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Al Rajhi Bank launches new medical plan

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Context A4. Submit all deals Link invoice number. General , Khas Alfaz , phrase. Years of translation experience: 3. Registered at ProZ. A complete setting and background book for Legend, Vikings of Legend brings to life both the history and the myths of the most fierce-some warriors to take to the sea! From character creation to vicious foes to face in battle, Pete Nash leads you through everything you need to start a complete campaign based in Viking society.

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What countries have seen the most activity in Volume 3? Grenada and Grenada Grenadines lead the way, with 2, value changes in the former and 1, in the latter. Get Price ; volkov crusher exchange rate in sibadi. Get Price. Authorities are prob. They record and preserve every single sound, picture and movement we make every moment. And they have been recording all this since thousands and thousands of years.

Scientists now believe they can retrieve take back the sounds and pic- tures of past peoples and hope to hear and see them on T. Yes, Dear children, these radio waves and satellites in the atmosphere around our planet are the giant open-book which records all our deeds, sounds and images. Nothing escapes from this book. Allah will show all our deeds and works of life from this huge book in Aakhirah before everyone. This is not impossible. Do we not see and hear sounds and pictures of people long dead, on the T.

Let us all hope that the recorded films of our life shown on Doomsday before the whole world, will be clean and beautiful. I hope that you are studying well. Now, you will be studying in higher class- es. You have to work hard in studies. The secret of passing with good marks is: Daily studies. Those boys and girls who study on the last day before the exam- inations, can never do well and may even fail someday. I will tell you my secret of getting good marks. Study at least one hour daily on your own. Do not take tuitions. Solve 3 sums daily in your private practice book.

Write your answers in your own words again in a separate practice book. Never cram answers. It is dangerous because if you forget one word, you will forget the whole answer but if you have understood it well, you will not forget. Write your answers in your special style. And, you must always write on your own because you are special and important. Remember, practice makes a man perfect. So, read your answers again and again. Do lots of sums and you will 3 Children from Oman 4 enjoy them.

Every time you solve a sum, you will feel that you have made a great victory, and you will feel a deep sense of happiness. Now, tell me. Which is the most popular game in your city? Which game do you like? When are you going for your picnic? Which new friend have you made? What is your hobby?

What do you do in your spare time? I am eager to know all this. Write to me soon in your fair book. I have sent chocolates for all of you. Write to me if you have received them through your teacher. Wassalaam, Your friend, Aunt Ayesha 2. Nobody can listen in to their conversation. The Heads Presidents and Prime Ministers do not need an operator to connect their phone-call. They can talk directly on their own special telephone set without anyone connecting them in between. Do you know that you too have a hotline with the Head of the world: Allah.

You can talk directly with the Greatest King. We do not need an operator, a min- ister or a priest to connect you with HIM. How lucky we all are! Just offer salat , and you are in direct contact with Him. He can hear you when you even remember Him or talk to Him at anytime of the day or night, at any place on the road, at home, indoors or outdoors, while you may be standing, walking, sitting or lying down. You silently say a few words in your heart to Allah and ask for His help, asking Him to send a bus soon. The other people waiting at the bus-stop do not hear you but Allah hears you.

You may be surprised to see a bus coming round the comer. However, if it does not come, it only means that Allah has heard your call but wants to test you or has reserved something better for you. How easy, how con- venient to contact the Greatest Power. How happy you would feel if you could directly contact the Prime Minister anytime, anywhere silently and secretly! That is not possible. How happy you should be to contact someone greater and more powerful than the Prime Minister.

No appointments, no delays, no officers, ministers or priests or con- ference needed to contact our Loving King and Master. You have a hotline, your direct contact-line with Allah. If you ask a man, a geni, a priest, a minister, a Peer-Baba, a Fakir, a saint, an officer or a stone to link you with Allah, it is wrong. When we ask others to connect us with Allah, we think that these others have special powers and are powerful. But, only Allah is Powerful and all men are equal and servants of Allah. But, by thinking that they are powerful, we take them as partners to Allah.

And that is wrong and a big sin. So, dear children, use your hotline freely and independently. Have a direct contact and talk with Allah. Have you done so? Now, again stop reading and say something to Him silently and secretly in your heart. Yes, children, you are on the hotline. Listen to this story.

Long ago, there lived a just and good king in Sudan in Africa. He was Yusuf bin Tashfeen. He wore simple, rough clothes and lived simply. Because of his noble qualities, he soon became the king of Spain in Europe. Let us see how he reached Spain for the first time. One day, he set out with his army in many ships to cross the sea to help the Muslims of Spain. As he and his men sailed slowly on the waves, suddenly a violent storm rose in the sea. His ships were tossed wildly up and down. The skies cleared. The waves became peaceful. Do you see how the good king was in direct contact with Allah?

How nicely he used his hotline! Allah does not like those who do not use this hotline of contact with Allah. He hears and accepts our prayers and helps us if we are good, pure clean and sincere in our faith. How can we have direct contact with Allah? We can have direct contact with Allah by praying and talking to Him with a sincere heart, anywhere, anytime, without keeping anyone in between. Do we need to communicate with Allah through a priest, an angel or anyone else?

No, we do not need to communicate with Allah through anyone. We can contact Allah directly. Why must we contact Allah directly? We must contact Allah directly because this makes Allah happy. Allah is angry with a person who does not contact Him. What sin do we commit if we do not contact Allah directly and if we pray to dead men, angels, geni or other humans, thinking that they will help us to contact Allah? Can praying to others get us closer to Allah? Praying to others cannot bring us closer to Allah as they have no power to do anything.

Why must we contact Allah often even apart from the compulsory salat? We must contact Allah often because He is our Master, and it is best to contact our Master directly and very often. Is it enough to offer salat to Allah? It is not enough to offer salat. We must also do good deeds to please Allah as a sign of our loyalty. Tariq is a good boy. He knows how and when prayers are accepted. The man repeats the same thing to another boy Faisal.

volkov crusher exchange rate in sibadi

Faisal accepts the stone ring for Rs. Which sin did Faisal commit? Was Tariq right? Then, if he is pleased, he will get you closer to Allah. That will give you success in the examinations. Which two sins did they commit? Why was Asad wrong? An Afghan girl 8 3. Faith oilman means to believe fully in Allah and to accept all his orders. Iman or faith is the thing which makes a person a Muslim.

So it is very important to understand Iman or faith properly. That is why we study it in detail. Iman Mujmal tells us that faith means: a To believe in Allah as he is with all his names and qualities. Allah has 99 names and these are all his qualities. In the next lesson, you will read the beautiful names of Allah. This means 9 we should do what Allah has ordered us to do and we should not do what he has told us not to do. For example, He has ordered us to pray, to fast, to be kind, to be good. So, we should do these things.

He has ordered us not to tell lies, to fight, to worship anyone else except him or to steal. So, we should not do these things. You cannot be a Muslim if you do not accept these things. What does Iman Mujmal mean? Iman Mujmal means that a We must believe in Allah with his names and qualities, and b We must obey his commands. Recite Iman Mujmal and write it below. Then, you find out his qualities, whether he is good, honest, just and kind. If you want to make Allah your Best Friend you must know his names and qualities. These names are his qualities. For example one of his names is Khaaliq or Creator.

He has cre- ated every thing and is still creating. So, to create is His quality. There is no God but He! To him belong the most beautiful names. He who remembers them is Jannati one who goes to heaven. Prophet Muhammad S. He who remembers them, recites them and acts according to them, will enter heaven. The Steady The Strong ntt! The Praised The Finder. What happens when we learn about the qualities of Allah? We get to know Allah in a better way and we get closer to Allah when we learn about his qualities just as we understand a person better when we know more about his qualities.

Recite and write 30 names of Allah in order, below 4. Which name is Ism-e-Aazam, according to pointers from Hadees? Hajra writes the 99 names of Allah on a paper, folds it into a tiny packet and hangs it around her neck. Who is right? Hamid is a businessman. Is he making other people his Lords too? What will you tell him? Soon, his life becomes peaceful and happy. He fears nobody except Allah.

What do you think of Danish? Translation: I have brought faith in Allah, his angels, his books and his messengers and the last day and in the measure the good of it and the evil of it from Allah, the most high, and in raising after death. Iman Mufassal means that we must believe in 7 things. They are: 1. To believe in Allah 2. To believe in the angels 3. To believe in the Prophets of Allah 4.

Pino Creanza (Author of Cairo blues)

To believe in the books of Allah 5. To believe in the Day of Qiyamat or Day of Judgement 6. To believe in destiny 7. To believe that we will rise after death. To be a Muslim, a person must believe in all these 7 parts of faith or Iman. Faith means believing. Believing in what? To believe in Allah means that we must worship and obey Allah only as our Only Master. We must do what He tells us to do. We must not do that which He tells us not to do.

There are thousands and thousands of angels doing different work in the world. We must believe in them. Allah sends guidance to us through His books. He gave these books to his Prophets. The Taurah was given to Prophet Moosa A. The Injeel was given to Prophet Eesa A.

The Quran was given to Prophet Muhammad S. Only the Quran is in its original form. The other books are lost or changed. We must believe in all these divinely revealed books but we must follow the Quran only now. Allah sent Prophets in different times in different places to guide people. There will come a day when we will have to give an account of our actions to Allah. After that, people will be sent to heaven or hell according to their deeds. We must believe in that day called the day of judgement.

Allah has created everything. So, He knew in advance what He was creating and how it would live, how it would die, etc. Whatever happens in our life was planned by Allah before-hand and He knew about it. This is called destiny. Whatever good or bad happens in our life is from Allah. It is like a programme of our life. Allah made it long back. For example, Allah knew it and planned it where a person will be bom, in whose family, where he will live, how he will earn, where and how he will die, where he will have an accident or fall sick.

Within this programme or destiny, we are free to do good or bad deeds. We must believe in destiny. On the last day, the day of Judgement, all men, women and children will rise up from their graves. All will rise with their own bodies. They will see Allah, the angels and all the prophets and people of the world. The good people will be sent to a beautiful, cool land called heaven. The bad people will be sent to a hor- rid, burning land called hell. Which are the seven parts of faith in detail? The parts of faith are: 1.

Belief in Allah. Belief in the angels. Belief in the revealed books. Belief in destiny. Belief in the prophets of Allah. Belief in the Day of Judgement. Belief in rising after death. Recite and write the Iman Mufassal below. Abu Saeed Khudri R. It was dark all around him. He was reciting Surah Baqarah in salat. His little son Yahya was lying nearby. His horse stood near the child. Suddenly, the horse shrieked and jumped up. Abu Saeed stopped reciting the Quran, and the horse became quiet. He began reciting the Quran. Again, the horse began jumping. When he stopped reciting, the horse calmed down.

This happened, thrice. He was afraid that the horse may hurt his child. He finished his prayers. Suddenly, he looked up towards the sky and saw a kind of umbrella full of lights. The next morning, he related the incident to Prophet Muhammad S. They were angels. Upon hearing your recitation of the Quran, they came down near.. If you had continued reciting, it was possible that people would have seen them and they would not have hidden themselves. Yes, dear children, angels come close to a person when he recites the Quran.

It does not mean that all of us can see angels every time we recite the Quran.

But they surround people who remember or talk about Allah and the Quran. Animals can feel and sense supernatural things. They come to know about an earthquake long before it comes and leave that place. They become restless and start shouting if an epidemic mass out-break of disease is to break out. Allah has given them special powers to feel some things which we cannot see. So, the horse also saw angels and become restless. They are servants of Allah and are appointed to do different duties. They do not have the power to disobey or to sin. In this way, they are different from man because man has the power to do good and bad deeds both, to obey or disobey.

Yet , when man does good deeds by his own choice, it makes him superior to the angels too. We know only some of them by name. Angel Mikail is in charge of providing food and rains. Angel Isrqfil will blow the trumpet twice on doomsday. When he will blow it, everything will be destroyed.

When he will blow it a second time, everybody will rise from the graves to collect on the plain of Judgement. Angle Izrail is the angel of death and extracts the soul of a person. This angel comes with a sweet face to good people and removes their soul gently but he comes in the form of a horrible monster for wicked people and removes their soul roughly.

Malik is the angel at the gate of hell. Ridwan is the guard of heaven. Kiraman Katibeen are two angels given to each of us. They record all our actions and words and are called recorders. They question him about his religion. They treat him well if he is good but torture him if he is bad.

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The angels do not eat or drink. They do not get tired. They are always racing, gliding about the universe to carry out the commands of Allah. They talk to each other. This is because the angels are light as air. We cannot see air but air is all around us. The angels move at a super-speed because they are made of light. You have read in Science that light moves at a great speed.

The angels can cross through walls. They can cross the skies in a second. By 19 those angels who gently draw out the souls of the good people. And by those angels who glide float along on jobs ; then press forward as in a race; then arrange to do the commands of their Lord A dying man sees the angel of death and other angels. Yes, angel are wonderful creatures. They are friendly, smiling and help- ful to good people. They are terrible, ugly, hard and torturous for bad people. In the battle of Badr and many other battles, the angels helped the Muslims. So, you see why angels are needed.

They really do such a lot of work. In your school, there are so many people who do the work of the school together. To manage the work of the whole universe, Allah created the angels. It is part of our faith to believe in angels. There are seven parts or articles of faith. To believe in angels is the second part or article. Iman-e-Mufassal includes the 7 articles of faith. Belief in angels. Belief in the books of Allah. Belief in destiny, that is, to believe that everything good or bad which happens to us is decided by Allah.

Belief in life after death.

Who are angels? Angels are servants of Allah. Why did Allah create angels? Allah created angels to carry out the work of the world. Why can angels move fast? Angels can move fast because they are made of light, and light moves at a great speed. Write the jobs of these angels. Mark whether the following are true or false. Angels do not eat or drink. Angels get tired easily.

Angels talk to each other. Angels cannot disobey Allah. It is compulsory for us to believe in angels. Shakir tells Abid that he does not believe in angels because he cannot see them. Abid picks up a box. Abid asks Shakir that what is in the box. Shakir says that there is sodium carbonate in it. Abid says, that when you cannot see that there is sodium carbonate in it. Then, how can you say so? Is Abid right? Asma lies ill in bed. She has high fever. Adnan recites the Quran all night , waiting for an angel to come when Quran is read.

Is he right in reading the Quran for this purpose? Can angels be seen everyday? But, you can surely greet him now. O you who believe! You send blessings on him, and salute him with all respect. He gave many sacrifices and undertook many sorrows for our sake. His favours on us are many. He gave us the gift of Islam which Allah gave to him to pass on to us. Even Allah blesses him. We too should do the same. He taught many Salam but the most important Salam is the one which we recite in the salat.

We can be near him if we send more salat-o-salam to him. When you say the salam, an angel conveys it to the Prophet S. Dear children, we love the Prophet S. So, send salam to him regularly. Now, say the salam loudly. Why should we send salat-o-salam to Prophet Muhammad S. We should send salat-o-salam to the Prophet S. He suffered a lot to do this. Which is the best way to show our gratitude to the Prophet S.

We can show our gratitude to the Prophet S. Can we send salam for anyone other than the Prophets? Who is a real miser? A person who does not send salat-o-salam to the Prophet S. Who sends salam on you when you send salam to the Prophet S. Allah and the angels send salam to us when we send salam to the Prophet S. Write here the ayat which tells you that Allah and the angels send durood salam , blessings to the Prophet. Write the surah number and Ayat number too. Who will be closest to the Prophet S. Those who recite the salat-ala-rasool or durood most will be closest to the Prophet S.

Learn and write the salat-ala-rasool orDurood here. Is it enough to send salat-o-salam to the Prophet SAW?