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But when Leia plays for the first time and is a total natural, the crowd goes wild. Ester is not pleased. He starts behaving strangely, and asks Tubarina for advice on what girls like. She can't resist but give him some terrible advice in the hope that he embarrasses himself.

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When Tubarina finds a shark caught in ropes attached to a broken anchor, she sets it free. The shark is so grateful that he falls in love with her! Tubarina quickly gets tired of the besotted shark following her everywhere. Tubarina decides she won't just enter, she'll win! When the Shark King leaves a secret treasure map lying around, Tubarina, Marcello, Ester and Polvina see it and go off in search of the treasure. Will they be able to work together to follow the map and find the treasure?


When Hugo dazzles everyone at school with his magic abilities, Marcello becomes jealous of all the attention his best friend is suddenly getting. He decides it would be clever to mess up Hugo's magic show. However Nip is a very nervous shark, and doesn't want to be touched. Ester really wants a skin picture because it's such a cool and fashionable thing.

Her parents tell her she can't have it but she wont be deterred. Polvina gets in the way of one and is bitten on the hand. It hurts - and Polvina is spooked by every creature she sees from then on. Tubarina wants a surprise party for her birthday and pleads with Polvina and Ester to organise one. The two friends prepare the food and decorations and get everything ready for the big event.

But they've forgotten something. Tubarina and Ester compete to see who can make the best seaweed slice for the school fete. After Polvina saves a sea bass from a diver's net, she 's surprised to discover that instead of being grateful, it becomes very aggressive towards her. When Marcello boasts that boys are never afraid, the sea princesses decide to show him that in this respect, boys and girls are exactly the same. Marcello discovers that if he flatters people enough he can get them to do all his work for him. When two spider crabs arrive in Salacia and fight endlessly between themselves, Sirilo, the crab prince, has to prove he's the strongest one of all.

Tubarina wonders too and asks the Shark King for a crown and a gold carriage so she can be a real princess. Hugo, Tubarina and Marcello all love the Pigpimples books which feature a place called the 'Crack of Doom'.

So when Hugo tells them he's discovered a real Crack of Doom, they all desperately want to see it. A strange boy suddenly arrives and somehow seems to know exactly what's ailing the blowfish.

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The sea princesses and Marcello are busy cooking pearl drops for a school picnic. They leave the drops unattended to look for Hugo. When they return however, all the drops are gone. Who could have taken them? Tubarina is outraged, and is determined that Marcello will have to forfeit his place for her. When Ester overhears her grandmother talking about the ultimate beauty product - a rare, red seaweed - she decides she wants some for herself. The girls won't give up in trying to find this rare seaweed None of the girls has ever seen a shark like this.

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