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If the above protocol does not fully resolve symptoms you can try giving an additional individualized homeopathic remedy.

Examine the descriptions of the homeopathic medicines below and choose the remedy that closely matches your baby's symptoms. You can give remedy alongside the tissue salts for days and if you observe an improvement continue. If there is no improvement select the next closest medicine and try again. To administer homeopathic pills to babies crush one pill and add to a small about of sterile water and mix.

Alternatively you can order the remedy in a form more suitable for young children i. Regurgitation as soon as swallowed or within half hour of. Vomiting of large curds. Worse at am, evening. Colic, followed my posseting. Vomiting can be sudden and violent. Vomiting of frothy matter white or yellow fluid. Bryonia 30 suits babies who vomit immediately after feeding. Aversion to milk but relishes it when taken. Worse for warm drinks. Stomach sensitive to touch.

Acute attacks of pain worse for the slightest motion accompanied by great thirst especially for cool water. Drinks eagerly and hastily. Baby will draw legs up and burp. Lips dry, cracked, dryness of mouth. The tongue may be coated heavily white, yellowish, with gastric disorders. Chamomilla 30c is for the baby who is angry, irritable, restless and very sensitive to pain.

Healthy By Nature - Digestive Wellness Education

Wants to be held. Cramps with vomiting. Flatulent colic worse at night. Wants things but then refuses. Child cries and must be carried to be consoled. Worse when teething.

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Colocynthis 30c suits babies who writhe, twist and pull their knees up with the intense pain. Screams with pain. Angry cry. Pains violent, cutting, gripping, grasping, colicky come in waves and are better for doubling up, firm pressure e. Vomiting of bitter water. Worse evening and night. Ignatia 30c should be considered if there has been a disappointment,.

This can be during pregnancy or since birth. In some cases it can be better if mum takes the remedy.

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Vomiting of mucus. Periodical cramps worse for slightest contact. Belchings rising into pharynx. Vomits food, bile after eating or drinking. Suits babies who are worse from tight clothes and around pm, have gurgling, bloating and wind.

10 Signs You Have a Leaky Gut—and How to Heal It

Worse for milk. Course 1 — Digestive Issues. Huge sections in drug stores feature medicines for digestive trouble. Those drugs often relieve GI symptoms , but they are not cures and might even make matters worse over time. In this course, you will learn:.

Do you know if toxins in your cells are silently taking a toll on your health, happiness and longevity? This is just a sampling of associated conditions:. A Certified Clinical Nutritionist for decades, Martie has studied with some of the brightest minds in the natural health field. MS Whittekin has hosted the syndicated radio show, Healthy by Nature , since it began in Martie believes we should be naturally healthy and active until quite late in life.

It can cause neuropathy, memory problems, digestive issues, osteoporosis, and much more. Functional Medicine is medicine by cause not by symptom, and that is exactly what we do with the reflux. There are some really simple actions you can take to see if there are any specific triggers that are causing your problem.

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Written by Mark Hyman, MD.

Stomach Acid 101

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