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Creative video. Editorial video. Anti-cow smuggling outposts were set up in to check the illegal transportation of bovine animals. Alwar first grabbed national headlines in April after dairy farmer Pehlu Khan was lynched by cow-protection vigilantes who accused him of smuggling the animal. Khan was a dairy farmer who had purchased the animals from a cattle fair. Last month, men ferrying cows were attacked and one person was killed in the incident.

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Elliott Mine/Smuggler's Cave Trail - San Diego 4 Wheelers

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Also publishes under the pseudonym Carolyn Chase and J. Books by Sandra Dubay. Trivia About Beneath a Smuggle No trivia or quizzes yet. Welcome back. It is a computer that holds the collective history and knowledge of Nar Shaddaa. Getting access to it, however, will be your challenge. Faith wasn't buying it.

Star Wars #008 - Showdown on the Smuggler's Moon, Part I (Marvel Comics)

Doesn't seem all that smart to me. Bareesh waved a dismissive hand. Personal and financial information for the Hutt Clans is protected and not accessible. Other organizations with enough influence can petition the Cartel to keep their secrets out of the Chronicle as well. Your Republic and the Empire both pay well to keep their operations out of sight.

Ralto chose this moment to step back in. In theory, anyone may ask anything of the Chronicle. In practice, each question asked of it is a costly endeavor. Bareesh just rumbled a sound that had no Basic translation.


In the past, the payment has been slaves or else exotic goods and services that are no longer relevant. The nature of the payment has varied over the years, but it has always been favorable to Hutts. The Chronicle currently accepts a more generic currency. Tal swore as they walked along the Promenade. It's not a currency if you can't exchange it for credits. Ralto sighed patiently and tried to keep up with the angry strides of his fellows. We just need one who is willing to cough up the stuff for a job or something.

The droid at the kiosk — after being paid a fifty credit fee — accessed a list of all Hutt Cartel job listings on Nar Shaddaa that paid Cartel Coins. Ralto sprung for the ten credit fee to have the information downloaded onto a datapad that they could take with them. Ralto took the pad from Faith and read the part she had highlighted.

Taking the pad, Tal read over the highlighted section. But Hutts are sneaky, and there's probably something they're not advertising. Now, you can help me out, or you can get out of my way, but you're not going to stop me. Faith's wearing her 'I've made up my mind no matter what' look, and nothing you do is going to sway her. Faith chuckled. I've got my own resolve face now. I'm gonna need to do a bit of shopping before I go and apply for the job. Meet you by the big golden statue in half an hour?

Faith smiled and took off towards the nearby cantina, stopping only to laugh when she heard Vira start to throw a fit once the red-haired soldier saw what Faith had in mind. Dral Trord, Majordomo to His Magnificence, Kalubo the Hutt, was feeling quite enormously grateful towards the brown-haired human girl who had come to him looking for work. Dral had been looking for quite awhile to find suitable entertainment for his Master, lest Kalubo decide that the poor Nikto would make a better spectacle. Kalubo was wealthy, and he loved to display his wealth to all who would come to see it.

Being a logic-driven Nikto, Dral did not understand the ways of Hutts, but he knew that Kalubo's tastes bent just a bit towards the sadistic. The poor human girl didn't know what she was in for, but she was just what Dral Trord needed to save his own hide. She'd had companions with her who had wanted to accompany her to Kalubo's palace. They were obviously new to Nar Shaddaa since they had thought that a Jedi and two Republic soldiers would be allowed to enter His Magnificence's estate while armed.

Even now, Dral wasn't sure why he'd let the Jedi and the two soldiers in. He vaguely remembered the Jedi waving his hand as he presented a very reasonable argument. After all, what harm could they possibly do when Kalubo's guards permeated the palace? The band was just now finishing its opening number in the open air on the roof of the skyscraper.

It was quite impossible to have a proper Hutt palace on Nar Shaddaa, but with Kalubo's wealth, the upper levels of this particular building had been structured to suit his needs. As the crowd of sycophants and supplicants applauded the musicians, Dral looked around for the entertainment he had hired. She stood behind him in a black hooded robe that covered her entire body. You're paying for the best, aren't you? In fact, the high price tag for an evening entertainer was to attract someone who would ignore the high mortality rate that entertaining Kalubo the Hutt tended to entail.

Even so, she did have his thoughts wandering away from his Master, which was quite an accomplishment given that Dral didn't usually go for humans. My Master is proud to present, for your pleasure and enjoyment, a view of the best that human flesh has to offer! Dral Trord retreated as the girl walked onto the stage in her black robe. She looked more like a Sith Lord than an entertainer. Was that why he'd called her 'Mistress? Deciding simply to watch, Dral saw the girl look across the audience before walking carefully along the edge of the stage.

Her robe parted just enough to allow peeks of bare skin to peek out as she walked. Well-muscled legs teased the audience as she turned her back to them. A few sentients began to boo and jeer, and Dral thought that he might truly die tonight. Then the girl lowered her hood and looked over her shoulder, teasing the audience with her makeup-heavy eyes and lips.

Faith took hold of a pole and raised one bent, bare leg.

A smuggler’s paradise

Leaning back, the girl let her robe fall to the ground, revealing her for the beauty that she truly was. Most guests did not object to full nudity, but for those few who did, the girl still had a fashionable gold bikini covering her genitalia. Ornamental sandals and wristbands made her look all the more exotic. Now the crowd was happy, and they applauded her as she danced to whatever tune the musicians decided to play.

She was a master of improvisation, her body flowing as if she was one with the music. Dral wanted her, even though she was a human. Squishy she might be, she was full of heat and positively exuded much sexual energy.

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Dral was reminded of just how unsatisfactory his own sex life had been for the past few months. Kalubo sat on his massive throne and bellowed his approval, egging the crowd on further. The moment was near. Faith was gyrating against the pole, tantalizing the crowd with her languid body movements. She wrapped her legs around the poll and leaned back, her torso hanging upside down as the various sentients in the crowd went wild. And now came the part of his job that Dral hated. As the Faith girl lowered herself off the pole, Kalubo hit a button on his throne, and the floor beneath the dancing girl's feet gave way.

She had quick reflexes, he would give her that. Kalubo had known that some species possessed great lower body strength with which to leap and jump, and so he activated the suction mechanisms that drew Faith down into the pit below. After re-sealing itself, the floor that Faith had been dancing on flickered into transparency as the audience closed in to watch the real entertainment. Now was usually the part where the hapless dancing girl realized the magnitude of her folly, and the panic began to set in.

Soon enough, all hope would fade.