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She refuses to sink to their level. She stays true to her personality and is nice to them until she wins them over. Bertie — July 19, This was a really nice story. I liked it, but the storekeepers on the street were really mean. Instead, she shows her true self and be kind and helpful to others like she usually does.

I loved this story, it was so full of confidence and strength. Please write more Katie stories like this. I think I would like to be friend with a white witch. I made the first two coments, but I did not mean submit both of them. Bertie — July 21, Anushka — July 21, LOL — July 22, Katie helps her to set up the shop that they paint together and returns the advice, that the shop must appeal to all sorts of customers.

Natasha — July 22, Thank you Francesca, We are very pleased you enjoy the Katie adventures. Bertie is writing more. And Katie is able to help her set up for the summer fate in the street.. Natasha — July 23, Bertie — July 25, Katie and the Magic Shop is an extra special Katie story, in the series where Katie learns how to help her mum in the shop.

Natasha — July 26, Sometimes we are just in a rush. We are not quite sure when the next Katie story will be, but hopefully in September. Bertie — July 26, I have been looking for you. What do I have to type? We have quite an active group with lots of comments there. Bertie — July 27, Thank you Katie and the Magic Shop has Katie learning lost of tricks from her mum about how ton Keep the customers happy. She must remain ordinary to the people on the street but also retain her witch charms when the wizards come to visit. Natasha — July 29, Katie and the Magic Shop is a great story that ends with a festival event, thanks for listening to the Katie series on Storynory audio.

Natasha — July 31, Bertie — July 30, Dear Sera, which comments are those? Bertie — August 3, Dear Sera, Elizabeth will be back soon with a four part story that she wrote herself. Thank you for the suggestions. Some of them might be a little bit long for us to undertake at the moment, but sometime maybe we will do a full length Victorian Novel… in the meantime, I will take a look at Lousia May Alcott.

Thank you. I think that was really mean for the store owners to set their dog to ruin the festival and Katies moms shop. Bertie — August 7, Katie and the Magic shop is really super for learning how Katie can help her mum when she sets up a shop. Natasha — August 10, Hey Sera! Thank you Katie and the Magic shop is a great chapter It is not easy to sell lots of different items as Katies mum does in the shop but with a little bit of magic and help from Katie she is able to please the wizards and a nice young man who is buying for his girlfriend.

Natasha — August 13, A customer from Louisiana, America is interested in her dressing table, but the problem is how will she get this item over seas? With a little bit of magic and help from Katie she finds a way. Natasha — August 19, I mean everyone! Actually better! My son finally sleeps in his bed with your stories they are awesome and he can understand perfectly fine and slow enough for him to follow. We both enjoy listening to these stories you should continue to inspire the children cus that is what really matters.

Thank you for your comment. This story in which katie learns how to help her mum with the new magic shop she has just set up. Natasha — August 26, It is a quite brilliant story although it is very long. One more thing, how is the pond life doing? Bertie — August 27, I liked the story very much. Thank you Natasha for reading this story so beautifully. This story is amazing, I love it, I recommend anyone to listen to it…My sister is next to listen to it.

Thanks for reading, Esha. I love this story. But you really should publish some more stories about the other seris like tick tock turkey and the wicked uncle. Unless there over. Hi Natasha this is Myri. I really like the stories on storynory. They are so fun. My favorite stories on storynory are Katie stories and Prince Bertie. Pumpkin carved candles, Witch Hat shaped ornaments, fairytale snow queen mirrors and essential broomsticks for cleaning up afterwards. Natasha — October 9, My fave Katie story! I think u should make all the stories much longer ,I can never have enough of Katie!

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Exellent plot. Katie always has the perfect amount of spice and charm, making a good read, or listen, depending how you like it. Please write more about this charming girl. I love this stories and I hope that we will get more stories from story nory. I will surely spread the word about this wonderful website. Katie and the Magic Shop in which Katie finds a way to help her mum at the Shop is a pivotal chapter. For Halloween Katie was able to help her mum sell some scary thing like witch hats, broomsticks and candles.

Drawing near to christmas it is a high selling time and Katie plans to find some special magic items to put in the shop that people might like to buy. Natasha — November 7, Dear Ayesha, we plan just to keep on writing Katie stories until we run out of plots. The next one is about a pony trek and will be out very soon. Bertie — January 6, Please,Please,Please create a new story. Myfanwy — January 19, I think Bertie will be very pleased you like his Katie and Bertie stories Katie and The Magic shop is an extra special story about what happens when Katie helps her mum out in the magic shop It is always a good thing to write and create your own stories.

Natasha — February 18, I love your stories!

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Please fix the broken link,so I can listen to the story. Thanks, Anonymous. Bertie — April 6, The lastest Katie story is this one, and yes, I know we are due for another. Great story! Thanks for your comment. Katie likes helping helping her mum out in the shop where they sell lots of things including magic hairbrushes and art prints. They are upset when bad people steal from them.

There may be more stories about Katie and the Magic Shop soon. Natasha — May 6, Katie and the Magic Shop is a great story, young Katie learns a lot about how to help her mum out in the shop with all the magical things she sells.

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I hope you enjoy the latest Katie story that is out, in which Katie learns some more wisdom from her mum. Natasha — May 10, Dear Natasha, I love this story and have listened to it many times but this particular time I listened to it I found that the audio stopped right in the middle of the story. Has it scince been split in two parts? Please right back. Annakai J So glad you like the story. I think it just must be one of those internet things which is stopping you hear the second part of the story. I think the best thing is to download the mp3 to your computer and listen on it locally.

Bertie — June 6, Katie and The Magic Shop is a delightful story in which Katie learns how to help her mum out in her magic shop. There are many more Katie stories that you may enjoy on Storynory. Natasha — June 6, How mean can one become? Bertie — August 9, Dear Bertie, This was a lovely story. I really like Katie stories. I hope there can be more! Bye bye. Albertina — December 9, Dear Natasha, loved the story. Bertie when will you make a new Katie story? PS I love that story! Hi Sneha Charles A Charm Offensive is a campaign to win people over to your side by using charm and likability.

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Bertie — October 16, Dear Bertie why is the audio so echoy? On more recent stories we have had problems with room and I have invested in acoustic panels to help that. I would like to make some videos one day but have not yet. Bertie — January 16, Bertie — April 17, Dear Bertie Pls can u do malory towers and st Clare I would really like that hope there our more Katie stories. Dear Sneha thanks for your comments. Bertie — April 19, MagicShop — May 13, People do keep on asking about her dog and her brother. I think the dog is easy — he went to live with Dad.

The truth is that Katie and her mum have evolved into a one parent family, and that is the essence of the story. Thank you for all your wonderful comments and story ideas. Bertie — June 2, Bertie — September 23, Dear Natasha u read beautifully and also Bertie u create wonderful stories!! Dear Bertie,in my above Katie message to you and Natasha when I said bespoke in the end,I meant to say best instead of bespoke. This story was really great, I really loved it. The shop owner was really rather mean.

Thanks for writing all these wonderful storys. Please reply. I have always wanted to meet a real witch. Is the front picture of katie and the shop or katies mum and the shop? Warren, the school secretary, glanced up. Then he stared at the floor. There was a bare spot in the rug beneath his feet. Was he the one wearing it thin? Warren had a jar of candy on her desk. Mike wasn't supposed to eat sugar, but one little piece couldn't hurt, right? He got up and helped himself to a chocolate kiss. It made him feel a little better, and Mrs. Warren never minded. She usually left the discipline to the principal.

Canfield," he answered. Until a few minutes ago, he'd thought that maybe Mrs. Canfield would understand him. She started putting flyers in the teachers' mailboxes. Warren knew all about Mike's problems. She had a son just like him, she said. Right down to the brown eyes and the messy hair. Some first graders walked in with an attendance sheet, staring at him like he was some kind of criminal.

That was bad enough. Then Mike heard a class coming down the hall. One of the other fourth-grade teachers was at the front of the line, reminding the kids to be quiet as they made their way to the art room. Before they passed, Mike ducked behind a file cabinet in the office. But it was too late. Her family had recently moved next door to his, and she was just his age. Just his luck. She would never be in the office for any other reason. Nora was gifted, his mom had told him. She needed special classes and extra-challenging homework. She could handle sitting quietly at a desk.

Mike didn't think Nora seemed any different from most kids. She was friendly, and she liked to play four-square. He might have liked her if he didn't know she was good at everything she tried. They definitely didn't have that in common. It was hard to explain.

The Magic Warehouse - A real magic shop

Luckily Nora's teacher was moving her along. Mike looked around to make sure nobody had heard that. It was still a new arrangement, and he hoped it wouldn't last. He and Nora weren't really friends, but their parents were. They'd hit it off from the day Nora's family moved in. It only took a couple of backyard barbecues before their mothers had cooked up a plan to help each other out after school. Both sets of parents had flexible schedules, but they couldn't always pick their kids up at three o'clock.

So now Nora came to Mike's house when her parents were busy, and Mike went to Nora's when his were. He was going there today, actually. Another fun afternoon of raw vegetables and no screen time at Nora's. The principal's door was still closed. Warren was making a fresh pot of coffee. Mike wondered what his mom had told Nora's. If Nora was gifted, what was he? What was the opposite? The idea made him so mad that he didn't notice the shadow in the office doorway.

It still wasn't the principal. It was much worse. Jackson Jacobs, Mike's enemy since birth, was shaking his head. You're in trouble already? Last year Jackson had been in Mike's class. Mike hadn't seen him all summer, even though they lived in the same neighborhood. It looked like Jackson had grown about a foot at camp.

He always knew how to get under Mike's skin. For once, he waited to hear what Mike had to say. Charlie and Zack are playing. I saw them on the field. Mike's best friends, Charlie and Zack, had already given him a hard time. They were on the same team this year, with matching orange jerseys, numbers 12 and Skipping soccer is never going to help your schoolwork. It'll take a lot more than that! Jackson headed toward the boys' bathroom, laughing like it was the funniest thing he'd ever heard. And of course that's when the principal's phone call finally ended.

Mike saw the doorknob turning and Ms. Scott's sensible shoes marching toward him. He sat up straight and tried to smile. He sat down in his usual place in front of her desk, and she sat down in her huge chair. He felt like he was back in preschool. Scott sighed deeply.

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Your mom said you made good progress over the summer. What happened? I wasn't cheating or anything. I was just Scott explained, not for the first time. You need to find a way to focus. Scott said. Canfield and I will meet with them as soon as we can find a date. Mike's parents had already tried a million ways to keep him "on task," as they said. They'd set alarms to go off whenever he had to start a new activity.

They made him eat healthy food and get more sleep. Nothing did the trick. When he finally left the office, Mike tried to look on the bright side. She hadn't said "I'm disappointed in you. She was trying to say she believed in him. That he could really do it somehow. But mostly Mike heard Jackson's words ringing in his ears. He couldn't sit still. Or read a long book. Or remember his math facts. Or get through a week of school without ending up in the office. What was wrong with him? Mike wondered. When the bell rang, Mike left school alone. Usually he walked home with Charlie and Zack, but now they had soccer practice twice a week.

It was strange to walk through their neighborhood by himself. He knew the people inside every house, but he was totally alone. Mike wondered what his friends were doing without him. Running loops around the field? Dribbling the ball around orange cones? He wondered if Jackson's team was practicing, too. Mike really didn't want to run into him right now. He just wanted this day to end. At Nora's back door, he took his shoes off, left them on the porch, and let himself in. Her family had a lot of rules. No shoes in the house. No snacks with artificial ingredients.

The Vanishing Coin (Magic Shop Series #1)

No fun till the homework was done. But today Mrs. Finn, Nora's mom, was standing by the door with her car keys. You and Nora will come along, too. Leave your backpack right here and get in the car, okay? Nora walked into the kitchen, holding her mom's phone. Usually, video games weren't allowed. So Mike felt happy for about a second. Then he saw the game Nora had chosen: Scrabble.

Of course, he thought. Just like her. Shooting games were against the rules The backseat of the van was quiet while Nora tried to make a word. Mike stared out the window as they passed the college where his parents worked. They were teaching right now.