Guide NLP: Principles in Practice

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  1. Understanding Nlp: Principles and Practice - AbeBooks - Peter Young:
  2. Bestselling Series
  3. What is NLP and what is it used for?

Here is the definition of it:. Simply put, NLP is the view in psychotherapy that describes the way people interpret their own experiences.

Understanding Nlp: Principles and Practice - AbeBooks - Peter Young:

It bases on the hypothesis that, if people are aware of these processes, they can also improve them. NLP teaches us how to communicate effectively with others and with ourselves, to achieve our goals and stay motivates, to recognize our strengths and weaknesses and use it in our favor. Shortly, NLP is a self-improvement oriented approach in psychotherapy.

She made a fantastic work here, covering the basics of NLP to help you understand it completely.

Bestselling Series

Also, she introduces different NLP tools and techniques that you can use for self-improvement. Publisher: Advantage Quest. Category: Self-Help.

NLP Techniques: How to quickly learn any skill (4 simple steps for accelerated learning)

Available in: Malaysia , Singapore. Lisa Wake offers an evidence based approach and as a result the reader gets a true sense of how to apply this in a range of contexts.

What is NLP and what is it used for?

A great book to have in your development toolkit! This book is a testimony to her practical, common sense application of NLP to enable excellence.

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A must read for those of you wanting a credible insight in how to give yourselves, your talent and your business an edge. This much needed book takes the reader back to the origins of NLP, then on a journey to its application in practice and outlines how NLP may be developed in the future.