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The war resulted in many deaths, and although the revolt was squashed, the convict labor system was eventually abolished. Dick Drummond was one of the many laborers who were killed by militiamen sent by the Governor John P. Legend has it that the ghost of Dick Drummond still wanders the area looking for revenge against the soldiers who dragged him to the railroad trestle and hanged him.

As part of a spooky game, kids dare each other to walk across the bridge at midnight. Apparently, at this witching hour Drummond walks across the bridge and then vanishes into thin air. Bring your camera, you may just be able to capture it. The entire Red Ash area is suspected of being haunted, including reports of giant goat-men and hell-hounds. From Satanic rituals to murder, stories and hauntings abound. Source: Flickr posted by DM. Located in a beautiful hamlet in Kingsport, Tennessee, Sensabaugh Tunnel and Sensabaugh Hollow Road are surrounded by primitive forests and valleys.

5 Haunted Roads & Places in Tennessee

Since Sensabaugh Tunnel was first built in the early s, people have been reporting screams, baby cries, and other phantom sounds coming from the tunnel. According to legend, a homeless man broke into the Sensabaugh family home and kidnapped their child. Ed Sensabaugh chased the man into the tunnel, but he was too late. The kidnapper drowned the baby in the tunnel before Ed had the chance to stop the thief.

Another version of the story claims that Ed was the murderer.

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Ask some Tennessee locals about the tale and you might hear a story of Ed the Madman, who went crazy and murdered is wife and child. He took their lifeless bodies and hid them in the tunnel. Other folklore says there was a woman who was driving through the tunnel when her car stalled and she went searching for help.

As you might expect, she was never found again. Another story tells of a young pregnant woman who was chased into the tunnel. She gave birth to her child before dying soon afterward. Tennessee folklore also warns of a ghostly woman who will appear in your backseat if you try driving through.

The Legend of Haunted Hills Cemetery - Drac Von Stoller - Google книги

Even though the Sensabaughs and the women in the tunnel are long gone, their spirits are said to be lurking, scaring off anyone who dares to enter. Needless to say, Sensabaugh Hollow Road and Sensabaugh Tunnel are terrifying places to visit, especially on a dark autumn night.

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  • Source: TripAdvisor submitted by RangerNate. If you want to step out of your car and experience history and folklore told by master storytellers, consider Franklin on Foot, an in-depth ghost tour founded by Margie Thessin. According to her interview with Williamson Source , the most haunted street in Franklin is 3 rd Avenue.

    Located just south of Nashville, downtown Franklin is home to some great cemeteries and Civil War sites. Just remember to make reservations in advance on the website available Monday through Saturday. Meeman-Shelby Forest is a beautiful state park sitting on over 13, acres and bordering the Mississippi River just north of Memphis. Full of camping spots, hiking trails, reflective lakes, and surrounded by the Chickasaw Bluffs, the park is home to many magnificent plants and animals.

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    Shunned by his coworker and the local residents and known simply as Pigman, the popular Tennessee tale says that a man with the face of a pig haunts the Shelby forests looking for his next victim. Just look for the smoke stacks near the Chicakasaw Ordnance Works. For the best chance at seeing the Pigman, wait for the full moon and park your car in the middle of the bridge at midnight.

    According to the son of the sheriff just after he was born, Jester's wife was caught in bed with another man in his own home.

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    Jester happened to forget his axe that day and never left home without it, but this day would be a day he'd never forget. Jester noticed a horse was tied to a tree next to his house. Jester didn't like the looks of it so he cautiously opened the front door of his house. Jester heard laughter coming from his upstairs bedroom. Jester took his axe out of the closet and went upstairs to investigate. Jester slowly opened the bedroom door and there lying on his bed was his wife and another man. OverDrive uses cookies and similar technologies to improve your experience, monitor our performance, and understand overall usage trends for OverDrive services including OverDrive websites and apps.

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