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  1. Eris (mythology)
  2. Discordia and Eris OC's by Bluebarnowl on DeviantArt
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She found him bloody and beaten in a cave high in the wastelands. She finished him off quickly, but was disappointed by the lack of strength he showed. In search of worthy prey, she stalked the overworld until the Vel'Vloz'ress hunting party caught up with her. They brought her back to the Vel'Vloz'ress fortress alive, despite the fact that Sene'kha had died along the way. Kiel'ndia Vel'Vloz'ress , who had taken over the clan in Sene'kha's absence, decided against moving forward on the demon-god plan and had offered a reward for the shard.

Instead, Sene'kha's group ferreted Discordia away to a set of ruins near the Vloz'ress fortress.

Eris (mythology)

Intent on summoning the old demon with or without Sene'kha, they set up camp with Discordia help captive. In the years that followed, Discordia was nourished but restrained by the Vloz'ress faction. Her captors are waiting for a chance to strike back at Kiel'ndia in order to put Discordia to use. They have brought her back to the Vloz'ress lands, taking advantage of Kiel's absence. The one who killed me, the one I shall devour! This article reflects events up to Chapter Jump to: navigation , search.

Moonless Age character. Race: Demon.

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Vel'Vloz'ress Clan. Hidden categories: Memorial for the Dead Can be featured.

Discordia and Eris OC's by Bluebarnowl on DeviantArt

Page Discussion View source History. So, after all, there was not one kind of Strife alone, but all over the earth there are two. As for the one, a man would praise her when he came to understand her; but the other is blameworthy: and they are wholly different in nature. For one fosters evil war and battle, being cruel: her no man loves; but perforce, through the will of the deathless gods, men pay harsh Strife her honour due. But the other is the elder daughter of dark Night Nyx , and the son of Cronus [i.

Zeus ] who sits above and dwells in the aether , set her in the roots of the earth: and she is far kinder to men. She stirs up even the shiftless to toil; for a man grows eager to work when he considers his neighbour, a rich man who hastens to plough and plant and put his house in good order; and neighbour vies with his neighbour as he hurries after wealth.

This Strife is wholesome for men. And potter is angry with potter, and craftsman with craftsman and beggar is jealous of beggar, and minstrel of minstrel. In Hesiod's Theogony — , Strife, the daughter of Night, is less kindly spoken of as she brings forth other personifications as her children:. Strife whose wrath is relentless, she is the sister and companion of murderous Ares, she who is only a little thing at the first, but thereafter grows until she strides on the earth with her head striking heaven.


She then hurled down bitterness equally between both sides as she walked through the onslaught making men's pain heavier. She also has a son whom she named Strife. Enyo is mentioned in Book 5, and Zeus sends Strife to rouse the Achaeans in Book 11, of the same work.

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  • The most famous tale of Eris recounts her initiating the Trojan War by causing the Judgement of Paris. The goddesses Hera , Athena and Aphrodite had been invited along with the rest of Olympus to the forced wedding of Peleus and Thetis , who would become the parents of Achilles , but Eris had been snubbed because of her troublemaking inclinations. The hapless Paris , Prince of Troy , was appointed to select the fairest by Zeus.

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    The goddesses stripped naked to try to win Paris's decision, and also attempted to bribe him. Hera offered political power; Athena promised infinite wisdom; and Aphrodite tempted him with the most beautiful woman in the world: Helen , wife of Menelaus of Sparta. While Greek culture placed a greater emphasis on prowess and power, Paris chose to award the apple to Aphrodite, thereby dooming his city, which was destroyed in the war that ensued.

    In Nonnus 's Dionysiaca , 2. Another story of Eris includes Hera, and the love of Polytekhnos and Aedon. They claimed to love each other more than Hera and Zeus were in love. This angered Hera, so she sent Eris to wreak discord upon them. Polytekhnos was finishing off a chariot board, and Aedon a web she had been weaving.

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    Eris said to them, "Whosoever finishes thine task last shall have to present the other with a female servant! But Polytekhnos was not happy by his defeat, so he came to Khelidon, Aedon's sister, and raped her. He then disguised her as a slave, presenting her to Aedon.

    When Aedon discovered this was indeed her sister, she chopped up Polytekhnos's son and fed him to Polytekhnos. The gods were not pleased, so they turned them all into birds. Eris has been adopted as the patron deity of the modern Discordian religion, which was begun in the late s by Gregory Hill and Kerry Wendell Thornley under the pen names of " Malaclypse the Younger " and "Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst".

    The Discordian version of Eris is considerably lighter in comparison to the rather malevolent Graeco-Roman original, wherein she is depicted as a positive albeit mischievous force of chaotic creation. A quote from the Principia Discordia , the first holy book of Discordianism, attempts to clear up the matter:. One day Mal-2 consulted his Pineal Gland and asked Eris if She really created all of those terrible things. She told him that She had always liked the Old Greeks, but that they cannot be trusted with historic matters. Suffice it to say that Eris is not hateful or malicious.

    But she is mischievous, and does get a little bitchy at times. The story of Eris being snubbed and indirectly starting the Trojan War is recorded in the Principia , and is referred to as the Original Snub.

    The Principia Discordia states that her parents may be as described in Greek legend, or that she may be the daughter of Void.