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EquationTrekker Package

Damage Waiver:. Close No Damage Waiver. You are liable for any damage or loss to the rental equipment. Protects you from liability due to unintentional damage, after paying a deductible. Theft and water damage not covered.

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Same Day Delivery may be available at checkout! Learn More. Log In. It can fit 1 DSLR with a short-to-medium length zoom lens plus a couple of primes it can fit even more if you're working with a smaller mirrorless system.

Lowepro Micro Trekker Backpack

It has a front easy-access pocket, 2 accessory pockets on the inside, reconfigurable pads, and a support waist belt. It is ideal for quick trips and day shoots. There is no manual for this product. Video Gear. Photo Gear. Browse By Brand. Browse New Arrivals. Buy Used Gear. Sign In. Pickup Locations. Expert Help. Contact Us. How BorrowLenses Works.

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The Rental Process. PO Accounts. Return Policy. The pocketed backpack lid it can be removed and used as a waist pack is new with this series and sheds water and other dirt to the sides and back of the case. High grade, heavy duty YKK splashguard zippers enhance the seal.

They are quiet, but they are not especially easy to open though the U-shaped zipper pulls are very nice. I suspect more break-in time will allow the zippers to work more smoothly. I've heard too many stories about zippers failing to completely trust them with my valuable gear - especially if I'm counting on that gear. Just imagining the contents of a pack spilling to the rocks below turns my stomach.

The Pro Trekker has, in addition to the heavy duty zipper, 5 buckles including two from the top lid that secure the load extremely well and reduce the load on the zippers if tightened enough. Securing the 5 buckles, of course, takes some time, but doing so is good sense.

Backpack capacity is, for the most part, a matter of selecting which model is right for you.

Here is how the Pro Trekker sizes up with the alternative Lowepro camera backpacks these are Lowepro specs. This regulation alone is not hard to meet, but I also want to be able to carry as much gear as possible with me.

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  • Lowepro Pro Trekker 400 AW Camera Backpack Review.

So I'm usually looking for the largest available approved backpack. Clothes and other gear can be lashed into the 8 compression straps around the side of the pack. These straps can be seen in many of the photos on this page. A camera harness can be clipped to the front. To carry a tripod on the backpack, slide two legs into the back sleeve and clip the two small back straps around the third leg. Experience teaches that it is best to re-clip these two unattached straps immediately after removing gear from them - they are easy to lose.

Side attachment of a tripod is also available in a similar manner. I'm very pleased with how securely it locks into place. A small number of Slip-Lock attachment locations remain on the broad part of the waist belt, but other side and back pockets and features take the place of the balance of the attachment points. I have a pair of stainless carabiners attached to nylon loops on the bottom of my pack for attaching whatever I need to attach at any time - such as a ball-style cap.

See-through pockets in the back of the main lid are available for small or thin items small wrenches, microfiber cloths, sensor cleaning swipes Additional side pockets and memory card holders are available. A laptop "up to There is just enough stretch room to fit this lens unmounted in. Again, this is a very snug fit. Lowepro helped me out by providing my review Lowepro Pro Trekker AW Backpack perhaps they thought my current backpack collection was showing some age and its arrival was timed with several day hikes and a longer photo trip I had planned.

A partial list of what is in this pack follows:. In addition, about 7 filters, spare batteries for both cameras, charger for the 5D II batteries, filter wrenches, some clothing, a light jacket and more are packed.

All hoods are either reversed or packed beside the respective lens. Note that the lens hoods fit nicely in this backpack and that getting lens hoods into smaller packs is often a problem. Also note that the above pack, as configured, weighs nearly 35 lbs 16kg and is very noticeable on your back. Here is a backpack configuration I used for a couple of Zeiss lens review day hiking trips:. Though there is plenty of space available in the above configuration, the weight was plenty for the trips I was taking.

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I carried this load on multiple day hikes, including a rugged 5 mile, 5 hour hike with plenty of elevation change. I was quite tired from the hike, but not tired of the pack itself. The photo above is courtesy of my oldest daughter and shooting partner for that day. Sorry about the glare - my ball cap must have been on the carabiner. Perhaps, but the previous series is still a very nice one.