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Now please excuse me while I rummage through my old copies. F and B: Seems fair enough. The same legal reasoning that says trump cannot block people who disagree with him should certainly apply to other politicians as well. Entertainment Home. Follow Us. Dan Selcke. Fansided February 28, Old copies of Harry Potter novels may have sentimental value for the owners, but they could also be worth a mint.

Find out how to tell. The only problem is how do you compete with a ghost?

Chasing the Moon

I am so happy that we got to know the hard nose lawyer and all her layers. Oct 11, Paige rated it really liked it Shelves: emotion-overload , erotic , part-of-a-series , romance. I loved Crazy Good where we were introduced to Morgana and her husband Stone as well as her good friend Steve. Crazy Good was heartbreaking and heartbreakingly beautiful and Set it Stone was much the same. At the end of Crazy Good, we glimpse of what life is like years down the road for Steve and Morgana after Stone dies.

While I think Set in Stone could be read by itself, I would highly suggest reading Crazy Good because so much background is set in place which is only glossed over in this book I loved Crazy Good where we were introduced to Morgana and her husband Stone as well as her good friend Steve. While I think Set in Stone could be read by itself, I would highly suggest reading Crazy Good because so much background is set in place which is only glossed over in this book. Also Crazy Good was crazy good and you should read it just because.

Morgana has spent the last few years dealing with her grief after losing her Navy Seal husband on a mission. Now trying to get her life back on track, she's decided to try dating. Having been friends with Steve since she was a child, she has relied on him heavily in the years since Stone died. He's her best friend and she relies on him heavily for everything from fixing up her house to taking her to dinner when she's lonely.

When she starts dating a guy she met online, it became obvious that she's not really into it, since she's really into Steve but doesn't know what to do about it. Steve has been in love with Morgana since he befriended her when she was He's always hoped that they would be more than friends but as the years wore on, he didn't want to lose her friendship if their relationship didn't work out. So instead he became her best friend. Finally deciding to make his move, Steve is going to ask Morgana out but his new teammate, Stone, beats him to it.

So for the next few years, Steve sleeps his way through the available population while Morgana marries Stone. But after Stone's death, Steve thinks it's finally his turn. When these two finally admit their feelings, it was kind of bittersweet. I so wanted Morgana to be able to move and and love Steve the way he deserved it, but I did so much love Stone too. Watching Morgana hurt was hard to read but at times, I was really frustrated with her as well.

She would give an inch and then take it away. I felt so horrible for Steve and just wanted to hug the poor guy. He deserved so much more than she gave him. Eventually things evened out and since I've never lost someone so close to me, it's hard to judge Morgana too harshly. I'm just so glad these two got their HEA. Dec 31, Michal Inbar rated it it was ok. Few things bothered me but first thing first. Stone died a long time ago in a military activity. Morganna was left behind with all of his SEAL friends who took care of her.

Among them is Steven Warner her alpha BF who's is in love with her for ages even before she met his friend Stone and married him. Truly and honestly I can't stand the name Steven. I can't recall any Steven in any book I've read who was a goof. No, this name i Few things bothered me but first thing first. No, this name is a nerd name, an ex husband name. An anti hero name.

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We didn't realy had to read about her sex with her late husband when we currently engaging in her new love story didn't we? The goofiness of the hero was immature and resemble to the behavior of a fourteen years old kid not a SEAL alpha man. Who got on my nerves by the way.. This hero thing with the three girlfriends is ridiculous and pointed to a man I would never trust. I'm out. View 2 comments. Dec 12, Vee Paige added it. So, I'm not sure how to rate this book. It was an engaging read, but there was a major incident that didn't sit well for me. I had no problem with Steven having his arrangements while he was not yet "with" Morgana.

I was rubbing my hands in anticipation when he would finally realize he needed to step up and pursue the hard-ass Morgana in earnest. The things Steven did, I expected from a manwhore of his calibre except one thing and that was a result of that incident which I will put in spoiler. It was Morgana I was underwhelmed with. Maybe that was the purpose of the book, show her softening, but I wanted her to be larger than life as she was in Crazy Good.

I did like when they finally connected. Oh, I also did like when I found out more about their history and friendship. There was a slight drag in the middle of the book. Okay, what didn't work for me and I think others might be okay with it. Just no. I cannot comprehend her doing such a thing given what happened with Stone.

She's supposed to be this woman with nerves of steel.

See a Problem?

She whipped Maverick out of his funk and she was the one who lost her husband. If this is a part of softening, I don't think I want that. To a lesser annoyance, Steven called two of his booty calls the moment he finished his deployment because he needed to get laid. Good thing they were pissed at him. The whole thing with Morgana asking forgiveness, I think the whole setup was immature and not what I was expecting from her character. I understand she needed to do a grand gesture so maybe this will be okay for some, just not me.

Okay, another thing that threw me out of the story was the numerous flashbacks with Stone. I was okay with the first few, but to have a sex scene with Stone, right after a sex scene with Steve, was just jarring. And the epilogue, oh my. View all 4 comments. Mar 26, Natalie M rated it really liked it Shelves: alpha-male , books-in-a-series , favorite-author , friends-to-lovers , must-read-next-in-series , strong-heroine , anxiously-awaiting , possessive-protective-hero , all-time-favorite , talk-dirty-to-me. I read Crazy Good quite some time ago, but I absolutely loved it.

I remembered Morgana and Steve from that book but their story kind of fell off my radar. Last week I read the synopsis for the third book and knew I had to read it, but I wanted to read book number two first. I honestly didn't expect to love this story because it obviously deals with a tough subject, but OMG did it suck me in!! I wholeheartedly love Steven Warner! I couldn't wrap my head around how their story would wo 4. I mean all of these characters are strong, alpha, crazy in your face protectors.

Morgana had such a sad situation that she was dealt and even though she made some wacky decisions, I completely understood why did made them. I would have done the same had I been in her situation. All the while, Steve was her rock and while I read their story, my mind kept wandering back to Stone That is, up until the very last few pages. I was happy for Steve and Morgana's ending, but I truly and honestly "got it" during those last pages.

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This book, although rather angsty and emotional was also incredibly sexy. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to read Cody and Lainey's book. I actually can't wait and I intend to drop everything to read it!! Aug 03, Nasreen rated it it was amazing. Waited so long for this book and the wait was definately worth it!

The story was told in a really captivating way. Really loved Morganna ans Steven and how they came together. Need more from this author asap! Morganna Steven. Mar 20, Michelle Finkle rated it liked it. This book was okay. I had a hard time feeling their connection. The story had merit, but wasn't executed well. There were typos and a change in point of view mid paragraph that was very unfortunate. Sometimes readers demand an author give them more or another book about secondary characters. This booked seemed to be created to please readers rather than written because the author had the story and characters dying to get out of her brain.

I didn't feel any heart. Apr 18, Catherine rated it it was ok. First, the story itself was fine. It simply left me cold, it was so dry. While I could say it was well written, and I'm sure others will, it never made me care for either character or their romance. I've read many less technically correct books, that made me experience the passion or the heartbreak the characters felt.

This book failed on that level. Jul 21, Al Del rated it it was amazing. Oh God, I cannot wait to read this book, it's going to break my heart, I just know it!!! Laugh through the grief. Thrive in the throes of emptiness. It touched deep Too deep and I was an emotional wreck after finishing it.

I read it with a heavy heart but the end, the end broke my heart completely and opened the gate for my tears to roll down. It's not easy to choose life and to be happy after you lose someone so close to you. The easy way to deal with it is to let the black hole of sadness swallow "Smile through the pain. The easy way to deal with it is to let the black hole of sadness swallow you in and never get out.

If you read Crazy Good, you know what happened to him. Set is Stone takes place a few years after that horrible day. Morganna learns how to live her life without Stone. She has her career as a successful lawyer. She has all the amazing SEAL team by her side and she has Steven - her best friend since ever, Stone's teammate and the one who secretly in love with her since they were kids.

Oh, Steven A manwhore with a capital M! He is so hot, so messed up, so not relationship material, but with everything's Morganna related - he decides that it is time to change. They both struggle to manage their feelings to one another. Steven feels like he competing with a ghost while Morganna is torn between the one she lost and the one that is right in front of her.

Her struggle was my struggle.

Set in Stone (Crazy Good, #2) by Rachel Robinson

With every page that I read, her pain, Steven's pain had cut me open. I was torn just like them. I wanted to hug Stone's memory and never let go but at the same time wanted Morganna to find her happiness. Like I said, this story touched me deep and Rachel knows why Just read it you guys! Start with Crazy Good, continue with Set in Stone and if that won't make you fall in love with Rachel's writing - the 3rd book Time and Space will do it for sure!

Thank you, Rachel, for your words, for touching me so deep and for all the money that you made me spend on batteries If you're lucky, the spark will turn into a flame and that fire will burn for long as long as you allow it. Mar 29, Natasha rated it it was amazing. Feb 12, Margie rated it really liked it. I liked this one, didn't love it. I think it was because there were too many chapters going back into the past with Morganna and Stone. I liked them together in 'Crazy Good' but now that it wasn't about them together anymore, I didn't care to read about them. Especially the sex scenes.

I wanted more of Steve and Morganna together as a couple. When they were together, it was really good. Morganna was really indecisive at times, which was a bit annoying, but under the circumstances I 3. Morganna was really indecisive at times, which was a bit annoying, but under the circumstances I understood. I really liked Steve. He was a goofball at times but serious when he needed to be. I'll definitely be reading more in this series when the next book comes out because I really like the setting of all the friends and the Navy background too.

Sep 28, April rated it really liked it. Loved this follow up to Crazy Good. This book can be read as a stand alone or follow up to Crazy Good. Morganna is trying to move on from the death of her husband and Steven is looking to make a long time love a reality. I loved how these two came together. Set in Stone is not about replacing a love, but finding that life does go on. I enjoyed the fact this book shared some of Morganna story with her late husband as well as the love for Steven.

This book is touching, sexy, humorous, and even has Loved this follow up to Crazy Good. This book is touching, sexy, humorous, and even has some suspense. Sealed Angst, humor, tears and sexy story. There is more to Steven and Morg that we didn't know in CG. Im trying to write somewhat of a review but I can't bc im crying so much.

I can only imagine how her heart was split into half. May 09, Laura Johnson rated it it was amazing Shelves: alpha-navy-seal-with-trust-issues , second-chance-in-love , widowed , best-friends-becoming-lovers , dual-pov , strong-heroine , triad-romance , best-read-heartfelt , the-bad-boy , falling-for-my-best-friend.

Well worth the read. Highly recommend. I miss him every second he's not here, but life doesn't stop. Tragedy does not halt the future. It propels you into it with a brand new outlook. You suck it up. You smile. You go on. If you haven't read it, that's just as well, as Morgana and Steven, mention what ha There is something all too vague about second chances.

If you haven't read it, that's just as well, as Morgana and Steven, mention what happens anyway, just in less detail as to the specifics, but in more emotional detail because its told by Morganna. Morganna is the wife of Stone, Stone who died on his last mission saving his best friend's life, but losing his own. The book starts years after, with Steven and Morganna being friends, but her loss is still just as prominent. Steven is a close friend of hers and I just love their dynamics.

He just has one secret, he has been in love with her for years. Way before Stone set his eyes on her, but that's fine, he was happy for his friend, but now I yearn for Morganna. For her truths. For her lies. For all of her. I really liked their story, love can take you so far Their love story is something else, and competing against a dead man is no easy feat. Retrieved June 8, Retrieved May 1, The audience laughed at him". The Washington Post. Retrieved June 14, Archived from the original on August 17, Retrieved June 5, January 17, Humanism and Its Aspirations.

American Humanist Association. Archived from the original on October 5, Retrieved October 6, CNN News. May 28, Archived from the original on August 13, Retrieved October 9, USA Today. August 11, The Independent. November 21, September 6, The Times. September 18, Foreign Policy. NBC Chicago. Washington Post. Retrieved October 10, Stone openly admires the FARC Oliver Stone, Peter Kuznick April 25, Entertainment Weekly Inc. Retrieved February 26, AOL Inc. Rock Cellar Magazine. January Huffington Post. Archived from the original on April 15, Retrieved May 29, Retrieved September 14, Yahoo News.

September 22, The Jerusalem Post. American Jewish Committee. Archived from the original on July 29, Retrieved July 26, The Wall Street Journal. July 26, Just Foreign Policy. June 22, The New York Times. August 20, The Guardian. Com June 20, Retrieved on Bloomberg View. The Moscow Times. International Business Times. Ron Paul institute. Skyhorse Publishing. Retrieved February 17, The JFK Assassination. Simon and Schuster. Fletcher April Skyhorse Publishing Inc.

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