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  2. What's Your Roadmap to Success?
  3. Setting goals ensures roadmap to your success - Dr. Michelle Cleere

For example, I need confidence to be successful. Currently, my confidence is a 5. I need my confidence to be a 9 to be as successful as I want to be. Determine how to develop each area to make you most successful. This is where you can get more detailed and create a plan for yourself to reach the level you want. Accountability An important part of this conversation is talking about how you operate.


Setting goals effectively A common goal setting acronym is SMART, which stands for specific, measurable, adjustable, realistic and time-specific. Who: Who is involved? What: What do I want to accomplish? Where: Identify a location. When: Establish a time frame. Which: Identify requirements and constraints. Why: Specific reasons, purpose or benefits. Measurable Establish concrete criteria for measuring progress toward the attainment of each goal you set. To determine if your goal is measurable, ask questions such as: o How much? Adjustable Goals should change as you reach them so that you continue to advance and stay motivated.

When goals are a little out of reach, change them to something more realistic. Your goals should be within your control and if not, then they need to be changed. Realistic To be realistic, a goal must represent an objective toward which you are both willing and able to work.

Time specific A goal should be grounded within a time frame to give you a sense of urgency with this goal. Avoid common pitfalls in goal setting Just as it is important to recognize the benefits of effective goal setting, it is also important to be aware of common pitfalls with goal setting. Time Commitment: Give yourself the time necessary to integrate an effective goal setting program. Outcome-only oriented goals: Make sure you include what you need to get to the outcome — the process to succeed.

Set short term process goals with each. It takes practice so give yourself some time. We are human. Evaluate and adjust them when you feel better. For example, coaches have expectations of what you need to do to perform. Often time they have information that is necessary for you to perform at an optimal level otherwise why bother having a coach. In this situation, you might talk to your coach to see how you can combine efforts. Goals keep us driven, give us focus, and allow us to create our own destiny.

Michelle Cleere helps top athletes, musicians, and executives in competitive fields unlock the power of the mind and create the mental toughness to be the best. She gives her clients the mental tools to deal with performance anxiety, gain more confidence, and build resilience. Check out her credentials.

Connect with Dr. All Rights Reserved. Start typing and press Enter to search. Bookmark this lesson. Lesson Bookmarked! As a startup, you have to create a face for your company. Name recognition and personality are so important to new businesses, and this lesson will help you build your brand. Explore the Lesson founders, identity.

What's Your Roadmap to Success?

Lesson Completed. All businesses are constantly competing for their customers' dollars, whether they have direct competition or not. This lesson walks through understanding competition, and ultimately beating them. Explore the Lesson founders, business strategy, go-to-market. Making the decision to exit from your startup is a difficult one. But once you've made it, what do you do? This lesson walks you through how to navigate leaving your startup.

Setting goals ensures roadmap to your success - Dr. Michelle Cleere

Explore the Lesson founders. Starting small will help you validate your idea and expand on your success. Explore the Lesson founders, business strategy, ideas. The road from tiny startup to successful company requires growth - not just financial growth, but personal growth too. Navigating your business as the founder is tricky, but this lesson is here to help. You may also need to conduct informational interviews as part of your research.

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Evaluate Job Offers. Keep calm once you start getting job offers from different employers. And start evaluating objectively every job offer that you get. You should only accept those job offers that you think will move your career in the right direction. Unless you fully understand the terms of a job offer, you might end up making the wrong career decisions.

You should evaluate a job offer on the basis of —. Have all those questions that you may have in mind answered. You have to keep this fact in mind always. Just carry on with your job search. Rejections are natural and you should never let them ruin your confidence. Having a positive mental attitude is of utmost importance. Every time you get rejected, you should think that you were not a good fit for the employer.

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  • However, you should definitely try to learn from your rejections and improve yourself so that you can do better and get job offers that are a good match for your aptitude and skills. This will help you have more focus and keep frustrations away. Use Multiple Job Search Resources. There are several good places or resources that you can use to search for jobs. Instead, use as many as possible including both online and offline.

    Key job search resources include —.

    Thanks to the internet, there are tons of job search websites where you can look and apply for new jobs of your choice. Many of them cater to specific categories like fresh college graduates, entry level jobs, senior workers etc. Use several job search resources at your disposal to land a suitable job in time. Powered by Campus Explorer.

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    Toggle navigation What Career is Right for Me? Take a Career Aptitude Test Before you get started with your job search, you should become fully aware of your key strengths and weaknesses. Create Your Job Search Documents Whatever industry you belong to, you are most likely to compete with tons of other job applicants with similar work experience, skills and backgrounds. Define Your Goals The job search process is both long and difficult.