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When they catch up physically, watch out!

The state of 5G in the US

Focus on behaviors, not outcomes: Early success in sport is often a result of being bigger, faster and stronger — or older according to the relative age effect — and not a great predictor of long-term performance. What is a good predictor of excellence in the teenage years and beyond, however, are great behaviors and habits. Is your athlete coachable? Are they a hard worker? Are they committed? Do they listen? Are they accountable? Coaches and parents must realize, as Mark Bennett said on our podcast , that performance is a behavior, not an outcome.

Our job as parents is to help our young athletes form great habits first, and then eventually outcomes start to take care of themselves. Develop the entire person, not just the athlete: Sports skills become life skills. No matter how good your kids are at sports, even if they are one of the. Sports are a great venue for developing life skills such as working with others, embracing the process, dealing with adversity, and so much more. Be sure that your sporting experience is teaching those things, instead of compromising them to win this weekend.

Inspiring Heather Dorniden Takes a Fall But Still Wins the Race

USA Hockey may be a leader in this category, but other sports are following. US Lacrosse is growing by putting kids first. Clubs, park districts and schools across the country are working with organizations such as the Changing the Game Project , the Positive Coaching Alliance , and Proactive Coaching to create values-based programming that focus on winning the race to the right finish line. Here is one such organization.

I was already a firm believer in the message of Changing the Game Project at that point, so my first order of business was to basically stand up for the benefits we provide to the community…. So what has happened in Appleton since ? First, they defined who they were and what they stood for, by outlining four core values:. Next, Nate and his team relentlessly shared these values, educated coaches and parents, and held people accountable for upholding them. It turns out that this type of programming was exactly what people were looking for. Despite the incredible growth our programs have enjoyed, our on-field conflict and problems are practically non-existent.

Parents, coaches, and staff ALL understand the value system, understand what our collective purpose is on the field each week, and are unified and collaborative in their efforts to provide that experience for our kids each week. Your town, your club, your sport can be the next Appleton, WI. You can be the next USA Hockey. It just takes belief in the science, a long-term vision, a healthy dose of courage to go from good to great, and relentless commitment to serving the needs, values, and priorities of the kids.

How to Win a Race (with Pictures) - wikiHow

It takes a small group of people to stand up and decide to win the race to the right finish line. I hope you will join our movement! We can help. They are keeping the kids in the […]. Changing the Game Project explores the success of the U. Hockey Athlete Development […].

Always looking to maximize driving pleasure, Dunlop offers all types of motorists the performance and durability of the latest tire technologies.

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Newsroom Dunlop - Winning in a race that never ends. Dunlop - Winning in a race that never ends.

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