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Of course it can be scary to move from an organic social strategy to putting real money on the table. In this guide, we explain how to use the various types of social media ads to achieve real business results while maximizing your spend. Bonus: Download a free guide that teaches you how to turn Facebook traffic into sales in four simple steps using Hootsuite. All the major social networks offer advertising options. When thinking about which social networks to use for advertising, look at which ones perform well organically.

Networks where your content naturally strikes a chord with fans are an obvious choice for your first social ad campaigns. Pinterest, for example, has far more female than male users. Audience considerations: Facebook is popular across demographics and offers detailed targeting options. This makes it a great platform to get started with social media advertising. In addition to a photo, Facebook photo ads include characters of text plus a headline and link description. They can also include a call-to-action button like Shop Now or Send Message. You can create your photo ad in Facebook Business Manager , or simply promote a post with an image from your Facebook Page.

Quick tip: Facebook photo ads work really well for showcasing new products or services. Show people using your product, rather than a simple photo of the product itself. Facebook video ad options range from short mobile video ads up to minute promoted videos designed to be watched on desktop. Facebook video ads can work well in conjunction with a TV ad campaign. Even if T. Use compelling visuals that highlight the best parts of your brand.

Quick tip: Short videos tend to have higher completion rates. Rareform uses mobile Facebook video ads to highlight its unique value proposition. The company makes bags out of recycled billboards. Recycled Fashion by Rareform. We're saving the planet one bag at a time! Over 1 million lbs of billboard repurposed so far! In this full-screen format, photos display for six seconds, and videos can last up to 15 seconds. Quick tip: Stories only last for 24 hours, so this is a great format for in-the-moment marketing like limited time offers.

A carousel ad lets you include up to 10 images or videos, each with their own link, all in one ad. Carousel ads work well to showcase different features of a product, or to explain a step-by-step process. Quick tip: Use the different elements in your carousel ad together to present a compelling, effective story or message. A slideshow is an ad that creates a video from several static images—your own or stock images that Facebook provides. Slideshows offer the compelling motion of video, but require no video-specific resources to create. Posted by Happy Socks on Tuesday, April 2, A collection ad highlights your products right in the Facebook feed.

The ad includes a cover photo or video plus product images with pricing and other details. This allows people to learn more about your product without leaving Facebook. When someone clicks on the ad, they go to an Instant Experience see below. Formerly called Carousel ads, these are full-screen interactive ads for the mobile feed. An Instant Experience ad can include up to 20 images or up to two minutes of video.

You can include a call-to-action button with up to 30 characters of text. Quick tip: Instant Experience ads can also be used to collect customer or lead information using an instant form. Messenger ads are simply Facebook ads placed on the home screen of the Messenger app. You can use them to encourage people to connect with your business on Messenger, but they can also link to your site.

Quick tip: You can use Messenger ads to restart conversations that have trailed off. Use a custom audience of people who have previously messaged your business. Facebook lead generation ads are mobile-only ads that include pre-populated forms. This makes it easy for people to:. Quick tip: Ask for the minimum amount of information you need to process leads effectively, to maximize completion.

Get all the step-by-step instructions you need to set up your Facebook ads in our Facebook advertising guide. Facebook owns Instagram. Audience considerations : Instagram is most popular with millennials. Plenty of Generation Xers also use the platform. Your Instagram photo or video will look like a regular Instagram post—except that it will say Sponsored in the top right. Depending on your campaign objective, you may also be able to add a call-to-action button. Quick tip: Make sure your photo and video ads are consistent in style with the organic posts you share on Instagram.

Winning is everything a 10 step guide for sure shot success

This helps viewers recognize that the ad is from your brand. Try testing video ads against photo ads using the same content. Quick tip: Make sure the images you use in your carousel ad are visually similar and tied together by a common theme. Look at this Carousel ad for Snag Tights. The similar images and consistent bar of text across each photo clearly connect the components of the ad and help to tell a consistent story.

Just like Facebook Collection ads, these feature a cover image or video plus several product shots. Clicking on the ad directs the user to an Instant Experience. Instagram Stories ads can use photos or videos up to seconds long. On the very important topic of which is better: donuts or fries. Get all the step-by-step instructions you need to set up your Instagram ads in our Instagram advertising guide.

With Twitter Promote, the Twitter algorithm automatically promotes Tweets to your specified audience. It promotes your first 10 daily organic Tweets that pass the Twitter quality filter. It also promotes your account to attract new followers. You can focus on up to five interests or metro locations, and let Twitter do the rest.

Twitter says accounts will on average reach 30, additional people per month and gain an average of 30 new followers. With Twitter ad campaigns, you first choose a business objective that aligns with your business goals. For example, this Chanel Twitter ad uses a video to showcase its product, combined with a website card for easy mobile shopping. Worn by two, it introduces a new way of carrying.

Quick tip : Run separate campaigns for mobile and desktop users to get the best conversion rates. Twitter recommends you avoid using hashtags and mentions in your ads so that your audience does not click away. Get all the step-by-step instructions you need to set up your Twitter ads in our Twitter advertising guide.

Audience considerations: Snapchat is overwhelmingly popular with younger users. Nearly three-quarters of to years olds use the app. The ads are full-screen, vertical format. They can include attachments for app installs, landing pages, lead forms, or long-form video. Quick tip: Time moves quickly on Snapchat, so aim to keep your Snap ad to five to six seconds. The tile leads to a collection of three to 20 Snaps, so you can provide a detailed look at new products, special offers, and so on. You can also add attachments with a call-to-action, so that users can swipe up to watch a video, install an app, or buy a product.

Quick tip: Write a powerful headline for your Story ad to encourage Snapchatters to tap. Collection ads allow you to showcase a series of products with four thumbnail images in one ad. Each thumbnail image links to its own URL. Quick tip: Keep the snap itself simple to focus attention on the thumbnails in your collection ad. Snapchat filters are graphic overlays that users can apply to their Snaps. Snapchatters use them hundreds of millions of times per day. Quick tip: Snapchatters use filters to provide context to their Snaps.

Make sure your filter is relevant to the time, place, and purpose of your campaign. Get all the step-by-step instructions you need to set up your Snapchat ads in our Snapchat advertising guide. Audience considerations: LinkedIn is much more business-oriented than the other social networks in this post. It offers targeting options based on professional qualifications like job title and seniority.

Sponsored Content ads appear in the news feed on both desktop and mobile. Quick tip: Headlines under characters have the best engagement.

101 Tips, Strategies and Test Taking Techniques to Score 330+ on the GRE

OMG what an amazing post, you are so generous with your knowledge and time. I particularly liked No. I see you followed No. I have you bookmarked and will be coming back here often. This is the best post i ever read about SEO on the internet. Though it took a while to read it, its really worth every second reading your posts. Thanks brain for this awesome post. Keep me posted on how the strategies work out for your site.

Thanks for this awesome post. I have few that were ranking in the pages and was thinking of ways of moving them up when I came across this. Your tips will help immensely in that regard. Happy to help, Nishadha. Sending some internal juice their way should definitely help those pages crack page 1.

Thanks for a great post Brian — There really is a lot of stuff for me to see, how I can implement in my niche. Hey Brian… You actually put so much information on your single post only which covers actually all seo techniques which are working like a sure shot bullet for seo specialists. I think If I follow all mentioned describe seo tips then no one can stop me to become successful in seo for my blog. Thanks for your amazing work. Hey Brian, tons of value in this post. I love all the keyword research ideas, broken links and much more.

Well done! Hey Ian, thanks so much! Justin, thanks for your comment. I loved the part about flippa. What a great source to get ideas. Building links tends to be the hardest to do, but a few good quality links is all you need now a days to get ranked. I currently rank for a very high volume keyword with only 5 links all with pr 3,4 and good DA and PA.

Good links are hard to get but you only need a few which is encouraging! Props for this post! As you said, getting those links is the real challenge. This is awesome post, many thanks for this. There are a lot of resources where we can find new keywords ideas instead of using Google Keyword Planner and they are free! Thanks a lot for sharing these precious techniques. Awesome Brian, As always learning new link building techniques from the expert.

Great work, Thanks. I was waiting, waiting, waiting for the email from backlinko. Wow Now I know where it was! That is a huge effort, heaps of ideas that seem so obvious. Fantastic tips Brian.. Too bad that I cant use all the same tactics, as I am situated in Denmark, but stil a great read and magnificant inspiration for new creativity. Glad you got some value from the post, Jaleel. Awesome post Brian.

I was just half way down and got engaged. It was really awesome. Great work done. This was a amazing article. First of all i would like to appreciate the effort that has been put into writing this. Every point is supported by lots of pics making it quire graphical and easy to understand. Moreover all the points mentioned were quite awesome and helpful. What do you actually DO after researching the dead link? Very interested!

After you find the dead link you want to reach out to the sites that link to the dead link. Let them know they have a broken link on their site and offer a resource on your site as a replacement. I have noticed that you are creating content in short paragraphs of 2 to 4 sentences and immediately after that your starts the next para or sentence. Any reason behind it? Long paragraphs takes away my interest and I normally quit the web.

Your web is the only one, that I always read in full. Thank you Brian, Every time you publish a post. I know there are a lot of things to learn from. Please keep going for another awesome posts in the future. Best Regards,. Brilliant post Brian! I think this is a complete post for SEO techniques that can work in I agree with all your points. The only thing, whoever uses these methods better also be creating great content otherwise their efforts will be short-lived. Thanks Neil. Love this post! Myself and a former colleagu did a test on it about 4 years ago and published our results which conculded what you are saying.

But with a little CSS trickery one can get the code for the nav bar to be lower in the code, prioritizing contextual links. I never thought of hacking the code to make the nav bar seem further down the page. Very clever! Is it still working? By the way Brian, thank you so much for these awesome lists! I learned new strategies again.

Yes, it still works. But you may have to look a bit harder now that I let the cat out of the bag. Thanks for the post, this is some seriously useful stuff. Much better than other stuff I read. Thanks James. I am blessed to know your blog so I can find out the best techniques. Thanks Brian. Great article. Thanks for the premium SEO information for the unbelievable price of free. Either way, thanks Bryon. Let me know if you have any questions about the techniques in the post. There you go again, Brian, raising the bar. Awesome value. I made the mistake of drinking half a cup of coffee before reading this.

This is great info. I know nothing about SEO and trying to learn. My site fell from 1 on google for over 2 years to non existent in a matter of months…. How or why does this happen? Thanks Jessica. There are a lot of reasons for that. Could be a manual penalty, Panda, Penguin etc. Love it. Let me know if you have any questions about the techniques. Awesome tips to increase traffic traffic on the website. I was looking for some effective tips of link building. I started off with new SEO project and I was a little confused about where to start. Dealing with dead links of wikipedia and finding authoritative sites I found the best.

I hope it will work for me. Sure you can sort the offers and get their stats, but you have to actually look into the social pages that they link to. Zero activity on that that page and the rest of the 21 applicants I had received were all similar or different shades of worse. Wasted a good 4hrs on that bs. Thanks for sharing that, Julez. Not perfect, but should help eliminate some of the riff raff.

A diamond ring is going to bring in better applicants than a free pen. Hi Brian, Blogpost like this brings back enthousiasm and motivation. After reading Moz end SEL someone who thinks out of the box is refreshing. I learned a lot here! Thank you for sharing! Mamma mia.. Get lots of inspiring ideas. Thanks Brian! But seriously, glad you enjoyed the post Yun. Let me know if you have any questions. Really awesome blog Brian. You have given unknown ways to build quality backlinks.

Glad you like that one, Chris. When I first realized that Wikipedia tagged dead links I knew I had to a test it out and b share it with the Backlinko community. Kudos, Brian. Excellent tutorial. I think I spent a couple hours playing with all the buttons hither and yon. Great fun. Learned tons. Good clinic. I tried using 11 with the domain hunter plus. Not sure what you mean, Jamie. Not sure how Domain Hunter Plus would help…. Hi Brian, I always admire the way you write. Every article on Backlinko are true gems. Some of the above mention tips I often use for growing traffic to my blogs. While other I will definitely try in future.

About First Link Priority Rule. This rule is for external links too? If i have two anchor text for the same external website link in a article for ex…. Good question, Eduardo. Hi Brain, This post is a really eyeopener for me. Your tips and advise brings me great inspiration. Keep up the good work! Just came across your site and am totally blown away by the amount of information you have. My brain is still digesting the first syllable.

Wow thanks Brian, your techniques are awesome! Great post Brain! Really took a lot away from it. Love your out-of-the-box thinking! Hi, should publishers try to spot high ranked authors and hire them to write pieces to their sites? That can work really well, Powell, if the author has a lot of name recognition in your industry.

Wow Brian, epic post! I always love reading your posts because you always seem to think outside the box. Have a good one and keep up the great work! Hey Brian Thanks for sharing nice write ups…Delicious Point is very interesting…Overall great link building techniques… Thanks again for sharing great post.

Thanks Sameer. Definitely try the Delicious link building strategy. As a few other members of the Backlinko community pointed out, Scoop. Awesome article! How do you find the URL of the dead link to take your broken link and pop it into ahrefs or your link analysis tool of choice in the first one that you suggested? Glad you liked it, Shilpi. Hi Dean! I recreated the source even better than the original and replaced it just like the previous one. What might be the reason? Not sure, Roberto. I have a though. Now that google finally realized that the exact anchor text is spam, I believe that good anchor text technique is :.

Hi Brian, WOW!! Like you said pick one and explore. Love the way you can get keywords that will help you rank. Thanks so much. Geri Richmond. Hey Gery, Glad you enjoyed the post. Hi Brian, Thank you so much for your great and helpful post! God bless for sharing your ideas and knowledge. This is such an awesome post.

About the Author

Brian Dean this is a comprehensive article in which you put lots of information. I knew a few of techniques that are normally used in SEO. Some of techniques are totally new for me and next time I will start working on them. Thanks Yves. I appreciate that. Hey Brian, Like the hundreds of people already, I thought this was an amazing post. You have a great way of breaking things down into ways that the average reader will be able to understand and make actionable. I think this is a great resource for our readers, so I included it in my monthly roundup of the best SEO, social media, and content marketing articles.

Especiallycon the wikipedia strategies. All i can say is great stuff and glad to have found this goldmine of SEO information. Its really great info and im equally pumped up to see results. Hi Is there any way to tighten up the footprint for the dead wiki links apart from in title as im geting relavant results, but also a lot of off topic stuff that coincidently mentions the target phrase in text.

Thanks Brian for sharing these points. I was desperately looking for ways to increase search traffic. Although, it is good right now, but I need more. All I was getting was basic SEO techniques which I have pretty much applied but was looking for extensive ones. These are perfect for my requirement. Thanks a bunch! Just discovered your website some days back.

I am running a blog containing collection of text messages, poems and jokes. How can i get natural backlinks for this kind of blog? This is awesome! Lots of good tips here. I used to do a lot of SEO but stopped when the latest update came out. Appreciate you for sharing this! Another question brian.. Its about how to tutorials. People open it and get their desired info and closes it. Is it good for my blog? That can happen with how-to keywords.

No worries there. As you know, when you start out, you have only a couple posts and very little credibility with other bloggers, also the search engines will take considerable time to be of any benefit initially. Would be interesting to know how Brian Dean approaches that dilemma! In fact, Backlinko grew from zero to over 50k visitors a month with only 18 posts. Brian, This is a wealth of information with detailed, actionable strategies. I am a fan and now a subscriber to your blog. Hope to see more interesting posts. Sakthi, glad you learned something new from the post I actually learned some new stuff while writing it!

Hey thanks man, you have described all the the techniques to building great backlinks in detailed , the 1, 2, 3, 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, and 21 are the must try for anyone, as they are the easier and seems to much effective, gonna try all of them…thanks. This post is extremely helpful to any blogger who want to hit at the top for some keywords or want to rank their pages from last pages to first page. Hi Brian, My competitor is market leader from past 4 years, his linki building is mostly links in article directories and link directories.

He is adding just 1 link in his articles to homepage without any anchortext. The anchortext is the complete title of his homepage. Why he is on top of the list? Not sure, Micheal. That website has original content and loves by users, and I accept this truth. Now that is a repository of solid SEO tips. The article is for keeps. Something to refer back each day to work on. Made my day, no doubt the techniques are awesome. Great post Brian. Quick question. Are these the main link building that u do, or are these in addition to some other link building?

For example, on a brand new site do u just start these techniques, or do u do any web2. Great tips! Thanks for the tips. I spent about an hour reading through and clicking over to everything. Super, super helpful. Thanks for your good work. That was an incredibly detailed article, long as well, but I am glad that I read it. Most of these techniques I never heard about before. I found the techniques 1 and 8 most valuable. Now its time to get the posts sitting on 2,3 pages to first page. How have I never come across this blog before.

Found it through a recomendation on UK business forum and glad I did. Some great tips on here that i will certainly be using… Oh where do I start….. Wow very nice article Brian. Perhaps this is one major reason why my site died. I was not paying attention to links. Some of the techniques you mentioned here seems do-able enough for me. Thanks for sharing! That was a long read Brian but well worth it.

Thank you for not only explaining it to us, but also for using the visual aids in your examples. Truly awesome man! Please help. Most of the strategies will work for French sites, Amina. But the approach behind the strategies work in any country. Hi Brian, Thanks a lot for the fully detailed post, this post made me realize that i have to learn lot more in SEO. Surely i will try all the techniques you have mentioned. You said re-create that dead link on your website. I would like to understand on wich page i should put it? Is it on new page or partner page?

You reply for all comments.

21 Actionable SEO Techniques That Work GREAT in 12222

So i want re-create the resource on wikipedia putting my site. And go to this last insert dead link wich will point to my site on wikipedia. Is it like this the method? Thank you Brian, For wonderful backlinks tip from wikipedia and all It really work very cool. Hi Brian. I just wonder: what if my competitors apply these strategies too? Hi Brain, Thanks for the tips. I like all the keyword research ideas, sharing link building techniques. When i was reading your tips that same time i was trying you tips in second tab of browser. You all tips are right and useful.

I think you should post new topic soon about SEO. I am waiting. You genuinely want to go out of your way to help others and I really respect you for that. One of the best post I ever read. You described all Seo things in one post and very amazingly. Also easy to understand. Thanks for share. Thanks Adam. These are not exactly go-getter types, much less people who may eventually land within the parameters of a given market segment one of the readers of this blog may be targeting.

Reddit is one of the top 25 sites in the US, which means it gets a mix of people. You hit a grand slam with this great article. I love reading your articles. I still havent got any emails from your mailing list? How often do you do them? Thanks Chris, I appreciate it. I usually send an email once or month or whenever I have something awesome to share.

As with regards to the Wikipedia article, once you have your list of websites that link to the dead link how do you go about getting the dead link to point towards your link? Chris, you have to reach out to the site owners and ask them to replace the dead link with yours. Hi Brain, I would really like to help many thanks for your attempts you have devote producing this site. Now i am wanting to see identical high-grade information by a person in the future too. One more very usefull article for even SEO experts. I found the techniques 1 and 9 most valuable.

Thank you very much again for the article and the new techniques for me. Let webmasters know that their links are broken? Replace them with your own? Could you elaborate? What are you hoping to accomplish, exactly? Great post and thanks for sharing. Hi Brian, thanks for these amazing tips.

It is clear that coming up with the right niche and killer keywords is important. Who would have thought that Reddit has untapped resources that marketers can use. Classic tips here. You description and explanation on every particular topic is very impressive. I am glad to read your blog here Brain. I love use reddit, delicious, facebook and all.

Thanks for advanced. Thanks Danny. I get no 1 on google on specific keyword. Hi,I am reading the blogs from a very long time but after coming to your blog i really enjoyed to know more about SEO tactics. Thanks for providing us this kind of blogs. I will looking forword for more new and interesting blogs. So this article is fantastic. I think the identification of broken links is a cool technique, whether on Wikipedia or some other website. Hey Neil! I would never thought someone would share in so much dept these techniques… Thank you so much!

You just won yourself another reader. Definitely remove them or change them, Lorenzo. Hi Brain, Thanks for sharing these tips. Broken Link Building Opportunities on Wikipedia is a great tip and would try this definitely. Hi brian, Is it good to buy an expired domains with good profile of backlinks and redirecting the whole domain to my blog? Well done Brian. Your work ethics and articulation is always appreciated. My pleasure, Vince. What an amazing post Brian!

I have already gotten a few great ideas from this. Brian, like many others on here your insight is refreshing and simple. Sometimes I feel that I worry only about the main domain and not focus on keyword pages by getting them links from different domains. Any help would be great. Ideally your links should be spread around your site. I definitely learned tons of new things from your post. What I liked most is Dead Links scenario on wikipedia, Flippa thing, Reddit keyword research, and at last, the facebook ad keyword research. Its like facebook is actually being trolled for providing us keywords thinking they are promoting ads.

Glad you learned something new, Deevan. Solid points and killer techniques. Hats off Sir. I just have one doubt and that is about the dead links in Wikipedia. How do I replace the wiki links with related articles in my blog? Particularly like the long copy point — have been trying to point that out to a few people for a while. Thanks GS. It definitely makes a difference!

A lot better points than most that I read. Thank you for a great article! This can be explained with one word. Amazingly easy to follow, and Brian, you have a new subscriber! You are worth it! Hey Brian, these seo techniques given by you are simple awesome. Your are really an seo expert. I like Your way of explanation which is really good. I need these types of update many days, at last got that and end of a hard work.

I think in the next time you post the modern Google keywords ranking. Best Regards……. Love this and your 17 untapped backlink sources! Your Wikipedia Broken Link technique is awesome! Will take me quite a while but I know it will be worth it in the end. Thanks for providing this information on SEO techniques, this is really tough task to understand seo. But this post is really nice. Brian , you are just awesome in all way , bringing incredible resources that work and lead the business.

Brian, thanks a lot for sharing such a detailed and thorough post with us. This is like choosing a road less traveled by. Your information is genuine, well thought out, fun to read and easy to follow. Brilliant, a new inventive way and original. I like read your SEO articles as they are easy to understand, new and applicable.

I found many seo-related articles in other websites, but they tend to repeat what other blogs have described. Awesome techniques you shared with us. Thanks for Sharing. Loved it. Great post. So its always good to read those. What I liked most was the broken link solution. Not only to create a substitute for the broken link but actually going beyond that.

I know some people do this as SEO technique but its actually also useful for the internet as you repair those broken links that others find somewhere else. I like reading all your articles. Been reading those for 3 months now. Hope my website will improve sooner or later. Seriously Brian, this list is gold! That was excellent post Brian… Really appreciate your time spend and the mind to share it across. I will be trying these out. Once again thanks for the detailed step by step narration. I wonder how acute your mind is at finding the ways to get genuine backlinks.

Gifted one! I was worried about off-page optimization because of Google algorithm updates, and it was very difficult to build high quality, spam free backlinks. Replacing the dead links on wikipedia is a good idea. Some of techniques you mentioned in this post might take much time to complete, but I am sure that it will deliver good results!!!

We should be aware of it…..!

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  7. Deepak Behl - Author of Winning is Everything, New Delhi India.

Thanks alot for sharing these techniques. I aim to target good keywords in the beginning of my title tag so they rank well. But then how can I target the keyword in the title tag? Thanks Nikhil. Great stuff. I read, bookmarked and noted all the important things in the post. Wow, really great post.

Clash Royale - How To Win Every Time! Pro Tips and Strategy - Clash Royale Strategy for Beginners

Just wanted to add to the keyword generation through Wikipedia post. You could also take a page from Wikipedia and pop it into Adwords in the Landing Page entry and ask Adwords to generate keyword ideas for you. Really Excellent Brian and very well described by you. I got most of my doubts clear on SEO strategies from your this post and so subscribed you to get more updates. Like it!!! Brian this post is awesome, I could not finish reading it, so will my bookmarks, and of course I subscribe. Thanks Robert. Let me know what you think after you have a chance to go through it all.

Really I love it. Interesting tips to follow and improve for us. Thanks for taking time to write for us. Hello Brian, Awesome post! A very good step-by-step guide especially for a beginner like me. Thank you very much. I have just discovered your website and I just love your out-of-the-box link building tips — thank you!

Great Article! Love the idea about wikipedia, trying to build up quality backlinks is getting increasingly difficult when you are trying to follow google rules so ideas are always a help. Backlinko has been giving some great articles recently — Keep it up! Till today I have not ready any such good quality posts on backlinks. You have killed it. What a brilliant article. Instantly bookmarked! So glad to have found it, you clearly know your stuff! Hi Brian, Hats off to your detailing and intelligence. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the post, very informative and engaging.

I was actually applying them to see the amazing results. Thanks for the post Look forward to many more Best Regards Indranil. Awesome post Brian , I mostly like your delcious and reddit point this will helpful for me sharing my things with others and many people likes and save it. I have learned many good technique through your post. Just discovered this site and already ran through so many of your posts! Each and every one is detailed and clear. Really appreciate all the work, thanks! I love the way of building link on Wikipedia. I am gonna try that!

I will take the time to use them on my websites. I even read the complete article on the subject by Jason your friend. My question is — Is this process worth the effort? As per my information — Delicious has lot of community with interest in technology and mine is a tech guide technofare. It is a great idea to get bookmarks and sharing done from natural linkers but life is also about effort Vs return. Hi Brian — yet another brilliant post! Thanks Rose. Really got most of the information at one place what was I looking for.

Thank you for sharing such valuable information. Brian, you have done great job by sharing this techniques. Since long time there are some routine activities which people are following but, it is time now to do something new and the tacticks you shared will be very useful. Thanks for sharing this with us. This article is a comprehensive guide to all the necessary SEO a company could need. I thought I would be spending a few hours at the very least researching the topic, and the very first article I found contains everything I need to know!

Plus the fact that it is the first one I found means that your strategies work. Thank you for this incredible insight, I will need to take it one slow step at a time and digest the wisdom conveyed. Thanks Dee! Despite SEO practitioners harping on about the importance of original content, so many related articles just rehash the same concepts — this is fresh. Thanks Matthew. Thanks Brian for these useful tips, all traditional link building techniques like forum posting, directory submission etc. Might write a post about that someday…. Hey Brian, I have landed in this blog while visiting via blog land.

I must appreciate your effort to put up such informative content. As being an Internet Marketing Consultant, I would like to add few thought of my own with your valuable content. There are many people who wants HUGE number of traffic with no time at all. After so many algorithm updates of Google, I think if we will do any wrong things with the websites, that should be paid off. So without taking any risk, we need to work ethically so that slowly the website will get the authority and grab the targeting traffic. What do you think mate? I am eagerly looking forward to your reply and love to see more valuable write-ups from your side.

It will be a good read. Right brother? Thanks Brian The list is great, thanks again for this post. The tactics are creative and unique, but the main thing is that you outlining each with step by step instructions, including great visuals, and providing concrete examples on how to implement the linking tactic. This is really helpful for me. I am also SEO Expert, but these tips are very helpful for me.

My new site needs some SEO and a search for backlink techniques brought me to this article. A pleasant surprise! Because your instructions are so detailed you have made these techniques to be easy…. I thank you. Hi, Nice article with screen shots. I was using few techniques already it help to know about the remaining techniques.

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