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  3. Wondering Where The Lions Are, a song by Bruce Cockburn on Spotify
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Its fairly obvious that Bruce is having a reality trip "Sun's up, uuh huh, looks okay The world survives into another day And I'm thinking about eternity Some kind of ecstasy got a hold on me" You could almost call it a mid-age reality trip. This dude sees the big picture, and he is having a hard time wrapping his mind around it, I think when you look at reality too closely it becomes surreal.

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I wouldnt doubt that when he wrote that he was sitting at his beach house, had a reality trip and wrote down what he saw right then. C "Young men marching, helmets shining in the sun Polished and precise like the brain behind the gun Should be " More reality trip, like many other ummm Like many other who want to rid of this thing we call life and live free know that the only place that is truly free I and still feasible is the ocean. I think any freedom seeker out there has wanted to sail around the world at least once : This is my take on this amazing song, I am Canadian and I am going to give this amazing song the respect it deserves.

There was an error. I am not canadian and i guess i respect the song but its definitely about pot Flag riscoo on July 30, General Comment I think Bruce Cockburn has already explained the meaning to this song, although I forgot where I read it. Bruce, and a friend of his, were talking about some hostilities that were going on, at the time, between the USSR and China. His friend said something like: "man, if this keeps up, we'll wake up one day and the world will be gone.

When he woke up, he sort of laughed to himself and thought: "waddahya know, the world is still here. No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment I definitely agree with Chuckbane. It's about being at peace with the world and the wonder of being alive. A beautiful, feel-good song that brings a moment of calm clarity to the storm of life.

On this I totally agree with you. Flag sdz on January 16, General Comment I absolutly love this song. There are some people like me that always look for the bad, even in paradise. General Comment I always thought this song was about a new christian: looking at the world in a new way but still worried about the real world Roman collosseum, feeding them to the lions.

General Comment love this song My Interpretation wonderful song That's ridiculous.

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There's some universal meaning and some specifically Canadian meaning in this song General Comment I think this song is fairly clear. I like the idea of a "reality trip" that chuckbane said. But, one thing Comments add comment. I love it that you play Bruce so much.

Tag: Wondering Where the Lions Are

He always reminds me of my great times in Toronto. Met him one time.

I was the waiter. He ordered something. Or his daughter did. It hardly seems fair! I just love this one. TerryS wrote: A song Paul Simon wishes he could write. Truly great song! Thanks RP! The production on this sounds fantastic - hard to believe it's from Christian mystics can really belt out the tunes! After last night's game, they're in a bad place.

Dang, I've been in the mood for some Bruce lately. He pulled this off quite nicely, even without the additional instrumentation. Gosh I love this song. It always fills me with Detroit is where the Lions are. My homeboy Bruce from Ottawa sure is a mean picker. He was always the best of us all.

Far wrote: State or Federal? Hopefully the lions are hiding from American dentists with guns. Nice to hear this song after so many years.

Wondering Where The Lions Are, a song by Bruce Cockburn on Spotify

Cockburn is a great songwriter. Smiling and dancing my wife is laughing! Click here for the Lions. Cynaera wrote: What a wonderful story, Jeff09 - thank you. Reading it, listening to this song - you're right. A perfect fit. A song Paul Simon wishes he could write. Just just a beautiful song! I just blew a speaker! I'm a huge Cockburn fan. Please digg into his catalogue for more of his great songs.

Wondering Where the Lions Are

I like it. Sounds like a sunny day. Now that's why we love RP. Haven't heard this for years. I'll hear it a lot more now I've bought it! Nice guitar work on this! Can't stand it - PSD. Reminds me of driving with my ex after she'd partied too hard and then insist on driving This is a great song. Light and flippy 'bout eternity and life's lions. Crusin' in ecstasy but just casually thinking about when the pitfall may lie. Not so quite a direct dour fatalistic China Woman approach. First saw this guy in Mariposa in '67, that's just in case Only special place give him the air play he deserves.

Tip my hat again to RP.

Always takes me back. Wore that tape out. Right behind the Woody Creek Tavern. Probably his biggest hit ever.

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Hit 21 on the top in the USA in June The man can play a mean 12 string. Just don't give him a rocket launcher But he does have a cool last name I wonder if this is his largest selling record of all time? This post apparently contained an image that was dragged into the post editor. Sorry, but any text contained in the post after this point has been lost.