Manual Der Einkaufsbummel (German Edition)

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Synonyms and antonyms of Einkaufsbummel in the German dictionary of synonyms
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Translation of "shoppen" - German-English dictionary

With Reverso you can find the German translation, definition or synonym for Einkaufsbummel and thousands of other words. I'd like to know: What's the difference? Which one needs akkusativ-object? Da sich user abgemeldet hat ist mit einer Heilung leider nicht zu rechnen. Works for pretty much every situation, from chewing gum to real estate to bribery ; Needs an accusative object, e.

Ich kaufe einen Apfel. Er hat ein Auto gekauft. Can be used with an accusative object: Ich habe Hundefutter eingekauft.

Einkaufsbummel translation English | German dictionary | Reverso

Note that "einkaufen" doesn't need an accusative object: Ich gehe heute auf dem Bauernmarkt einkaufen. Needs accusative object in most cases: Der Sammler hat alle verbleibenden Exemplare dieser Ausgabe aufgekauft. The company being bought is usually the subject and the passive form is being used: Skype wurde von Microsoft aufgekauft. The only thing I'd like to reassure myself of: "Ich gehe auf dem Bauernmarkt einkaufen" versus "Ich gehe auf den Bauernmarkt einkaufen"?

The first one is if you're already there, the second if you plan to go. In this particular example, both have about the same meaning and neither indicates that the speaker is already there.

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It is possible to entirely omit "einkaufen" and it would still be a perfectly correct sentence though it would leave us guessing what the speaker is planning to do at the farmer's market : "Ich gehe auf den Bauermarkt. That last one should have been spelled "Bauernmarkt" with an 'n'. Slightly strange-sounding, but IMO correct. Erhard Jun 22 '11 at Featured on Meta.