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Food and Souvenirs. I wanted to type 'Do you know', but it was a typo. Even if I do not know English, I am not inferior as you think. Knowing English is another language.

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Only a racist will think English knowledge is great and those don't have it are inferior race. Indians have castes openly for years. But Indians did not kill lower caste people. Whites claim 'non racists'. But they killed millions of people. Until s Whites had law in Australia to steal children from Aborigines since Aborigines cannot bring up kids like 'white men' and practiced it even after Well, your points are not germane. Answer these: 1 Why America sent warship to nuke India in ? Did India do Pearl Harbor? What do you have for blacks in US?

That's why people of all colors including Indians are trying to come here. And yea, being of a lower caste in India is awesome, I am sure. You can peddle that nonsense elsewhere. But there are several legal actions that have been prominent in our history to address inequities: Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education , undermining the constitionality of "separate but equal" doctrine relating to the application of the 14th Amendment; Civil Rights Acts of and ; numerous subsequent court decisions into the present reinforcing the foundational assertions of civil rights.

And whites didn't do these things for blacks. Whites and blacks fought together, and continue to do so, to make strides toward equality. Such master degree sometimes really means nothing. In fact all your idiotic comments here seem to point to me that you don't know very much about this world and you may not have a clear and logic brain to think. So please don't make a big deal about your "master", which just makes you look really bad in front of everyone here. D is pointless, since no one can verify it. Even can claim to have won Nobel prize, Turing award, Japan prize all twice.

D can do? I told I have a masters degree since someone told I am a moron and have brain. Jay, "I told I have a masters degree since someone told I am a moron and have brain. If you are able to watch the following, the day is described by Jack Ford, a Canadian POW who witnessed and obviously survived the event. Further insight to these disturbing photos. It's interesting to note how the radiation did little to the photographic plate when that was taken. Radiation from an air burst dissipates quickly.

It's when they hit the ground that irradiated components in the soil and buildings stick around for a fairly long time. The money should go back to the family of the original photographer as the MP 'stole' the images! Act of Genocide! Oh now, since it was the US it must be an humanitarian act of libaration in the name of freedom. I think Germans should shut up -- permanently-- on the subjects of genocide and atrocity, notwithstanding their demonstrated talent for them.

Misha, not very bright of you to compare an action of one man with the official policy of the nazi regime. Not very bright. Oh, and I am Jewish, too. So let's not play that card. So far no comments about the gravity of the situation - just cynicism, attempts to redefine terms, etc. I visited Hiroshima and the museum and monuments over five years ago. It was good to see it, but also a difficult experience.

I imagine these photos would have a similar affect. It's hard to describe, but it was sobering. It was the first time I can remember wanting to leave a museum before I had to. After much thought I think I know how to summarize it. As you learn the details they reinforce an understanding that the bombing was necessary, while simultaneously you're deeply experiencing the horrors of it. Emotionally it's impossible to reconcile the two. And then you learn that there were many genuine humanitarian considerations that were followed e. Furthermore the area and nearby Miyajima is beautiful, while imagining the bombing just seems so awful!

It was the first time I can remember wanting to leave a museum before I had to". It stays with you. All together, those culminated in some pretty harrowing emotions of our past. I have heard that when you visit Auschwitz, you can feel an ominous presence in your body, in the ground.

It sounds like a similar experience at Nagasaki and indeed, incredibly sad. None the less it's always about money and power. It's all about the money, wright?

Nagasaki Original First Generation Photograph Album

I don't think K will suit them. Well, not for long. These pictures should be showed to the world for free as a consequence of war, which today is colled just a "conflict". Today's so called "wars" and "conflict" are nothing of the sort, but rather acts of terrorism and invasions. One of the world's most extreme acts of terrorism. We should never forget so that such a repulsive act never happens again!!! Oh shut the you-know-what up, you apologist for aggressors. Change your screen name, it reflects a real "white trash" upbringing.

They wanted a war they got it, and than they made it worse when they wouldn't surrender after the first bomb. They would have made slaves of us had they been victorious. Instead we made them a strong economic country.

America’s Surprising Original Atomic Target

As much as I would like to agree with the others, I think that the Western powers policy of deliberately bombing civilians was wrong even if it won them the war. Deliberately killing civilians? Politicians and warmongers don't exactly have a record on valuing human life. Japan drew America into the war by attacking Pearl Harbor. It was a war that Winston Churchill was literally begging us to enter but we used restraint until attacked.

Japan was intent on world domination and their people were willing to die for the emperor. It took an event like Hiroshima to make such a significant impact that Japan couldn't ignore the devastation. The attack on Nagasaki is controversial but it sealed the deal as Japan didn't know how many more atomic bombs we had. We saved the world from tyrannical leaders looking to spread hate and suppression to all mankind. It doesn't make the atomic bombs good but a necessary evil to end Japan's quest to conquer the world. Let's look upon these photographs as a sad moment in history that hopefully will never have to be repeated.

Japanese are worst than today's terrorist they throw a small 3 month old baby into the air and poke it by their bayonets. They raped and killed young women burn their houses. They burned the city of Manila. The US that time are focusing at Europe trying to defeat Germans. Hitler and the Japanese Imprial army collaborated to attack Europe by Hitler and asia by the japanese so as the US power will be divided but Gen Douglas Mcarthur decided to concentrate its forces in Europe first as a result the Philippines suffer too painfull and to long.

And finally Gen. McArthur returned and save the Philippines from total destruction. I don't think anyone here needs a lecture on history. The books, the facts, are there. Let the ignorant be ignorant - you will not divert their convictions. Americans and Israel are murdering thousands every year for the past few years. So don't try your moral high ground. And the developed world starves the other half of the world by consequence of their own fortune. So talking about a moral high ground, you should get off yours and accept the way things are.

Then, maybe, you won't live such an existentially stressful life. So you think that only the western powers bombed civilians? I would ask you if the tables were turned would the Japanese have had any reservations out dropping nuclear bombs on American cities? They wouldn't hesitate for a second. The Japanese slaughtered hundreds of thousands of civilians. In December of , the Japanese Imperial Army marched into China's capital city of Nanking and proceeded to murder , out of , civilians and soldiers in the city.

The six weeks of carnage would become known as the Rape of Nanking and represented the single worst atrocity during the World War II era in either the European or Pacific theaters of war. I wasn't talking about the 'bad' people, I was talking about the Western 'good' powers doing things they shouldn't have done. They put themselves on the same level as the 'bad' people. It's hard being good but it's necessary. And really, they could have nuked some military instalments instead. Oh listen to all the atrocity deniers.

The nuking of Japan and the genocide of s of thousands was nothing more than a cold blooded experiment to test out these weapons. Japan was goign to surrender anyway. A military warmongering nation, invading countries, committing acts of terrorism, genocide and the list goes on. What's it matter? It's all in the past! It was as much as a test of the weapon as it was to end the war and I don't know why people need to prove the separation of these concepts.

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  • How convenient it was for them that the two coincided! And if we want to talk about warmongering terrorists, why has nobody mentioned Russia? Or Israel?

    Or China? I'd prefer the US regime over many others, it's just that with all the privilege of a democracy, you find yourselves arguing about it. Think about those who can't voice their opposition, and maybe you won't be so narrowminded. This is not a justification on US foreign policy, but I am curious as to where this Utopia you infer of is! This shows how little you know of things. The difference between two bombs was roughly 6 hours. This is how long they waited for them surrender if they did. The bombs were dropped on Aug 6th and 9th.

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    A cosplay photo shoot raised concerns on a California beach when a model was seen carrying a rifle around without any indication it wasn't a real gun.

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    Submit a News Tip! Reading mode: Light Dark. Login Register. Best cameras and lenses Now reading: Rare photos of Nagasaki destruction auctioned comments. Part of the collection at auction includes more famous images such as the one above, likely a copy confiscated from an Osaka citizen. Twelve of the images appear to be made from original negatives. Images copyright Shogo Yamahata, provided courtesy of Bonhams Japanese military photographer, Yosuke Yamahata was on assignment in a nearby city when the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki.

    Via: The Independent , Source: Bonhams. Tags: photography.

    View Comments Comments All HowaboutRAW Photography doesn't always happen independently of "political" events. You can look up the various World War Two crimes associated with Zeiss. Well done people! Are they a country? America, a t3rrorist group? I do not recall America attacking any unarmed civilians indiscriminately. The US invaded Iraq in a war of aggression.

    And anyone who thought about it, predicted a civil war in Iraq. TheChefs cknapp61, you forgot the many times it tried to install a Tyrant that would allow them to get free oil or other benefits. Just because you were in the army, it doesn't mean you know your history. The Japanese slaughtered a total of 30 million people in Asia during WW2. Juck Strange thing is, they make such bloody good cameras. TheChefs And lets not forget that Chariman Mao was much more successful at killing Chinese people in the next few following years.

    I guess if you kill the most you become a hero? Turbguy1 War is hell Stan LS Nobody is talking about at supreme race, but ou. AbrasiveReducer If I may interrupt the trading of insults for a moment, making money off these is pretty low. JordanAT Yes and no. Also news that the US has used nuclear weapons in military action outside of Japan. Boss of Sony Japan had already agreed to surrender before the atomic bombs were dropped.

    Smeggypants "A ground war with Japan would have been costly. The dropping of nukes was a cold blooded experiment. Derek Feng Really? Dave Oddie If they had flattened Nagasaki with a bomber raid and killed just as many in the process, would that have been terrorism?

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    You seem to have no idea that there was a war on. Smeggypants yes it would have been terrorism. JordanAT "Terrorism" is a modern term. There is also documentation from Hiroshima, the first use of the bomb with equal destruction and casualties I have no doubt too that more than one photographer in a city of , odd took pictures and that regional newspapers sent people there to photograph as well.

    Stan LS jaykumarr - " Biggest democracy in the universe" - lol. Cursing shows your inability. Stan LS Ah, world D is ass wipe, because you call a even a Nobel prize winner as 'negro'. Stan LS jaykumarr, yea, US is so horrible! Derek Feng jaykumarr: "I hold masters degree in mathematics from reputed University" Really funny. Nukunukoo It's interesting to note how the radiation did little to the photographic plate when that was taken.

    RichRMA Radiation from an air burst dissipates quickly. David Myers The money should go back to the family of the original photographer as the MP 'stole' the images! Johannes Zander Act of Genocide! Malikknows I think Germans should shut up -- permanently-- on the subjects of genocide and atrocity, notwithstanding their demonstrated talent for them. AlpCns2 Tell that to the millions of victims of the Japanese imperialism of the time. I was raised surrounded by Survivors, both Jewish and gentile.

    I would like to note that US Lt. Stan LS Misha, not very bright of you to compare an action of one man with the official policy of the nazi regime. DStudio So far no comments about the gravity of the situation - just cynicism, attempts to redefine terms, etc. DStudio It's hard to describe, but it was sobering. I'd also researched the bombing before going to get a better understanding of the situation. It was the first time I can remember wanting to leave a museum before I had to" Same here. This was one place I came out incredibly sad.