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The story of Keli Lane and her missing baby Tegan

  1. She’s More Than Just The ‘Nice Girl’ | Thought Catalog
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  4. The Myth of the Nice Girl: Achieving a Career You Love Without Becoming a Person You Hate

She’s More Than Just The ‘Nice Girl’ | Thought Catalog

Often, authors go the abbreviated route and give them a Dark and Troubled Past triggered by a Berserk Button. Either way, you can expect their niceness to be in spite of whatever tragedy or drama is in their lives; kind of an equal and opposite reaction to it. If done too suddenly, it implies a level of secrecy and acting that a Stepford Smiler would be jealous of. When done well, a more troubled character will rebuff their advice or friendship with "What do you know?

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You've never had X happen to you! Furthermore, the Nice Guy trope can overlap with Innocently Insensitive , in which case the character can be just as insufferable at times as the Jerk with a Heart of Gold or even the Jerkass , but not at all mean-spirited like them.

However, if the setting is comedic with many Chew Toys around, you can't always count on them to be the sympathetic ones.

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Another trait Nice Guys often exhibit is being Easily Impressed. Most people like to be complimented or appreciated so writers will often give the Nice Guy low standards to give a mediocre or upset character a boost in morale. Unfortunately, doing this will often make them incredibly reckless or inflate their ego a bit too much. Occasionally, however, the treatment goes the other way around: Perhaps in a world set upon Black and Grey Morality , and Gray and Grey Morality , this Nice Guy actually stands out because he IS a Nice Guy, he doesn't have the excuse to be cynical or mean, nor does he need to have a tragic backstory.

He's that nice, friendly and helpful Conversely, the Dogged Nice Guy trope may be in play if he has Unrequited Love , but note that that trope overlaps with people who act "nice" as a means to an end, which a real Nice Guy in this sense wouldn't do.

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Usually, the result of Upbringing Makes the Hero. Though watch out if you've pressed his Berserk Button. If the villain is a Nice Guy in spite of his evil deeds, then he qualifies as Affably Evil.

Super-Trope to Nice Jewish Boy , when the nice guy in question is, well, Jewish , to the delight of potential Jewish mothers-in-law. See also, Adaptational Nice Guy. Fortunately, this one trope has many Truth in Television examples.

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So many, in fact, that there's no need in listing them here, thanks in advance. Note: This trope is referring to genuinely nice guys. Community Showcase More. Why did Keli keep her pregnancies and births secret -- and how could her family and friends not know? Nice Girl explores all these questions and more, revealing a dark and bizarre story of secrets and lies.

Rachael Jane Chin is a qualified solicitor who worked as a journalist for the Australian Financial Review until she decided to freelance.

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The Myth of the Nice Girl: Achieving a Career You Love Without Becoming a Person You Hate

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