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A rather eerie read.

Portrait of Jennie (1948)

I prefer the cinematic version, one of my favorite s films, and one that is more deserving of attention. Never seen this, but it has an interesting story premise. Jennifer Jones always seemed to take edgy, out of the ordinary roles. I think it was her niche. Not many films then were made on location, but this one seems to have many authentic New York backdrops.

It even looks like they were able to film at least some of the convent scene at The Cloisters, part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, on the Hudson River. This last time around, I enjoyed its views on art Thank you for posting this! My father actually named me "Jennifer" after this film. He always called me Jenny. A captivating film in no small part due to Jennifer Jones otherworldly performance.

One cannot help but fall for her just as Eben Cotten does. A haunting fantasy of great charm. A classic film with a great cast, excellent cinematography and script. I would give it five stars without hesitation. Lovely post on a truly haunting film. It is a love story, but it is a love story that intersects with an exploration of what drives an artist. Of course the obvious answer is: love. Portrait of Jennie takes the notion of the muse and treats it both metaphorically and literally. In the form of the always-reliable Joseph Cotton, Portrait Of Jennie follows struggling artist Eben Adams as he seeks inspiration and an audience for his landscape paintings.

Everyone agrees he is good, but not great. While walking through a wintry Central Park the entire movie is gloriously shot on locations in and around New York he chances upon a girl.

Cinema, music, opera, books, television, theater

They strike up a conversation, but Eben quickly realizes this is no ordinary girl. She tells him they will be together always. He laughs because she is just a child. She sings a song to him and when he turns his back for a moment she is gone.

She has left childhood and is a teenager now. Again their meeting is short and mysterious, but she insists he must wait for her to grow up so they can be together forever. This continues to happen: each meeting finding Jennie actress Jennifer Jones at her sweetest and most lovely at a different milestone; graduating high school, college, etc.

Jennie is the perfect muse; mysterious, inspiring and just out of reach, and Eben finds that his paintings are starting to find an audience. He is becoming a famous artist, and he begins working on his masterpiece: you guessed it, a Portrait Of Jennie. Ed Gonzalez. Directed by William Dieterle, the film has a wistful, dreamy quality which may be why Bunuel was drawn to it and even its overabundance of music doesn't spoil this mood. Jeffrey M.

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Super Reviewer. Share on Facebook. View All Photos. Movie Info In this film, Joseph Cotten plays an artist who meets an intriguing schoolgirl named Jennie. Over the next few months Cotten meets Jennie again and again, eventually uncovering evidence that he has been conversing and falling in love with the ghost of a girl who died years earlier. William Dieterle. Nov 28, Selznick International.

Joseph Cotten as Eben Adams. Jennifer Jones as Jennie Appleton.

Ethel Barrymore as Miss Spinney. Cecil Kellaway as Matthews. David Wayne as Gus O'Toole. Albert Sharpe as Mr. Florence Bates as Mrs.


Jekes the Landlady. Lillian Gish as Mother Mary of Mercy. Henry Hull as Eke. Esther Somers as Mrs. Maude Simmons as Clara Morgan. Felix Bressart as Doorman. John Farrell as Policeman.