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View in context. Indeed, if ghosts have any interest in the affections of those who succeed them they must reap their richest harvests when the fine weather comes again and the lovers, the sightseers, and the holiday-makers pour themselves out of trains and omnibuses into their old pleasure-grounds.

Encinitas Holiday Makers Market

This is the profile of the Macedonian holiday-maker which can be carried out on the basis of the date provided by the State Statistical Office. It seems that last year the peak of the tourist season was neither July not August but September. The summer vacation was then used by one-fourth of the holiday-makers whereas only 4. This year a holiday-maker asked if Interhome could erect a fence at the bottom of the garden so that the family dog wouldn't escape.

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It's easily done According to this research, an average consumption per holiday-maker was 25 [euro], The development of Dubrovnik as a cruise destination. AN elderly holiday-maker died after being run over by his own caravan. Killed by caravan.

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But today, we are concentrating on the ordinary holiday-maker and attempting to raise their awareness of endangered animals. As increased mobility shrank the country for holidaymakers and thieves, it did the same for prisoners and policemen. The level of geological presentation is meant to appeal to the holidaymaker inquisitive enough to look back at the cliffs as well as out to the sun, sea and sand.

Benidorm Old Town - Locals & Holiday Makers - Vol: 3 - 19th June 2019

It is a study of the surviving aristocracy and the aspiring bourgeoisie which ends with their worries about a new wave of sansculottes, the expected mob of working-class holidaymakers. I believe that the right way to do that is from the taxpayers as a whole rather than foisting it on to future holidaymakers.

The Holidaymakers | Discography & Songs | Discogs

From the Hansard archive. It just so happens that when a business person or holidaymaker goes to a hotel these rather ludicrous and petty-minded bureaucratic restrictions are imposed.

From Europarl Parallel Corpus - English. No one—least of all the holidaymakers—knew that it had resigned. Many of them were holidaymakers, but people coming for other purposes, such as businessmen, are included under this heading.

They should not be sold to holidaymakers or commuters who do not take part in the local economy or social life. Finally, will he say whether he is satisfied that adequate consular protection will be available to those holidaymakers already abroad whose holidays have been disrupted? First, we have a large influx of holidaymakers in the summer, which greatly increases our population over a period of three or four months.


Many holidaymakers would travel by train, although increasing numbers arrived by car, often exhausted after a long journey on congested roads. That brings me to the attitude of a few boarding-house owners towards holidaymakers. We propose also to deal with an injustice which provokes a storm of protest at each election—the denial of the right to vote to holidaymakers.

The Holidaymakers

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