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  2. ISBN 13: 9780312303983
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The description of Alice's pre-revolution life in Russia is enchanting; the story once the first revolution breaks out [is] utterly gripping. It couldn't be better told. A rare achievement. It is a measure of Read's skill.

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In Read's hands [the story] takes flesh as a novel that is traditional in form, yet full of energy and surprise. Read tells his story cogently but without shortcuts. He describes people, fe… More….

Alice in Exile - AbeBooks - Piers Paul Read: X

He describes people, feelings, the wonders of nature and the intricacies of family life astutely, with nuance and sensibility. He is a joy to read, and one comes to the end of his tale with both fulfillment and sadness. When Alice's new employer, the charming and dashing Baron Rettenberg, discovers her pregnancy, he helps change her identity to conceal her shame and Alice becomes a French widow named Mademoiselle Chabon.

Time passes and Alice and the baron tentatively begin to fall in love. But when the Russian Revolution forces Rettenberg to flee his manor, Alice is left alone to fend for herself and her young son. Not long after the baron's departure, Alice and her son find the danger too great and also escape. Meanwhile, Edward's marriage to Elspeth falls apart and he sets forth in war torn Europe in search of Alice, whom he now believes to be the love of his life.

ISBN 13: 9780312303983

In an exhilarating climax, Alice is forced to choose between the two men one is her first love and the father of her son, while the other is a man who loves her unconditionally but obsessively. Meticulously researched and loaded with moral and emotional conflict, this story of lovers forced apart by differing social backgrounds and dire circumstances should appeal to fans of both the historical and the romantic.

By critically acclaimed author Piers Paul Read, Alice in Exile is an exquisite historical novel featuring Alice Fry-a free-thinking and independent-minded woman in a world ruled by men-and the two men who love her. It is when Alice, the daughter of a radical publisher, meets Edward Cobb, the eligible young son of a baronet who has recently quit the army to pursue his political ambitions. Edward's family could accept his liaison with a girl they consider "fast," but when he proposes, they are appalled.

When Alice's father becomes involved in a scandal, it becomes clear that Edward must choose between Alice and his political career. He breaks off the engagement, unaware that his lover is expecting his child. Desperate, Alice accepts the offer of a rich and charming if somewhat predatory Baron Rettenberg, returning to Russia with him to serve as a governess for his children, while Edward marries suitably, but unhappily.

Two of the greatest cataclysms of the twentieth century-the Russian Revolution and World War I-serve as backdrops to Alice's story as she raises her young son, yearns for Edward, and begins to fall passionately for the Baron. Alice in Exile is Piers Paul Read's triumphant return to the fiction for which he is widely hailed-romantic, dramatic, and rich with historical detail and fascinating characters that make Alice's story an enchanting and unforgettable read.

It is actually difficult to put the book down. This is a book of great compassion, lively dialogue and fine romance.

Hardback Editions

You leave the feast feeling stirred and contented. Anyone who has enjoyed the best novels of Sebastian Faulks or William Boyd will love this one, and probably find it even better.

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Utterly gripping. It couldn't be better told.