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However, candidates who have not been prepared for Common Entrance will be asked to sit the School's own entrance examinations English and Maths. If your daughter's school is unable to prepare her for Common Entrance, please contact Registry for sample papers. The Formal Acceptance of a Place completes a legally binding agreement and a Security Deposit is required.

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We recommend registration at least four years in advance. We will be making Formal Offers of an unconditional place at this stage. Offers are made on the results of competitive examinations, an interview and satisfactory school report. For Sixth Form entry, you should follow the standard registration procedures, as above. The assessment for Sixth Form entry for entry takes place in November We ask candidates to choose two academic subjects in which they would like to sit the exams — usually two that they plan to study for A Level. At Benenden Sixth Form entry is highly competitive, so candidates should choose their strongest subjects.

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Candidates need to be registered with the School by 1 September. We then will be in touch to make the assessment arrangements. Candidates can come to Benenden to sit their Entrance papers on Friday 15 November We will ask parents to make these arrangements and we will supply the exam papers to the testing centre. Candidates will sit entrance exams in English and Maths. Examples of past papers can be found on our website.

Candidates need to be registered with the school by 1 September. We will ask you to make these arrangements and we will supply the exam papers.

Private Papers

Deadline for applications to be received for entry in to the Sixth Form and Fifth Form Year 10 is 1 September in the preceding year of entry. Iran claims it was in Iranian airspace. Trump supporters countered that the president had shown Iran a final gesture of patience—and cleared the way for a stronger retaliation should Iran foolishly interpret his one-time forbearance as weakness to be exploited rather than as magnanimity to be reciprocated.

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In contrast, our differences define who we are, and are not incidental to the content of our characters. The salad bowl, not the melting pot, is the new national creed. America is to be a conglomeration of competing tribal parties in the fashion of the Balkans, Rwanda, or contemporary Iraq. How does the relative victimhood work politically? Like good cowboys, they ride herd, directing the squabbling and snorting flock in the right direction without losing too many strays on the way to the election booth.

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Is Mayor Pete Buttigieg, recently confronted as an unwoke white guy by Black Lives Matter activists, a white male elite, or an oppressed gay male victim who feels the Christian faithful, like his former working associate Mike Pence, supposedly oppress him to the degree he cannot ever be slurred as an oppressor of others who are nonwhite, not affluent, and non-male? In this world of collective woke stereotypes, are inner-city blacks and Catholic Hispanics victims of white males like Buttigieg, or disproportionately insensitive victimizers of such gays as Buttigieg?

The United States then ramped up sanctions on the Iranian theocracy to try to ensure that it stopped nuclear enrichment. The Trump administration also hoped a strapped Iran would become less capable of funding terrorist operations in the Middle East and beyond, proxy wars in the Persian Gulf, and the opportune harassment of ships transiting the Strait of Hormuz.

The sanctions are clearly destroying an already weak Iranian economy.

Angry Reader | Victor Davis Hanson Private Papers

Iran is now suffering from negative economic growth, massive unemployment and record inflation. A desperate Iranian government is using surrogates to send missiles into Saudi Arabia while its forces attack ships in the Gulf of Oman. President Trump and Secretary Pompeo have worked the U. And while progressive critics of Beijing now are coming out of the woodwork without ever uttering the T-word, nonetheless the subtext is that Trump has pulled back the Chinese curtain and what is exposed is pretty ugly — from reeducation camps and mass incarcerations to cheating Silicon Valley out of billions of dollars in research and development, currency manipulations, bullying allies, and international commercial roguery.

More to the point, the U. In all these areas, there are vast asymmetrical relations. It simply denotes poor failed states all over the globe of all races and religions. Third World symptomologies are predictably corrupt government, unequal or nonexistent applicability of the law, two rather than three classes, and the return of medieval diseases.

Third World nations suffer from high taxes and poor social services, premodern infrastructure and utilities, poor transportation, tribalism, gangs, and lack of security. Another chief characteristic of a Third World society is the official denial of all of the above, and a vindictive, almost hysterical state response to anyone who points out those obvious tragedies. Another is massive out-migration. Residents prefer almost any country other than their own. Donald Trump is many things. But one thing he is not is a defender of the status quo and accepted progressive convention.

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Since , everything has been in flux. Lots of past conventional assumptions of the Obama-Clinton-Romney-Bush generation were as unquestioned as they were suspect. No longer. Everyone knew the Iran deal was a way for the mullahs to buy time and hoard their oil profits, to purchase or steal nuclear technology, to feign moderation, and to trade some hostages for millions in terrorist-seeding cash, and then in a few years spring an announcement that it had the bomb.

Iran is furious, but in a far weaker—and eroding—strategic position with no serious means of escaping devastating sanctions, general impoverishment, and social unrest. So a desperate Tehran knows that it must make some show of defiance. Yet it accepts that if it were to launch a missile at a U. Email Address. Learn More Listen to this episode now. Victor Davis Hanson chronicles the factors that have led to the decline of American higher education and considers the prospects for recovery.

Victor Davis Hanson looks at the current debate over immigration and the border wall, arguing that illegal immigration from Latin America actually subverts the goal of a more diverse country.

Read the latest issue here. Listen to the episode here. Listen to the full interview here.

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