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A Guest of the County. Arthur Mitchell. Ann Minx. The Submissive Photographer. The Contract. Sarah Fisher. The Student Librarian. Imogen Linn. The Tenant. My Boyfriend's Father. Taylor's New Chauffeur. A Darker Shade of Gray. Learning the Ropes. The Trophy Wife. Possessing Her. The Blonde Girl. Beth's Rough Flight. The Wrong Side of the Tracks. Kayley's Strong Man. Megan's Desert Heat. The Servant Girl. Tamed by Breeding: Bred and Blackmailed. The Office Girl. Trained by Mister Trask.

In Front of a Camera. The Arrangement. The Sitter. Tabitha Cole. The Prisoner. Her Hard Choice. Working for the Lees. Taylor's Rough Ride. The Penthouse. French Kiss. Solomon King's White Wife String. Erik D. Taylor's Black Heat. Mate to the Beastman. Francis Ashe. Out of Uniform. One Hour. Servile Sluts erotica. Jay Merson. The Debt Slave. Trapped in Fantasy. Enslaved, Parts I-V. Leigh Tierney. Captive, Parts Chosen, Parts Captive, Part II: Kept. Doctor's Orders, Part 2. Doctor's Orders, Part 3. Doctor's Orders. Just One Night. Captive, Part 4: Role Play. Chosen, Part 4. Just One Night, Part 2.

Vielen Dank! Die Rezension muss mindestens 50 Zeichen umfassen. Der Titel sollte mindestens 4 Zeichen umfassen. Ihr Display-Name sollte mindestens 2 Zeichen umfassen. Sie haben diese Rezension erfolgreich gemeldet. Sie haben folgende Bewertung und Rezension eingereicht. Juli, Questions …. Our question …. This week we answer a bunch of Ms and TPE relationship questions from listeners. Small ways you can express Ms in public; service slaves; how often do you turn into Master; feeling like you are hurting your slave in a ….

Leather vs poly family? Queers in town? What is sacred sex? Stingy vs thudy? And Cocktoberfest is right around the corner! Plus the …. We talk with Kayar Silkenvoice about Erotica! And a slave chat, why being around other people is important, jock straps for charity, TransOhio, calling out Graydancer, how we got started in 30 seconds or less, and ….

This week, we ask what the big deal is with these big kink events - should you even go to these? What is the benefit? Why avoid them? We talk …. On this weeks show, we interview Michael and slave angie on pets no, not bestially! We also have a great conversation on the difference between "Leather people" and "Kink people".

Plus - our review of the sexy …. We also talk about Dan's kink in the Question of the Day. We also ask you to play a game have you ever done reverse cowgirl? On this episode, a listener suggested topic, how to find you and your partners kinky side! We also chat with Leigh about an event with ….

On this episode, we break from our normal format and just kind of talk to each other about our recent experience as competitors in the Great Lakes Leather Alliance Master and slave contest. This week, we talk with Pittsburgh based presenters Russ and Cashmere, who own and share about Fuck Machines! We also talk about what to do if you don't like your local scene and what our local scene looks like.

Life of a Slave in Ancient Rome: Part 2 – Lucius'€™ Romans

What …. But before we get there, we talk about our …. This week, a special "flash" format as in, faster with less bells and whistles. We discuss tips for starting a power exchange relationship. This week, slave jem joins us as we talk about the delightful art of eating pussy. Sounds like fun? What to the taoist have to say about it? Any …. The question of the week is about …. A lot of leather on todays show! We also review the toy party, ….

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This week, an interview with International Master and slave, Master Obsidian and slave namaste. But before we get there, we have some responses from …. On this weeks show, we talk about swinging! Also, dawn does a great job what …. This week, we discuss a dominants handbook - what Dan would put in his "How to Dom" guide as well as we hear what Sarah Sloane would put in her Dom ….

On this weeks show, the third in our series of Question and Answer shows. We discuss 'are you born or made kinky' and 'Am I a bad slave because I'm …. On this weeks show, we talk with published author Laurelei about being a priestess of sacred sexuality. We also reveal that we are running in a contest, and share about an upcoming toy party with Sarah Sloane and how ….

On this episode of Erotic Awakening, we talk to Crystal about being a Masochist! Also, Sarah Sloane helps us ride the waves of transcendence by teaching us some breathing techniques. They share a view of creating creativity instead of compromise in a power exchange relationship. Find out more about them at. This week, slave jem joins us to discuss the challenges that younger kinky people face as they enter the lifestyle.

Do we need to catagorize each other? On today's show, Questions and Answers! We discuss various Ms and Ds dynamics, how often dawn and I have sex, where to find formal training, and if …. This week, we speak to Mim Chapman about poly styles in modern relatonships. She talks about the five models of polyamory and more. This week we sit with a number of Ms lifestyle slaves and talk about some of the fantasy vs reality aspects of being a real time slave. We talk about the 'naked slave girl' fantasy many of them shared and ask them if ….

In the last few weeks, we brought you Sacred Kink, then Sex is Fun, so now we add the question of "Is this is a lifestyle? On this weeks show, we talk to Kidder Kaper from the Sex is Fun podcast and discuss how fun sex can be - and how to make it fun. Kidder talks about saying no "I've never enjoyed saying no" and monogamous group sex. On this weeks show, we chat with eclectic artist, spiritual and erotic educator, gender adventurer and published author on human sexuality and spiritual experience, Lee Harrington.

We talk about his new book, Sacred …. You got questions, we got answers! Well, some answers. Listener questions on the best event for a newcomer to go to; when two doms meet, who spanks …. On this episode, we speak to the sex educator Mary Kay on all things related to gender. And we have a new "pussy" on the episode! This week we talk about negotiations. We speak with our friend and show supporter Daphne about how to set up and negotiate that wonderful scene …. This week we talk about walking a path of monogamy in a kinky world.

We speak with our friends John and Beth and talk about the issues that monogamous couples face in kink events, community, and within their …. They share their thougths and explorations with us about "a spiritual force and form that allows you to connect to others" and a set of practical …. Part 2 of talks about what kind of growth a submissive or slave has in store for him or her as they travel the path of submission. This week, part 1 of talks about what kind of growth a submissive or slave has in store for him or her as they travel the path of submission.

We chat with Catherine Gross, who runs a variety of seminars such as Servants …. A quick show this week. As we are midway through moving to a new studio, we whipped out a quickie and are bringing you a replay of an interview with …. On today's show, we talk with Kw Geek about being kinky and geeky! We cover everything from bondage fairies to role play.

We also talk to Sir Barak …. She also shares some great information about groups in Chicago and some fun thoughts on …. Can it be part of your spiritual journey? Can sex and BDSM be a spiritual path? We also talk about what to wear - from socks and undies to a …. On today's show, we try a different format with rapid-fire question and answers on master and slave topics.

Plus, we announce the winner of our Twitter contest! We also talk about the group Recovery In The Lifestyle and share about some …. This week, we have a replay of the Ms Protocol presentation that dawn and I did in central Ohio a few weeks ago. We also have our first 'squee! On this weeks show, we explore sweet words of love and naughty talk in passion. We also chat with award winning author Anneke Jacob and talk about the wildest time in the past two thousand years. We also chat about mixing erotics in general.

We share about some upcoming events and say …. This week on Erotic Awakening, we discuss when and where we draw the line. Also, we have sex blogger Judy in studio to discuss her erotic path. On this weeks show, we bring in Anya, an exhibitionist. First she talks to us about being an exhibitionist, then she does it. Live in our studio. We also review the blog Under His Hand, and Dan shares his views of what …. This week we continue our talk with Bob and Elizabeth, real time Goreans. They talk about the difference between real time and online Gor and sex with Gorean slaves. This week we have talk to Bob and Elizabeth, real time Goreans.

They talk about the difference between Ms and Goreans, free companions, the Order of Nature. Are men better than women? Can you love property? Then we …. A packed show this week! This week, we talk about our experience at the Great Lakes Leather Alliance event.

We talk about what we expected, what we found, titles, and community pride. We also review the spanking blog Spanking Bethie and …. We also review a sex blog from Denmark and ponder a whiny noise. On this weeks show, we interview Mistress Simone, a professional dominatrix of 17 years from Chicago, IL. She talks about how she was mentored, her interview process, and more. Is that spanking in the background? We also …. On this weeks show, we talk to the members of Castle Griffin, a Ms based polyamorous educational service household.

We also hear about the upcoming …. Dan and dawn discuss the art of erotic spanking. If you are interested in using it as a style of foreplay or as an act within itself, join us as we discuss some of the ways to get started, how to approach your lover, …. Founder of the Temple of the Red Lotus, Inara is a Qadishtu priestess who believes in the sacredness of sex and pleasure. On this weeks show, we talk about the different kinds of events coming up, as well as an interview with "amber the rope slut". EA - BlowjobsOn this episdoe, Dan and dawn share thoughts and feedback on blowjobs.

A fun show on a fun topic! Dan and dawn talk about some basics in getting started in a total power exchange relationship TPE. They also share a pair of personal …. In this episode, Dan and dawn discuss if you should find a mentor to assist you along your path of Erotic Awakening. Be it a path of sacred …. In part two of our conversation with Lee, we get to know him better, as our talk ranges from questing for our dreams, the alchemy of Ms, and Lee Harrington on Lee Harrington.

Lee is an eclectic artist, spiritual and …. In episode 11, comments about Beat Me In St. Is that a cat in the background? Is the dog trying to start her …. She is a lot of fun to listen to and was a joy to interact with. And lots of great info for both new people to the scene, …. Dan shares some information about the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, and why supporting them is important. Dan and dawn interview the event coordinator of Grale, Sam, who sets up education and presenters for a local alternative lifestyle group. Join a half dozen people who are in active poly relationships as we chat about polyamory.

We chat about the issues we currently face, favorite …. Start listening. And the question of the day is about different terms you can use other than Master and slave. More Episodes. How to get it, and how to avoid it. This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast …. EA - SIngle in the scene, why write, and giving away male chastity April 30th, EA - bringing sexy back with Xanet Pailet March 12th, This week on the Erotic Awakening …. EA - Kinky parents and 10 years of podcasting February 24th, EA - dawn's naughty list, ascending to primary, and octobutt January 23rd, EA - d20Domme and polyandry, Master with no job, and unnecessary porn quotes January 10th, December 18th, December 4th, Oh yea we got tags!

Click below to …. EA - slave lyon, meta meta, and long bike rides August 28th, Plus, Dan and dawn talk about how you can be a good meta coming into a new relationship. Click below to subscribe. Plus, our question of the day is about how different …. PLUS …. EA - Polyamory unbalance and Master becomes slave May 21st, Don't miss an …. And being an exhibitionist as a top! Plus …. PLUS a question of the day about having pride in your slave! Plus in-studio guest!

Oh, yea …. PLUS they …. EA - s types and brutally hard polyamory December 1st, And they talk with Page Turner about …. And they do something new - check them out on …. EA - Butt stuff, sexy in bed, consent November 15th, PLUS dawn tries a new toy and gets a new result!

Sexual slavery

Plus lot …. PLUS they go through a six pound box of sex toys! Plus Pittsburgh is awesome and Dan wavers about things going in his …. Plus, they talk about how to build a good foundation for sharing your partner with someone else. PLUS they talk …. PLUS the question of …. PLUS what title should my dom have? Plus Engorged …. PLUS they answer a question …. PLUS they talk about velcro collars - and how to avoid …. PLUS they review passion - what would they …. Plus our question of the day ask how do you tell a partner you are kinky?

PLUS an international …. PLUS lots …. PLUS they discuss when it is appropriate to fear your master - if ever. PLUS they talk about …. PLUS they talk about how to avoid offending kinksters. PlUS the big spanking intensive! Oh yea we …. They do some erotic reading from the book Quickies - Penthouse Variations …. EA - Mixing power exchange and polyamory January 9th, PLUS they talk about what we are afraid of …. Surgery Pt 2; going to your first munch; more sex questions! PLUS they talk about how do ….

PLUS they explore the importance of kinky play in a relationship. PlUS sex questions, bad nicknames, ….

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PLUS dawn describes how she self pleasures! Both alone and in front of an audience! PlUS cake of …. PLUS Dealing with jealousy for …. PLUS other PLUS the big poly weekend, with a class by Dan …. Plus, we answer a question of the day about 'taking things …. PLUS we share 5 pieces of advise for new people! Plus we handle a question of the day about sensual domination and sensual …. Plus a question of the day on contracts. PLUS mobile studio; live tentacles; and ….

Oh yea we got tags fearlesssubmissive naughty tentacles Don't miss an episode! Click …. Plus we Click here to subscribe via iTunes or here for any other method Part of the Erotic Awakening …. Does that actually mean something? Plus, they talk about their naughty list, but have to stop. PLUS tentacle …. EA - Might I borrow your slave please? December 22nd, Oh yea we got tags sexy …. PLUS we kick …. Oh yea we got tags genx tng Don't miss an episode! EA - Toppy young slaves with a Masters heart August 25th, They talk about bottoms that top their doms; age and responsibility, and gratitude for helping find our path PLUS antique ….

But they spend …. Oh yea we got tags bdsm kink spanking Don't miss an episode! This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast , we talk about rough body play! EA - Subs mentoring tops and big mashup July 14th, AND a lost …. Plus, we welcome Emily Matlack, Jase Lindgren, and …. Plus, we explore why kinksters are …. Click here to subscribe via iTunes or here for any other method Part of the Erotic Awakening Podcast ….

Plus, a great question of the day about erotic pain - and why subs like it PLUS …. Plus, your last …. Plus the dead truck, boobs on cupcakes, and more! Plus they tackle the tips and tricks for dealing with raising a family when …. PLUS our …. PLUS we are featured in a magazine; …. Plus a question of the day on BDSM …. Plus dawn asks Dan 3 random questions, on sacred sex, …. Plus the question of the …. PLUS they talk about when to mix …. EA - What is needed to Dominate me September 30th, You can also watch this interview as well via our YouTube channel Plus, our question of the day talks ….

Plus, our …. PLUS the question of the day talks …. Plus, dawn springs a question on Dan about who is responsible for the lack of communication in …. Plus, our question of the day is dating non-BDSM …. Plus, our question of the …. Plus, our question of the day is about how to have a power exchange relationship and keep the ….

And the question of the day is in regards to the responsibilities of a slave. What happens when …. Plus they tell you about some great events coming up! Plus dawn springs a question …. Plus, we have a great question of …. Plus, we welcome a new …. Plus, dawn gets the crud, and Dan gets lost. Plus, our question of the day turns into a 3 minute eyes closed …. PLUS we have ….

And our Question of the Day is about how to deal …. And our …. Where to vacation? And lots more! Yes, it's new microphone testing time. This week, we answer these Kinky Questions for Newer people - 1.

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My Partner and I filled out our Kink Lists, and they are …. Plus, our question of the day addressed if subs …. July 29th, Our question of the day addresses how to take …. We return to a question of the day on males that …. Listen in as we get behind the mics to tackle all sorts of fun and kinky topics, like: …. And our question of the day asks dawn what is her secret to giving a ….

Enslaved, Part II: Pleasing Master & Mistress

Plus, dawn gets all judgmental, and is everyone in the hospital? Special …. EA - Lupercalia and Transformations February 21st, A bat report, cards in the …. EA - How to be a get started as a new Master January 31st, Plus, looking for some sexting; dawn is still announcing …. Plus, a great question of the day about playing …. Plus - not much else, we get …. EA - Working with past trauma in a non-standard relationship November 29th, Plus, our question of the day is related to lower cases for slaves; we get more tentacle ….

EA - BSing in floor to knee boots September 3rd, Get …. EA - Ways to make your slave feel owned pt 2 August 16th, This time around, we talk about …. Plus, we give things away, like t-shirts. Our question of the day is in regards to tracking your slave via …. EA - BS'ing is arousal is arousal August 6th, EA - Ways to make your slave feel owned pt 1 July 27th, Our question of the day ….

Do I really need to ask a Dom for permission to play with there …. EA - BSing in front of a live studio audience June 5th, EA - BSing with a strange and sour face April 2nd, Plus, Twisted Tryst; is Fetlife more harm than good? Feel free to friend dawn - …. Plus, a brand new Erotic Awakening Live experience is coming your way! Invisible boobies? And …. Plus, Barak …. Plus, an interview with the amazing Jack Rinella, where they …. Plus, Southwest Leather, …. EA - BSing with frickin soccer moms December 5th, Do your vanilla friends know?

What music do you recommend for scening or rope or How do I say goodbye before it gets too heavy? Am I a SAM or a brat? Is that a good or bad …. EA - Topping as a spiritual practice October 27th, Welcome our newest host, Sir Top and slave bonnie! Plus, a …. This week, they answer questions on: where to get interesting and fun things to wear to fetish and …. On this episode, Barak and Sheba sit around with a circle of kinky friends and take a last pause before Cope! They answer a question about going to an event for the first time; thoughts about getting started and how ….

Plus, George goes camping! Betty Martin, sacred intimate and sex coach! Amanda Torrey, Qadishtu and host of Deviant Mind! Plus, the Big Purple Tentacle now has a name EA - Ms reality and Erotic poetry 2 August 12th, EA - Ms reality and Erotic poetry 2 Two shows in one! Plus, …. EA - Tentacle Review Did the purple tentacle take over the show? Dan and dawn do a review of the Bad Dragon tentacle dild Dan and dawn return from a series of road trips and have lots to say.

They range in topic from how to say …. And thank you to dawn for setting this up, I laughed and laughed. Love you, Dan. Dan and dawn share their thoughts, experience, and examples with Sex Magick! We talk about sex for the sake of magick, and …. Plus, they …. EA - Polite doms card game rubber mash June 27th, Crazy episode today, will all kinds of stuff all over the place! First, in studio guest Master Eric and his slave amber the rope slut, plus Mistress Sheri, helps us with the Question of the Day, which is 'what do you …. On this weeks show, Lee Harrington shares about rope!