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On the other hand, video cuts the need for those time and financial resources. Video animation can help explain complex subjects using graphics, motion and voiceover.

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When you build a custom e-learning platform, it can be difficult to go into the program to input and update content. Like all the other options on our list, video training comes with a few disadvantages. Specifically, video learning is an individual experience, while some other training methods involve group learning and relationship building. This approach can work for people who learn best when alone, but it might not be as effective for people who learn best in a team setting. Overcome this disadvantage by coupling your video training with more interactive training methods like coaching and mentoring — coming up in the next section.

Airbus walks pilots and flight attendants through the ins and outs of their planes via a video tour, overviewing features and safety procedures in a real-world situational video. This is a great example of how and when to use live action video training. IBM also uses video trainings, but in a more robust way.

They have an entire YouTube channel dedicated to their training arm where they share training videos, messages from executive leadership, internal HR updates and more. The company fluctuates between animated, screen-recorded and live-action videos depending on the material being taught. Check out our training video page for more information and video examples.

New and trainee teachers | NEU

Consider implementing a coaching or mentoring program to supplement your more structured employee training methods. Having a mentor not only creates growth opportunities for employees, but it builds relationships that help them feel more connected to and supported by your company. However, mentorship programs require your most high-performing people to step away from their primary roles to grow newer team members.

A great example of a company with a successful mentorship program is Boeing. They offer new hires and interns the opportunity to learn from established executives who help them set career goals and develop their leadership skills. Having a successful training program is critical to the growth of any business. Lucky for you, your employees are already eager to learn. As you feed their hunger for growth and maximise the human resources you already have on staff, consider all the employee training methods available to you:.

It includes tips and best practices for creating videos your employees will learn from, engage with and even have fun watching.

In this highly competitive climate for hiring top talent, a strong employee training and development…. Training is one of those things that can seem like a necessary evil. Related Posts.

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Search for:. Page Contents 1. Instructor-led classroom training 2. Interactive methods 3. Combine this with giving name badges, stickers or signs for the table out to the pupils the moment you meet them for the first time.

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Paul stresses the importance of giving the pupils something like this which can start the relationship off brilliantly. Another approach is to slow sanctions down, particularly if you are concerned that the systems used are not positive. Combine this with recognising and rewarding children for the positive behaviour they exhibit. Trying to negotiate systems is unlikely to be a good idea. Overall, your relationship with the class teacher is key and you need to arrange a time to sit down and discuss behaviour management.

Best practice of the week Paul introduces a tweak to the positive notes idea which involves adding a QR Code onto the back of the note.

Behaviour management for PGCE students and other trainee teachers – PP8

Parents who have appropriate smart phones can then scan the QR code and be taken to a virtual copy of the work the positive note has been awarded for. Questions Finally, we had a question from Kerri via Twitter. She has a very large class of Year 7 science students and is concerned about managing such a large group in a practical subject. Let those situations be learning opportunities by using questioning or redirection to arrive at the correct answer. There are ways to hint to students that their initial answer might not be quite right without making them feel like they made a mistake.

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Refer back to comments or questions from students to show that you are listening and thinking about what they have to say. Once class is over, review which students actively participated. Consider if there are students who need more encouragement to interact in future classes, and make a point to draw them into the discussion in the next class or two. A lot of the effort to get students participating relies on you, the trainer, educator, and teacher. Make sure you set the tone and start your classes down the right path by using these techniques consistently.

Lastly, your students will get more out of the class and be better prepared due to your efforts! Exclusive content, eBooks, videos and downloads, all about training provision. Discover Administrate in 3 minutes! Join Our Mailing List Join the thousands of training providers around the world who get The Advantage delivered straight to their inbox. How to Encourage Student Participation. March 1, Resource Centre Exclusive content, eBooks, videos and downloads, all about training provision.

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