cisterns, and from every corner of the terrestrial earth where ye may happen to be in your assemblies, so that ye may execute and accomplish our demands with all mildness and courtesy ; by that Ineffable Name which Moses heard and invoked, which he received from God from the midst of the Burning Bush, we conjure ye to obey our commands, and to come unto us promptly with all gentleness of manner.

Again we command ye with vehemence, and we exorcise ye with con- stancy, that ye and all your comrades come unto us in an agreeable and gracious manner like the breeze, to accomplish successively our various com- mands and desires. Come ye, then, without delay, without noise, and without rage, before us, without any deformity or hideousness, to execute all our will ; come ye from all places wherein ye are, from all mountains, valleys, streams, rivers, brooks, ponds, places, baths, synagogues ; for God, strong and powerful, will chase ye and constrain ye, being glorious over all things ; He will compel ye, both ye and the Prince of Darkness.

Come ye, come ye, Angels of Darkness ; come hither before this Circle without fear, terror, or deformity, to execute our commands, and be ye ready both to achieve and to complete all that we shall command ye. Lord, the faithful King; besides other forms. We constrain ye yet again by the Seal of the Sun which is the Word of God ; and by the Seal of the Moon and of the Stars we bind ye ; and by the other Animals and Creatures which are in Heaven, by whose wings Heaven cleanseth itself, we force and attract ye imperiously to execute our will without failure.

And we conjure, oblige, and terribly exorcise ye, that ye draw near unto us without delay and without fear, as far as is possible unto ye, here before this Circle, as supplicants gently and with discretion, to accomplish our will in all and through all. If ye come promptly and voluntarily, ye shall inhale our perfumes, and our suffumigations of pleasant odour, which will be both agreeable and delightful unto ye.

Furthermore ye will see the Symbol of your Creator, and the Names of his Holy Angels, and we shall afterwards dismiss ye, and send ye hence with thanks. But if, on the contrary, ye come not quickly, and ye show yourselves self-opinionated, rebellious, and con- tumacious, we shall conjure ye again, and exorcise ye ceaselessly, and will repeat all the aforesaid words and Holy Names of God and of the Holy Angels ; by the which Names we shall harass you, and if that be not sufficient we will add thereunto yet greater and more powerful ones, and we will thereunto again add other Names which ye have not yet heard from us, which are those of an Almighty God, and which will make ye tremble and quake with fear, both ye and your princes; by the which Names we conjure both you and them also, and we shall not desist from our work until the accomplishment of our will.

But if perchance ye yet shall harden yourselves, and show yourselves self-opinionated, disobedient, rebellious, refractory, and contumacious, and if ye yet resist our powerful conjurations, we shall pronounce against you this warrant of arrest in the Name of God Almighty, and this definite sentence that ye shall fall into dangerous disease and leprosy, and that in sign of the Divine Vengeance ye shall all perish by a terrifying and horrible death, and that a fire shall consume and devour you on every side, and utterly crush you ; and that by the Power of God, a flame shall go forth from His Mouth which shall burn ye up and reduce ye unto nothing in Hell.

Where- fore delay ye not to come, for we shall not cease from these powerful conjurations until ye shall be obliged to appear against your will. By these then, and by other most Holy Names which we pronounce against you from the bottom of our hearts, do we force and constrain ye, if ye be yet rebellious and disobedient. We conjure ye powerfully and strongly exorcise ye, that ye come unto us with joy and quickness, without fraud or deceit, in truth and not in error. Come ye then, come ye, behold the Signs and the Names of your Creator, behold the Holy Pentacles by the virtue of which the Earth is moved, the trees thereof and the Abysses tremble.

Come ye ; come ye ; come ye. These things being thus done and performed, ye shall see the Spirits come from all sides in great haste with their Princes and Superiors ; the Spirits of the First Order, like Soldiers, armed with spears, shields, and corslets ; those of the Second Order like Barons, Princes, Dukes, Captains, and Generals of Armies.

For the Third and last Order their King will appear, before whom go many players on instruments of music, accompanied by beautiful and melodious voices which sing in chorus. Then the Exorcist, or Master of the Art, at the arrival of the King, whom he shall see crowned with a Diadem, should uncover the Holy Pentacles and Medals which he weareth upon his breast covered with a cloth of silk or of fine twined linen, and show them unto him, saying : — Behold the Signs and Holy Names by and before whose power every knee should bow, of all that is in Heaven, upon Earth, or in Hell.

THE KEY OF KING SOLOMON – CLAVICULA SALOMONIS (Limited Edition Hardcover with Extra Booklet)

Humble ye yourselves, therefore, under the Mighty hand of God. Let him, also, renew his fumigations, and offer large quantities of Incense, which he should at once place upon the fire, in order to appease the Spirits as he hath promised them. He should then cover the Pentacles, and he will see wonderful things, which it is impossible to relate, touching worldly matters and all sciences.

This being finished, let the Master uncover the Pentacles, and demand all that he shall wish from the King of the Spirits, and if there are one or two Spirits only, it will be the same ; and having obtained all his desire, he shall thus license them to depart : — The License to Depart. In the Name of Adonai, the Eternal and Everlasting One, let each of you return unto his place ; be there peace between us and you, and be ye ready to come when ye are called. Furthermore let them bathe their faces with the exorcised water, as will be hereafter told, and then let them take their ordinary raiment and go about their business.

Take notice and observe carefully that this last conjuration is of so great importance and efficacy, that even if the Spirits were bound with chains of iron and fire, or shut up in some strong place, or retained by an oath, they could not even then delay to come. But supposing that they were being conjured in some other place or part of the Universe by some other Exorcist or Master of the Art, by the same conjuration ; the Master should add to his conjuration that they should at least send him some Messengers, or some individual to declare unto him where they are, how employed, and the reason why they cannot come and obey him.

But if which is almost impossible they be even yet self-opinionated and disobedient, and unwilling to obey ; in this case their names should be written on virgin paper, which he should soil and fill with mud, dust, or clay. Then he shall kindle a fire with dry rue, upon which he shall put powdered assa- foetida, and other things of evil odour ; after which let him put the aforesaid names, written on parchment or virgin paper, upon the fire, saying : — The Conjuration of the Fire. I conjure thee, O Creature of Fire, by Him who removeth the Earth, and maketh it tremble, that thou burn and torment these Spirits, so that they may feel it intensely, and that they may be burned eternally by thee.

This being said, thou shalt cast the aforesaid paper into the fire, saying The Curse. Be ye accursed, damned, and eternally reproved ; and be ye tormented with perpetual pain, so that ye may find no repose by night nor by day, nor for a single moment of time, if ye obey not immediately the command of Him Who maketh the Universe to tremble ; by these Names, and in virtue of these Names, the which being named and invoked all creatures obey and tremble with fear and terror, these Names which can turn aside lightning and thunder; and which will utterly make you to perish, destroy, and banish you.

Write their Names afresh, and kindle fresh fire, whereon thou shalt put gum benjamin, olybdanum, and storax to make therewith a fumigation ; with these odours thou shalt afresh perfume the aforesaid paper with the Names ; but thou shouldest have these names ready prepared beforehand. Then show them the Holy Pentacles, and ask of them what thou wilt, and thou shalt obtain it ; and having gained thy purpose, send away the Spirits, saying : The License to Depart. By the virtue of these Pentacles, and because ye have been obedient, and have obeyed the commandments of the Creator, feel and inhale this grateful odour, and afterwards depart ye unto your abodes and retreats ; be there peace between us and you ; be ye ever ready to come when ye shall be cited and called ; and may the blessing of God, as far as ye are capable of receiving it, be upon you, provided ye be obedient and prompt to come unto us without solemn rites and observances on our part.

Thou shouldest further make a Book of virgin paper, and therein write the foregoing conjurations, and constrain the Demons to swear upon the same book that they will come whenever they be called, and present themselves before thee, whenever thou shalt wish to consult them.

The key of Solomon the King (Clavicula Salomonis) (Book, ) []

Afterwards thou canst cover this Book with sacred Sigils on a plate of silver, and therein write or engrave the Holy Pentacles. Thou mayest open this Book either on Sundays or on Thursdays, rather at night than by day, and the Spirits will come. And remember that by day the Demons are ashamed, for they are Animals of Darkness.

Concerning the Medals or Pentacles, and the manner of constructing them. As we have already made mention of the Pentacles, it is necessary that thou shouldest understand that the whole Science and understanding of our Key dependeth upon the operation. Knowledge, and use of Pentacles. He then who shall wish to perform any operation by the means of the Medals, or Pentacles.

These then have I collected together, arranged, consecrated, and kept, for the benefit of the human race, and the preservation of Body and of Soul. It is necessary to have a Chamber or Cabinet specially set apart and newly cleaned, wherein thou canst remain without interruption, the which having entered with thy Companions, thou shalt incense and perfume it with the odours and perfumes of the Art.

The sky should be clear and serene. It is necessary that thou shouldest have one or more pieces of virgin paper prepared and arranged ready, as we shall tell you more fully later on, in its place. An early Latin text survives in printed form, dated to ca.

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There are a number of later 17th century Latin manuscripts. One of the oldest existing manuscripts besides Harleian is a text in English translation, entitled The Clavicle of Solomon, revealed by Ptolomy the Grecian and dated to Sloane There are a number of French manuscripts, all dated to the 18th century, with the exception of one dated to P, ed. Dumas, The BL manuscript was dated to the 16th century by its first editor Greenup , but is now thought to be somewhat younger, dating to the 17th or 18th century.

Gollancz was published by his son Hermann Gollancz in , who also published a facsimile edition in The Hebrew text is not considered the original. It is rather a late Jewish adaptation of a Latin or Italian Clavicula text. An edition of the Latin manuscripts of the British Library was published by S. MacGregor Mathers in The Key of Solomon is divided into two books.

It describes the necessary drawings to prepare each "experiment" or, in more modern language, magical operations. Unlike later grimoires such as the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum 16th century or the Lemegeton 17th century , the Key of Solomon does not mention the signature of the 72 spirits constrained by King Solomon in a bronze vessel. The Lost Book of Enki. Zecharia Sitchin. The Apocrypha. Bible authors. Buckland's Complete Book Of Witchcraft. Michael L. Rodkinson Translator. The Consciousness of the Atom.

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