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Emergency Preparedness Functions For assignment of certain emergency preparedness functions to Secretary of Defense , see Parts 1, 2, and 5 of Ex. Order of Succession For order of succession during any period when the Secretary has died, resigned, or is otherwise unable to perform the functions and duties of the office of Secretary, see Ex. Improved Crime Reporting Pub. The tracking process shall, to the maximum extent possible, standardize and automate reporting and increase the ability of the Department to track such submissions. Critical Technologies List Pub.

The list shall be accompanied by a justification for inclusion of items on the list, including specific performance and technical figures of merit. The designated senior official shall be designated by the Secretary from among individuals serving in the Department as civilian employees or members of the Armed Forces who are, equivalent in grade or rank, at or below the level of Under Secretary of Defense. The designated senior official shall oversee the cross-functional team established pursuant to subsection c and serve as an ex-officio member of the Electronic Warfare Executive Committee established in March Cultural Heritage Protection Coordinator Pub.

The Secretary shall issue department- wide guidance regarding the availability and use of the database, including information on protected classes, such as race and religion, who are often the victims of hazing.

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The Secretary may enter into a contract, partnership, or grant with a non-profit organization for the purpose of performing such acquisition, installation, and maintenance. The Secretary may enter into a contract with a nonprofit organization for the purpose of performing such acquisition, installation, and maintenance. Female Personal Protection Gear Pub. Office of Net Assessment Pub. The Secretary shall submit such strategy to the congressional defense committees [Committees on Armed Services and Appropriations of the Senate and the House of Representatives ] by not later than days after the date of the enactment of this Act [ Dec.

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The regulations shall prescribe that a violation of the regulations is an offense punishable under section of title 10 , United States Code article 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. In developing the policy, the Secretary shall consider the feasibility of adopting case determination methods, such as the uniform crime report, used by nonmilitary law enforcement agencies. Such guidance shall clarify, as appropriate, the roles and responsibilities related to the integration of electronic warfare matters and cyberspace operations.

The database shall, at a minimum, ensure the visibility of each counter-improvised explosive device initiative. The directive shall take into account the results of the review conducted for purposes of the report. Biennial Report on Nuclear Triad Pub.

The Military Commander and the Law (Eleventh Edition, 2012)

The policy and acquisition strategy shall be applicable throughout the Department of Defense and shall achieve integrated research, development, test, and evaluation, and procurement commonality. Any update of the report required under subsection c may be included in the report required under section of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year Public Law — ; Stat. In conducting the commemorative program, the Secretary shall coordinate, support, and facilitate other programs and activities of the Federal Government, State and local governments, and other persons and organizations in commemoration of the Vietnam War.

Nothing in this section may be construed to supersede rights that are established or vested before the date of the enactment of this Act [ Jan. The Fund shall be administered by the Secretary of Defense.

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The Secretary of Defense shall prohibit the solicitation of any voluntary services if the nature or circumstances of such solicitation would compromise the integrity or the appearance of integrity of any program of the Department of Defense or of any individual involved in the program. The Secretary shall determine which expenses are eligible for reimbursement under this paragraph. Access to Military Installations Pub. The procedural requirements may vary between military installations, or parts of installations, depending on the nature of the installation, the nature of the access granted, and the level of security required.

Protection of Certain Individuals Pub. Such data may be transferred pursuant to this section without cost to the recipient country or international organization. The defense budget materials shall delineate and explain the budget treatment of the plan for each component of each military department, each combatant command, and each affected Defense Agency. Military Severely Injured Center Pub. The database shall be transparent and shall be accessible for use by all of the programs of the military departments referred to in subsection c. The procedures and standards shall be uniform across the military departments except to the extent necessary to reflect the traditional practices or customs of a particular military department.

The procedures and standards shall establish a minimum level of support and shall specify the duration of programs. Database of Emergency Response Capabilities Pub. Each report shall include the number and types of mitigation measures implemented and the success of such measures in preventing such trespass. The regulations shall apply uniformly throughout the military departments.

Are "Superior Orders" a Legitimate Defense? | AHA

The plan shall provide for the screening of all mail within the military mail system in order to detect the presence of biological, chemical, or radiological weapons, agents, or pathogens or explosive devices before mail within the military mail system is delivered to its intended recipients. The term does not include any mail posted as otherwise described in paragraph 1 that has been screened for safety for delivery by the United States Postal Service before such posting.

War-Related Reporting Requirements Pub. The Secretary of Defense shall submit an updated report on procurement, equipment maintenance, and military construction costs, as specified in subsection a , concurrently with any request made to Congress after the date of the enactment of this Act for war-related funding. Such a mechanism shall incorporate the factors specified in each of paragraphs 1 through 5 of subsection a. The notification under this subsection shall include the terms of the agreement, any costs to the United States resulting from the agreement, and a timeline to carry out the terms of the agreement.

In prescribing the policy, the Secretary shall ensure respect for the expressed desires of individual members of the Armed Forces regarding the notification of next of kin and shall include standards of timeliness for both the initial notification of next of kin under the policy and subsequent updates regarding the condition and location of the member.

Those categories should be limited to matters of extraordinary significance and strategic impact to which rapid access by those officials is essential to the successful accomplishment of the national security strategy or a major military mission. The Secretary may from time to time modify the list to suit the current strategic situation. Sunken Military Craft Pub. The district courts of the United States shall have jurisdiction in such a case to order such relief as the public interest and the equities of the case may require. The requirement for such a buffer area may be due to a variety of factors, including air operations, ordnance operations and storage, or other activities that generate or might generate noise, electro-magnetic interference, ordnance arcs, or environmental impacts that require or may require safety or operational buffer areas.

The organization may elect to undergo such a competition as part of the initiative. At the end of this period, the Secretary concerned shall determine whether the organization has achieved initial progress toward designation as a high-performing organization. Reviews and reports shall evaluate organizational performance measures or functional performance measures and determine whether organizations are performing satisfactorily for purposes of continuing participation in the pilot program.

Assessment by Secretary of Defense Pub.

Policy on Public Identification of Casualties Pub. The plan shall include correlations between each technology application being developed in fiscal year and the prompt global strike alternative or alternatives toward which the technology application applies. The Secretary shall update the plan annually.

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The Secretary shall implement such system as soon as practicable, and shall establish the objective that such system be implemented not later than September 30, Within 90 days of receiving a report, the Comptroller General shall submit to Congress an evaluation of the report. The representation shall be consistent with guidance issued by the Director of the Office of Management and Budget and shall include the basis for the reliability assessment stated in the representation. The first report, which shall include a definition of the military operations carried out as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, shall be submitted not later than June 15, Subsequent reports shall be submitted not later than June 15 each year, and the final report shall be submitted not later than days after the date as determined by the Secretary of Defense of the cessation of hostilities undertaken as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Study on Civilian Personnel Services Pub. Work Safety Demonstration Program Pub. The regions selected shall include a major fleet concentration area. The implementation of the use of Smart Cards in each region shall cover the Navy and Marine Corps bases and all non-deployed units in the region. The Secretary of the Navy shall submit the business plan to the congressional defense committees [Committees on Armed Services and Appropriations of the Senate and the House of Representatives ].

The report shall also address United States- China engagement and cooperation on security matters during the period covered by the report, including through United States- China military-to-military contacts, and the United States strategy for such engagement and cooperation in the future. Such analyses shall include an assessment of the damage inflicted on the Department of Defense by reason thereof. The report shall set forth the history of such sales and transfers since , forecast possible future sales and transfers, and address the implications of those sales and transfers for the security of the United States and its friends and allies in Asia.

But there's another cancer brewing within the confines of the U. The goal was simple: to maintain the integrity of judicial proceedings and some semblance of the due process. There's some sick irony in that Article 37 was intended to protect service members in the first place. Two million of the 16 million service members who fought in World War II had been subject to court martial, "and many did not like what they saw," according to a Military Law Review article: "The system appeared harsh and arbitrary," with too few protections for the individual and too much power for the commander.

In principle, UCI gives an offender's direct commander some level of autonomy when assessing the crime. But fast forward nearly seven decades and it's not UCI that's posing a threat to military justice, but Article 37 itself: While Mattis and other senior military leaders like Marine Corps Commandant Robert Neller can sass U. This has two immediate and deleterious consequences to the military justice system. Consider that, while reports of sexual assault were up in , the numbers of actual courts martial actually declined. Commanders are increasingly relying on administrative punishment to avoid a long and drawn-out judicial process, and claiming lack of evidence to prosecute.

When asked about the discrepancy between assaults and courts marital, a Pentagon spokesman cited "victim choice. The second consequence is complicated by legal precedent. Add to Basket. Compare all 5 new copies. Condition: New. Never used! This item is printed on demand. Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller. Language: English. Brand new Book. The United States if founded upon the Constitution, the rule of law that stems from the Constitution, and the institutions designed to preserve and protect the law - including the armed forces.

Today's commanders must make decisions in an environment of increasingly complex laws, rules, and regulations both nationally and internationally. After reviewing the materials in this publication, a commander's next stop is the local staff judge advocate, who will provide personal assistance resolving specific issues.