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Toni Marques , Katie Slade ….

The ten stories in this anthology bring to life the complex and ever-changing face of Rio de Janeiro behind the tourist-tailored images of the city. Atef Abu Saif. This anthology brings together some of the pioneers of the Gazan short story from that era, as well as younger exponents of the form, with ten stories that offer glimpses of life in the Strip that go beyond the global media headlines.

Pawel Huelle. Ra Page , Carol Yinghua …. The challenges depicted in these stories are uniquely Chinese, but the energy and ingenuity with which their authors approach them is something readers everywhere can marvel at. Emil Hakl. In almost every one of Eliasson's stories we find people taking leave of their normal lives in order to take their dreams more seriously.

Mirja Unge. Toggle navigation Comma Press. You are here: Books Translation. Translation In Comma Press announced the launch of a new translation imprint dedicated to delivering the best in contemporary short fiction, as part of Comma's on-going commitment to the short story as a unique and divergent literary form.

In Frode Grytten's "Sing Me To Sleep", a year-old Morrissey fan pretends to his dying mother that a stranger is his girlfriend, and imagines the romantic life he has failed to enjoy. Is it a comment on translation or on these writers to assert that the UK contribution, "My Career in Goodness" by Jean Sprackland, is the strongest? Anyway, Sprackland's bittersweet story of adolescence is deftly written and authentic. This short memoir, translated from the Hebrew by an uncredited Aloma Halter, is an account of a writing life, and an apologia.

Throughout his career, Appelfeld has faced questions about why his writing does not show more political engagement. Drawing on the author's own cross-cultural inheritance, these stories range across a series of settings and backgrounds. From a Chinese son gambling with professional mourners to a mixed-race couple who experience a close encounter with an alien being, Ho Davies' characters share an instantly recognizable sense of displacement.

A giant collection of short stories by one of America's most celebrated and versatile contemporary writers. Meet Bernard Puff, proprietor of an all-American safari ranch just outside Bakersfield, California, where you can pop big game without the inconvenience of travelling to Africa.

And Susan Certaine, a Professional Organizer and acquisitive-disorders therapist, who is happy to strip you of everything including your sanity. Chamoiseau explores and re-tells the scary, vibrant Creole folktales he heard as a child. These are fairy stories with attitude, drawn from a harsh world of slavery, sugar plantations and hunger. They cast a strange light on our own folk tradition: the slave-ship captain is just as much a monster as the wicked old hag.

Wagner examines the fragile architecture of human relationships, illuminating moments of redemption, despair and rare exhilaration. The nine haunting stories in this collection are written with startling grace; they create a compelling picture of Sri Lanka, a country of teeming natural beauty and a society in turmoil. This debut collection of short stories explores the lives of young men in their twenties and thirties, their confusions, their obsessions, and their emotional complexities. It is a clear-eyed view of relationships between young men and women coming of age in an era of lost innocence.

An ex-circus strongman meets his own personal holocaust and 'Einsteinian' destiny; maximum boredom and minimum love-making are advised in a epidemic; a virulent new strain of schizophrenia overwhelms the young son of a 'father of the nuclear age'; and the history of the earth is frankly discussed by one who has witnessed it all in Amis's nuclear-age collection. In Amis's stories whole worlds are created or inverted: everyone is gay, apart from the beleaguered 'straight' community; screenplay writers submit their works to little magazines, while poets are flown first-class to Los Angeles; a sardonic robot gives strange news about life in the solar system; and a man has an affair with himself.

A man finds himself surrounded by women who are becoming paler, more silent and literally smaller; a woman's intimate life is strangely dominated by the fear of nuclear warfare; a melancholy teenage love is swept away by a hurricane, while a tired, middle-aged affection is rekindled by the spectacle of rare Jamaican birds.

Pregnant women, students and journalists, farmers and birdwatchers, ex-wives, adolescent lovers and dancing girls: all ordinary people - or are they? Also available: Myths of the Near Future Vintage - ten short stories originally written for magazines such as Time Out in the late s and early s. The settings include an American wasteland of drained swimming pools, lushest Knightsbridge, a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp, and a suburb of Cape Kennedy.

Over the course of 95 years Uncle Silas found the time to do most things: he boasted of the villains he had knocked to kingdom come, and of the women whose hearts he had captured. Crotchety, vainglorious, occasionally wicked, he maintained a devilish spark of audacity which made him so attractive to everyone he met. In this collection the stories are presented in full, accompanied by Edward Ardizzone's original drawings.

Inspired by the bronze statue of the Red Dog in Karratha, a mining town in Western Australia, de Bernieres spent two weeks collecting stories about him. Brown's thirteen stories focus on the battle against self-destruction, the struggle to transform loss into meaning, and the difficulty of connecting with others. Byatt's fairy tales and fables are among the best-loved features of her fiction. This volume brings together the two fairy tales from Possession 'The Glass Coffin' and 'Gode's Tale' of the Breton Naie des Trepasses with three other stories with medieval and oriental settings.

The stories in this collection are concerned with betrayal and loyalty, loneliness and passion, and the mysterious absences at the heart of the fullest lives. The eleven stories in this collection illuminate the subtleties of the Muslim immigrant experience in Britain, from comic culture clashes to deep spiritual struggles. Nature in these stories has a magical quality in the flight of a crow, the iridescent track of a snail, and the sideways leap of a stray cat, but the magic can encompass both enchantment and terror.

In tales that glitter and haunt - strange nuggets from a writer whose wayward pen spills forth stylish, erotic, nightmarish jewels of prose - the old fairy stories Red Riding Hood, Puss-in-Boots live and breathe again, subtly altered. Cheever, like Richard Yates, was a masterful chronicler of the quiet desperation lurking beneath the manicured neatness of suburbia. These stories of love and squalor are set in a world in which momentary glimpses of brightness - sea, clouds, light, the East River, a wife in a torn slip at the dressing table - contend with time, social change and the chaos of history.

The characters in this collection go about their lives in a welter of heartfelt lies and stony betrayals, wallowing in bad jokes and bad sex. Cannibals is a novel of eighty-eight compelling bulletins that reveal the fractured essence of our age. Two Irishmen in Purgatory discuss their own suicides; a book-snob on holiday reflects on the nature of addiction; and a pair of thoroughly modern dog-lovers find breast issues impede perfect coupling in Maguire's second short story collection.

Set in Buenos Aires, Lisbon, Vienna, Budapest and Odessa, both before and after the Second World War, Cozarinsky's stories belong to the spirit of Borges and to a great Argentine cosmopolitan tradition: that of the uprooted exile, the plaything of History, who, set down in a strange but proud land, looks back nostalgically to the Europe of his ancestral memory.

Desai's protagonists set out on journeys and find themselves suddenly beyond the pale, or surprisingly back where they started from. Caught up in cycles of hope and disappointment, their lives are ruled by the seasons, or straitjacketed by the conventions of hospitality, friendship and family. Also available: Games at Twilight and Other Stories. Musician Steve Earle also writes short stories. In this collection, he writes about a nearly-famous singer whose life and soul have been all but devoured by drugs; a hitchhiker stranded for years in a small Texas town; and the husband of a murder victim witnessing an execution.

Fischer takes the lid off the comedy scene in London, investigates where jokes come from and how you can make people laugh with only one toothpick and a foreskin. The tales collected here are complete miniature narratives. None longer than three pages, they rove, with changes of perspective, over myth, sex, science fiction, the Middle East, boredom, beauty, grossness, global history, childhood, music and death. Yet a strange unity of purpose binds them into a coherent universe where lives are brief but great mysteries are glimpsed. The stories in this book, all written between and , share the themes that feature so strongly in Graham Greene's novels: humour and violence, pity and hatred, betrayal and pursuit.

Comic, sad, shocking and tragic, they recount the tales of Mr Maling's loud stomach, destructive gangs of children, indiscretions revealed and secrets uncovered. Funny, serious, scalpel-sharp and compassionate, Hammick's stories capture moments of truth in their subjects' lives. Covering a wide spectrum of ages and types - from the nine-year-old son of a diplomat to an out-of-work car salesman - they expose the compromises and deceptions which we practice in our attempts to order our existence. What unites them is the emotional power that carries the reader past the surface of the subject and into the core of the characters' lives.

First published in , Death in the Afternoon remains a classic for its historical account of the Corrida, for the stories of the great matadors, their banderilleros and picadors, and for the stories of the bulls whose bravery is the primal root of the bullfight. The book also contains some of the finest short stories Hemingway wrote, inspired by the intense life as well as the inevitable death of those hot, violent afternoons.

In these early, partly autobiographical, stories, men and women of passion live, fight, love and die in scenes of dramatic intensity. They range from haunting tragedy on the snow-capped peak of Kilimanjaro, to brutal America with its deceptive calm, and war-ravaged Europe.

A young couple are destroyed by the simple temptations of the ideal home; a shy Italian ends up in a stranger's hospital room when he rings a telephone number left in his back pocket after a late-night excursion to Hampstead Heath; the daughter of Stalin changes the life of a Cambridge painter with the gift of a fridge.

This volume contains all of Kafka's shorter fiction, from fragments, parables and sketches to longer tales.

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Together they reveal the breadth of Kafka's literary vision and the extraordinary imaginative depth of his thought. Some are well-known, others are mere jottings, observations of daily life, given artistic form through Kafka's unique perception of the world. The narrators of these twenty first-person narratives are men and boys who come face to face with uncomfortable truths whether musing on mortality, encountering betrayals both devastating and trivial, or struggling to understand women and work.

An elderly woman, once an intrepid journalist, is paralysed with apprehension at the thought of meeting the daughter of her dearest friend; a budding writer is taken on as an amanuensis by a famous woman novelist, with disastrous results; a would-be biographer visits a home for retired clowns.

Ranging from the deserted windswept coast of a troubled Ireland to the sun-drenched landscapes of Portugal, these stories portray the insecurity and flickering hope of the afflicted and estranged with deep compassion and gentle irony. Set against the unforgiving landscape of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, these stories are concerned with the complexities and mysteries of the human heart, the unbreakable bonds and unbridgeable chasms between man and woman, parent and child.

Many of Malamud's characters are Jewish the title story, for example, is about a rabbinical student trying to find a wife through a very peculiar marriage broker but through his gentle and haunting exploration of their predicaments he illuminates a region that is common to every man's world. Stories which pinpoint the contrast between the old world and the new, between youth and age, love and hatred and even life and death itself.

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Originally published in , Death in Venice is an ironic look at the process of artistic creation and was influenced by the work of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche Oxford Companion to English Literature. One of the greatest - and most prolific - proponents of the short short form, Maugham's output is today collected in four volumes.

The stories in Ashenden are rooted in Maugham's own experiences as an agent in Switzerland during the First World War, reflecting the ruthlessness and brutality of espionage, its intrigue and treachery, as well as its absurdity. The stories in this collection are born of Maugham's experiences in Malaya, Singapore and other outposts of the former British Empire.

Whether portraying a ship-borne flight from a lover's curse, murder in the jungle or the remembered East of a repatriate's suburban home, they all reveal Maugham at his best - sometimes caustic, sometimes gently comic, but always the shrewd and human judge of character and soul. A second volume, More Far Eastern Tales , is also available.

Although he regarded himself as a second-rate author, Maugham was certainly a prolific short-story writer and novelist. The fact that it has taken these four volumes and others to collect his shorter fiction is testament to the volume and quality of his output. The book that started it all for McEwan: taut, brooding and densely atmospheric stories that show us the ways in which murder can arise out of boredom, perversity can result from adolescent curiosity, and sheer evil might be the solution to unbearable loneliness.

The seven stories in this collection engage and implicate us in the most fearful ways imaginable. A two-timing pornographer becomes an unwilling object in the fantasies of one of his victims; a jaded millionaire buys himself the perfect mistress and plunges into a hell of jealousy and despair; and in the course of a weekend with his teenage daughter, a guilt-ridden father discovers the depths of his own blundering innocence. There is in this collection an underlying heartbreak, a sense of regret in the characters for what might have been, a memory suppressed in an act of prudent emotional housekeeping.

But at the same time there is hope and second chances for people who reinvent themselves, seize life by the throat, and move on.

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Born in a small Canadian town, Rose battled incessantly with her shrewd stepmother, Flo, who cowed her with tales of her own past and warnings of the dangerous world outside. This collection of stories reads like a novel following Rose's life as she moves away from her impoverished roots and forges her own path in the world. Runaway is about the power, betrayals and twists of love, about lost children, and lost chances. At the heart of the book are three stories about one person, connected into one marvellously rich, long narrative. There is pain and desolation beneath the surface of these stories, which makes them more powerful and compelling than anything she has written.

A collection of Munro's short stories, selected from her earliest published work in to her latest in A woman confesses her guilty secret to an obscene caller; a daughter trades with God for her father's life; a family re-enacts an unholy nativity. Morrisy's characters act out of a flawed vision of the world; aggrieved, guilty, betrayed, they seek redemption with disturbing and savage consequences.

The stories in this volume are literary snapshots from the minds of some of the best living women writers. In each story, the relationship of mothers to their daughters and daughters to their mothers plays a crucial role. Collected early stories by one of America's most important and influential writers, including a revelatory essay on his early influences and writing. Rushdie looks at what happens when external forces pull his characters first in one direction, then the other: a rickshaw driver writes letters describing his film star career in Bombay; a mispronunciation leads to romance and an unusual courtship in s London; and Christopher Columbus dreams of consummating his relationship with Queen Isabella.

The best writing from the Subcontinent, selected to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of India's independence. Set in a dystopian near-future in which America has become little more than a theme park in terminal disrepair, they constitute a searching and bitterly humorous commentary on the current state of the American Dream. In these seventeen stories, Sam Shepard taps the same wellspring that has made him one of America's most acclaimed playwrights: sex and regret; the yearning for a frontier that has been subdivided out of existence; the anxious gulf that separates men and women; the even deeper gulf that separates men from their true selves.

Shukman's debut comprises the novella of the title and four short stories. Darien Dogs is about a man who once had everything, but has lost it all. Now holed up in a seedy hotel in Panama, he realises the prostitute he's just been with has stolen his wallet. Shukman has developed one of the stories in this collection for his novel Sandstorm. Helen Simpson's third collection is a loosely linked set of stories about women at work, at home and on holiday. A new title, Constitutional December , tackles themes of time and change: tantrums, funerals, pregnancy, war and love affairs.

In this brilliant collection, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Sophie's Choice returns to the coastal Virginia setting of his first novels. Through the eyes of a man recollecting three episodes from his youth, Styron explores with new eloquence death, loss, war and racism.

Elsewhere: Stories from Small Town Europe (Comma Translation)

Dorfman likes watching the planes take off towards a wider world than his; Fuchs dreams of going to England to escape from pornography, but never does; a boy is introduced to the world of art and repulsed by the bohemian life. When Elvis dies, his stand-in not only loses his job but also his raison d'etre. For this collection, Terry asked leading writers to take Ovid as a starting point and set their imaginations free.

Also included: white-coated scientists, sports-cars, swans and shells, and even Ovid himself, high-spirited and unrepentant, speaking to us from beyond the grave. Thorpe explores the lives of his characters through the work they do: the jobs that empower or enslave, define or destroy them. Work is seen as a means of social classification, an engine of prejudice or compassion, or as an arena in which bullying and subservience have legitimacy.

Do we choose the job or does the job choose us? For her second, prize winning, collection, Vinci moves away from disturbing explorations of child sexuality, but is still preoccupied by physical extremism. She takes as her theme the definition of love in the twenty-first century: in an age when the individual is becoming increasingly absorbed by the corporate, are our own bodies the only things over which we have power?

For this unusual collection, Vonnegut has selected twenty-four of his favourite stories never published before in book form and has written a preface to accompany them. Two professors of philosophy turn pugilists; Leith removal men become the objects of desire for Hollywood goddesses; God turns Boab Coyle into a house-fly; and a drug-addled young hero spins off on a collision course with his past.

This complete collection of Virginia Woolf's shorter fiction dates from until the month before she died in It offers us an invaluable insight into her development as a writer, vividly demonstrating her evolving characterisations, narrative methods and themes. Exposing and exploring the sinuous undercurrents of violence, anguish and love, Kennedy examines the nature of the individual, both in isolation and society, as characters define and deny their chosen identities.

Chosen by Auster from four thousand stories submitted to his radio programme on National Public Radio, these stories provide a wonderful portrait of America in the 20th century. Strictly speaking, this not a collection of short fiction one of the entry requirements was that each of the stories should be true , but in spite of this they have a fictional quality to them. The best writings of one of the great twentieth-century American stylists, whose extraordinary novel Nightwood , about rootless and sexually ambiguous expatriates in Paris between the wars, is a modern classic.

This collection of stories draws on and reflects the historical complexity and ethnic and linguistic diversity of the Caribbean by moving through time and geography and a variety of narrative styles. The subject matter includes the voyages of Amerigo Vespucci, the colonization of St Kitts, the landscape of the Cordillera and the Spanish-American War among other themes.

The gruesomely sympathetic children in this collection are misunderstood outcasts who struggle to find love and belonging in their cruel worlds. Burton's lovingly lurid illustrations evoke both the sweetness and tragedy of these hopeful, yet hapless beings. This volume brings together all the stories from The Fat Man in History and War Crimes as well as three other stories not previously published in book form. They reveal Carey to be a moralist with a sense of humour, a surrealist interested in naturalism and an urban poet delighting in paradox.

In five haunting tales Chandra paints a remarkable picture of contemporary Bombay - its ghosts, its passions, its feuds, its mysteries - while exploring timeless questions of the human spirit. The stories in poet Douglas Dunn's collection are set mainly in Scotland and show an unprejudiced eye for characters and their foibles at all levels of society. Ten irreverent stories rooted in the complexity of Jewish history and the customs of orthodox life: a group of Jews fated for Auschwitz improvises an escape by blending into a troop of acrobats; a married Hasidic man, incensed by his wife's interminable menstrual cycle, gets a dispensation from a rabbi to see a prostitute.

A loosely-linked sequence of stories, offering vignettes of human foibles on the island of Jamaica. Mrs Filling sees something nasty in the midday sun; an English lawyer dallies while his wife goes mad in England; sexuality flares and everywhere farce and racial tension lurk. A collection of one hundred interlinked stories celebrating the twentieth century, by one of Germany's most eminent contemporary writers. As the sequence of stories unfolds, a lively and rich picture emerges, an historical portrait of our century in all its grandeur and in all its horror.

In other tales, a young father finds it impossible to eradicate the ghostly memories of his dead twins; two Japanese newlyweds experience an early souring of their relationship; and a group of young children dare each other in a game of depravity while their parents sip drinks under parasols. In these five stories prototypes from the ancient world cast a shadow over our age: Cupid and Psyche, Penelope, Oedipus, Icarus and Odysseus inhabit the consciousness of characters who wrestle with betrayal, sacrifice, family conflict and war.

Jones's second collection his first was The Pugilist at Rest is about an overadrenalized world of desire, mania and rage. He takes us from down-and-out America to death and disease in Rwanda, introducing us to hard-luck fighters steeling themselves for battles they've already lost, doctors who fall in love with their illnesses, and a strung-out advertising writer who uses the hand of the devil to do the work of God. A Vietnam Vet swims alone across the English Channel to maintain the 'edge' that kept him alive in wartime; a young amateur fighter stoically endures repetitive beatings because he knows boxing shields him from the even crueller world beyond the ring; an unemployed man performs gruesome experiments on mice.

Here are tales of love lost and found, letters on marriage and fatherhood, together with reflections on cigarette-smoking, baseball and the perils of nearsightedness. Over landscapes ranging from northern California and the urban Southwest to the hills of eastern Kentucky and the Caribbean island of St Lucia, Kingsolver tells stories of hope, momentary joy and powerful endurance. The seven stories are all concerned with love, or rather with the complex erotic games and stratagems employed by women and especially men as they try to come to terms with needs and impulses that can start a terrifying train of events.

Marcus has brought together some of Ireland's best-loved writers with both the new, emerging generation and some previously unpublished authors. From Ireland itself to the United States, from rural Peru to the mountains of the Himalayas, these stories collectively and individually demonstrate the complexity of emotion and memory that characterise the very finest short stories.

This remarkable volume brings together all of John McGahern's short fiction, fully revised, in a definitive text. In this collection, Moody travels across the surface of America and lays bare the troubling loss of connection that lurks beneath. The stories are cast in many varied forms - domestic comedy, pseudo-fairytale, philosophical argument - but whatever the genre, the underlying elements linking them all together concern loss, pleasure, and the difficulty of really expressing love.

Moore's collection of stories is remarkable for its range, emotional force and dark humour, and for the sheer beauty and power of its language. It unfolds a startlingly brilliant series of portraits of the young, the hip, the lost, the unsettled and the unhinged of modern-day America. O'Reilly's characters inhabit a world that can seem dangerously indifferent to human feeling but alive to the thrills of living on the edge.

Unnecessary risks are taken which are punished, not obscured, by family. Russian novelist Pelevin's reality-warping and inventive short stories bring together sex-change prostitutes, melancholy animals and a cabinful of young boys obsessed by death. An office worker discovers his lover's betrayal via e-mail; a woman hires a private detective and trawls through the underworld for her brother; a man finds himself waking up, once again, beside the wrong person. The stories in this collection bring to life a strange, changing Dublin, full of pathos and wry humour; a city haunted by its future as much as by its past.

Duncan's stories alternate in setting between the fishing community of Broughton Ferry and Dundee: a father soothes his son to sleep with a story of a boy floating to Scandinavia; Big Sheila tries to conceal a frozen chicken under her Russian hat; a man is reminded of his departed wife and dead son by a strand of hair on a suit.

The 52 stories in this collection, written between and , confirm Gallant as one of the greatest short story writers of the twentieth century. A Beverly Hills actor has to protect his neighbours from his own father who has taken up jewel theft in his old age; a bored wife spends all her inheritance at an auction; two straight-A students murder the school bully. In his second collection of short stories Poirier writes about the misfits and visionaries who embody the aspirations of the American entrepreneur: pornographers, beauty pageant entrants, chicken processors and pearl-button manufacturers.

Inspired by moments and thoughts from a life, the tales distil memory into compelling narratives that veer from the personal to the universal. Gangsters, pimps, dealers, bookies and the nation of Islam - welcome to Cardiff!

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This is a collection of twelve fast-paced and gritty stories. The title story of this collection takes us into the dark heart of the dying Wallis Simpson as she lies in her Parisian bedroom, a virtual prisoner of her domineering lawyer. Though a work of fiction, Jian's book draws on his experiences to create an extraordinary portrait of Tibet, both enchanting and horrifying, violent and beautiful, perverse and seductive.

Hayles' debut collection, The Suicide Kit , was an alarming excursion into the world of the suffering, the delusional and the criminally insane. The new book is populated by demented misfits, sleazy sex tourists, killer inmates, has-beens and never-weres. Yates was one of the most compassionate and technically accomplished writers of America's post-war generation. Fourteen stories about ancient and modern life on the island of Orkney. A selection of stories about the experience of living in India, brought together from this prolific writer's other collections.

Each chapter of this semi-autobiographical novel imagines a different life the author might have lived; as such it reads like a collection of linked short stories. From the author of the bestselling Liars and Saints , a collection of stories about a soldier's kiss in wartime London; a best friend's funeral; and a young girl torn between two worlds. This book is set in Manhattan over the course of one year, moving through a series of linked events and characters, season by season: together they form a moving picture of people whose lives are inextricably linked by circumstance, community and a need to be loved.

Hermann's first book The Summer House , was about young women and their relationships. In this second collection, the women have moved on, but their relationships are all on the turn in some way. Superheroes take tenured positions at colleges; innermost secrets are blurted out in baroque dinner-party games; sheep bred for suicide defy the imperatives of their creators, and the smallest moments of life become unexpectedly revelatory, uncanny and hilarious in Lethem's stories.

Hailed on publication, this debut collection by a young Scottish writer twists the mundane to make it seem extraordinary. A young woman goes to see her estranged father but ends up having to see him in his coffin; a little girl watches from the top bunk as her older sister gets ready to go out; and a father teaches his child to look at the stars. A fictional contribution to Bloomsbury's The Writer and the City series: three New York short stories, each set in a different century, evoking the changing nature of the city and its inhabitants. This collection is chiefly concerned with exploring the human spirit, through acute observation of human behaviour and detailed imagery.

Divakaruni embroiders a colourful tapestry of life in India and America, weaving tales of two continents with perception and sensitivity. Revolution, utopia, dystopia and change all feature in this collection, which was published to coincide with the fortieth anniversary of the student uprisings in Paris of May , and other protest movements worldwide that were inspired by them.

The ten writers gathered here were all born in that momentous year. Short stories by the Mexican author of Shadow Without a Name about demented explorers, impossible missions and strange plagues. This new selection of Upward's short stories spans a literary career of almost eight decades, and celebrates his centenary. Beginning in with the fantastical world of Mortmere in 'The Railway Accident', the stories continue through the era of political engagement in the Thirties to the reflective and poignant studies of old age that have underpinned his revival in the past decade.

These stories tell of people caught between places and lovers, between the USA and Scotland, between desire, addiction and regret. From this collection emerges a singular picture of modern-day relationships, their conflicts and passions. A collection of short stories about middle-class treachery. Will Dolores Come to Tea? The stories in this volume re-imagine Scotland in the past, present and future. Elusive and subtle, spare and unadorned, the stories in this selection are among Chekhov's most poignant and lyrical.

They include well-known pieces as well as less familiar work. These short stories made the fortunes of the Strand magazine, in which they were first published, and won immense popularity for Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. The detective is at the height of his powers and the volume is full of famous cases. Hugh Clifford was a colonial administrator in Malaya and a gifted writer. Both his early sympathies with the Malays and his aristocratic background are reflected in this collection of stories. This selection from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries illustrates some of the American short story's finest achievements.

Tales of the frontier, friendship, and life's experiences abound with lively characters, humorous incidents, and vivid descriptions. During the s and s, an extraordinary confluence of black talent expressed itself in the literary and cultural phenomenon that has come to be known as the Harlem Renaissance. In a radical assertion of racial self-consciousness and a celebration of ethnic identity which was echoed across the nation, black writers and intellectuals came together with the intent of redefining the vision of America through artistic endeavour.

The anthology is organized around the quest pattern delineated by Joseph Campbell. This selection, while stressing the variety of his work, puts in the foreground those tales in which the real and the supernatural are brought into contact and conflict. The four tales in this volume depict corruption and obsession, and question racial assumptions.

Treasures in translation

Set in the exotic surroundings of Africa, Malaysia and the east, they variously appraise the glamour, folly, and rapacity of imperial adventure. This anthology collects together some of the most famous examples of the Gothic tale in the s, with stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, Vernon Lee, Henry James and Arthur Machen, as well as some lesser known yet superbly chilling tales from the era. Adapting the tradition of the Gothic tale of terror, Collins wrote ghost stories with a distinctively contemporary flavour and also made a major contribution to the newly emerging form of the detective story.

This collection includes stories from the four main languages of the region: English, Spanish, French, and Dutch. This anthology traces the development of the Irish short story from the early folk-tales of the oral tradition through Oliver Goldsmith, Maria Edgeworth, James Joyce, and Liam O'Flaherty, and on to the rising stars of the modern generation, such as Bernard Mac Laverty and Desmond Hogan. This collection of short stories, including many new translations, is the first to span the whole of Japan's modern era from the end of the nineteenth century to the present day.

Twenty-two stories by well-known French and Francophile writers including Nerval, Maupassant, Colette, and Echenoz, each providing a captivating glimpse into Parisian life from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day. Kipling was, of course, one of the greatest writers of short stories many of which first appeared in newspapers. His early tales of the Raj were collected in this volume, his first published book, in Pushkin's classic representation of gambling is joined in this collection by three of his other major works, moving from the witty parodies of sentimentalism and high melodrama to an early experiment with recreating the past, and a narrative of rebellion and romance.

The three stories in Eliot's first book of fiction foreshadow her later work with her compassionate portrayal of ordinary lives.