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Talmud Bavli, Pesachim 66a. Talmud Bavli, Shabbat 15a. Talmud Bavli, Sukkah 28a. Talmud Bavli, Shabbat 31a. Talmud Bavli, Sotah 48b. Pirkei Avot Talmud Bavli, Zevachim 79a. Genesis Vayikra Rabbah Talmud Bavli, Gittin 36a.


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Talmud Bavli, Sanhedrin 11a. By Mendel Adelman. Rabbi Mendel Adelman was born and raised in Amherst, Mass. He attended yeshivot in New Haven, Conn. He currently lives in Atlanta, Ga.

Hillel's Teachings

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Further Reading on Hillel

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The Life And Teachings Of Hillel by Yitzhak Buxbaum

Ari October 8, Jewish History. This was the supreme legal and judicial body in Judea. Hillel appears to have laid great stress on the practice of Babylonian schools to derive doctrine and law directly from the scriptural text rather than merely relying on established tradition, memorized and transmitted orally from one generation to another. This method of textual deduction, called midrash, or exposition, involved the use of Hillel's Seven Rules of Logic. These rules enabled the rabbis in Hillel's and subsequent generations to apply the law to new conditions on the theory that the new laws were implicit in the Mosaic law.

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Hillel was a man of saintly and noble character and disposition. A popular anecdote tells of the heathen who asked Hillel to teach him the entire Torah in the time he could stand on one foot. Unperturbed, Hillel answered, "What is hateful to thee, do not do unto your neighbor.

This is the whole Torah and the rest is commentary; go and study it further! The sayings attributed to Hillel in the tractate Abot Fathers reveal his humanity and virtue. Hillel was a great lover of peace who urged his followers to "be of the disciples of Aaron [who was famed as a peacemaker in rabbinic lore]; loving thy fellow creatures and drawing them nigh to Torah.

The Life and Teachings of Hillel

He also preached the social tenet, "Do not separate thyself from the community. On this basic issue the two opposing schools agreed that theoretically the Shammaites may be correct, but practically, since existence is a fact, man should live constructively and effectively. Life-affirming Judaism permits of no other attitude.

Nahum N. Click here to learn more. To sign up, contact Reb Yitzhak. New in paperback: The only comprehensive book on Hillel in English or Hebrew! Hillel is the greatest rabbi of ancient times, yet even knowledgeable people usually know only the same few stories and sayings of his--about his teaching the Golden Rule to the gentile standing on one foot, his saying "If I am not for myself; who will be for me; and if I am for myself alone; what am I?

But there is much about him that has been neglected and virtually "lost.

The Rules of Hillel

And he has a particular attraction for our generation, representing the gentler, more loving side of Judaism that so many people are searching for today. The Life and Teachings of Hillel presents a spiritual profile of this radiant religious figure, who fascinates and charms with his fiery gentleness.