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I found the story of Christian Guardino on Facebook, a boy affected by LCA, born blind and healed thanks to the scientific discovery of the gene that caused blindness. Overwhelmed with the desire to do something, hoping my son had the same disease and especially the same genetic mutation, I sent him a message on Messenger, absolutely believing that that message would not be answered.

She kindly replied and thanks to her, I joined the Facebook group of families with children affected by LCA. Thanks to which I met Silvia, an Italian woman who lives in America.

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She helped me connect with other parents. She also gave me support and strength. In November , we got the results of the genetic tests. Samuel was suffering from the rare genetic disease called Okur-Chung Neurodevelopmental Syndrome. They explained it was a neurological disease discovered in , the year he was born, of which little or nothing was known.

The same neurologist in Padua did some research to find out more on this disease and told me that unfortunately in literature there were very few cases described and that the answers to the symptoms and health of Samuel would be found only over time. He told us that Samuel might not speak or eat properly, could have problems of motricity, which was already noticed in Padua.

I cried all night long.

CONSAPEVOLMENTE (a cura di Giuliana Gemelli) by Baskerville - Issuu

The pain seemed unbearable. The fear annihilated me. I was afraid of not being capable. I did not understand the reason why, what I had to do, what I could do in my little town in southern Italy, where ignorance reigns, where for months we have been looking for help without finding it, where there is no idea how to deal with a blind person, where the Okur-Chung Neurodevelopmental Syndrome sounds almost like a dirty word.

A thousand questions came to my mind …. Thanks to Silvia, I was able to contact the Dr. Unfortunately, I did not receive the answers I was looking for, maybe because it was difficult to interact due to the language barrier. I subscribed to this group. A group of parents who live my own experiences, where I met Jennifer Sills, a super mother who is creating something great to help all our children and thanks to whom I met the wonderful person, Chloe, who helped me to translate this story.

Volunteers and support groups in the '70s

I read immediately all the stories published since the creation of the group. I felt less alone but at the same time frightened by the large number of symptoms that fortunately Samuel did not have, but that terrified me thinking it could happen any time. As far as I can do on my own, I am trying today to support research, to bring knowledge and awareness in Italy, or at least in a part of it, on this rare genetic disease.

Samuel has grown and exceeded all my expectations. He is a lively child who loves to play. He loves cars and his little horse toy and enjoys experimenting with his hands. He is well integrated into his kindergarten class where he is learning wonderful things and repeats everything he hears. He speaks very well and is starting to build sentences. He loves to color and to listen to music and he moves well to the beat.

Samuel has been suffering from sleep disorders these past months. It takes him a while to fall asleep.

Often he wakes up in the middle of the night with his eyes closed and sits on the bed with a stiff body and does not want to be touched. He then calms down and comes in our bed a lot of the time. He has a minimal renal pielectasia of about 9mm, the upper gingival arch is slightly protruding and has not yet received his second molars. He chews well enough but not well enough to be able to eat a larger size of pasta or pieces of meat.

He often grinds his teeth. He is nervous especially with me.

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His behavior sounds very similar to an autistic child I know. He has been constipated since he was born. As a mother I notice and I pay attention to everything, and that might be wrong because observing your child constantly under a magnifying glass is not very healthy. Mi chiamo Rossella e sono la mamma di Samuel un fantastico bambino di 2 anni. Lasciai il lavoro con sacrificio lo ammetto, mollai tutto per dedicarmi al mio piccolo angelo tanto desiderato e cercato. Facemmo 2 ricoveri per effettuare esami approfonditi ed escludere altre malattie.

A novembre del ricevemmo gli esiti degli esami genetici, Samuel era affetto dalla malattia genetica rara chiamata Sindrome di Okur — Chung, una malattia neurologica ci spiegarono, scoperta nel , nel suo anno di nascita, della quale si sapeva poco o niente. E il mio bambino sarebbe stato felice? Sarei riuscita a comunicare con lui?

Mille domande mi assalirono la mente…. Lessi immediatamente tutte le storie pubblicate dalla creazione del profilo, mi sentii meno sola, spaventata per la miriade di disturbi letti e che fortunatamente Samuel non aveva, ma che mi terrorizzavano pensando si potessero sviluppare in qualsiasi momento. Nel mio piccolo sto cercando oggi di aiutare la ricerca, di portare conoscenza e consapevolezza in Italia, o quantomeno in una parte di essa, su questa malattia genetica rara. Something which can be easily reproduced at the dental office.

Atrophy of the alveolar ridge of the maxillary, as a result of edentulism, often cannot allow a prosthetic rehabilitation because the small residual thickness bone compromises the primary implant stability. This course will focus on training Physicians, General dentists, Dental providers and their team on how to prepare with the young child 0 to 3 years of age in their dental practice.

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Since the FDA gave clearance for Erbiumlaser in pediatric dentistry in , painless treatments with laser have become an important alternative therapy and should be the preferred method. This course will help dental professionals feel better prepared with working and communicating with different Generations within their practices. The choice of the right technique in the right case is a key criterion for long term success in implantation. During implant surgery the dentist has to make a lot of decisions which are based on scientific knowledge, as on his own experience and personal skills.

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This course will examine the widespread problem of substance abuse and addiction among older adults. In this webinar, Dr.

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Lowe will discuss and demonstrate an exciting new composite technology that will change the way composite materials are delivered going forward. Evidence based information concerning the relationship between oral and overall health will be presented with an emphasis on developing messages which can educate and motivate patients to improve their oral and overall health. Identify the presence of MIH at an early stage and to be able to create an effective treatment plan.

This webinar, intended for implant specialists and restorative dentists, will discuss treatment alternatives for the molar extraction socket including immediate implant placement.

Comprehensive review of the etiology of oral malodor, its diagnosis and Clinical recording of the condition. Gingival recession with the exposure of root surfaces is a common occurrence and requires treatment due to aesthetic concerns or root sensitivity. How a new composite system can help you solving a common problem in daily practice. Edition Italy. July 9, Il futuro della ricerca medica: il microbioma. Conversazione con il Prof. Ugo Covani. July 8, Dentisti: la diagnosi come scelta. All News. July 10, Occlusione su impianti: considerazioni per la pratica quotidiana.

June 19, Utilizzo dello scanner intraorale in ortodonzia.