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  1. Raven Merlot's Erotic Spanking Tales Volume 1 :Two Spanking Stories: : Dark Desires and Initiation
  2. First Spankings: True spanking initiations by Peter Birch (Paperback, 2010)
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She felt around, ultimately sitting down into the armchair. With her eyes blinded, I stood and looked at my sister, who put a single finger in front of her lips to silence me. Debbie walked to the corner and turned on a CD. It was some sort of medieval melody, the kind you heard as background music on the History Channel when Knights were sitting around a table or young damsels were stroking their long blond hair. It was then I noticed the long wooden paddle Debbie was holding in her hand. It was a sorority paddle that the pledges were required to carry around campus.

The quiet of the basement was ended when Erin cleared her throat, took a deep breath, and began to speak. I have spoken out of turn, and I have failed several of your assignments. But I am here to ask your forgiveness. I am here to throw myself upon the mercy of your good hearts. I want to join this wonderful group, to be one of you. I wondered where this was going, but it was fascinating being a voyeur of this ceremony. I beg of you, please punish me and let me prove I am worthy of membership. She reached out and felt the desk, moving toward it.

She bent over the desk, placing her midsection on the pillow, then reached back and lifted the toga up her legs, thighs, and bunched it around her midsection. She stood with only beige thong panties covering her behind. Please spank me. Please make me pay for my indiscretions. I deserve 50 swats. Please, sister, start the process which will heal me of my improper attitude and behavior. This girl obviously worked out, as her thighs were well formed and not an ounce of fat was on her year-old ass.

The angle she was over the desk accentuated her butt, and it was a pleasure to observe. She then pulled it toward the ass, striking it firmly in the middle of the virgin white ass. The resultant swat was followed by a cry from the lips of young Erin. Erin sort of trembled, just one step along the way of 50 that undoubtedly would be humbling and hurtful.

I could swear her ass wiggled a bit before the second, third, fourth and fifth swats from the paddle struck her behind. Erin began crying after the eighth swat, and her counting became more like begging. I could tell her butt was stinging as her hold on the sides of the table got more pronounced and her ass began reddening. The early swats started blood rushing toward her ass cheeks and soon they were a bright shade of crimson.

The blindfold kept any moisture from cascading down her face, but the sniffles and yelps of pain were there. After 20 swats Debbie turned to me and mouthed that it was my turn! I was going to get a chance to spank the helpless soon-to-be sorority sister with the cute but red ass. As I stepped closer to the girl, paddle in hand, I spied her defenseless ass and got a peek at her pussy. She was a natural brown haired beauty down there, and my already hard cock got harder as I observed her wiggling ass.

Raven Merlot's Erotic Spanking Tales Volume 1 :Two Spanking Stories: : Dark Desires and Initiation

Please spank me some more. After each Erin counted, and hearing her passionate cries of pain was music to my ears. I am not a sadist. Heck, I had never struck a woman before.

But the intense naughty behavior of spanking a co-ed was so very hot. After 40 strokes I stopped, looking over at my sister. She was sitting on a box, watching intently. Her ass was hot, red hot, and I knew she must be in a little pain. It was the first hard spank I had given her. I struck her ass again before she could count the first, so she would be receiving more than When the spanking was complete Erin lay over the desk for several minutes, regaining her composure. She rubbed her pained ass, and soon stood up, head bowed, and turned around.

Her toga fell toward the ground, and she reached down to pull up her panties giving me my final glimpse of tender, prime, teenage pussy. It took everything I had not to jerk off. Smartly, though, I kept quiet as the two girls marched back upstairs. My mind wandered back toward the spanking, and how I had managed to control myself while still inflicting the required punishment. Then I heard the upstairs door open once more.

First Spankings: True spanking initiations by Peter Birch (Paperback, 2010)

Again, a girl walked into sight wearing a white toga and carrying a candle. This girl was a bit heavier, had short red hair, but there was no doubt about it. I realized that it was none other than the prissy Mary Ann Constantino, my high school prom date. She appeared nervous as she stood in front of the desk and chair, but of course she knew what was to happen next.

I sat back and spied the two as they went through their ritual. Oliver - Mini Interview. The Movie Alert Blog. Ask Art. Bonus Movie! History of Corporal Punishment in American Schools. Corporal Punishment in British Schools. Merry Christmas! The reasons we like what we like Kevin - Don't Be Late - Interview.

Models Appearance. SLS Fiction Blog. Dad - The Mask! Sebastian - Interview. Vote On Next Movie Release! Interview With Fred! Vote On The Next Movie! Mobile Website. Dave's 40th Birthday Spanking! Website Update. Purchasing Individual Movies. Paypal - Amazing News! Patrick - Interviewed! Interview With Dom. Duration: Size: I really enjoyed this movie.

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The choice of Oscar and Taylor as the participants was clever casting as their interaction was excellent. They both gave convincing performances. Because there was no negativity, no punishment and no aggression they were both relaxed. In the initiation movie Oscar gave the impression that he really wanted Taylor to make it through and join him as a rugby teammate but that didn't prevent him from delivering a sound spanking. As explained by Oscar in the interview with Taylor, this was his first role spanking a fellow sportsman and model, so it was difficult for him at first to gauge the effectiveness of his spanking.

However, he soon settled into a steady rhythm and produced a spanking that had Taylor grimacing with pain. His twelve swats with the plimsoll would have done Mr. X proud. I liked the dialogue between them which was appropriate and friendly. I remember the following delightful line from Oscar's dialogue.

It was produced when Taylor questioned the need to remove his underwear. We get changed together mate. She didn't bother to turn it off instead using it for background music while she helped to finish up their task. Abby shrugged. The very thought of Ziva telling a pissed off Gibbs that she wasn't gonna let him spank her was amusing.

Then she had an idea. She sighed deeply. Abby sighed again for dramatic effect. This time Ziva did turn. She knew that she was being baited but Abby just had this way of getting on her last nerve. Why not. - Google Документи

So here's what we do The chicken dance WITH actions Now show me. Don't wanna piss off Gibbs. Gibbs was sitting behind the conference table reading his paper when he heard the knock on the door. He didn't look up for a couple of minutes after Ziva and Abby crept into the room. Instead, he let them stand by the table waiting. It never hurt to let them squirm a little, he thought.

Especially Abby. Finally he looked over the top of his glasses at them. Ziva saw this as her opportunity to plead her case. She couldn't believe she was here under such ridiculous circumstances. Abby rolled her eyes. Now, I'm done talking. You can go first. She dug her heels in.

No Gibbs. Three powerful swats took her breath away and she stopped struggling for a second, but when she stomped on his foot in an yet another attempt to get away, she really started to feel the burn as Gibbs rapid fire swats stopped her completely in her tracks. Even so she was about to renew her struggle, until she heard Abby humming under her breath and she remembered the plan. Abby would never let her forget it if she didn't follow through. So even though it went against the grain, she allowed herself to be carted over to a chair and slung over Gibbs' knee.

Licked Or Spanked By 100 People - Would You Rather? - Cut

She cursed Abby over and over as Gibbs hard hand slammed down on the back of her cargos, the fire that he had started, gradually built into a blazing inferno. Ziva had never felt so vulnerable in her life. She desperately fought back the tears that were threatening to break free. She could not believe it. She did not cry. Certainly not over a few smacks to her fully clothed backside. But before she could finish her thought, Gibbs stopped, stood her up and towed her over to the corner.

Ziva took big breaths and managed to force the tears away.

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Of course the distraction of Abby yelping, whining and begging through her spanking did help. At least it was nearly all over Then she noticed that Abby had been placed in the opposite corner and Gibbs was once again seated at the table. She dared a look sideways and caught Abby's miniscule nod. She watched her fingers count three. Then with a sigh she started at the same time as Abby. They looked at each other Making airplane arms they started running around the room like a pair of three year olds at preschool