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In case you happen to know about other interesting titles, and have details on where I can find or order them, please be sure to let me know. Your help will be much appreciated. Have not had a chance to go through it properly, but at a first glance it looks like something that would definitely interest the historical Dracula crowd. This book is part of an interesting series of Guide Books that reveal the mysteries and curiosities for most of the Italian cities and regions. And although Italy can hardly be considered to be one of the traditional European vampire countries, there is mention of some vampirical entities in this book.

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Alberto Castelvecchi Editore, Roma, Italy, , pp. One of the most interesting and intelligent books about vampire films that I have seen in years. If you do read Italian, make sure that you get your copy. If you don't, all you can do is hope and pray for an edition in your own language. This interesting and important book, which first saw publication almost 2 decades after Davanzati's death, was actually written before Dom Calmet wrote his famous work on vampires. Davanzati's opus is one of the classic works on vampires. For obvious reasons, it is practically impossible to find an original edition these days, which is why I am very pleased that someone has had the good sense to do a reprint of it.

Charming little book published in an edition of numbered copies. Although it is mainly concentrating on vampire fiction, this book is not without interest. As a bonus, it is also very nicely illustrated. Sadly, it is a rare thing to find a book about vampires that has been written by an author who has original ideas or some special angle on the subject.


ISBN 13: 9781549829536

But we have once again managed to find another one. Carla Corradi Musi has written an excellent book that, in my opinion, ought to be translated into other languages. Edizion Piemme, Casale Monferrato, Italy, - pp.

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A substantial part of the book deals with vampire fiction, in particular with stories like LeFanu's "Carmilla" and Stoker's "Dracula's Guest". Stories that suggest that Steiermark or Styria is a "vampire region". Franco Pezzini has also investigated the theory that "Carmilla" might be based on a real historical figure: Barbara of Cilli, the 2nd wife of Emperor Sigismund of Luxemburg.

And he has managed to unearth some rather interesting facts about this "vampire lady". Over the years several popular legends have created a magical aura around this bridge to explain its unusual shape; in most of these the devil plays the protagonist.

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During a recent visit to Tuscany, I passed by this beautiful bridge on a trip up into the mountains of the Garfagnana. Or course my group decided to walk up to the top of the bridge from where we enjoyed a breathtaking view just as the sun was setting.

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My friend Daniela took the opportunity to tell her favorite version of the story which goes something like this:. The architect made many attempts to build the bridge, but due to technical problems that bridge kept falling down. The architect knowing he was running out of solutions was desperate for help.

It was then that the Devil appeared to make a dastardly deal with the architect. He promised the architect that he would finish the bridge for him on one condition: The soul of the first person to cross the bridge would be claimed by the Devil himself!

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Il re era felicissimo che il progetto fosse stato finite e decise di indire una grande cerimonia per inaugurare il ponte. Gli diede un calico, spingendolo sul ponte, in modo che fosse la prima anima ad attraversare la costruzione.

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  5. The architect agreed to the deal and the Devil finished the bridge. The king was overjoyed that the project had been completed and planned a big ceremony to properly inaugurate the new bridge. He declared triumphantly that he himself would be the first person to cross the bridge! The architect panicked when he heard this, as he knew if the king was the first to cross the bridge the Devil would take his soul.

    chi ha paura degli organismi geneticamente modificati?

    So he took quick action. The Devil was so angry that he had been tricked by the clever architect that he hauled back and gave an enormous kick to the bridge cause the central arch to rise high up into the sky! As I mentioned there are many variations to this story, for instance, some say it was a pig and not a dog who was the first to wander over the bridge.

    But these are slight variances and the intent of the moral of the story is still the same: the architect was smarter than the devil and evil was defeated. La leggenda vive non solo attraverso i racconti, ma anche attraverso la musica.

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    Click questo link per sentire la versione musicale di Joe. Allora…spero che non abbiate mai a venire a contatto con il diavolo…ma se lo faceste, spero che siate intelligenti come il capomastro di Borgo a Mozzano e che anche voi possiate imbrogliarlo! I hope that you never come in contact with the Devil.. Try not to raise a ruckus! Mail will not be published. Ranked Top Language Lovers Bab. Click here to Subscribe News in Slow Italian!