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  2. Goodreads reveals this newcomer beat the classics to become the top romance novel of all time
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And silk stockings, a dozen pairs and not a one had cotton tops! What riches! In the course of the novel, Scarlett marries three times. Each time she is taking an option other than the passion she believes she feels for Ashely Wilkes, but her second marriage to Frank Kennedy is the most obvious example of passionless practicality. I never could understand it.

The 20 Best Romance Novels of All Time, According to Dedicated Readers

Why not try marrying a fine young man who has a bad reputation and a way with women? This concept, so prevalent in Pamela , gets a brief mention on one of the many occasions when Rhett hopes to disillusion Scarlett about her feelings for Ashley. This is discussing when she came to Rhett to get money for taxes for Tara, ready to become his mistress in return:. He should have killed you rather than let you come up here—and to me, of all people!

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God in Heaven! Buy Madame Bovary from the Telegraph Bookshop. Perhaps I shall find out. A murder in an Italian piazza and an unexpected kiss in a field of violets shake muddled Lucy Honeychurch out of her repressed middle-class life in Surrey. Buy Gone with the Wind from the Telegraph Bookshop. When the remote and lovely Polly returns from India and reveals she wants to marry her lecherous uncle she sets the cat among the inter-war, upper-class pigeons in this deliciously sharp and funny novel, a companion piece to The Pursuit of Love.

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Goodreads reveals this newcomer beat the classics to become the top romance novel of all time

Buy Bonjour Tristesse from the Telegraph Bookshop. Cruising in a public lavatory, he saves the life of an octogenarian peer. Seeking a recognisable English myth, Ishiguro chose the English butler, saying Jeeves was a big influence. And the butler wants the former housekeeper back. Buy Women in Love from the Telegraph Bookshop. Buy Death in Venice from the Telegraph Bookshop. Buy The Graduate from the Telegraph Bookshop. Buy The Lover from the Telegraph Bookshop. Buy The Passion from the Telegraph Bookshop.

In romances, a hero goes above and beyond the usual, the expected, in his quest to win the heroine. A hero gives up his kingdom, or his pirate ship, to make her his wife.

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Romance novels, more than any other genre, affirm love conquering all odds. In romance novels, the lovers are intricately developed characters, people with foibles and flaws as well as heroic motivation. Heroes and heroines earn their happiness. The adventure and drama in a romance novel fill the same entertainment needs as movies and other genres of fiction. We want to see people overcome obstacles inside themselves and in the world around them to earn the life they want. Often, people have a stereotype of large-breasted vixens and overly-macho men tearing at each other.

Most romances are delicate portrayals of loving, passionate relationships, where lovers find a way through turmoil, inside themselves and in the world around them, to end the book with a believable commitment to a good life together. It focusses on an intense period within a long-term relationship, usually courtship.

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I love the happy ending. A place of joy and giving and growing. A place where love is unconditional and true. This differs from something like romantic suspense, where there might be a great romance, but the core of the book is the suspense. The ideals of love, fidelity and positive feminism are explored more thoroughly in romance novels than in any other genre. In reading and writing romances, I have discovered my own value as a woman.

I believe most avid readers of romance novels have more strongly developed ambitions for themselves, their partners and their families than the average woman. We have spent more time considering the meaning and implications of love, and we recognize in spite of our general liking for spicy love scenes that physicality is really a minor feature of a relationship.

Emotion, and all its intricacies, is what draws us. A romance is the story of one man and one woman. Everything that happens in a romance relates to this couple, has some impact on this couple.

Like the Wind

We may call this a convention yet it allows for infinite variety. The convention from which the romance does not vary even remotely, is the happy ending — thank goodness! I believe romance is when two of the most unlikely souls imaginable turn out to be the most perfect of mates. Alone, the hero and heroine are incomplete — their faults shine like beacons. Together, they are complete — they fit together like the proverbial pieces of a puzzle. Of course, both take some growing and self-examination to reach their ultimate destination — and it is that very journey romance writers chronicle, and readers savor.

Romance is love, in all its forms: between parents and child, man and woman, brother to brother, love of God or religion or whatever.

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Two characters cannot develop satisfying, romantic relationships between each other unless they have some understanding of love, whether from lack of it or desire for it or full knowledge of it. As the song says, love truly does make the world go around— when one strips basic human behavior to its barest form. If romance is love, then romance is human behavior.

Gone With The Wind - Bonnie's Death (1939)

That describes the genre better than bubble baths and champagne. A heroine and hero who create sparks when they come together, a compelling plot, and a satisfying wrap up of that plot and the romance between the two main characters. None had a happy ending with the hero and heroine ending up together — forever, something our industry and readers expect, and always get. DeWanna Pace: A romance novel is the story of characters, challenged by change and empowered by love, to overcome personal obstacles to their growth.