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  1. Artificial Intelligence - Poem by Susan T. Aparejo
  2. This AI wrote a poem that’s good enough to make you think it's human
  3. Susan T. Aparejo
  4. We Used Google’s New AI to Generate Angsty Poetry About the Future

Ai's poetry falls like a brick into that second category. It is a brutal glimpse of the dark side, of criminals, serial killers, victims, and forgotten people languishing in alleyways. It's the poetic equivalent of being punched in the gut. Certainly not for everyon Some poetry is lovely, evocative and lyrical, perfect for reading aloud and drowning yourself in the taste of the words and the beauty of the imagery.

Artificial Intelligence - Poem by Susan T. Aparejo

Certainly not for everyone, but well-conceived regardless. Jul 22, Wizzard rated it really liked it Shelves: poetry. At first I loved Ai and loved this book. Then I was somewhat luke warm towards it. Then I loved it again.

This AI wrote a poem that’s good enough to make you think it's human

She chooses emotionally complex and challenging subject matter. Her writing style is not super mind blowing, but I do appreciate it the more I read it. The stories that she tells are powerful, bold, stunning. Feb 03, Christina rated it really liked it. Powerful, visceral, beautifully crafted and moving, but such an unremitting catalog of pain that, about midway through, all that pain collected in me.

I just couldn't continue for a time.

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After a weeks-long hiatus, I finally took it up again to sample the new poems at the end. Well-deserving of its National Book Award, but definitely not for everyone. Jul 20, Miho rated it it was amazing. Nov 28, Julie rated it it was amazing. So after doing a research paper on Ai. I found her poetry to be extremely dark and meaningful. Some of her stuff was filled with vulgar but the depth and emotion she portrayed through all her poetry was full of meaning. It was an astounding collection of poems.

Feb 16, Jessica rated it it was amazing. I have a hard time reading more than a couple of poems at a time Her voice is powerful and she will not let up on getting you to see her truth. Love her work but can only take it in pieces. I don't know any other poet like her.. Feb 14, SmarterLilac rated it really liked it. A solid overview of the important works from this poet. Sep 12, Tracy rated it really liked it.

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  • I loved these poems, especially the early ones. They are so powerful and a short poem tells a novel's worth of stories. Her imagery moved me intensely-- raw, badass and gritty--just how i like it :.

    Susan T. Aparejo

    Apr 07, Amanda rated it really liked it. My Favorite contemporary poet! She's brutally honest. Aug 12, Malik rated it it was amazing. Nov 16, Teresa rated it it was amazing. Dec 23, Natalie rated it it was amazing. Excellent poetry.

    I had the opportunity to go to a poetry reading by Ai and it was the single best reading I have been to. Jun 27, Chelsea Nelson rated it it was amazing. Jun 14, Tyler Russell rated it really liked it Shelves: poetry. Powerful poems; found this at Powell's in Portland, opened the page and it was like getting punched in the stomach Apr 08, Molly rated it liked it Shelves: poems.

    I much prefer her earlier work. Though still good and important, her later poems could have used some trimming, I feel. Dec 11, Koeeoaddi rated it really liked it Shelves: poetry , Angry, disturbing and beautiful. Computer, my opponent sometimes when suddenly black out occurs all my documents vanished. T students like me, try to understand most of it's meaning but thru this poem I understand most why computer feels tiresome as that of humans as we are. Computer never complains, this line enlighten my mind I will never complain to what struggle I may be facing someday as I walk on to the road of success being an I.

    T professional by the fast approaching binds of every memories handed to me by this course I'm taking. Thank U MA'AM for giving us such time to explore your world of pen and papers, your world or being a writer! DAVE R. PAYOT: Good day ma'am, as I read your poem about the artificial intelligence, I felt glad because you had shown to me the true meaning of the artificial intelligence. It was not just a mere gadget but it was like a human being. It helps us in many ways; it makes our life easy and comfortable.

    For me, it was like my parents, it makes my life colorful and wonderful. Also, I felt happy, for I had known that through this poem, people will be enlighten about the true meaning and how important the artificial intelligence that they are using now. Moreover, thank you ma'am for giving me the chance to read your wonderful poem and to comment on it. Thank you very much and God bless you always.

    Junessa Baguio: Wow!

    We Used Google’s New AI to Generate Angsty Poetry About the Future

    Ma'am, this poem is really excellent A lot of tears fall from my eyes However, because of it, I've learn to be secured in everything I'm doing and have patience.. Ma'am though it is just a poem but every lines of it has a big impact to me such that I am an I. T students and I'm studying while clinging my dearest partner which is the computer and I have to face the reality that everything in this world has role to play.

    Mae Ann Raut-raut: I agree with this poem because it has a big help contribution to every one of us especially to the students because as far as I experienced, I didn't made my research paper successfully without the help of this kind of technology. Girlay V. Abcede: From the line i realize that computer is very important in our country because it help us to make work easier, and also it gives an answer to all of our questions. But in-spite of those it can us a computer addict, and we all know that many people are victims of computer addict especially student.

    Analyn C. Woman to Man. Asian American Voices in Poetry. A collection of poets and articles exploring Asian American culture. Read More. Poetry and Feminism. Love poems that offer a realistic take on relationships today. Left Behind. By Joy Katz. Killing Floor Lamont poetry selection , Houghton, Sin, Houghton, Fate, Houghton, Greed, W.

    Web Log: ‘Poems can be surprisingly poignant and at other times nonsensical’

    Norton New York, NY , Vice: New and Selected Poems, W. Dread, W. Further Readings. Contemporary Women Poets, St.