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How to Sharpen a Pencil with a Knife
  1. When only a really sharp pencil will do | Art and design | The Guardian
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  4. The world’s best pencil sharpener teaches his secrets
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Enter Walter K.

When only a really sharp pencil will do | Art and design | The Guardian

Foster, who, according to many sources, patented the first American pencil sharpener in , complete with an improvement on the original conical design, so that it could be more easily mass produced. However, upon further research, we could find no patent under Walter Foster until , which is actually under "Waltee K. Fostee" though that is a typo. The patent, US , is for " Improvement in molds for casting pencil-sharpeners ," and it describes how to properly create molds in order to mass produce the device.

Featured in Arts & Entertainment

By , a report in a trade journal stated that Foster and his employees were churning out over 50 gross 7, of the sharpeners per day due to the "the demand for export to Europe increasing every day. For the next thirty years, the pencil sharpener would be mass-produced across the world in various different sizes, shapes, and modes of whittling and scraping off wood. Yet, the pencil sharpener still wasn't perfect — with the major problem being that all of them required the user to either twist the pencil and hold the sharpener steady or twist the sharpener and hold the pencil steady to get the desired sharp tip.

The A. Dick Planetary Pencil Pointer changed all of that.

Designed sort of like a monorail paper cutter, the user inserted a pencil into a "chuck" — a mounted wood holder — as two milling disks "revolved around their axis as they orbited the tip of the pencil. In , the Olcott Pencil Sharpener utilized a cylindrical cutting head for cleaner cuts. Around the same time as the A.

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Dick Planetary Pencil Pointer, a man in Falls River, Massachusetts noticed a different need in relation to the pencil sharpener. John Lee Love was a carpenter by trade, so he always had a need for a pencil. I've sold about But that's around the world. And it is, slowly, taking off. Someone heard about it in Germany recently, and I've had a sudden run of orders from there.

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Anecdotally, I hear people don't like to use them: often they're given as a present, and just sit there, sharp forever. Well, I'll do pencils sent me, but more often now I'll prepare my own, which are the standard yellow No 2 — I think that's HB2 over there — with the metal band, the iconic childhood pencil. And I do do it lovingly.

Sometimes with a box-cutter, but I've been given a nice German single-blade hand-sharpener, and take great care with the packaging, and it comes with a poster.

The world’s best pencil sharpener teaches his secrets

And it gives me happiness, because at that stage life had just become a little bit …. Something like that indeed. And since then I have, honestly, had satisfaction, and people have said good things about artisanship, and individuality. Is it art or is it stationery?

Sharpen This Pencil - CONAN on TBS

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How to sharpen pencils

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