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  1. Aisha: The Search for Yaser Abdel Said Vol. 1 by Denis W. Schulz, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®
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  4. Aisha: The Search for Yaser Abdel Said Vol. 1 (Paperback)

Isn't that the way Sam Spade would have done it? Then he ran into Islam. Holy Moses became Allahu akbar. He was called a dhimmi and a Kuffar.

Aisha: The Search for Yaser Abdel Said Vol. 1 by Denis W. Schulz, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

What did he know about Islam, about Imams and Mullahs, about fatwas and hijabs, about Madrassas and the Qur'an? About as much as Barack Obama and probably a little more than Hillary Clinton. He was told the father hadn't killed the girls, their dhimmi boyfriends had.

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Mohammed Atta and Honi Honjour dropped by for a visit. He survived. He went to London. That's where the father of the two girls had gone He would be beaten and left for dead in the street; he would gain a Patron Saint that would give him a guardian angel puppy dog; he would fall through a wall at Lambeth Palace; he would be arrested for beating up teenagers on a talk show; he would commit one blasphemy after another.

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Wasn't that how Sam Spade did it? He would be turned into a ten-year-old boy so he could sneak into a Madrassas to spy on the Keepers of the Fleas. That was where he would meet Aisha and nothing would ever be the same.

Wanted by the FBI: Yaser Abdel Said

He would learn about Islam the hard way. He would be chased through the streets of London wearing her clothes There would be no turning back Sometimes redundant, the story still managed to entertain and amuse me. As parodies go, this is certainly a book that has to be read twice in order to get to the bottom of things. Kindle Book Giveaway!

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Send Message To Author. This author has not entered their information for this social networking page. If you are the author, please login to your Author Area where you can update all of your links and other information. Click here to learn more. Author Biography. Rate this book:. Maria Beltran. Below is an excerpt from his book:. Then he could start afresh on the trail of Yaser Abdel Said, the Dallas cabdriver who had murdered his daughters, Sarah and Amina Said, in a fit of Islamic rage.

Aisha: The Search for Yaser Abdel Said Vol. 1 (Paperback)

He had won hundreds of skeet-shooting championships. He had went over the falls in a barrel; he had survived on goat pee and lichens while lost in the Sierra Madre. Che Guevara was there and so was Jimmy Carter. Guevara had been hired by the Keepers to take care of some loose ends—one of them being Bernard Piffy. And Aisha was there—lovely little Aisha who had saved the ten-year-old version of Bernard Piffy from getting beat up in an alley behind the Ahmad Madrassa in London, England. Gaza was also the haunt of Sheikh Rahman al-Kabibble, the noted Islamic scholar and theologian.

The Sheikh had just issued a fatwa legalizing marriage to girls as young as nine years old.

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According to the studies he had made, nine-year-old girls provided more sexual satisfaction than grown women. He would stake his life on this. He would find the ten-year-old calf-roping version of Bernard Piffy so exciting, so delighting! Unfortunately he was old enough to be the ten-year-olds great-grandfather.