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Gemini Wind Park reaches ISO 55001 certification
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Near the shore, cable-laying barge Vetag 8 was used to carry the export cable to the shallow water area and tidal flats located between Eemshaven and Rottumeroog on the way to the land station. Trencher Nessie II was also used in these intertidal areas, which was specifically designed to minimise the impact on ecologically sensitive coastal areas.

Thereby working closely together with Nessie V, capable of carrying 3, metres of export cable. A glimpse inside the cable Richard Koning explains: The power is safely packaged Fitting and measuring on the bottom of the North Sea. Both the. What exactly goes into the cable? Richard Koning explains. This also carries the colour codes that show what type of cable this is and who it belongs. Three sections, 95, 10 and km long in a ring; that has never been done before.

As a devotee of complex industrial projects, he is very excited to have been involved in the construction of the Gemini Offshore Wind Park. Geert van Ek was approached by the Gemini organisation in late autumn So it was decided that the CEO should be supported by an overall project manager, and I was the lucky one to be asked to fulfil that role.

Thankfully, it fitted in perfectly with my schedule. You take your cue from the specifications and. If you pile pressure on yourself and give percent. The secret is to find a healthy way of working. That applies not just to me, but to everyone involved in the project. That was new for me too. Quite aside from the fact that I was used to showing my face. In a technical environment,.

In the background one of the export cables is carefully being laid. The cable was then carefully unreeled and laid on the seabed with the laying crew on board controlling the cable slack required to manage seabed unevenness and fluctuations. During the operation, the Jan Steen assisted with the special machine attached to the bow of the ship that dug the trenches in the sea bed into which the infield cables were laid.

Getting the job done: the Nexus Cable laying vessel Nexus is a remarkable piece of equipment. There, we have a land station full of transformers, where the electricity is converted to kilovolts so that it can be transported over longer distances. And a few kilometres further on, we have reserved a connection. An explanation. Spools and condensers are used to minimise electricity loss during transport.

The journey of the Gemini-wind power depicted in one small scheme. Starting from the single turbine and finally arriving at the Dutch powergrid — and from there on onwards to the thousands of households that receive this clean and renewable energy. Straight lines or waves? AC or DC: choosing between the currents It was one of the fundamental choices that had to be made for Gemini: whether to use alternating current AC or direct current DC.

A number of different. The fundamental difference between AC and DC is the direction of flow. DC is constant. When displayed in a graph, DC current looks like a flat line, whereas the flow of. The banks were also reluctant to invest in DC technology. Finally, both solutions were tendered, taking MW as a basic value. The seabed produces many surprises From above, the North Sea looks clear.

But what lies beneath the surface? Van Oord proceeded with care, laying the export and infield cables for the wind park. The main focus was on ensuring a safe route during the installation process. At a number of locations, explosives were found and skilfully removed by the Dutch navy. But also artefacts like this anchor were found and lifted from the seabed. Half-way through the cable route, horizontal directional drilling HDD was required in order to pass underneath existing cables running from the Netherlands to Denmark. Digging the trenches The infield cables had to be dug into the seabed of the North Sea to prevent damage by fishing nets, for example.

After the infield cable was laid on the seabed, a remotely operated vehicle ROV was deployed to initiate the burying of the cable. The ROV simultaneously trenched and guided the cable into place on the seabed. The cables then settled to the bottom of the 1. The infield cables available in different sizes Depending on the position of the wind turbine in the wind park, the infield cables vary in size. The more energy they must transport, the larger their dimensions. The illustrations display the process of laying the cables from Nexus. Thanks to the sophisticated equipment, the operations could even continue in the dark.

This material forms a rock pad approximately 30 metres in diameter and 1.

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This is a notoriously difficult task on offshore wind parks, and there is high chance of failure during both installation and operation. The mock-up was consistent with the overall Gemini strategy of tackling design issues onshore rather than on the offshore construction site which is often too late and costs much more. Design decisions based on this model included entering the monopile with a wide, free-flow entry hole instead of a sealed entry hole.

The infield cables that enter the monopiles and the OHVSs must be well protected. To avoid mechanical damage, they are equipped with a Cable Protection System CPS for the full stretch of unburied cable. This CPS was also tested on land before being installed offshore. The actual cable pull-in of the infield cables on site. Before this was executed, extensive testing ensured that the cables would not be damaged during the process. This turbine has a generating capacity of four megawatts and a rotor diameter of metres.

The design is a further advance on the popular SWT 3. The innovative aeroelastically tailored blade design absorbs gusts of high wind by twisting the blade and spilling some wind, allowing for greater energy capture, longer system lifetime and stable electricity flow to the customer. The Siemens 4. This technology enables longer rotor blades to be used, which.

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This wind turbine has a generating capacity of four megawatts and a rotor diameter of metres. The new design is a further advance on the popular SWT 3. Siemens also took the opportunity at the EWEA Conference to introduce its new platform concept for wind turbines. The objective of this platform strategy is to standardise and modularise the products. With its 4-megawatt output, the SWT 4. It utilises all the key technologies of the proven 3.

The nacelle and tower are advanced variants of the 3. How would you describe the level of collaboration with Gemini and the other partners? Were there any specific project components that needed particular attention? The expertise and engagement demonstrated during the project planning phase was remarkable. Cooperation with contractors Olivier Gaget kept the lines with Siemens short Van Oord and Siemens were selected as the two main contractors for the construction of the wind park.

Olivier Gaget was the person who had the most dealings with wind turbine supplier Siemens. First as the developer of the. They have the resources to get things done, to solve problems. It appears that Olivier has been active in the wind industry since I also took part in the contract negotiations with Siemens for the year service and maintenance agreement. Another advantage I enjoyed: I had worked on many Siemens operational wind parks beforehand. So I was familiar with the company I had to negotiate with. Always in close consultation with the other Gemini employees, such as the people responsible for quality control, installation and commissioning.

During the. All the technical documentation, manuals and certificates. Today, the Port of Esbjerg now has specialised facilities and flexible areas for transporting, pre-assembling, shipping and servicing offshore wind turbines. Eighty percent of the offshore wind capacity installed in Europe was shipped out from the Port of Esbjerg. In , MW of offshore wind capacity was shipped out from the port, in , MW was shipped out for Gemini alone. Trained as a mechanical engineer at Delft University of Technology, wind energy has been a recurring theme throughout his career.

And all the political parties can now see that too. By upscaling our 3. We also want to expand that working method to cover higher and intermediate vocational level HBO and. Molenaar helped draw up the service contract to be signed for a period of 15 years. That gave me goose bumps. The Siemens Supply Chain Considering the wide range of countries from which all the parts originate, building a state-of-the-art wind turbine is a real European undertaking. For example, the transformers are manufactured in Vienna Austria , but the blades come from Aalborg Denmark.

Finally, the assembly takes place in Denmark, after which the turbines are shipped out to sea from Esbjerg. What is his impression of Gemini, and what makes this project special? We did that with a team of seven people onshore and four offshore. And obviously we were in close contact every day with our.

The biggest challenge for Mick Hoyle and his team? Transported to the site of the wind park by the Pacific Osprey and the Aeolus, jack-up installation vessels specifically designed to work at offshore wind parks. The heart of each turbine is formed by the nacelle: the box-like cover that houses all the generating components, such as the generator, the drive train and the brake assembly.

In order to lower service costs and reduce working time, the nacelles have been specifically designed to make access and maintenance as easy as possible. On top, there is room for a crew drop-off by helicopter. Bringing it out to sea: the Aeolus and the Pacific Osprey The offshore installation vessel Aeolus, which was purpose-built to. The 1, ton leg-mounted main crane is capable of installing ton nacelles on top of turbine towers metres above the sea, and the 4,square metre heavy-duty cargo deck has space for up to twelve 3.

First power: a day to remember It was a long-awaited moment: the installation of the first turbines in. A real team player Maarten Bruggeman connects the contractors Maarten Bruggeman has been a Gemini man right from the start. He joined the company in September , partly in order to arrange the licences. As Commissioning Manager, he was responsible for making sure that the operation went smoothly. A job that he carried out with pleasure.

That distinguishes him from the specialists, who sometimes suffer from tunnel vision. While he first quite literally stood on the bridge among other things, he was a helmsman for the Holland. The entire organisation is geared to that, and Van Oord, with its years of experience at sea, is a master in that respect.

Gemini Wind Sculpture

The project has now Staying out of the way Bruggeman says that it was his job to enable Van Oord and Siemens to. What can take 10 years in a normal organisation can all happen to you in. The map also shows which turbines have already been commissioned and are generating electricity. In that context, 28 February had a special significance. The first electricity reached land. It was a real milestone: it meant that the installation concept had proved itself.

And there was the moment in mid-December Following the progress of the wind. Bart Hoefakker keeps the turbines turning The slight eastern-Netherlands accent reveals his origins, the lovely town of Kesteren in the Betuwe region. His compact team is busy ensuring as much electricity production as possible.

The result? Thousands of people lost their jobs. But once that was up and running I had reached a dead end. Considering that Gemini is his first wind park in the Netherlands, Jed Mawson joined the Gemini team two weeks after the financial close. This is my first Dutch wind project. The minute a vessel leaves Eemshaven, heading out to the wind park, the well-being of the workers is in sharp focus — and remains there.

General facts

Already very experienced with the operation and maintenance of offshore wind parks, Jed started working on Gemini when the actual physical construction of the wind park took off at full speed. And it came in handy since Siemens is one of our main contractors. We issue these permits every day, digitally. They specify who the people are and what they are doing on that day.

I must say, that was the biggest change we made for our contractors. The proof is there for all to see. There will be some risks, also in the next phase. The use of modern-day technologies helps to keep up this standard at work. And our system of work permits is also very important in that respect. Both onshore and offshore, no one is allowed to work on. An exciting challenge: Getting turbines to produce as much energy as possible. Where he could see for himself how the Gemini turbines are performing and which important points need to be taken into account during the operation and management phase.

From a few prototype wind turbines to the development of a complete wind park of 99 turbines in Wieringermeer. Based on my technical background, I chose the latter. I really love the work. Otherwise you run the risk of creating a divide between. This is because our activities include a very important financial component. We are a large producer that supplies electricity to the energy market on a daily basis. So accurate power forecasting is essential. We try to create the best possible plan every day. Inside, dedicated specialists keep a close eye on the Gemini operation.

Offshore, how does it feel? Balance of plant coordinator Guido de Groot has no problem with the lifestyle. In fact, he likes the variation. We took a peek in his well-filled diary. Never a dull moment. Sometimes life can be really strange. A computer scientist, a graduate in Robotics from the Universities of Groningen and Madrid, ends up at Gemini. I worked on the first Dutch offshore wind park there. Do all the jobs follow on.

So quiet! And so stable! I sleep better in my cabin than I do in an average hotel room. I also go with teams to the turbines. Then I check for all kinds of things. We put that in. Life offshore Every day, Guido de Groot is in contact with the office from the wind park. He also writes reports and sends them on to Amsterdam. It suits me, life at sea. Room for relaxation and good food: the conditions on board are excellent for the crew members.

A wide range of facilities make it possible to endure the sometimes harsh conditions of the North Sea. A home away from home. Operating from Eemshaven, this ship will transfer the crew members to the wind park. It provides accommodation for 60 people in single cabins, of which 40 are dedicated to service technicians. Getting there by vessel and by helicopter The maintenance crews can reach the wind park in various ways. The Siemens vessel Windea la Cour can convey dozens of technicians to the site.

Helicopters can be used when more speed is required; they can land on one of the OHVSs and. The distance to the shore, for example, meant that at least two hours of sailing would be needed to reach the site in good weather conditions. Luckily, new developments in the transport market offered new opportunities. At the same time as Gemini was being developed, new generations of Crew Transfer Vessels were on their way, delivering higher speeds and improved workability.

Furthermore, hotel vessels became available, as well as direct transfer systems. Helicopter access was also an option to be considered. For each of the turbines, a traditional boat landing with a davit crane is possible. On top of that, there are landing facilities for all known types of direct transfer systems on three sides of the main platform. Finally, every turbine has a helicopter drop-off platform. This saves construction and operational costs.

Walk to work The Walk to Work system devised by German company Ampelmann proved to be very useful for the Gemini operation. Bad weather conditions can make it difficult to get onto or off a platform or wind turbine. Every offshore asset poses its own challenges. By creating direct access for people and cargo, the number of personnel on board can be increased, thereby optimising the logistical flow of offshore projects. The Ampelmann Walk to Work solution ultimately extended the weather window because workability increased significantly in high waves.

What does that mean for Groningen Seaports? Former CEO Harm. Not just for the wind parks, but also for Groningen Seaports. We also provided lodgings for people from the Gemini project organisation for two years; we found a great location for them. We The Noorderpoort College in Delfzijl has developed. An impressive accomplishment; the work of hundreds of dedicated engineers, technicians and builders. In the decades to come, Gemini will supply hundreds of thousands of households with clean, renewable energy.

More offshore wind parks will follow in the near future. The focus of this 21st annual climate change conference was our planets future for generations to come. It is now clear to all of us: in order to combat further global warming, the supply of energy needs to take a radically different form. The aim of the summit in Paris was to achieve. They agreed on a resolution for the climate change summit, stating that Europe will contribute.

For example, 25, wind At the end of the summit, countries committed themselves to this. The con-. New wind parks on the horizon Dutch government opts for more offshore wind The Dutch Government wants 14 percent of all the energy we use in the Netherlands to be generated by renewable sources by By , that figure must have risen to 16 percent.

In the run-up to the Dutch General Election in. In addition, construction of the Borssele wind park, off the coast of Zeeland, will start in the next years. This wind park is divided into four In , megawatts of electricity were generated by offshore tur-. To keep the flow going, it is important to designate the locations where new wind parks can be realised in good time. The Government is now. The turbines can be built there in a concentrated way so that there is also enough space for other users on the North Sea, such as shipping or fishing. In order to create enough space for all the.

These are the people and companies that made it all possible. We could not have done this without their skills and perseverance. Thank you all! Disclaimer Although every effort was made to find the copyright holders for the photographs and illustrations used, it has not been possible to trace them all. Interested parties are requested to contact the publisher. A story of wind turbines in the sea This is the Big Gemini Book. In , Gemini Wind Park got the green light when the Dutch government granted the permits for the project.

Eight years later the project is completely finished and ready for the operational phase. The joint effort by shareholders Northland Power Inc. Gemini consists of cables, foundations, two Offshore High Voltage Stations, a Land High Voltage Station and turbines: all of these elements are important and deserve a place in this book. The same also applies to the people who have been building the park. Several hundred people have been working on this project, on- and offshore. This book is a tribute to their skill and perseverance.

Together they built a wind park that for decades to come will supply almost That is truly living on wind. A story of wind turbines in the sea. This is the Big Gemini Book. It portrays the people responsible for the wind park as well as the wi See More. The same also applies to the people who have been building the park, in a workplace — How it all started 9 the North Sea — that can sometimes be inhospitable. We had to finish. The project is unique for its MW capacity; the project achieved our goal: installing a massive power plant in the middle of financing, which was the largest ever seen for an offshore wind project; the North Sea - in less than three years.

From my perspective, power plant that will deliver clean energy for decades to come. The project has been a tremendous team effort, and therefore, a team Countless national and international stakeholders have worked closely success. Several hundred people worked on this project, both on- and and constructively to make Gemini a success: the Dutch government, offshore, often in harsh environments. Their safety and welfare have who set the vision; the four shareholders; the two main contractors, been our top priority, and together we have succeeded in working more Van Oord and Siemens, with their various subcontractors; the grid than 3 million man-hours with an exemplary safety record.

The Gemini team is proud to offer you this book, which highlights the huge scope of the project, and describes some of the challenges encoun- The Gemini project has had numerous highlights like executing a com- tered and how they were overcome. The construction of the entire Matthias Haag, CEO Gemini electrical system offshore, including two jackets and platforms - and especially the installation and burial of the export cable - was another highlight; as was the construction of the high voltage land station in Eemshaven.

By the end of , all wind turbines had been commissioned, and most documentation and operations were handed over from the Gemini Wind Park 5 Safe - On Time - Within Budget Gemini: a success story! Windmills set in green pastures are Dutch icons and symbols powering the sawmills that were central to the shipbuilding industry. From the fifteenth In that sense, the windmill was very much at the heart of the Dutch century through to the mids, with a massive network of windmills nation.

For centuries, by applying human inventiveness the Dutch have the Dutch applied their vision and craftsmanship to harnessing the lived and prospered on wind like nobody else. And now, with the end of generous energy of the wind and shaping a better future. In doing this, fossil fuel in sight the development of wind parks is an important new the Dutch windmills boosted the well-being of individuals, communities, chapter in this tradition.

To minimize the potential impact and install MPs and transition pieces that construction noise could have on TPs , as well as towers, nacelles and wildlife, project crews implemented a blades. Aeolus can be jacked above sea sound mitigation protocol that includ- level on four legs, can work in water ed deploying acoustic deterrents and depths to 55 m and can install three slowly ramping up pile-driving activity MPs and TPs before returning to port at each MP location. This electrical interconnection cable was material forms a rock pad approxi- laid. A protection system safeguards mately 30 m in diameter and 1.

The deep that prevents erosion around cable enters the MP and was raised the MP. The ROV through natural sedimentation within simultaneously trenched and guided a few days. They each 2 The TP was seated and adjusted until aggregate the electricity produced its verticality was confirmed; grouting by 75 wind turbines, transform the then solidified the 5-m joint connecting power from 33 kV to kV and then the TP to the MP. The cable was carefully unreeled and laid onto the seabed with 5 the laying crew on board controlling 10 9 the cable slack required to manage seabed unevenness and fluctuations.

First the tower some wind, allowing for greater energy within GPS coordinates. Each cus- 40 m into the seabed while engineers was lifted on and bolted to the TP. Service technicians can enter the assisted by a second smaller crane. As astronomical tide. Each MP is tapered. Once all the main parts above the nacelle or through conven- location was adjusted to within centi- to 7 m, while the top narrows to had been installed, the electrical cables tional tower access where a gangway metres of the GPS location. Gemini Wind Park 11 15 12 15 The land station is transforming the electricity from the export cables to a higher voltage kV and is connecting the wind park to the TenneT high-voltage grid.

Gemini is producing enough electricity to power more than 11 The joining of the export cable 12 The nearshore cable-laying barge, , Dutch households, which is sections has been executed on a spe- Vetag 8, was used to carry the export roughly equal to the total population of cialized vessel, the MPB Scheldeoord. Each and Rottumeroog en route to the land joint took a crew of four up to five days station.

The vessel is non-propelled, to complete. It has been designed specifically to minimize impact on ecologically sensitive coastal areas and has been approved for use as part of an environmentally conscious cable-laying 13 On location, the crew spooled the Nessie II.

With two 2.

Gemini Horoscope: About The Gemini Zodiac Sign

The Nessie V ground pressure, which reduced the is a cable transporter that reeled off environmental impact of cable-laying the export cable directly ahead of the in soft soil conditions. NPI is a power producer dedicat- firm, a Dutch privately owned marine contractor and a publicly-owned ed to developing, building, owning and operating clean utility company. Each of them provided Gemini with valuable knowledge and and green power projects in Canada, Europe and other enthusiastic team members that would make Gemini a success. Time to get to selected jurisdictions. The mission: intelligent energy for a know the partners a bit better.

Since then, it has achieved remarkable for a project of such scale and relevance. Northland Power lead the growth, currently operating facilities that generate construction and operations, with Van Oord designated as main 1, MW of electricity, with an additional MW contractor for the entire installation, and Siemens supplying Gemini MW net to Northland of generating capacity un- with wind turbines, as well as carrying out maintenance on these. The NPI-operations and cash flows are HVC brought vast renewable energy experience, generated via their diversified over four geographically separate regions and contacts with various Dutch provinces and municipalities.

As well as the four partners, a large number of contractors and Publicly traded since , the NPI common shares trade providers was involved in this major engineering feat. Using The senior leadership and management has over proven state-of-the-art technologies to deliver energy in a clean, safe years of combined experience in the energy industry, with and effective way, all parties worked closely together to deliver and an average tenure at Northland of 13 years.

By being open and honest, they build mutual trust and Siemens respect. Van Oord is a family-owned business that offers HVC Energy systems are changing — fundamentally and fast. Safety, sustainability and con- HVC is a leading utility company for municipalities and The importance of individual energy sources and options tinuity go hand in hand in this respect. It takes an interest water boards. The mission is to help participating govern- for power generation are changing, as are the ways in in the value chain, which extends from suppliers to clients. Power The growing world population needs more space, and the materials, waste management and renewable energy.

The increase in HVC chooses solutions with the highest possible environ- ing grid management increasingly complex. Electricity con- world trade requires more and better port facilities; at the mental yield for an acceptable cost, with financial revenues sumption is continuing to rise steadily all over the world. The focus is on locally available Meeting these challenges requires cutting-edge products We provide innovative solutions for these worldwide mari- resources and complementary sources outside the HVC and services that cover the entire energy value chain.

Spe- time challenges, both now and in future. Van Oord believes service area. HVC uses its entrepreneurship to translate cifically, it calls for a comprehensive portfolio of physical it is important to innovate and work together with the government objectives into concrete solutions. Innovation, and digital technologies, products and solutions that allow clients, both during the tendering stage and during project creativity and cooperation are our core values. HVC as a us to actively build our energy future. The Siemens portfo- execution. In all tendering procedures and projects, the socially committed organisation operates in the heart of lio ranges from state-of-the-art compressors, turbines and company investigates ways of completing the project more society, committed to education and open communication generators to virtual power plants, intelligent grid man- effectively, faster or at lower cost.

The Van Oord centre of about the activities and environmental performances. How did this Gemini is our first offshore wind project. So we had to be sure we were Canadian independent power producer end up investing in the North Sea? And comfortable with the idea. In — for Germany, which is also under construction. With Gem- with the various emotions in a proper and respectful way.

How would will soon be derived from offshore wind energy. They installed the foundations and wind sterdam and one of the production sites. The hard Gemini team working for the ownership group for their diligence and work of the Gemini team is evident, based on the results to date.

Keep up the great work! It has qualities that really make it unique. And the fact that gave the project a real push forward. Before Gemini, our delivered experience; we had already completed several projects. And largest participation in projects like this was in wind parks that could we brought comfort to the entire group of investors in the sense that produce MW. So Gemini is setting a new standard in that sense. That gave everybody confidence. All of that has changed. Obviously we had to negotiate, development? For the sector as a to get the action up and running.

It means that offshore wind is to us, but we quickly understood that they too were convinced of our quickly maturing.

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  8. The fact that the price of renewable energy is going unifying goal: to get this immense logistical effort successfully on track. The operation is on schedule. We also recruited lots of qualified people who brought their Van Oord is the EPC contractor for Gemini and also one of the shareholders. Added over ten years. Based on our Balance of Plant scope In terms of technology, laying two export cables and burying them in Van Oord is constructing the complete park, excluding delivery of the the mudflats was the most difficult part of the whole project for us. In that respect, we also learned a lot and The year when the foundations and cables were laid.

    For Gemini, we very well. The challenge is to manage complex projects and risks What makes Van Oord so suitable for a project like this? It was a useful and inter- important step in the development was that we purchased a complete esting introduction. Former CEO park, they can still achieve their environmental objectives. The result can in itself lead to new initiatives, but there are also municipalities that have already said they want to look for sustainable energy generation closer HVC, which became successful as a waste, raw material and sustainable to home.

    For example, with small-scale solar farms or heating projects. PZEM formerly fully to offshore wind. Municipalities and water authorities can also take known as Delta passes on 15 percent of the green electricity. We also use our own exper- Support from local councillors tise in the business. Given the fact that NPI is new on the Dutch market and phase when we were looking for a main investor to get the project off that Siemens is operating from London, together with Van Oord HVC is the ground. Skip to content. Gemini Wind Sculpture Description Built to generate joy, the Gemini Wind Sculpture is responsive to the slightest breeze, yet also designed to endure gale-force winds.

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    The German defense minister was grilled by Green, Socialist, and free-market liberals as she faces an uphill battle to secure the European Commission presidency. Many are unhappy with the process of her nomination. Descendants of Jewish escapees from the Nazis have been denied German citizenship, despite constitutional guarantees of their right to it.

    Individuals in the UK are considering a legal case against the German government. More info OK. Wrong language? Change it here DW. COM has chosen English as your language setting. COM in 30 languages. Deutsche Welle. Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter. Business Gemini wind farm goes online off Dutch coast The Netherlands has opened the world's second largest offshore wind farm, with turbines spinning in action in the North Sea, substantially reducing the country's carbon footprint and enhancing its energy security.

    Working on the edge of offshore wind power. Siemens lands mega wind turbine deal in the Netherlands In the biggest deal that Siemens' Energy Services Division has ever secured, the German company said it would supply a large contingent of wind turbines for an offshore farm off the Dutch coast and provide maintenance. Renewable energy use surges in Germany over weekend According to an industry report, energy from renewable sources provided higher-than-average power over the weekend.