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Each episode consists of a host reading a storybook for children from start to finish. Courtesy photo. Each episode features a host like Shea reading a storybook from start to finish. And so it was that Lizi Shea climbed into a red-leather armchair not long ago for another reading session in the Fridley-based StoryCub studio. And where does it go after we wipe, when the poop is flushed down through a pipe?

I can tell you. That show with Hannah, now 14, and year-old Zoe initially focused on Webkinz, the popular stuffed animals with interactive online counterparts. When the girls outgrew the toys, the show morphed into the tech-centric yet general-interest Kid Friday podcast, with the three riffing and jousting for an hour or so about computers, game sites and whatever else strikes their fancy.

But though Kid Friday has attracted a worldwide audience and big-name advertisers, Swerdlick never intended it to be a primary money maker or a full-time career. Swerdlick, 47, a music-industry veteran who once kept company with the likes of Mariah Carey and Tony Bennett, now is trying to go digital in a big way.

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Two months in, with nearly three dozen StoryCub episodes uploaded to the iTunes Store, the podcast has begun to draw attention. He has been investing his own cash in the project while pondering how he might get grants, sponsorships or venture capital. Swerdlick said he is having a blast as he recruits readers like Shea, a University of Minnesota theater major, and stages daylong video-shooting sessions with hosts shown against a green screen — digital backdrops are added later — and a video crew of three.

During the weekend shoots, Swerdlick is a father figure and cheerleader off to the side, giving Shea and other readers, including daughter Hannah, speaking suggestions and eking out better and better performances from them. Julio Ojeda-Zapata writes about consumer technology. Read him: twincities. Reach him: jojeda pioneerpress.

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Follow him: ojezap. But one thing they had never done was go camping. We can have a fire and eat hotdogs. The rest of the friends just nodded in agreement. So the next day they packed their tent and walked to a nearby forest. They set up their tent on a flat spot of grass in a circle of pine trees. The rest of the friends gathered wood and set up the tent. Then they walked for 10 minutes and found a creek where they played catch and swam on their backs.

Bron, Stegs and Tri ate the plants from the bottom of the freshwater creek. And it was time to get back to the tent because it was getting dark and they were in an unfamiliar place. When they got back they started a fire. They cooked 20 packages of hotdogs over the fire. So they each had four packages as they talked about how much fun it was to camp. All the dinosaurs except for Stegs who needed to watch the fire, followed Leah. They all took turns and even Stegs got a turn to go.

Then they went back to their campfire and said goodbye to Leah, being sure to thank her for the Pee Fort. I like the time that the Dino needed to poop! And we liked the whole story!

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  • I liked the girl who showed them where the potty. This is absolutely not ok to read to kids…. Girls hoping out of woods showing boys where to go potty…. Hope he liked it. Loved the story. I read bedtime stories to my girlfriend every night, and I was smiling the whole way through this one. Because ur kids have a child like mind unlike you..

    EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Adam Sandler And Russell Brand Tell Each Other 'Bedtime Stories' - MTV

    Doors are not open in there thinking till someone opens them.. Basiclly the kids think like kids not little wierdos this story was silly and fun i loved it to bad it cant be as innocent to everyone as it was to us. Great post. I used to be looking for this particular info for a very lengthy time. Thank you and best of luck. My boys really enjoy this one. I was wondering if its ok if I add this to my daughters alphabet book?

    Tom Fletcher's Tips for Bedtime Story Competition Entrants

    I would of course put the right info like the Arthur? We my son 10yr old and I Loved it..