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  2. Why it’s a Myth That Fascism’s About Demographic Change and Cultural Anxiety
  3. Cultural Anxiety, Not Economic Anxiety, Drove White Working Class Voters to Trump - The Atlantic

He won college-educated white voters by a four-point margin over Hillary Clinton, according to exit polls. But his real victory was among members of the white working class: Twice as many of these voters cast their ballots for the president as for Clinton. But new analysis of post-election survey data conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute and The Atlantic found something different: Evidence suggests financially troubled voters in the white working class were more likely to prefer Clinton over Trump.

Besides partisan affiliation, it was cultural anxiety—feeling like a stranger in America, supporting the deportation of immigrants, and hesitating about educational investment—that best predicted support for Trump.

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Researchers specifically focused on white, working-class voters—people without college degrees or salaried jobs. This group accounts for one-third of American adults. They make up a bigger share of the population in the Midwest than they do in any other region, and more than half of rural Americans are part of the white working class.

As it turned out, this would become one of the most decisive groups of voters in the election. In November, researchers returned to this group to see how its members had voted and get a sense of why.

Why it’s a Myth That Fascism’s About Demographic Change and Cultural Anxiety

They found that 64 percent of these voters had chosen Trump, while only 32 percent chose Clinton. While white, non-college-educated voters tend to prefer Republicans, Trump won them by a larger margin than any presidential candidate since , according to the Pew Research Center. Do you think about it daily? The myth falls apart at the slightest touch. Do people suddenly develop a sixth sense of impending racial doom?

Is there some kind of telegraphic awareness that spreads throughout people of a skin color? Do they suddenly have shared panic attacks? Of course not.

To say that diversity comes at the expense of white people is to say you don't believe in America

Hotdogs and ribs? Fox News? Trips to Home Depot? Country music? Small-town bakeries?

Cultural Anxiety, Not Economic Anxiety, Drove White Working Class Voters to Trump - The Atlantic

Even I have a pair of cowboy boots and an LL Bean shirt or five and grew up going to shows at the Club and the Limelight. American culture, unlike European culture, is a genuine melding.

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From jazz to literature to art to dance, none of it fully belongs to any one group — and never has. Elvis or Chuck Berry? What makes American culture uniquely its own is precisely that, unlike in Europe, no one group can claim it exclusively. When neoliberals propound the myth of cultural anxiety, they end up doing something astonishingly damaging and foolish.

They fan the flames of fascism. In three specific ways.

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    Joseph LeDoux, "Anxious"

    On an airplane? At a job? Gee, I wonder why that is?

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