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I am from Kadawatha. Can I buy it?. If can you send Someone coming from your area I can collect them. Please can you help me. I am very much like to have our ancient foods and deliver to other farmers. God bless you and your family.

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Laksiri Karunarathne Hi, Your condition of soil is not suit. If you maintain conidtion, from one panicle you may get more than 1 kg harvest. Think to improve by organic and compost. Nisha Herath I also want to grow Swayanjatha rice. Can you please tell me where to get the rice. Kushantha Jayaneththie good job brother keep upload videos and cultivate more if you could send me some red seeds I only have white.

Can you please send me your contact details? My number is Idunil Hahasani kauda bola sudanta kiya awajathaya.

Swayanjatha Episode 23 - Part 1 - HD Vdieos Portal

Thiloka gimhani This plant is very valuable as it can grow without chemicals. Have mercy on those who think this is cattle feed. As a 13 yr old your job is highly appreciated.

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