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The first part of the autograph is one of the lines of Psalm , the second is the first words of the" Cherubic Hymn ". Without specifying the date and place. Sofya Petrovna Zavadovskaya Kozlovskaya; - the maid of honor of the highest court. She left her husband because of his drunkenness and secretly married Alexander Mikhailovich Islenev - an officer, a participant of the war of and foreign trips. But the marriage was not recognized, and their children were given the name of Islavina.

He was a lawyer and made a career in the diplomatic field. He served as consul general in Nice, then in Vienna. Also known as a bibliophile and collector. In the whole skin gold bound era era. Moscow: Photogr. Reproduction of a rare snapshot, after its appearance made a lot of noise in high society. From the memoirs of A. This photograph represents Rasputin sitting in the shape of an oracle among the aristocratic ladies of his harem and confirms, as it were, the enormous influence that he had had in court circles.

Pages of my life. In a society differently interpreted the content of photos, as evidenced by the memories of the older sister of the Tsarskoye Selo hospital e. IN AND. Shot with magnesium, after a revel; on the table wine, drying, fruit. He has a striking face. Golovin was considered to be the Empress and they sold this group for 25 rubles. New York, He owned several photo studios located on the central streets of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Riga. Interestingly, the photo studio, located at 40 Arbat, at the time of its discovery, was already the fourth such institution here.

This fact did not prevent the photo workshop from outliving its competitors and working practically to the present day. Nappelbaum , who in made a number of historical portraits of V. Lenin, it is for them that we today know the Great Leader. No Reproduction of a …. In leather binding. Embossed on the spine in gold: the brief name of the edition, the vignette of geometric and floral ornament. Minor tears in leather along the edges of the spine. Our copy is on dense paper and contains 65 illustrations.

Bibliography: No. Catalog number Filigree Dutch handcrafted paper, filigree: Head of a jester, th. XVII century. The binding is leather, smaller than the size of the paper by 0. On the top cover is a paper label with the name of the book written by hand. Cursive writing, several different handwriting. Foxing, stains on the edges of individual pages, the edges of individual pages repaired by sheets, inscriptions in pencil. The List probably refers to the census books of the estates of the Spaso-Priluki Monastery Orphanages or patrimony Ustyug bishop's house.

The list includes information about monastic buildings, church utensils, icons, books, sacristy, dishes, letters, deeds, supplementary and other acts, contributors, peasants and monastic estates, etc. Such statistics are still the most important primary sources for the study of economic and social history, genealogy, historical geography.

The service career of A. Veshnyakov traced from the end of the 's, when he was "Released by the Voivode in the city of Torzhek and received there the relics of the Monk Ephraim under the decree of the great princes and the sister Empress Princess and Grand Duchess Sophia Alekseevna" - the founder and first Archimandrite of Boris and Gleb Monastery in Torzhok relics were transferred from a stone coffin to a wooden sanctuary, donated by Peter I.

From , Veshnyakov carried military service near Azov, and in was listed as commander in Rostov. In , by decree of Peter I, Veshnyakov was sent to collect "bread money" money and supplies for the maintenance of troops in Ustyug the Great and Sol Vychegodskaya, after which he was ordered to "know" the monastic fiefdoms and patrimonies of the Ustyug bishop's house by the Monastic order. At about the same time, he produced a census of the estates of the Prilutsky monastery in Totem and Solvychegodsk counties.

The latest documented information about Veshnyakov dates back to the time of the Landrat census of the Rostov district in , in which he participated: his Landrat books were presented to the Senate in Filigree Dutch handcrafted paper,…. Mikhail Shafirov]. Leather binding. Accurate restoration of binding. Numerous errors, corrected by hand. This edition is the fourth edition - a reprint of the edition of , supplemented with new letter samples from p.

The previous editions were published in Examples, How different compliments are written in German, that is, writings from patent to patents, congratulatory and regrettable, and others: also between relatives, and acquain…. Februarii, und diese den 25ten Aprill Petersburg: Gedruckt bey der Kayserl. Academie der Wissenschaften, Even though they only have 12 staff members with diplomatic status. Having someone living in an office, necessitates increasing quantity of space you rent for your staff to do their real job.

This has to be a joke. On even a corporate budget, this is a drop in the bucket. On a national budget, this is vanishing point. Not even a rounding error in the budget. No individual taxpayer had to pay more taxes because of that. If Mr. This does not make sense. Sure, it directly only cost them perhaps some millions of dollars if you include security alone cost millions of dollars according to the media , and the propaganda benefit was significant for some time.

The real story would be whether Ecuador has achieved some improvement in relations with America by inviting the British police to arrest him? In that case, it will have been a success for Ecuador. After some time, the Ecuadorian staff will probably be complaining about this even if it is a dream job for them to be in London and a way Ecuador rewards its favourite staff. Ecuador is a poor country and the diplomatic mission to London is an expensive luxury, which they probably use to reward their staff. Anyway, if I was Ecuadorian citizen, I would prefer they would rent some ordinary office in a business park in East London, rather than spoiling your officials with Knightsbridge.

Guess whose fault it is? Yes, Dugin. Dark Lord Dugin is behind all evil of the world as all woke people know.

Jesuit Conspirators and Russia’s East Asian Fur Trade, 1791–1807

To some degree they already have been killed with no explanations asked and none given, like Gordon Kahl, who was killed because he tried to foment a tax rebellion. David Koresh, on the other hand, was by no means a white nationalist, but he was killed with no explanation asked or given. Also, they could have arrested him when he went jogging by himself every morning, but instead the ATF staged a massive raid, for some dumb internal reason. As banal as it is, I think the ATF meatheads may have just been bored. Even an Ebert and Siskel — talk about normies!

So, we have the techniques of libertarian paternalism without the respect for morality and nature that makes paternalism genuinely good. A dictatorship of license, with gradually decreasing perks and benefits as one descends the food chain of power? Though who knows what they got for kicking Assange out. Not because of the costs, but because of the lack of benefits. Another benefit would be that any dissident in the West blowing the whistle on Western mischief would know that Russia would always have his back.

So, the probability of such whistle-blowers coming forward would increase greatly, which would increase the probability of such embarrassing episodes for the West. This would be significantly cheaper than RT, and worth more. And you can afford office space in Knightsbridge? These diplomatic missions will be some of the dream jobs in the Ecuadorian government.

And it seems like Assange is one of the more expensive parts of the whole mission. They had to ask for a large increase in their budget after he came there. If you look at Ecuadorian newspapers, the Ecuadorian government is complaining about how expensive it was and their politicians were arguing about it. Obviously from a national budget it is tiny, even of a third world country. But from the diplomatic budget of that third world country, it is significant. On the other hand, if they improved their relations with America by giving him to the British police, it will have been small investment, with a significant reward.

They decided that Assange was a political cost, and they no longer hated America, or wanted a better relation with America, whatever, so they wanted to kick him out. Therefore, they started to write such stories in the press as if it was an important factor to move public opinion in favor of his extradition. Edward Snowden has had it pretty good in comparison, I assume he leads a pretty normal life. Lucky for him to get stuck in Russia.

Anybody who claims to be a friend of Chelsea Manning but continues to defend Assange after his Twitter DMs were leaked pathologizing her transition and commenting on her genitals is a piece of shit. Assange is a transphobe. Even so, the smallest project spend is well over a half million and the largest ones are well over a hundred million. Often these are failed projects, so it did not provide the expected results. Yet in the sum of things, it hardly impacts us. The idea that they would sweat a few million dollars is silly.

More money is almost certainly wasted in corruption there. It was thus appropriate for them to expel him. It was deeply irresponsible of the previous government to give him asylum. That sort of self-destructive virtue signaling is typical of leftists, and another example of why all leftists should be executed. I like Assange, and he even helped defeat Hillary. How many tanks would America donate to the Ecuador in exchange for an Assange? Also now Ecuadorian politicians are talking about agents that they know had contact with Assange. Is there a recent UK equivalent of the O.

Simpson case where a dream legal team managed to pull a rabbit out of a hat and outmaneuver the dastardly prosecutors? That is what Julian Assange needs now if they are available. At a very basic level you simply cannot trust people like Assange. Too much potential for embarrassment. Snowden was closer in spirit to a spy imo; Assange is more like bin Laden or a mafia boss, the head of a shadowy international organization with significant reach and resources. Romantics and escapists are inherently flaky and unreliable people.

Assange occupied 70 square meters, of the square meter total space Ecuador rented in Knightsbridge. In addition, Ecuador increased its budget to rent a house on the other side of the road, where they had three agents watching and monitoring Assange permanently on cameras. Probably the latter was in order to obtain intelligence information, which they could later use for some benefit with the Americans.

Because now Ecuadorian politicians are talking about the agents Assange had contact with. Americans might anyway have cynically waited, knowing Ecuador was not going to fund the hotel without cessation. As we were having this argument, I was searching the Ecuadorian newspapers, and there are editorials complaining about the cost, and then the new president was also complaining about cost.

Ecuadorian media seem a bit like Swiss people, in their discussion of how they need more transparency for the spending. Looking in the same Ecuadorian newspaper, it seems like the current Ecuadorian government is now talking about how they monitor Russian hackers associated with Assange:. Perhaps it seems more like this was perceived by Ecuador, as an intelligence operation, to monitor Assange, and get intelligence information they could would use as leverage with the Americans. Today, the Ecuadorian interior minister is suddenly boasting about how they monitored and have knowledge about two hackers who worked with Assange.

They push Open Borders but not Open Information. They build all sorts of walls to keep out the Truth.

Oops, careful about saying that in the UK, as the police there will pick you up for a thought-crime. I would like to read more on this subject. Can anyone refer me to something worthwhile? Assange has been charged with one count of hacking, carrying a maximum penalty of 5 years. A question that immediately occurred to me, and evidently to others as well:.

Can Julian Assange be charged with additional offences once he has been extradited to the United States? Normal practice is that anyone extradited can only be prosecuted in the country that sought them for the offences specified on the extradition indictment. That restriction is known as the Rule of Specialty. But there are two possible but difficult to use exemptions. The first is that if it could be argued new information had come to light since his extradition, extra charges could conceivably be brought.

The second exemption covers what happens after someone has been extradited, convicted and then chooses to remain in the country. Essentially the extraditing country has to allow the prisoner time to run away after they have served their sentence. Assange has the opportunity to assent to it. Hopefully this will serve as a wake up call to thought criminals in the US empire.

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The only option is to flee. Again, probably hoping the election of Trump might ease the diplomatic situation somewhat…Once Putin realized that the situation was not going to get better anytime soon due to these idiot Democratics and Russiagate he had nothing to lose by assisting Syria…. So now we have Iran practically at the borders of Israel via Syria…one nuclear power and another close-to-nuclear power who probably hate each other guts more than India and Pakistan at this point. I find it hard to believe they just hung around outside the embassy for three years or so waiting for this guy to come out.

I was not there and everything I know about the case has been presented to me by the idiotic media and commentators who are all over the place. One of the shocking elements in the aftermath is the jurors who talked to the media. If I am ever in charge of managing a spectacle like that some kind of counseling for the jurors will be included. You did not answer my question but ridiculed the premises of it. You must be a lot of fun at parties.

At the end of the article there is a graph with results that seem at least far fetched, e. I think I speak for all the other readers when I say that we would love to see your opinion about that. Thank you in advance, and sorry for disturbing. Elites around the globe protect each other more than they protect the interests of non-elites in their own nations and any who side with non-elites in any non-trivial way, so it makes sense that Latin American elites side with US elites who favor the mass immigration that has driven down wages for 40 years and the mass exportation of US jobs to Latin American since it 1 boosts the profits of American elites and 2 relieves pressure on Latin American elites.

This arrest is good news for freedom-loving people. Julian Assange has long been a wicked tool of Vladimir Putin and the Russian intelligence services. He deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison. Bugliosi was a bit full of himself, in my opinion, but he had a right to be.

And his argument is extremely persuasive: namely, that the horrible prosecution let Simpson walk. Take the jurors, for example. The prosecution could have had the trial held in the Beverly Hills area, which would have meant a mostly white jury. Instead they let the trial get moved to downtown, which led to a mostly black jury.

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  • Sammlung - City of Bremen, Kunsthalle Bremen and Russia — Centre du droit de l'art.
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This is just one of many examples of grave prosecutorial incompetence in the case. And the woman prosecutor, good grief, she was just a train wreck. The prosecution blew the case in a staggeringly stupid series of mistakes. The prosecution of Orenthal James Simpson was quite possibly the single most incompetent one in the entire history of American criminal law. Read the book! Ecuador seemed to get fed up with Assange — cutting him off from the world, badmouthing him in MSM, etc — early when he was mostly tweeting about Catalonia.

Trump was always scum, I am endlessly amazed how it took so long for some people to see what he was. He was always scum but he was still the better choice than Hillary Clinton. He may still be better than his opponent in Trump had the potential to be better than he is now but Washington has pushed his back against the wall and his shitty character has thus shown itself in full.

He could have been a better President under different circumstances; even with these same character flaws. I shortened many of the comments about how much money in terms of office space Assange cost Ecuador because I think most of them were boring and bad takes. They are equally bad, but in a tie breaker the winner will always be the one that makes promises that are broken as opposed to those that openly declare you the enemy. I have read Helter Skelter enough times that I wore out two copies. It was a youthful enthusiasm. Looking back I view Bugliosi as a propagandist.

This text box is tiny for the subject matter, so I will only relay to you the most significant quip I recall this was given to me by a black woman in reference to the OJ trial :. Trump was and still is the chaos candidate. When a better option than sabotage presents itself, then Trump will become the second best choice. Many, if not most, people knew he was the sabotage candidate when they supported him. The Deep State might already be beyond repair. So perhaps, come the Revolution, new, revolutionary state organs will need to be set up in a clean break with the obscurantist blank slatist regime.

The state secrets of these new, revolutionary organs should be protected by any means necessary. I remember ak mentioning that the only saving grace of his administration being that it had alienated allies, but even that hasnt materialised. Still not looking forward to his successor. But what is your source? The AP article only says that he asked for a visa, and received it. And that he was sure he could comfortably work out of Russia.

Though the source for this latter seems to be our own Israel Shamir. So at least somewhat questionable. It never says anything about Assange asking to stay at the Russian embassy. His preference was obviously to go to Russia as opposed to staying in the UK. But it was impossible. He would clearly have been happy to travel to Brazil. Then he went to the Ecuadorian embassy. Is there any proof for that? Trump said he liked Wikileaks at that time, because they released some embarrassing emails about Hilary Clinton during the Presidential election.

Trump will not have any specific principles that would make him support asylum for leakers, or generalized protection for dissidents, unless it might specifically be explained that it would help him in some way and unless there are emails to leak about his opponent in , how will it help him? Putin is interested exaggeratedly about this topic hating those who attack the Russian government, and supporting those who attack American government because Putin was a KGB officer during the Cold War.

Believe it or not, there are people celebrating it as some kind of victory for freedom, and defeat for the forces of darkness, Putin and Trump. Only way to make it less useless would be 1 burning my source s , or 2 having it printed in the Guardian or NYT. My source could have lied to me. And perhaps he or someone else lied to the journalist who more recently corroborated it to me. But all that seems pretty unlikely. But Trump would say anything that would get him elected, and he would do many of these things.

Yeah, apparently he lacks the levers to reduce housing costs, but he can always fix, or promise to fix, something about Assange, or about Christian-Obamacare conflicts — despite them being equally remote from his mandate. Watch the idiotic boomers drooling all over unz. Despite the billions this parasite has extracted from white people, it still clearly is not enough.

Still, hopelessly naive, even at that time for him to have been in London. You probably ought to be careful yourself. Of course, the very smart liberal conspiracy theorist sees through it anyway. See how smart he is? Lake Vostok is an ancient sub-ice Antarctic lake that has fresh water sealed off from the surface for millions of years. It is believed that samples taken from the water within, if pristine and displaying life, will be evidence not only of an unique ecosystem using a non-solar energy source but also mimic conditions and biological life that can be found on Europa.

Perhaps there is lost opportunity, from the point of view of missing the propaganda to receive Assange to Russia.

220th Anniversary of Pushkin birthday

Notice that London is always the centre of these events. How much time and effort Britain always wastes by its involvement in this game, and constant chasing of diplomatic scandals. And then add how much loss of potential investment UK receives as a result of their heavy responses to these events and overall difficult visa policy.

So if Alexievich said that water was wet would you also doubt her? Look, this is common knowledge. Blair was the first foreign leader to visit Russia in March , after Putin became president. For Blair to be the first foreign leader to visit President Putin, was a bit controversial in March in the UK, because Second Chechen War was occurring at the time, with a lot of bombings and casualties and the British newspapers of the time are quite critical. Retrospectively, it seems strange they considered Blair so important. But in , Blair was very a fashionable politician, who was not yet damaged by involved with George W.

In unofficial contacts, it would surely be ?

Why should you choose us?

In the case of England I think harboring dissidents historically is also about projecting a liberal, progressive aura to the world. In local terms, port cities are usually more tolerant and open minded than the hinterlands. They have to be; they depend on commerce and deal with people from all over the world, bigotry and totalitarianism would be bad for business. Switzerland might be another example of a country that depends on this kind of reputation. Of course things are different now and today internationalism mostly just means neoliberalism and Atlanticism, as Julian Assange is finding out.

As far as Putin goes, he is just sheltering dissidents to give a middle finger to the US; when the propaganda value evaporates, so does his interest in the project. Russia, for example, is an un-free country with an un-free media so of course they want Russian media operations shut down to protect the free press. They also recognize their allies very well across countries, I remember how Finland got lowered in the press freedom rankings by globalist agencies when our right-wing government actually tried to do something right-wing and reduced funding to the state broadcasting agency Finnish BBC, full of commies.

Well, Lesha spectacularly self-destructed by Crimea, and this creature was supposed to be the brains behind the operation. What else to expect? The first and fiercest punishment ought to fall first on the traitor, second on the enemy. If I had but one bullet and I were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it. The fact that it was approved one month ago exactly makes me wonder if the order to hand over Assange was issued right after the transfer of money went through.

My bank holds any cheques I deposit over a billion dollars for a month as well. The UK home dissidents in the same way Russia houses Snowden, i. It seems more like approved in February? Also do you think there is a connection? As for Putin:. For example, the Manchester bomber was the son of one such Libyan dissident who stayed after daddy went back to Libya. There was the Clive Ponting case in Although Ponting had committed a straightforward breach of the Official Secrets Act, the jury accepted his public-interest defence. By an amazing stroke of luck, the foreman of the jury happened to be a sympathetic career politician whose name is still in the news: Margaret Hodge.

There will be no such luck for Julian Assange. The extradition hearings, and the inevitable appeals, will not go before a jury. The best Assange can do is to prolong the process as long as possible and hope that a sympathetic Home Secretary will withdraw the extradition order.

This would not be unprecedented: for example, the extradition of computer hacker Gary McKinnon to the USA was halted by Theresa May in , on the grounds of his poor mental health. For a very smart bloke, his judgement was always suspect: he allowed a fucking nappy like Dumb Shitberg Domscheit-Berg inside his circle of confidants. This whole damn country is a pile of lies. I think America may crack in the next ten years. It is all bullshit. My god, how long America? The country is cracking up.

Gentleman, there is nothing here worth left of preserving, only rot. The Russians are not very worried about crossing the British but I cannot imagine what the fallout would be if one of their spies got caught got caught killing someone here. Assange publishes leaked official documentation, he does not investigate instances as such. All of the Russian leading journalists close to Kremlin are currently expressing dismay and surprise at the fact that Assange never tried to contact Russian authorities. And yet, today, in her hour-long interview to the Pervyi News Chanel she was talking about her regrets about the fact that Assange has never considered asking Russia for help.

Not a good look for someone who wants to have his analysis to be seen as credible and objective. Ben Sasse: This arrest is good news for freedom-loving people. Clearly Ben Sasse is wet behind the ears. Democratic presidential hopeful Rep. But to did not work. Iran dod not believe.

Assad did not spend times in Moscow and Chavez struggled alone,until all of them found out how dangerously stupid US leadership has degenerated into. I guess the Israelis have even less imagination than I gave them credit for having. Trump said he loved Wikileaks…but Trumped is such a lying, corrupt asshole how can you believe him? The Russians made the right decision. They have million people of their own to look after.

Drouot - art russe -

What do they care for an Australian whose own cowardly Zionist government has disowned? By February it was already clear that Assange would be kicked out of the embassy sooner rather than later. Fascinating, they have once in their evil life a good plan in Brussels, and wikileaks shoots against it.

I think the question for Russian asylum is the same question why Russia did not spell the beans on The genuine left ie Socialist Equality Party etc have supported Assange from the beginning. Assange is a hero. He exposed the corrupt, lying government we have…so this is another dark episode in American history. Gary McKinnon was mentally abnormalish, he had no pornography of any kind on his computer. But he had a girlfriend and a job once. He left threatening messages about how he was going to continue disrupting on the US government computer system.

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  • Путь под звездами (Russian Edition).

Even though federal prisons are less dangerous for whites, his safety could only have been guaranteed by isolating him. Twenty-three hours a day safe in your own cell a la Supermax is something a lot of cons would like to have. His mother rather than lawyers got him out of it, through a political decision. Only low-IQ people still support Trump at this point. I suspect that the US will not follow too many legal niceities in this case….

Where did I say it was Putin who refused? Or even Lavrov. Moreover, given what Simonyan says about Assange telling her he feared he faced the death penalty in the US, it is also perhaps just a little strange that she did not offer to pull a few strings and suggest he seek asylum at the Russian Embassy herself. Having Assange in a e Russian Embassy would have made any leaking he did much less effective.

Assange was regarded as an anti Bush activist the Collateral Murder vid showing a journalist being smoked up by US forces in Iraq was how he made his name. Freedom is sold by the kingdom In ounces and inches of chain Just enough to keep you sane. Russia has never, to my knowledge, handed back defectors. While he is not classed as a defector, he is widely viewed as such, so the PR repercussions of it would be pretty bad.

Welcome to capitalisms New World Order. You are owned. You are their property. Everything belongs to them. It was always this way, the internet has just brought it to light. Trump is the harsh medicine Washington deserves. He is the indigestible Trump in the belly of the Beast. My only crime was hoping Washington could adapt and accept that the people had sent them this rough diamond. As the months roll by, we see just how revolting and corrupted the imperial capital really is. As things now stand, I hope Trump wins a second term. Maybe by then the US will have more than two political parties?

One can only hope. Au contraire. Leftist are divided — regressives hate Assange, progressives love him. The who screamed the loudest and first about him being scum gave us the wrong reasons e. I am privileged, thanks to Ron, for having much more editorial freedom than the vast majority of journalists. But it is all afterthought. Imagine that Putin would NOT decide suddenly to save Snowden and would let him rot in airport until him dehydrated and hungry and unconscious would be loaded on board of some US plane.

Almost 10 years ago they made different bets and for a while it seems their bets are equally good. Assange instead had a certain accommodation that just worked, even if totally lacked flexibility and emergency exits. What changed then? Well, I hope you would not tell me, that a man confined into a cage in the embassy for 7 years still was ruling WikiLeaks with iron grip? Then, Snowden.

I remember Snowden tried to leak something about Russia. He was clearly told that Russia does not care about his crusade for abstract good and fairness, that he would keep silent about any Russian transgression he learns of. If that makes him feel accomplice — he better come to terms with his conscience, or else. Snowden got the message and learnt to be humble.

WikiLeaks did not pushed brakes. Dementia and bravery? What would WikiLeaks loose with demise of Assange? Could WikiLeaks bargain with Moreno and cease blowing their whistles on him? Did they know breaking pots with Moreno endangers Assange? They should had know. And they did it. Qui prodest? WMD anyone? All theater for the slaves to make them think they have some control over what their owners do to them.

Why does the Government keep top secrets from the People? Chuck Schumer SenSchumer Now that Julian Assange has been arrested, I hope he will soon be held to account for his meddling in our elections on behalf of Putin and the Russian government. Yes, one of the few things Theresa May can be proud of, but I would guess she actually did it for the wrong reasons. Since the democracy Americans won AOC government since to from the British was overthrown by the USA in crooks have increased and broadened coverage of their structured control system expressed as the USA.

Its no longer limited to America but extends to the rest of the world. These people in government and monopoly powered wall street corporations have been exposed; they are one in the same. They are not even idealist, merely crooks with Al Capone finesse and Stalin killer instinct characteristics, seeking to make abusive profits and to engage killing people and destroying their lives for entertainment.

Assange exposed them, so the corporate and government leg breakers are moving-in, readying their whips, twisting their batons and wetting down their water boards with purpose to break legs, back and mind in order to teach the non conforming Assange a lesson so strong that it will send a message to those who fail to comply. But the louder Assange squeaks, the more his pain, the more entertaining becomes the torture but ironically, the pain inflicted on the person of Assange the more human rights surge into view.

Citizens of the nation states of the world are discovering the dangers that lurk in dual citizenship, Tojanized immigration, private party produced media, and militarizes funded from the spoils extracted from others these people behave more like pirates than civilized human beings. I think many have final come to understand Gadaffi Khashoggi Saddam were works not of legitimate government by instead of government operated for the benefit of organized crime. What planet are you from? How interesting… And what was the position of the pres.

Bush Sr.? You have never knew? Michael Ledeen has been an influential activist of the US politics. He held the Freedom Scholar chair at the American Enterprise Institute where he was a scholar for twenty years and now holds the similarly named chair at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. It is true that Putin is different from the silver-spooned Trump and the rabid war-mongers Pompeo and Bolton.

Tim Hayward — Herland Report. Trumpstein and his sleazy family keep delivering for the vile jooies and the JudenPresse, JudenTV, and JudenNet will make sure he gets reelected……especially if he attacks Iran. Where is Titus now that we need him? Sir, you are a rare breed. You have a remarkable capacity of swallowing a large pile of BS. Here is some really really really go news — news that can change history.

Tulsi Gabbard will be on the Dem debate stage! He seems to have gone out of his way to annoy his hosts. To escape the UK he would have needed help, but this would not have been impossible to find: he had a lot of supporters. In Assange was staying at Ellingham Hall in Norfolk, it was a pity that he did not arrange to be smuggled out to the continent. That area of Norfolk had a long history of smuggling. Local contact should have been able to help him escape, either by light aircraft or small boat to the remote Frisian islands and then easy access to the Baltic and then further to the east and out of the EU and out of the jurisdiction of the European arrest warrant.

Just for the record, it appears Assange was able to trigger the kill switch. The Jew Blumenthal has got it wrong again. He is always on the wrong side of issues, you can bet on it. He is a true blue Talmuder. The indictment against Assange says nothing about Russia. Typical Jew Talmud bait and switch double talk.

  1. Le spectacle de jeunes sorcières (collection Zap! t. 1) (French Edition).
  2. One Page At A Time: Getting Through College With ADHD.
  3. One year at the Russian court/Chapter 12.
  4. Sammlung 101 - City of Bremen, Kunsthalle Bremen and Russia.
  5. I think that he may have….. Not sure from the photo but did notice the lovely blond,almost grandfatherly,beard. Julian,is that you. During this stay, Assange is accused of threatening Jaime Merchan, the Ecuadorian ambassador to the UK, with activating some kind of panic button that would bring down the embassy if he were arrested or felt in danger.

    They published the Syria files in which helped discredit the Syrian government just as the civil war was getting started. That was unlikely to have generated much sympathy for him amongst the kremlins. The age of. Ethical, honest, objective, intrepid, rebellious reporting is OVER…. We will see said the blind man. If US official press will pay a little or no attention to Assange trial, than we will know that nothing is there, The trial and sentencing will be only act of revenge.

    But everything is vanity now. Solomon US is entering its inane period. CIA will not be able to build up proxy that could threaten Iran. US neocons have no scruples, but they have a line that they will not cross. It is possible, now that Assange has been arrested, that the American charge against him is relatively minor only in order to encourage the UK to extradite him. So greatly did he feel his loss that he was gradually pining away, and this sad state perturbed the whole of the Imperial family, who were in despair concerning the fate of poor Alexis, until one of their members, seeing La Baletta acting at the theatre, and being struck by her resemblance to the late "Grand Duchess," had the brilliant inspiration of bringing about a meeting between the disconsolate Grand Duke and the actress, with the result that "Xesis" fell head over ears in love with the lady, and immediately forgot all about his late wife.

    The Grand Duke died in exile in Paris about nine years ago, remaining faithful to La Baletta to the end; but rumour has it, that she was left no money and, consequently, she was obliged to sell one by one her many beautiful jewels, until she was reduced to penury, dying a few years ago neglected and forgotten. Mrs X… had often met the Grand Duke Alexis at the tables, but not being satisfied merely with a bowing acquaintance, one day approached H.

    Before the season for the Isles commenced, the quays at Petrograd were the favourite rendezvous, where one was sure to meet a number of friends, carriages being occupied for the most part by ladies wearing magnificent furs. A party of about twenty of us used to meet every morning out skating—a very cosmopolitan lot composed of diplomats from all over Europe. The skating rinks in Russia are very safe, as notwithstanding the great thickness of the ice they submerge large flat boats placed side by side up to a few inches below the water before it has frozen, so that if the ice breaks there is no danger of disappearing under the floes.

    My trembling steps made their debut between "Belgium" and "Holland," whose patience I admired, while little wooden seats—very heavy, too heavy to be upset—gave a precious help to the beginner. Ski-ing was also much in favour, and one of my friends used to ski from Petrograd to Cronstadt in two hours. It must have been delightful to carve out a road for oneself through that immense, glittering whiteness; an excursion full of poetry and dreams, it seemed to me, in all the sadness of Nature at this season, which sleeps for many months under its thick white shroud—sleeps "as in a death.

    The troika charmed me, especially for making long excursions, enveloped in warm furs, to the sound of pretty bells; one felt quite Russified. On one's veil the breath froze in the icy air and formed real stalactites. The Russians recommend veils of white wool, made like light shawls, for this sort of expedition. I thought them dreadful, so unbecoming, a quite barbarous invention, but the only efficacious one against the cold. This Montagnes-russe Club was charming and is situated on the island of Christophky, on the Islands. These "mountains" consist, in fact, of a very high block of ice, as high as a house.

    One gains the summit by climbing a staircase of wood, which is behind. Arrived at the top, the cavalier places himself flat on his chest on a little flat steel sleigh; this steel is so slippery on the ice, and the beginning of the descent so near and so sudden, that it seems as if one would disappear into the abyss before the appointed time. At the start of the sleigh the cavalier's head is over the abyss, and therefore much lower than his feet, and he guides the sleigh with his arms, which he stretches more or less on one side or another as he feels it necessary. I mounted behind him on another little sleigh of the same kind, but I knelt on it and sat on my heels, and there was only just room, the sleigh being very narrow; then I had to seize my cavalier's two legs, placing his two feet, shod with thick boots, one under each of my arms, holding tight and not letting go whatever happened.

    These two legs were one's only chance of ensuring a safe descent. Once I felt my sleigh leave me and made the descent on my knees. The descent is so abrupt that, for the rest, one only has a very feeble notion of what is going on. This slope is succeeded by a flat stretch of ground where the sleigh slackens its pace little by little, losing the acquired speed and so on until it comes to a complete stop.

    Then one starts all over again. Once we all—six of us—seated ourselves on a straw mat at the top of the slope. It seemed to whirl round several times on itself during the descent, shedding us to right and left, and finally deposited us lower down pell-mell in the soft white snow. This party ended up by a tea at the Club; and I truly believe that no more warming sport exists.

    Every afternoon I spent several hours at the Winter Palace or at the French Embassy, where we worked with energy for the Red Cross, for those unfortunate soldiers who were fighting so far away and also for their families and all they held dear—so far away indeed that one was apt to forget that they were fighting in the same country at all—on the borders of Manchuria.