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Some users suggested that this harmonica is not ideal for using advance techniques such as "overblowing" since it doesn't produce much impact.

With its big holes that prevent overlapping notes while playing, this harmonica is a great choice for beginners and for those who are looking for harmonica that's easy to repair. A lot of modern harmonicas were modeled after the Special It showcases an airtight design and recessed reed plates for faster sound production.

Its comb is made of plastic, which lasts long since it doesn't absorb any moisture, while its classic reeds and tuning provides great response and rich tone. As expected from an industry standard instrument, amateurs and professionals alike raved about how well made it is. It's sturdy plastic comb with recessed reed plates are what makes it comfortable to play as well as easy to clean and maintain. Since its plastic comb is less prone to moisture, it's less likely to wear and tear after long periods of time. Although it is reported by some beginners drawing on some of the holes were a bit challenging for them, many of them still find it easy to use when it comes to bending techniques.

At a reasonable price point, this harmonica is an exceptional choice for both professional and beginners alike. The Marine Band is one of the original blues harps designed by Hohner and has been a staple ever since. Since its patent in , it has been played by world-renowned musicians, such as John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young. To this day it is still being used by many professional harmonica players around the world.

It has a reputation for its full tone, patented stainless steel covers, and its wooden comb. Versatile and reliable for its price, the Marine Band produces a bright and rich sound suitable for playing blues, rock and country songs. Professional harmonica players have praised its quality exterior and responsive reeds.

Harp Guitar Recordings: Contemporary CDs at Harp Guitar Music

The plastic case that it comes with it provided decent information for maintenance of the harmonica. Many users mentioned the holes were smaller and its built-in wooden comb are stiffer compared to other harmonicas they have tried. In this case, beginners may find it challenging to play at first, though they get better over time with practice.

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Since it has a wooden comb, the downside for this is that it swells when it gets moisture and it may cause lip injury after long periods of time. It takes a bit more effort when it comes to taking it apart for cleaning and tuning, but with proper care, it's built to be durable and long lasting.

The Blues Silver is well known for its stainless steel reeds and non-corrosive silver-finish reed plates. Instead of having the Classic 's maple comb, the Blues Silver version has been upgraded to a solid polymer comb built with an addition of stainless steel reed plate screws. Its cover plates are built to be beard and lip-friendly due to its rounded edge design. Many owners who reviewed it praised its quality craftsmanship and durability, given that it has built-in steel reeds. Many of them mentioned it's easier to grip and play than many other models because of its ergonomic design.

Its non-vented cover plates contribute to the warm sound it produces. Professional players who own multiple harmonicas tend to use this harmonica often during live performances while accompanying other instruments due to its responsiveness and loudness. The Swan 10 Hole is an basic diatonic harmonica made for beginners. It showcases a very simple silver design with a logo embedded and a stainless steel cover plate.

It also comes with a plastic case with a cloth to keep your harmonica clean and safe. Although it doesn't compare to bigger branded harmonicas, it delivers a decent sound when played. At first impression, most users liked the silver finish and sleek design that's similar to high end harmonicas.

They were also pleased that it comes with the instructional manual to assist new users on how they can use and take care of the harmonica. The wing-nut design also makes it easy for wide-open cleaning. There were some comments on how it's not as loud enough. Some users reported issues saying a few of the sound holes weren't consistent when it comes to blowing or drawing, which is to be expected at this price.

It's recommended for beginners and for blues players to start with diatonic harmonicas. They come with 10 holes and are tuned to a major or minor scale of specific key. For example, if it's tuned to the key of G, it will only play the G major scale. I have extra charges for travel over 25 miles away, for outdoor ceremonies, difficult locations, stairs, etc.

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I concur about the weather clause. Many couples are happy I did, as they had not thought about it, and as a result they did create a Plan B. I also include a start and end time to the contract so that if I need to stay later for any reason at all there is an overtime fee.

Can be weather, wedding party wardrobe malfunction, even an accident on the freeway that delays guests, or speeches went forever so ceremony lasted super long. Login Register. Featured By kimberly-rowe July 1, 0. July 1, 0. Alison Reese on June 18, at am I this this will be very interesting!

Emily Granger on June 18, at pm Candace Lark-Masucci on June 18, at pm Kimberly Rowe on June 19, at am Gretchen Cover on June 19, at am Victoria on June 20, at pm Tacye on June 21, at am I look forward to this thread continuing! Wishing you all the best, Balfour and Carol Lynn. It is so good to have this forum, Kim! Elizabeth Webb on June 27, at am String Theory writes and produces lush, compelling and cinematic music, exploring a range of styles from Rock to Modern Ambient to 15th C.

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  5. Spanish Renaissance. The group has produced four cd releases over the last decade. Led by Sundance Composer Lab Fellow Luke Rothschild , String Theory has carved out a niche for itself in the world of film score and television composition by utilizing their unique sonic palette, along with their facile capacity to write compelling themes, cues, and songs in a variety of styles. Luke's Composer site. Luke Rothschild C: Holly Rothschild C: The dancers and musicians all in white were stunning, not only because of their stature but because of their technical expertise.

    There was 5 silver strings with notes attached draped from Pillar-to-Post with the lovely Andrea Sobke, plucking those strands. They moved in and through the space with such control and beauty one did not want to miss any moment of their story telling. What about a tutu-harp? Yes, you heard me. String Theory, a hybrid performance ensemble out of L.

    Which, of course, is why I researched the extensive press the group has received, leading me to photos of the tutu harp. When I finally dipped into the listening process, I was not surprised to realize that these artists live up to their hype. With the entrance of percussion, the tune gathers momentum, setting us up for vocals and a consistent sprinkle of electronic effects. However, the percussion—its diversity and steadiness—is by far the strongest element of this tune.

    It draws everything together, provides a home base for all the other instruments as they wander into the ethereal. The vocals are sandpapery and low, again providing a gravitational pull to balance out the dreaminess.

    Reward Yourself

    When the chorus arrives, the scene suddenly changes, offering up a little surprise, a little action. The harmonies are Elliot Smith inspired, and the combination of it all makes one want to cry, in a good way. However, mid-track, the music does a complete degree turn into classic rock—intense electric guitar solos, hard drums, and vocals that sound more like The Clash stumbled onto the wrong stage. Also, the ending is amazing: all strings, all the time—slow and haunting.

    String Theory will have to put their brilliant noses to the grindstone for a little extra time in that area. Spooling through 13 staged songs for a nicely compact 65 minutes, the highly versatile and handsome troupe of eleven seven musicians, four dancers radiate a spontaneous pleasure in performance that is rarely seen, and difficult for viewers to resist.

    Twanging and plucking this instrument cleverly converts to a dance occasion. String Theory uses every inch of the proffered square footage, including a smallish but beautifully lit raised stage, with wood-floored performance space stretching toward the audience seated on risers. Even the corners of the room host activity; at one point, an upright piano gets dragged across the space while being played.

    Sylvia Woods (harpist)

    An excellent quartet of dancers traipses in and out of the program, as though in a variety show. Two slender, leggy leading ladies, Livinia Findikoglu and Andrea Sobke, garbed like vixens in black mini-skirts and bare legs, squirm and squiggle like the final water drops shaken from a garden hose.

    The creativity is keyed on thirteen original songs, some soulful, even celestial. Everyone sings; I like this, but Robert Amjarv strongly leads in this area. What most appeals to this viewer is the choice performance space, the vintage and spiritual Miles Memorial Playhouse. The Spanish Colonial revival style playhouse, dating to , seems to be thriving under the careful stewardship of landlord The City of Santa Monica. Last Saturday evening, Sring Theory took tlre idea of Valentine's Day to a new level of shock and awe.

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    Their signature, large resonant sringed instrument they install one everywhere they perform ran strings above the audience's heads, one performer came onto stage in a skirt that stre could play, their violinist played her instrument seven different ways, and they finally proved the theory that stilettos are indeed a form of percussion. The most shocking of all was how beautifully they perfornred.

    I don't mean to say that my expectations were low. Instead, I mean that they managed to merge their esoteric vision of Valentineos Day, well choreographed modern dance, wild costumes with stilts, custom-made instrumentso and taditional insffurnents into apackage as exciting and spectacular as anything you would have wanted to see on any Sahrday night. Perhaps that's why they need fifteen members. The Broad Stage continued in the way of making this a Valentine's to remember - String Theory's performance was one in their series called "After Party with ttre Artists".

    Described as nights designed for "those who believe art and fun go hand-in-hand", these prformances are followed by a catered party held at a venue outside of the theatre. Not only were the artists there to meet and receive praise, but some even continued singing and playing music. The party was an absolute succsss, almost giving couples with no post-performance plans a "get out ofjail free" card- They had a room set up with a photographer taking pictrnes of couples and singles with love- the,lned captions, an inesistible assortment of dessertso and since ttre hotel is conveniently located near the Santa Monica Pier, we saw an unexpected display of pinh red and heart- shaped fireworks.

    All in all, it will be a difficult evening to top next year. String Theory, a Los Angeles-based hybrid performance act that combines dance and a kind of sonic sculpture, has little to do with the field of particle physics that gives it its name. However, the two disparate entities do have one striking thing in common — most people have no idea how to explain either one. There's no "one-liner elevator speech," as one of its dancers put it. Even Dale Franzen, artistic director of the Broad Stage in Santa Monica, can't quite categorize the root genre of the show.