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Romans ; Colossians what do you mean When a person is plunged into the water, it's like the life she took until that moment was left behind, died. When it comes out of the water, it's like she starts a new life, ready to do God's will Baptism shows that the person has faith in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and that, because of that, she took some steps to have a clean conscience before God.

Does baptism take away someone's sins? The Bible teaches that our sins can be erased only through the blood of Jesus. Romans , 9; 1 John but for a person to benefit from his sacrifice, she needs to have faith in Jesus, start doing what he taught and be baptized. Does the bible approve of the baptism of babies No. This idea doesn't even appear in the Some religions make a ceremony in which they throw a little water on the baby's head as a symbol that he was baptized and give him a name. But only those who are old enough to understand the "good news about the kingdom of God" and believe in them can be baptized.

Acts this involves studying the word of God, applying what he learns and repent of his sins. A baby can't do that - Acts , 38, Myths about baptism Myth: pouring a little bit of water on the person is enough for her to be baptized. Fact: the Bible speaks of several baptisms. In all of them, people have totally entered the water. For example, when philip baptized an Ethiopian man, they " descended into the water " and then " came out of the water - Acts For example, she speaks the following about a jailer and his family in the city of Philippi: " he and all of his house were baptized.

Fact: in this example, we see that the jailer and his family converted and were baptized because they understood " the word of Jehovah " and " if they were very ". Acts , 34 so we came to the No baby in this jailer's family was baptized A baby would not have understood the word of Jehovah. Myth: Jesus supported the baptism of babies when he said that the kingdom of God belongs to children.

Fact: When Jesus said that, he wasn't talking about baptism. He was explaining that for a person to receive the blessings of the kingdom of God she must be humble as a child - Matthew ; Luke Translated. God will end all suffering soon! No way! And God assured Habakkuk that he had already set a right time to end the suffering. Habakkuk , 3. When you or someone you love is suffering, it's easy to think that God is taking time to do something.

But the bible assures us: " Jehovah is not slow with respect to his promise, as some think, but he is patient with you, because he does not wish anyone to be destroyed, but he wishes everyone to achieve repentance. When will God act? This is very close to happening! Jesus spoke of a specific generation that would be a witness to a series of events that would the last days of a "system of things".

The answer is in what Jesus did when he was on earth. God gave power to Jesus relieve people's suffering. Let's see some examples. Natural Disasters: Once, Jesus was with his apostles on a boat in the sea of Galilee. Then a very strong storm started and it looked like the boat was going to sink But at that moment, Jesus showed that he and his father can control the forces of nature.

Colossians , 16 Jesus simply said, " Silence! Shut up! Diseases: Jesus was well known for healing blind, physical disabled and also those suffering from epilepsy, leprosy and other types of diseases. Many people went to Jesus and he "healed all who were sick". Lack of food: Jesus received power from his father to transform a very small amount of food into a large quantity.

And the bible shows that twice, during the time he was on earth, Jesus fed thousands of people. Death: the Bible speaks of three resurrections that Jesus performed with the power he received from God. This proves that Jehovah has the power to end death. One of the people jesus brought back to life was dead four days ago. Mark ; Luke ; John We apologize for lack of posts in the last few Translated.

Can the devil control humans? The Bible advises Christians to "fight against the tricks of the devil". Ephesians , NCV one of their tricks is to deceive people, leading them to believe that their agents are actually servants of God. The devil astray people through diviners, astrologers and spiritualists mediums. Deuteronomy the use of drugs, hypnotism and meditation techniques that empty the mind also expose people to demonic control.

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Fake religion. Religions that teach false doctrines deceive people, leading them to disobey God. Demonic possession. In The Bible, we find reports of evil spirits that took control of humans. In some cases, people would go blind or change, or even hurt themselves.

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How to avoid devil influence You don't have to live in fear of demonic control, because the bible shows how it is possible to succeed in opposing the devil Learn to recognize the methods, or "designs", of the devil. Get the knowledge of the word of God, the Bible, and put into practice what to learn. Applying Biblical principles will protect you from the devil's influence. Get rid of anything connected to demonic activities.

Acts this includes books, magazines, posters, movies and songs that promote spiritism. Tenha discernimento. How to stop arguing? Do you have the impression of always walking through a minefield, where any movement can cause an explosive discussion? If that's your reality, make sure the situation can improve.

But first, you have to find out why you two are fighting. Why it happens Misunderstandings. As Compatible as you seem to be, your opinions on some subjects will differ. Because there are no two identical people. But differences can enrich or cause tension in marriage. For many couples, the result is tension. Bad examples. I hadn't learned to show respect. The real reason for heated discussion is often not obvious. For example, a fight that begins with " you are always late! No matter why, constant discussions can harm your health and even be a factor that leads to divorce.

Portuguese_ A Linguistic Introduction - Milton Mariano Azevedo

So how can you stop arguing? What you can do A secret to avoid discussions is to identify the real root of the problem When the situation is calm, try doing the following exercise with your spouse. Each must write in different leaves the reason for a recent discussion. For example, a husband might write that his wife spent the whole day with his friends and didn't even call to let him know And a wife might write that her husband didn't like it because she went out with her 2. Could you get him?

If you two come to the conclusion that the problem was insignificant, apologize and consider the matter closed. But if the matter still seems serious for one or both, move on to the next point. Write how you felt during the discussion. For example, a husband could write: " I had the impression that you would rather stay with your friends than stay with me. Change the papers and read each other's comments. What were the real reasons behind the discussion?

Talk about what each of you could have done to solve the real problem without fighting. Talk about what you learned from this exercise. How can you use this to solve or avoid future discussions? Do we have a date scheduled to die? The Bible does not teach the idea of fate. She says death often happens because of the "unforeseen". But the Bible doesn't say there is a "time to die"? Yes, Ecclesiastes says there is "time to be born and time to die; time to plant and time to desarraigar what is planted".

Ecclesiastes God has not marked a date when each person will die, just as he does not force any farmer to plant on a specific date. Indeed, what this excerpt shows is that we should not be so worried about the subjects of the day to day to leave our creator aside. It's possible to have a longer life Despite the uncertainties of life, it is possible to have a longer life if we make good decisions The Bible says: " the law [or " teaching "] of the wise is a source of life, to divert from the bonds of death.


As much as we make good decisions or let's be careful, we can't escape Romans but this situation will change, because the Bible promises a time when "there will be no more death". Please share Translated. ROUX, S. Acesso em: 15 maio Acesso em: 10 jun.

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Anais… Caxambu: Anpocs, The social meaning of money. New York: Basic Books, Circuits within capitalism. In: NEE, V. The economic sociology of capitalism. Princeton, Princeton University Press, Entre e a cidade foi a capital do Brasil. Na primeira delas, qualquer cidade pode se inscrever, sendo denominada de cidade pretendente applicant city. O Itamaraty previa que a final seria contra Chicago, mas acabou sendo contra Madri Lajolo, Mattos e Projeto… Texto integral PDF k Assinalar este documento.

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  • Entre e a cidade foi a ca Na primeira delas, qualquer cidade Cobertura da Sport Numa lista dos Entrevista com Christian Bromberger [Texto integral]. Entrevista com Keith Hart [Texto integral]. Siga-nos Atualidades. Newsletter informativa Newsletter do OpenEdition. Custo estimado em jun. Custo estimado em abr.

    Belo Horizonte. Estado MG. Distrito Federal. Arena Pantanal. Estado MT. Arena da Baixada. Estado CE. Estado AM. Arena das Dunas. Estado RN. The decision to go was the easy part, and the best was still ahead of me. On February 12th, I found myself in Tiradentes, Minas Gerais, Brazilian flag in tow, overlooking miles upon miles of hilltops. I stood in that moment with laser focus, unable to shake the feeling that I was exactly where I needed to be. The whole experience I was about to have would be a testament to how well I could live life to the fullest for 11 months.

    I can gladly say, with only a couple of weeks left here, that I lived up to the goal I set out to achieve. Even if we do not understand these differences, they are still. Whorf hypothesis. If you are unfamiliar with this hypothesis, it is a principle of linguistic relativity that can be summed up by this: the language we speak affects our worldview or our cognition. I have no objective data to bring to the table in this. Taking Portuguese this semester has been a real joy for me. I loved coming into class every day and learning new things about the language.

    I started out the semester with no prior knowledge of the Portuguese language at all, and now on the last day of the course I think I have come a very long way. I am confident that I am capable to carry on a basic conversation in Portuguese and my writing is probably even better! In addition to everything I have learned from the course, I have also been offered incredible opportunities to further my knowledge in the language with programs like Flagship. I have already registered to take Portuguese for the fall of next school year, and I am sure that I will not regret that choice!

    Last semester, I decided to take full advantage of all the language classes that UGA offers and to add Portuguese to my life. As a huge fan of soccer, I had heard Portuguese spoken by some of my favorite athletes. Then the Rio Olympics came along and as I watched the games I heard the language spoken more and more. With all of its vowels, nasal sounds, and fricative sounds, I had never heard a language like it before. I realized that I loved how it sounded and I wanted to be able to speak and understand it. In Portuguese I have not only begun learning a new and beautiful language, but I have also gotten to learn about Brazil and its extremely diverse culture and warm and colorful people, which I love.

    Portuguese has given me the opportunity to have fun new experiences, taste new foods, learn about new places, and meet new people who have become friends. Now I can listen to twice the amount of music, watch twice the amount of tv shows and movies, and not to mention I can communicate with about million more people than I could before.

    Portuguese has become a part of my life now, and I truly think my life would be more boring if I had not made the decision to learn it last semester. The Brazilian composer, songwriter, and arranger, Arthur Verocai presented a concert of music, from his self-titled release on Continental Records with a group of 36 musicians, for a capacity crowd of approximately listeners. What is both interesting and historic is that since the album was a critical and commercial failure when it was released in Brazil, the music had never been performed live.

    This begets the question: how did an album that was a commercial failure by a musician who was greatly unknown by many Brazilians become so acclaimed in America? Some of these record collectors were also DJs and Hip-hop producers. Two producers in particular who raved about the album were Madlib and J Dilla. Both of them were enamored with the texture, color, and eclecticism of the work. Amor renascido: meu amor por mim.

    Amor esquecido, relembrado depois. Amores paternos. When I first arrived in Brazil for the program, I was reliant on using the presence of other English speakers to help me form relationships with Brazilians and to serve as social buffers if I was unable to effectively communicate with natives or felt frustrated with the challenges that adjusting to a new culture brought.

    It was only when I took a step back that I saw how much I had grown not only in terms of proficiency, but also in terms of self-confidence. And in a pleasant addition to the personal shifts I experienced, I began to understand the importance of exhaling and reflecting on progress instead of this falsely perceived lack thereof. I felt this revelation clearly and crisply while on a horseback riding activity through the mountains during the program's closing conference.

    As the thrill of trekking up a beautiful mountain loomed on me, the too obvious metaphor became blatant to me as well: I was making progress towards the top of two mountains during that horseback ride. Gaining confidence and conquering challenges was one of many mountains that I seek to conquer in life and I was elated to feel some sense of accomplishment upon that horse at the end of my journey in Brazil.

    Where does your interest in Portuguese come from? Since they offered Portuguese I tried that out. I basically had a wonderful professor and teacher. I also benefitted from two Brazilian professors who were in exile during the military coupe; Silviano Santiago and Abdias do Nascimento.

    What do you see as the biggest advantages for someone who speaks Portuguese? Today, many overseas countries are looking for Portuguese speakers to work in financial and technical markets due to the shear size of Brazil and its importance in the global economy. Scientists are also interested not only in Brazil but also in Lusophone Africa.

    As for me I have always had a love for LusoBrazilian literature. I currently work on gender issues in contemporary writing from the end of last century until today. Portuguese language teachers are also being sought after in secondary schools in the US. SQ: When I finished graduate school I was My funniest story about language occurred on fortunate enough to receive a Fulbrightmy first trip to Corcovado when I mistook Hayes dissertation award where I spent 22 garafa bottle for copo glass and ended up months in Rio de Janeiro.

    I received a with a bottle of wine at a restaurant. Fulbright scholar award to spend a semester in the Northeast at the Federal University of Pernambuco as well. In Recife, I was. I also love to travel seminar on Brazilian Women writers to to exotic places with my husband who studies Brazilian students in Portuguese.

    I was also coral reefs. Moreover, within the discourse on Brazilian baroque aesthetics delineated by de Campos and de Andrade's anthropophagic legacy one can also locate the literary work of the author Clarice Lispector and the works of art created by the artist Lygia Clark For instance, the sculpture Trepantes by Lygia Clark evokes a constant and at the same time paradoxical movement due to the juxtaposition of textures and shapes that lead the sculpture to the edge of visual collapse.

    Lispector and Clark create an art in the process of 'transmutation', an artistic evolution in constant movement that must go through a process of 'swallowing' to give as a result a new aesthetic proposal: an 'anti-tradition' ruled by constant tension, ambiguity, as well as the juxtaposition of textures, meanings and forms in order to subvert traditional ways of conceiving the 'work of art'; an art of dispersion which, in turn, produces a kind of 'devouring' implosion. Photograph taken by : Andrea Villa Ruiz. Verdade Tropical.

    It owes most of its fame to the production of telenovelas. Globo recently turned 50, and it reached its maturity with a unique trajectory marked by success and a lot of controversy. Having its origins intertwined with the beginning of the military dictatorship in Brazil, Globo is highly criticized because, no matter the government system in place, it tends to adapt to the political climate. Nevertheless, the television broadcaster remains as the most important network in the country, triumphant on account of the technological quality achieved within these years and also due to a legacy of productions fixed in the memory of most Brazilians.

    It is virtually impossible to think of the production of Rede Globo without associating it directly with its production of telenovelas. Gejfinbein Telenovelas ensured the network its decades of sovereignty with phenomenal ratings which had never been achieved by any other organization in the country.

    By reaching national territory coverage, Globo impacts the history of the entire nation when they broadcast images and messages of progress that is built in the southern center of the country. Currently in Brazil only a few groups have control over the media. This contributes to the manipulation of public opinion and facilitates the maintenance of power structure, as is also the case with Globo.

    What is certain is that the network reaches its 50th anniversary facing not only a crisis in audience ratings but also a crisis of credibility. In recent years, Globo has had reasons to be concerned about the maintenance of its power in the country. Since the demonstrations in , the rejection of Globo has increased exponentially.

    What was once something discussed only by intellectuals has now become a discussion among millions of Brazilians. By transforming the way television is made and diffusing Brazilian culture through the internalization of its telenovelas, Globo has contributed a great deal to the construction of a shared cultural memory. Globo's losses in ratings over the past few decades can be attributed to a variety of political and socioeconomic reasons. Rebeca Coelho is a Ph. As a student-led organization advised by International Student Life, BSA is one of twenty multinational and intercultural organizations housed within our office, contributing to the rich international and cultural diversity present here at the University of Georgia.

    The University of Georgia has a rich tradition of recruiting Brazilian international students and BSA serves as a conduit to the Brazilian community, as well as a resource for students just arriving to Athens. BSA hosts a wide array of events each year, ranging from social opportunities for engagement with students from all walks of life, to academic events such as their annual Symposium, held in March. Many hold positions as teaching assistants on campus through their respective academic departments, and most contribute not only to the Brazilian community, but also the academic community through their scholarly teaching, research, and writing activities.

    It is commendable that BSA is such an active organization on campus and that their leadership places such a high priority on sharing their culture while balancing all of their other various academic commitments.

    Inclusão e exclusão social: as representações sociais dos profissionais de saúde mental

    Our staff are eager to assist any student — international or domestic — in further globalizing their campus experience at UGA through intercultural programs and activities. Gostamos muito do convite. I also hope that you learned a little more about the culture related to the Portuguese world at the University of Georgia and abroad. If you have comments or ideas do not hesitate to inform us. And if you feel like writing something that could be used in our next issue, please send it our way.

    The same goes for pictures, if you happen to have a picture or a drawing that is related to the Lusophone world, we will be happy to include it in our next edition. We will be delighted to hear from you. Enjoy reading it and let us know what you think. Andrea Villa-Ruiz A special thank you to our sponsors Cover: Lisbon is famous for its trams, we decided to pay them a homage with that beautiful picture. The name of the pastel Food history and culture is a fascinating comes from Portugal and is tied to the subject, and one item that has captured my Portuguese language and the history of personal interest is the Brazilian pastel and colonization in Brazil.

    This is obviously the its complex ties to Brazilian history, first link of pasteis to the rest of the world, language, colonization, and food culture. In but there are other interesting things to note short, looking at this one food can tell us a lot with this history. Prior to the Napoleonic about Brazilian history and society.