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Jake used to work for James and Carol Schott at Lamborn Mountain Farmstead and has now taken on their small goat herd enterprise. The couple is fairly new to farming but has taken the bull by the horns and has never looked back! Recently, Jake and Sharon have expanded their quaint, lovely farm by welcoming a herd of goats and baby chicks! As of now they are raising Nubian Saanen and Saanen Alpine goats both dairy milking breeds and pasture-raised chickens.

comfort meets athletic style

The pair is working towards a sustainable lifestyle on the farm offering goat herd shares , as well as chicken and strawberry sales. Female Saanen Alpine looking as cute as ever!

The next stop on my search for baby animals was The Living Farm , owned and operated by the Gillespie family since Not only does TLF have a rich history in the valley but it also has a rich diversity of little critters. While I was visiting, Lynn Gillespie took me on a tour of the farm where I quickly fell smitten to all the newborn lambs, baby chicks and overall beauty.

The best part however, was not just seeing the animals, but also cuddling with them too! TLF raise hundreds of chickens each year; both meat birds and laying hens. The Living Farm will soon be hosting self-guided interactive farm tours for people to experience the farming lifestyle firsthand, including petting and holding the baby animals.

Take a look at their website and Facebook page for more details!

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Lynn uses wool from the California Varegated Mutant Sheep to make down pillows and slippers. There are currently 15 lambs on the farm with more on the way!

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  6. Next on my list of farms to visit was Fire Mountain Fiber , a family owned fiber mill outside of Hotchkiss that raises animals a little less common, such as Icelandic Sheep, Angora and Cashmere Goats, and alpacas. Owners Jim and Diane Firor raise these specific breeds because of the large amount of high quality wool they produce.

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    First time moms usually have one kid, while twins are common with experienced moms. The sheep actually have to be shorn twice a year because their wool can grow 18 inches thick! Visit their website to learn more about the farm and to view photos of the Icelandic sheep before they are shorn. Cynthia and Ira Houseweart of Princess Beef had a pretty memorable breeding season this year. Princess was raised by Cynthia at the Allen Ranch, where she was a ranch hand for many years. Mothers and calves stay at Princess Beef until they are healthy enough to integrate with the rest of the herd on Fruitland Mesa.

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    The Housewearts have deep roots in the valley. Several major gifts have already been committed to this fund. Woodland Apartments, LLC, is seeing a conditional-use permit for a two-sto Read More.

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    Someone delivers a nugget of gossip. Or slyly confides a nugget of insider dope about a hot stock. But when the word refers specifically to gold, a certain feve July 07, at am Daily Inter Lake As nurses with Kalispell Regional Medical Center, HealthCenter and Brendan House prepare to cast their votes during a two-day union election this week, both hospital and union officials are campa Back to Local News. Glacier painting donated to Hockaday. August 31, at pm Print Article. Share Now.