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Miss Impractical Me… Whoever that is
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My immoderate phone usage would be somewhat more acceptable if I was a very important person. I may be VIP in some of my coolest dreams, but the reality is, I receive about one call per day - always from my grandmother - and my email inbox consists primarily of coupons from Target. My obsession with my iPhone would be somewhat less appalling if I didn't have a one-and-a-half year old who has been known to dunk his head in a bowl of yogurt while my face is buried in online articles, or snatch the phone away from me and say, "The End.

12 Impractical Ways to Break a Cell Phone Addiction | HuffPost Life

So in the meantime, I'm taking matters into my own hands. I've come up with some ways to decrease excessive iPhone use, mostly from the comfort of home. Temporarily lose phone between the bed and the wall. Remind yourself that this is only one of many reasons not to use the phone in bed. Acknowledge that this is poor sleep hygiene at its finest. Bribe yourself with unlimited Bravo shows in bed if you vow to never ever sleep with your cell phone again.

Tuck phone into pants pockets and forget it's in there when you throw your clothes into the wash. Problem solved. Leave apps open all day long until phone battery is drained. Watch phone die a slow painful death as you desperately try to read one more status update. Charge phone in another room and don't retrieve it for at least a few hours. Lock the door if necessary. Use your phone to take extreme amounts of photos and videos until there is no more storage left and no option to take any more. Find out what it's like to experience a moment, instead of trying to capture it.

Realize that by the time you're usually done snapping away, reviewing the photos, choosing which are social media-worthy, and thinking up cute captions to accompany them, you've missed a lot - you've missed the point. Your child has also probably climbed up onto the kitchen table and is about to swing from the chandelier.

Delete your favorite apps, the ones so addicting you have no control over opening them up. The ones that suck you in, spit you out, eat up all your time, and leave you feeling used and abused. Pretend you're weeding a garden. Venture out to places where phone use is prohibited, like the library. Take the risk and suffer the consequences - librarian stare-downs are simply not worth it. Ideally you will allow some time to observe your baby totally naked. But if this is impractical or if you can only do this for a short time, absorbent training pants can be used for the observation phase, as long as they are not waterproof.

The goal during the observation phase is to make a sound that you want your baby to associate with peeing you may want to use the same sound or a different one for pooping, it is up to you. When you finish your observation period and your child is still wearing dry training pants, you can add a waterproof cloth diaper cover on top. Training pants are usually meant to be pulled up and down like underwear. If your child is a toddler, you can teach her to do this herself. If you are in a public bathroom or other place with nowhere to lay down your baby, you can hold your baby in one arm and pull the training pants back up with the other.

If you are practicing EC and removing wet diapers right away, there is really no need for diapers, most of which are designed to hold a lot! Ok, where is my passport? I want to be Katie!

Okay maybe just parts of Katie, because she has the worst luck in just about everything and I'm not exaggerating. How is it possible this book doesn't have more reviews? It's beyond awesome with laugh out loud moments, romance, more laugh of loud moments, action and oh, did I mention laugh out loud moments? If I had friends who loved me more than I loved myself, mentors to push me during my lazy days, friends with friends in far away places and multip Ok, where is my passport?

If I had friends who loved me more than I loved myself, mentors to push me during my lazy days, friends with friends in far away places and multiple sexy men to enjoy it all with I would be set!

Miss Impractical Pants

After reading this book, I immediately went to facebook to see who my friends were friends with, so I could dig out my passport and start over in a far away land. While I didn't find friends like Katie's in England, I'm not giving up hope.

One day I'll find it and I can't wait! This book is worth the read! Mar 23, Rhonda rated it liked it Shelves: kindle-freebies , romance , humor. This was a cute book. I can't give it more stars just because I have to say that I found Katie to be a little too ditzy for my liking. There was moments where I could have hit her on the head. No one I have ever met is that wishy washy and yet stubborn, that stupid and yet witty. It was like two different people.

Impractical Jokers - Nice Pants

She was quite humorous though. I did really enjoy the book, couldn't put it down at times, but she was just too odd of a character. Oct 05, Elizabeth rated it liked it. I enjoyed this book more than I thought that I would.

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I am typically not a fan of traditional "chick lit" or romance. This was sweet, a little goofy and had more going on than just romance. Fun story, light read. Kinda weird, cute story. Got it as a freebie. Dec 04, Patty rated it really liked it Shelves: read I really enjoyed this book despite the fact that it left reality to take a trip to Bosnia where terrorists shoot at our lovely Katie. Way too far out of left field, but an enjoyable read.

The Weirdest New Pokémon

Aug 11, Mishy rated it really liked it. A good read I was't expecting the twist at the end but had me giggling at times :. I'm hovering somewhere between "didn't like" and "like". It was a hilarious book but there was so much naked and potty language. Jul 31, Ashley rated it it was amazing. Great book! A total guilty chick-lit novel, but it was a light, fun and funny , easy read. Oct 08, Amy Freeman rated it it was amazing.


I can't remember reading a book that made me laugh out loud as much as this one did. Sweet romance, adventure and outrageous wit! Nov 18, Robin rated it it was amazing Shelves: will-read-again.