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  1. Paul Ouest or The Vicissitudes of Literary Reception
  2. Université Catholique de l'Ouest
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  4. III. Esthétiques de la lecture/The Aesthetics of Reading
  5. Fare (f.). Lattes - - Littérature générale - Albertine - Books in French and English New-York

In this respect, the etymology is rather telling as it sheds light on the original meaning of the term exile pertaining to the law lexicon. In this perspective, exul conveys the dual notions of expelling and wandering.

Paul Ouest or The Vicissitudes of Literary Reception

It is little wonder that exile became the appropriate legal term for punitive banishment in Roman law. Thus, the exercise of power rested on the enforcement of a legitimate sentence, considered as a well-deserved penalty for breaking the law.

If exile in ancient times took many different forms and was often at the heart of the human condition, how far did that remain true in medieval times? How did people in the Middle Ages conceive of the notion of exile? Was the ethical vision of exile central to the stability of medieval society?

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Had the concept of exile changed significantly in the legal system since ancient times? Was it still perceived as the worst punishment that could be inflicted on a human being? In the religious sphere, was the experience of exile equated with a mere displacement under duress, or a deliberate, intentional estrangement? How did medieval literature explore the exilic condition?

For an individual who lived outside the bounds of the community was exile a metaphor for psychological bondage?

Université Catholique de l'Ouest

Or, in contrast, was it perceived as a haven of peace in which the exiled writer could completely fulfil his potential? In that vein, is it possible to think of exile as an absolute condition of freedom, or at least utopian freedom, for the uprooted man?

Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Ayurveda College. Kanchana Mukhopadhyay Bingsha Shatabdi Publishers.

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The panel aims both at providing a general presentation of the collaborative French project of digital Encyclopaedic Dictionary of South Asian Literatures acronym DELI , launched in , and at highlighting the epistemological, methodological and technical questions raised by such an undertaking. The scope of the dictionary is quite wide as it intends to deal with all kinds of literature produced in the Indian subcontinent from the Vedic hymns onwards and to acquaint the general reader with literary cultures, authors, works, genres, notions and institutions of the area.

However in addition to its sheer size, the conception and the preparation of this dictionary raise a number of important epistemological, methodological and practical questions. The foremost aim of this panel is to highlight and discuss these questions with the academic South Asianist community after an initial presentation by the convenors of the general framework and stage of advancement of the DELI project.

Raspail, , Paris.

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International Conference. French Institute of Pondicherry, India.

III. Esthétiques de la lecture/The Aesthetics of Reading

Its publications include a number of editions, translations and studies about Sanskrit, classical Tamil and modern Tamil literatures. For the first time, such an academic meeting in the framework of the DELI project will be held in India itself thanks to the collaboration of the French Institute of Pondicherry with the hope of benefitting more directly from the expertise and knowledge of Indian and international scholars as well as other professionals of South Asian editing world. Like in the previous thematic workshops, this conference aims at strengthening, sometimes even initiating, interdisciplinary discussions around a notion which is crucial for the understanding of literary cultures in South Asia, beyond the chronological, spatial and linguistic boundaries.

However, the notion itself and most studies fall in the domain of social history in the broader sense of the word from the medieval period onwards, in keeping with the diversity of factors — rather political, religious, economic, or technical…— involved in the phenomenon of mobility and of short or long-distance movements.

Fare (f.). Lattes - - Littérature générale - Albertine - Books in French and English New-York

As a consequence, the conference needs to be multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, with the intent to bring together scholars and researchers from literature, history, art history, book history, translation studies, cultural studies, anthropology, musicology etc. We welcome papers exploring works texts, songs, oral literature, adaptations, performances… , authors or centres of literary production and preservation. How can we describe and account for the circulation of characters, narratives, motives… from one literary genre to another?

Is it also possible to characterize various patterns of circulations according to literary genres? Case studies about audiences for various kinds of performance of texts, about communities of readers, about libraries, publishers specialized in literature, book traders… would be welcome.