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The ending is 'spectacular' in it's own right! You'll have to read it to find out Sep 23, Dominique Goodall rated it really liked it. I just sat and read Ascension in one go, and I loved it! The rare spelling mistake made me cringe, but not knowing the actual ending was enough to make me want to growl lol. I loved the reveal of the Countess and the valid reason behind her hatred for the Gryphon's Conduit. I enjoyed the fact that everyone finally sees Celeste as the heroine - and the sadness with Alec, Caleb and Rowan is enough to make you want a fifth book!

Jan 19, Jackie rated it really liked it. After being pulled into the story by the first 3 books, this has a different feel from those first 3. Things are buzzing a long in this book really fast, so many mysteries are revealed, some are big surprises, others are big let downs. Some stupid mistakes are made, that were just sad. I really wanted something different than what was written. So for me the ending was very disappointing. It also felt like it was rushed, like the author just wanted to be done with it or something. But I guess I was kind of feeling that way myself.

So the memory wipe seemed appropriate for her, but also made the closure worse off. This book can definitely be left as an ending to a series if you want to be done with it, but then the author wrote 2 more books after this, not sure how they will play into the series. Good versus evil Celeste has been told one to many lies. Now she finds out that the father they loved and buried 2 years ago is alive as a Council member.

Celeste is in for the fight of her life to save her town and the ones she loves. A epic show down. Feb 18, Sabrina Roy rated it it was amazing Shelves: books. I truly love this series it is so good.

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It will be interesting to see how the last three novellas play this all out. Wow This one was another emotion tugger, it has it's quirks, that's what makes the characters so likeable. I just need to dive into the next book, well after some sleep. Oct 08, J. Cintron rated it it was amazing. This was amazing I need more. Jan 20, Lesley rated it it was amazing.

A few grammatical errors, but still a great story and a great continuation of the series. Plot: When we left off in Sacrifice, Gabe and Alaina had just gotten married, Sophia was killed, and Rowan betrayed Celeste, leaving her to die at the hands of a bunch of gnomes. In Ascension, Celeste is forced to make several decisions. The history lesson, combined with another huge revelation, makes her w 4. The history lesson, combined with another huge revelation, makes her wonder if she can believe in the Council.

Her loyalties are further tested when she has to decide between helping Barnabus, who promises to reunite her with Caleb, or defeating him and securing the return of Alec. To make matters worse, Rowan reappears claiming to be on her side. Celeste has to choose which side to take in the battle, determine who can actually help her, and decide who to trust throughout the process. Characters: Poor Celeste…. She has the weight of the world on her shoulders. She remains strong with the help of her incredible family members and friends, but circumstances arise that divide the family, so we have to wait to see how strong their bonds really are to each other.

Big Mike and Terin pledge their support, and the Dark Army Glee Club offers to fight with Celeste and provide lots of comic relief for the readers. The Countess is still the big bad or biggest bad in this case , but we find out why she hates the Gryphon so much. I actually felt a little sorry for her for about three seconds. While we know that Celeste will make the right choice about the battle, her romantic choices are much less clear.

Rowan is back, and like Celeste, we find it hard to trust him after his last betrayal. Even if she does, is it worth letting go of Caleb? I love both guys, but if I had to choose, I would kick Rowan to the curb in a heartbeat. There is also a major new character who helps Celeste understand why certain things have happened in her life and why she was chosen to be the conduit. As an additional bonus, even though there were some grammatical errors, the editing was much cleaner than in the previous installments.

The Bottom Line: Ascension was pretty awesome. The final battle was incredible; it reminded me of the high school graduation in the Buffy TV series. I thought it was more of a conclusion with a hint of what the future holds. Rourke said that she was writing more about the Garretts, but that her new books would focus on different characters. Regardless, because the ending is so abstract, I think both Caleb lovers and Rowan lovers will read what they want into it, so everyone will be happy. Nov 02, Lynn Worton rated it it was amazing. This is the fourth book in the acclaimed Gryphon series.

Where do I start? Celeste Garrett is a fantastic character! She is wittily sarcastic, and her mouth tends to get into trouble, but I really love this person! She is the Conduit for the Gryphon, and has had to make some extremely difficult decisions to save those she loves.

Now she has to make a choice between what she wants and her destiny. Which one will she chose? I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this book, because I absolutely love this series! The story continues on from the end of Sacrifice and see's our heroine facing an even more challenging situation. Her heart is still heavy from losing the love of her life, and from being betrayed by one she thought to be on her side. Meanwhile, the Garrett clan are their usual selves, but I think that Gabe has grown into a wonderful man. Not that he wasn't before, but he has matured into his role as a guardian and protector.

Kendall is still a girly girl, but she too has grown up slightly. Grams is a formidable woman, and I love her eccentricities. She may look garish, but she has a heart of gold under her bizarre attire or lack of in some cases! The Dark Army Glee Club make another appearance and had me giggling at their antics. There are some surprising twists in this tale that kept me hooked from beginning to end.

This book took me on an emotional rollercoaster ride! One moment I was laughing at a witty comment, the next I was in tears due to something happening. There is an amazing battle scene that completely enthralled me! This is a fantastic tale full of intrigue, love and betrayal that is wrapped up in the guise of a YA romance. I don't know if there will be another book in the series, but I sure hope so because the ending still left me wanting more! Stacey Rourke is one of my favourite authors. I love her writing style, which is fast paced and extremely fluid.

She has truly turned me into a Condu-Nut! I look forward to reading more of her books in the future. I HIGHLY recommend this book and series if you love witty, sarcastic YA Romances filled with an array of various magical and mystical beings, namely lions, angels, gnomes, dragons, centaurs, demons and of course! Jan 30, Veronica of V's Reads rated it it was amazing Shelves: quick-read , ya-romance , ya-adventure , paranormal-romance , paranormal , urban-fantasy.

In this 4th book in the Gryphon series, we catch up with Celeste and her band of shapeshifting comrades on the brink of war. The Countess is back, and she wants the Gryphon dead. In this episode we actually learn WHY! The demon Barnabus is willing to assist Celeste to defeat the Countess's army, but how much can you trust a demon, really? I mean, every demon she's ever put faith in has double-crossed her lookin In this 4th book in the Gryphon series, we catch up with Celeste and her band of shapeshifting comrades on the brink of war. I mean, every demon she's ever put faith in has double-crossed her looking squarely at you, Rowan!

Except Caleb isn't lost. He's mortal, but back. And ho ho! Her dad's back too! As the Council Master. It's a freak-out supreme when they meet which leads to imprisonment of her sister Kendall and her new sister-in-law Alaina on the Spirit Plane. Down two comrades, and with Rowan apologetically hounding her steps, Celeste does the one thing she can--destroys one of her enemies.

With one army down, she can focus on the looming battle with the other. Some clever scheming later and she gets more help than she ever expects--defectors from the demonic side, as well as the phoenix conduit, Talia. And the Gryphon is raging at the Spirit Council's lack of support. He knows the danger Celeste is in--and funnels into her all the power she can handle in the effort to win the day for good.

Of course, doing so might just render Celeste unable to live in the human world--much like Talia. It's a great capper to this series. A solid ending that actually satisfies, while leaving the door open for another book down the road. I'd say more, but I don't want to spoil. I'd recommend this book and series to any YA reader who likes urban fantasy, paranormal romance, squeaky-clean romance and fast-paced adventure tales.

Sep 23, Alicia Marietta rated it it was amazing. Were do I begin? In the 4th installment of the Gryphon series Celeste is still longing for her handsome Irishman Caleb. Just when she's getting ready to pay her respect to her fallen friend, Rowan walks back into her life, ready to stand by her side till the end. Once she arrives on the Spirit Plane with her loved ones, Celeste is slapped with a shocking truth. As the story begins to unfold, will Were do I begin?

As the story begins to unfold, will it be to much for her to handle? When Celeste gets a glimpse of the past and learns why the Countess is so full of hate, especially for the Gryphon, will it change how she views the Countess? With Gainesboro come under attack, Celeste bans together with some unlikely allies, including the Dark Army Glee Club members but has her family left her to fight this one on her own?

Will Celeste be able to defeat the Countess or has her luck finally ran out? As with every other book in the Gryphon series there are so many twist, turns, ups, downs, laughs and tears. Stacey has a natural ability to write in a way that pulls you in from the first words and keeps you entangled in the story until the very last mark on the page. You certainly won't regret buying Ascension. My only advice - grab your favorite drink, get comfy and make sure you won't have any interruptions for a few hours as you get lost in another fantastic book from Stacey! Feb 05, Toi Thomas rated it it was amazing Shelves: mythology , paranormal , reviewed , funny.

This book begins just where the 3rd one left off. Celeste and the whole clan are an absolute hot mess, but they still manage to have a few laughs. While the Council can no longer be counted on, The Conduit and her posse will stand strong and save the day, or die trying. There is so much going on in the story that to try to sum it up would only confuse you and do no justice to this amazing story. Le This book begins just where the 3rd one left off.

Let me go ahead and warn you now that friends and enemies will die in the greatest battle Celeste could have ever imagined. This is the most serious and emotional book in this series, but like I said the laughs are still there, even up to point of making movie references while charging into battle.

This book is just how this series should end. I am happy! Jul 04, S. Diane rated it it was amazing. This was an excellent continuation of the Gryphon series. In the fourth book, Celeste has grown and continues to learn more about the past history of the Gryphon. There are many sad moments that invite the reader to look at things from a different way as Celeste struggles with deciding what is right and whose side to join.

Though it all lies on her shoulders as the Conduit, she learns that she needs to believe in her friends and family and that they are there to help her as well. I loved how the This was an excellent continuation of the Gryphon series. I loved how the book had just enough romance to keep the reader wondering, but still frustrating enough because Celeste is in such a position to decide who she wants to be with.

This book had a great deal of action and heartache in it and it brings the reader even further into the world of the Gryphon. It was exciting to see things from the spirit plane and what is awaiting them at the end of their journey. I especially loved how the book leaves the reader wondering what will happen with Celeste now that the war is over. Nov 26, Dawn Liddle rated it it was amazing.

First off I would just like to say that this have become one of my favourite series that I have read, but this book is the best of the bunch I enjoyed it so much. I mean where do I start…. Well like all the other books this one starts where the last has finished Celeste has a choice to make trust Barnabus or try to say Alec and get Caleb swoon back herself. He vows that he will be at her side now no matter what and also to the end. They continue to train and the celeste makes a little mistake that brings the battle to the forefront. Will Celeste get her team back?

And living out loud. And then she falls in love with James, the boy downstairs, who shows her that her life is worth living in the present. Angie is in search of answers. But after discovering that her mother has been lying to her, Angie sets off on a road trip in search of an unknown uncle — and maybe even her dad. When a twist of fate forces Princess Lira to kill one of her own, the Sea Queen transforms Lira into the one thing they loathe most — a human.

She promises to help him find the key to destroying all of sirenkind for good. But can he trust her? She is your classically studious, responsible, clearheaded, career-focused girl. The sort of girl whose exam revision timetable is fully colour-coded and always triple checked. And then she accidentally thinks she is dying of some terminal illness the perils of believing all you read on Google.

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But is this starring role her true worth, or is love worth more than a penny for an electrifying kiss? An intoxicating and atmospheric coming-of-age story set in the filth and thrill of a travelling show during the height of the Georgian Enlightenment. This book sings. For her new friend Tanyaradzwa, battling problems of her own, hope is the only reason to keep fighting. Then re-read it immediately. A bracing pace, a slew of far-flung locations, and a storyline that runs mostly in reverse will keep readers on their toes, never entirely sure of what these girls are responsible for or capable of.

Four hours later he realised how much he actually hated archaeology and left to pursue a very focused career as a musician, ombudsman, interaction designer, fight choreographer, teacher, project manager, actor, product strategist and writer. Sebastien lives in Vancouver with his lovely wife and two belligerent cats. Follow Sebastien at www. Written by debut author and Foyles bookseller Chloe Coles, Bookshop Girl is the first in a new laugh-out-loud and sparky teen series that will make you want to rush out and start your own bookshop campaign!

Now in her twenties, she has worked in bookselling since the age of sixteen, squeezing it in around school and university and other jobs. All of her hair is her own. People ask her about that. A lot. They want to have fun, but they want to focus on work. Except with each other. And when a secret from their first year comes out, it looks as if some of them might not be completing university, never mind the list.

As fourteen-year-old Ella begins her first day at work she steps into a world of silks, seams, scissors, pins, hems and trimmings. She is a dressmaker, but this is no ordinary sewing workshop. Hers are no ordinary clients. Ella has joined the seamstresses of Birkenau-Auschwitz, as readers may recognise it. Every dress she makes could mean the difference between life and death. If God most High had not protected my heart, I would have given up the ghost due to its awesomeness.

I suspected that one of its leaps was greater than from the earth to this place. It stopped for a moment and shook. A trembling overtook my body. I lowered my head, calmed down a moment, took a look, and my body stopped [trembling]. I no longer saw rafraf or a single angel, nor did I hear a single whisper.

God strengthened my heart and lifted the veil off my heart. I looked, and I saw God Himself, without visible characteristic or attribute. My heart became astonished. I could neither speak nor move. If I remain silent, that is not polite. A drop fell onto my tongue, sweeter than honey, better smelling than musk, and colder than snow. I swallowed it, and my heart became strong. Knowledge and wisdom entered my heart. My tongue became articulate.

I thought that there would never be a gift greater than this; let me procure a sign of this greeting for my community. When the time of blessing arrives, We will give you the most complete blessing, and, when the time of devotions arrives, I will make the fewest acts of worship from them suffice. Rather, I will always shower them with mercy. Rather, when I forgive them, I will bury their sins in the earth. You ordered the angels to bow down to him, and You brought him into Paradise. You granted him the Tablets, and You spoke with him. What did you grant me? Although I ordered some angels to bow down to him, I made all angels pray for you.

Although I brought him into Paradise and threw him out again, I will bring your community into paradise and will never throw them out. Although I made the fire of the world cold for him [Abraham], I made the fire of hell cold for you and for your community. Although I spoke with Moses, it was at Mount Sinai. I speak with you f. Although I resurrected the dead by the prayer of Jesus, I resurrected one hundred thousand hearts dead from disbelief thanks to your blessing. That which I granted you, I did not grant to anyone or to any prophets.

I made booty religiously permissible to you and your community. Within one month, I placed the fear of you into the heart of your enemies. I made your book the most glorious of books. I also joined your name to My Own name. I made your laws abrogate all laws, and I made your community the best of communities. I take those prayers as recompense for the sins of your community. The knowledge of the first and the last was acquired by his heart. After that, they never asked him something which he could not answer. He presented the blessings of paradise to me.

God ornamented this paradise as He desired f. I saw that it is a palace: faultless, perfect, and adorned with h. Its soil was of ambergris and musk, and its gravel of pearl. Thrones and seats were placed there; these were decorated with fine and coarse silk, as well as silk brocade.

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I saw that the foundations of paradise were encrusted with pearls and gems. The trees had roots of chrysolite and trunks of gold. The trees bear the fruit of silken garments and h. I saw trees [of such an enormous size] in paradise that if a rider on an Arabian horse gallops underneath the shadow of the smallest leaf for one hundred years, he will not reach its end. And if a crow lays an egg on a leaf and the chick begins to fly and flies until it grows old, it will still not have reached its edge.

Those rivers never peter out and their colour and taste never change. Neither is the milk from the breasts [of a woman] nor is the honey from the mouth of a bee. Instead of mud, these rivers are of musk and ambergris, and the plants are of cornelian, saffron, and chrysolite. Their stones are of agate and their gravel of pearls.

There are trees at every pool into which the rivers of paradise flow. Faces like h. The believer looks at them and his desire for them enters his heart. At that instant, a soul enters that face, and its head is adorned with a crown and its body with a garment. It stands up before the paradise-dweller. There are scattered pearls and dark-eyed h. Their lovely countenances and faces are like a radiant moon.

Sometimes they are behind the curtains and inside tents and sometimes in the pavilions. Nobody has ever seen them. In beauty, they are all beyond description. They have pure and graceful bodies and, due to their delicateness, their bone marrow is visible. If God most High orders them to show their beauty to the people of the world, dark night turns to day.

And if it shows one strand of its hair during a bright day, the day turns to night from its colour and the soil of the world turns to musk. God most High has created the h. If a drop of one h. God most High f. Likewise, there are in paradise a great number of birds with beautiful voices, all of which are attractive in appearance and colour.

In those gardens and meadows, they sing a prayer in a lovely voice. They wish to see the believers, and they keep their eyes open to see the beauty and piety of the paradise-dweller. Their cushions are placed in rows, and at the head of every pillow is a h.

The name of that tree is T. The branches of this tree are below and its roots are above. A branch from that tree reaches every chamber, pavilion, and garden. Its scent is like the smell of musk. Whatever the paradise- dweller needs—such as a carpet, robe, crown, gem, belt, youths, handsome lads, h. It is like the branch of the T. The light of the sun has no diminution and cannot be concealed. Its radiance reaches the vaulted royal halls of kings, the monasteries of dervishes, and everywhere else. Every person benefits from its brightness. If they light one hundred thousand lanterns from one burning candle, it will not be depleted by one single particle.

Just so, the fruits of paradise are of this kind: they never will be destroyed and they never will be diminished. There is a branch of the T. Anyone who yearns to see the beauty of Mus. From the branches f. From every bird a thousand melodies in harmonious verse and with eloquent lyrics are heard. Sometimes they give thanks for those gardens, and sometimes they sing in loud voices because of seeing believers. They fly high, and they are magnificent and glorious like falcons and colourful like peacocks. When the believer desires to eat delicious food, he eats from that bird.

Right away, that bird becomes roasted and prepared for him. When the believer eats of it, it is immediately restored to life again in paradise. I heard the voice of the dark-eyed h. They were praising their God and petitioning their King. Ask God for a reduction.

God reduced it by five. Moses again said the same thing, and I asked for a reduction until God reduced it by forty-five. Your community will be defective. I inscribe them as fifty prayers on the Guarded Tablet, and I grant your community the rewards of fifty prayers.

I had written the rewards of fifty prayers for your community, and now, even though I have decreased their number, I will not decrease their rewards. I record fifty for anyone who performs these five prayers. It is a city in the east. They say that it has twelve thousand gates and that every night a thousand men stand guard. The people are virtuous there: they are righteous, do not tell lies, do not eat prohibited foods, do not commit treason, and do not get ill. When f. They all pledged allegiance to me. They became part of my community.

It is a similar city in the west. They accepted my religious law and became part of my community. I saw the caravans of Mecca returning from Syria. Every member of the caravan had alighted at f. The members of the caravan were asleep, and a jug of water was placed above their heads.

My sleeping gown was still warm. I arrived one hour ago and did not see you. I saw all the doors closed. All the doors are still closed, and you are in the same place. If you tell them, they will not consider you truthful and they will stone you. I will give news of it and will tell all. Now it is clear.

They assailed the Prophet and began to gossip among themselves. We have not been in the heavens, but we have been in Jerusalem. If you are not speaking the truth, f. And the Quraysh asked the members of the caravan and it was as the Prophet had indicated. God knew that people at that time were of two kinds: one sided with Moses and one sided with Pharaoh and the enemies.

By the power of God, it became a snake and Moses did not flee. Had he not seen it the first time, he would have fled. However, God showed it a second time. When Moses arrived on the battleground, he displayed the power of God f. Pharaoh fled because he had not seen it, but Moses stood firm so that there would be a difference between enemy and friend. If, on the Day of Resurrection, the Prophet were to see what God showed him on the night of his ascension—such as great angels, paradise, hell, and the majesties of God—then he, like the other prophets, would be overwhelmed and would concern himself with you and me.

However, all the things God wants to show to the prophets on the Day of Resurrection were shown to the Prophet on the night of his ascension, and He safeguarded him from everything. He does not fear any army and he does not flee any sword. And how can anyone who has seen thousands upon thousands of angels, in one of whose palms the whole world disappears, fear the sword of the disbelievers?

The third wisdom is that God knew that the Messenger did not read the books of his forbears and reports on the heavens and the angels that have been mentioned in the Torah and the Bible. And He knew that the Jews and the Christians would question the Prophet, and God gave him the answer so that he has the necessary proof.

The fourth wisdom is that God showed our Prophet everything that He made manifest to all prophets in their books. He made them aware through revelation but He showed them visually to Muhammad so that he would know that he is His favoured one and more blessed than all. The fifth wisdom is that God showed the Prophet marvels so that he saw all that he wished and none of his desires remained unfulfilled. He promised Mus. He would know that he sees in this community the quantity and greatness of the angels, and he would know that God, Who has such servants, would not neglect those servants who are as great as the angels.

The seventh wisdom is that the Prophet would see those great servants engaged in all those devotions so that when he orders the community to perform devotional acts, he would know that he is not ordering an imposition, but an act of kindness. The eighth wisdom is that the heart of anyone who is praised by many is not saddened by a single critic. Anyone who is praised by the great is not distressed by the curse of the malicious. God most High knew that the disbelievers would curse the Prophet. If a few unbelievers curse him, f. The price of paradise is proclaiming faith, performing obeisance, and fighting with disbelievers and enemies.

When those longing for paradise wanted a description from the voice of the Prophet, he spoke by report and spoke about what he had not seen. God took him to see it, so that what he says about the conditions s. So God took Mus. It is God Who is Hidden in all things. I counted for My servants what no eye had seen, nor ear heard f. A high door was set up, a curtain of wool was hanging before it, and people of high rank were standing there.

The leaders of the Quraysh, the disbelievers, and the idol-worshippers were wearing long robes and silk turbans wrapped [around their heads] as they were sitting on valuable horses. Servants and slaves were running back and forth between them. When they saw Mus. Rise and come to see your own friends.

If they say that you do not have servants, here are the angels, your servants. Gabriel is your attendant, and Michael is your saddle-carrier. Paradise is your garden and orchard. O Mus. Rise so you can see them all. The Highest Friend will carry me. Gabriel stopped short. Gabriel—with that great strength with which he uprooted the country of Lot with one wing without anything happening to him—became as small as a sparrow. If I take another step, I will burn up. For all his greatness, what is Gabriel after these two steps? Gabriel was not capable of enduring the offences of sinners, so how can he be capable of interceding for them?

They brought him between the tablet and the pen; he did not look at them either. You are what I need. The meaning of the ascension is being a guest. A part of it was in the shape of a lion; part in the shape of f. It grazed in the meadow of paradise and was the steed of the prophets. When the Prophet wanted to mount it, it resisted and grew refractory.

This is the lord of the prophets, the foremost of prophets, and the intercessor of sinners. Tell him to swear to me that he will sit on me during the Day of Resurrection so that I am more honoured than the others. The name of Mus. O you who are created in the shape of the name of Mus. The second vehicle was the wing of Gabriel, which carried Muhammad through the air and the heavens.

When he arrived at the Lote Tree of the Limit, Gabriel stopped. You travelled three hundred farsangs. They say that it is an oath on all stars that appear at night and go down by day and that rise from the east and set in the west. Some of them do not set and disappear just where they are. They have said that it is an oath by the stars when they set—that is, star by star. They have also said that it is an oath by the Prophet when he came down from his ascension.

God most High created Adam from clay, and his height reached the heaven. God had placed him between Mecca and T. The angels of the earth regarded him with contempt. That throne had five hundred legs. They sat Adam on that throne and they carried him to paradise. They made all good tidings in paradise permissible to him except that one tree. Then God commanded the angels to bow down in front of him just as students serve teachers, because Adam was more learned than they in knowing the names of things when He asked them.

There were two components to their bowing down: one was salutation and adoration, and the other was worship and adoration. The salutation and adoration were for Adam, and the worship and adoration were for God. The prostration of the angels for Adam was once, but the prayers of God upon Mus. Indeed, God and His angels send blessings on the Prophet. For every stitch that he sewed, he recited a prayer. There was no tailor like him nor had there ever been before him. The station of blessed Jesus was in the fourth heaven. When the Jews intended to kill him in the house where he was, God carried him from that place to the heavens so that he would be safe from their malevolence.

In the fourth heaven there is a house that they call the Frequented House. God carried him to that house, as God f. Abraham looked down and saw someone with a prostitute. He went up higher, and he saw another person. He uttered a prayer for his destruction, and he burned. He saw a third person, and he did the same. O you who want to destroy the sinner, how will you ever reach your station?

What is this? There is one person who is purified by washing, there is another who f. The sinners are as dear to God as your son is to you. You asked for their destruction and your prayer was answered instantly. I request the sacrifice of your son, and you tarry? That night, they slept and when they rose up at dawn, their beards had turned white. Then Moses arrived at the mountain.

On the way, he brushed his teeth. A cloud rose up: it encircled and embraced Moses. God most High spoke to Moses, and he heard the word of God without any physical manifestation. How could there ever not be an answer to his prayer? The Lord was not in that place; neither was the listener nor the speaker in that place. I heard from the inside what I heard from the outside; I heard from the right what I heard from the left; and I heard from below what I heard from above.

So I knew that it was the word of the Lord.


He seizes the seas with the waves. He lifts up the saturated clouds. He memorialized His name in three ways: first, by the tongue of the lord Muhammad, the possessor of the Kawthar Basin, the staff, and the crown; second, by creating the heavenly dominion and constellations and further by carrying Mus. His villages have flowing water, f. You, o Prophet—who see the weakness of your servitude and the impurity of your self—God has made you worthy of being at His banquet just as He Himself made you deserving of prophecy.

Arise, o you whom God raised, Raised high in degrees, [He is] the Lord of the throne. God gave to this lord four nights: the night of service, the night of invitation, the night of proof, and the night of witnessing. Although you have wrapped your head in your robe, stand up and perform service at night. Do not sleep all night, sleep just a little. Wake up at midnight: either wake up a little before midnight or a little after midnight.

It is a sign of friendship, because this is what is expected of friends. God also has granted you this state. You obey even though you do not know whether He accepts you or not. You commit sins [even though you do not know whether] He forgives you or not. This is a sign of friendship. He gave you a time [for fasting], and that is the month of Ramad. Night is indistinguishable from day for anyone who has a large family.

So you, too, do likewise. Do not sleep all night because your community will be corrupted; you would [not have the time to] intercede. But do not stay awake all night interceding for your community. Do not sleep for half of it, so that I may free half of them thanks to My mercy. Do not exert yourself so much. They will approach Adam bewildered and f. Go see Noah. However, I do yearn for the sinners. Fairies lend support to the army of this community that goes to war and they fight alongside them, even though they do not show themselves. Some people die at once when they happen to hear them singing.

I saw beings who were not of the human species. He sighed and gave up the ghost. I picked up one of the narcissus and fell asleep.

‎Tales of the Fifth Guardian; Book Five: Ascension on Apple Books

When I woke up, I found myself on the right road, and that narcissus was in my hand. Sometimes f. Oranges were dangling from it. We want something that will be visible to all the world. Fear befell the people. The children uttered a loud cry, the animals bellowed, and people screamed. People shrieked, thinking the Resurrection had arrived.

Then Muhammad pointed his finger: the moon was made right and whole again. Your magic effects the earth and heaven. That person whom God calls upon needs no proof, but for that person whom He does not call upon what use is there in providing proof? How odd! But God was Victorious through His friendship with him. Muhammad gathered all of these meanings in three words and brought them as a gift. I will share some of them with my communities. Today, I will take one of these three to them so that tomorrow You will send them the others. I bring them safety so that they will be safe from separation.

Let mercy and blessing remain; tomorrow, You will take these to them so that they will be relieved from hell by Your mercy and will attain Your blessings. After your death, I will send My blessing to your whole community on the tongues of angels, the same for both the good and bad. I must say what they are: the burden is the sins of my communities and the sorrow is the punishment of my communities.

I offered your community to you and generously gave them paradise. O Prophet, you seek a refuge and I seek an excuse; you are the supplicant and I am the Guide. Do not worry so much for your community because, between one who seeks refuge and One Who seeks an excuse for giving it, how can your community stay lost? The book is finished by the help of God and His good fortune On the first day of S.

Muhammad M. Muslim, trans. Muslim, — Book-length studies in English on the subject include, most prominently: Colby, Narrating Muh. However, a section on Persian ascension literature unfortunately is omitted. See J. Bosworth et al. Leiden and New York: Brill, , volume 7, — Princeton: Princeton University Press, , , Q For example, al-T. Jane McAuliffe et al. Oxford: Oxford University Press, , — He answers that they are those of Mecca and Medina.

The man asks about al-Aqs. For the identification of al-masjid al- aqs. Guillaume is the only scholar to argue that al- masjid al-aqs. The three mosques of Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem are believed to have special qualities. For example, medieval authors of works in the merits or virtues fad. Later authors engage in a similar discussion. Jerusalem was the first qibla of the Muslim community. The opinions of Ibn Dih.

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Amir-Moezzi, 40— Amir-Moezzi, Muslim, book 75, no. For a further analysis of al-T. Gruber and idem; idem, Narrating Muh. Gibb et al. Leiden: Brill, , volume 1, — The edition of al-D. Barbara von Schlegell Berkeley: Mizan Press, On Bist. Lewis et al. Gruber and Colby. Mircea Eliade [New York: Macmillan, ], On the other hand, Peter Heath believes that there is enough internal evidence to support the authenticity of the work Heath, Allegory and Philosophy in Avicenna, There are also four voices in SK Ayasofya folios 11v—12r , but these represent the Jews, Zoroastrians, Christians, and polytheists.

Also, both texts include the old hag representative of worldly desires. Kappler, These two names suggest that the manuscript was a possession passed down from one generation to the next. Leiden: Brill, , volume 2, — The term mawqif is related to h. It also appears in Sufi writings on the ascension. Reynold Nicholson, E. Leiden: Brill, , volume 9, — Mamluk chroniclers viewed Ah.

Avery, Pembroke Papers 1, ed. For instance, chroniclers state that he wore a woolen s. Due to space considerations, a full iconographic study of the ten paintings cannot be provided here. Vladimir Minorsky [Washington, D. Phillips New York: Abrams, , 11 and Earlier, Grube had suggested Baghdad and a later dating of ca. Charles Melville Wiesbaden: Reichert, , The authors state that the style of the paintings is not characteristic of the great works of the mid-fourteenth century and may have been executed by Ah. This opinion is also expressed in Basil Gray, Persian Painting, 2nd ed. Julian Raby, The Nasser D.

It merely hints at the variety of possible styles applied to different genres of illustrated books, as well as the various painterly manners in which artists practiced during the Ilkhanid period. Richard Pevear New York: G. Pedram Khosronejad London: I. Tauris, Forthcoming, Other seas made of light and darkness are located beyond the seventh heaven ibid. Had paintings accompanied these seas, they would have been represented with gold and gray rather than with blue and white tones.