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Tank oo for changing me, an I is sowwy for being a stinky baby. Goo night! Be a good baby! Alice continued on to the next guest, repeated the same routine, and went on again. After humiliating herself yet again in front of everyone, the guests waved goodbye and began to move away, going down the stairs. Alice could only sigh as she was led back into the nursery and into the oversized crib. She had assumed she would simply be locked in. She lay Alice on her stomach, then tied her hands behind her back. She pulled her feet up and attached her hands to her ankles, leaving her hog tied and squirming miserably.

Alice cried and screamed at her, but the pacifier muffled her words and Ellen ignored her. Get some rest, ok? Alice struggled fruitlessly against her bonds. After a moment, she simply gave up. The position was just as uncomfortable as being bent forward. Being unable to move meant there was no way for Alice to sooth the itch and sting from her own mess, or block the smell from her nostrils. She felt her gut churn again, and a new wave of mess tried to force itself into her diaper.

Alice began to sob, and prepared herself for a long, stinky, and uncomfortable night. Part Warning: This story contains abdl and bondage themes. If that is not your thing, please move on. Also, this story is somewhat different from my others. So please be warned, and don't complain otherwise. So I've finally decided to do another part of this story. There will be another one, maybe two, then it will be finished. Add a Comment:. Load All Images. Nazoc Featured By Owner Aug 23, Jesus Christ man. Writing's great but this is just a little too much for me. I just wanna give this poor girl a hug Yes, as I've said before, the Alice stories are pretty much my most 'extreme' stuff.

I honestly don't know if I like them myself, I kind of just used them to get rid of ideas I thought were too far for my other stories, and then they happened to become very popular. She gets out in the end though, and gets her revenge. So at least there is that.

HAHA omg thats a different opinion then most people you don't think this is too harsh for her? Well it's harsh but she does deserve it for now. I mean it makes a good example to the other gangs. I see, and yur welcome. Which not only came to be a shock to those that knew about her situation, but people also stopped laughing and pointing fingers at her. Ellen didn't know how to react to her new change,and her boyfriend started to even became attracted to her. Though she meets someone else that she comes to love.

I honestly feel bad for her, even if she was a jerk in the past. Hopefully things will get better for her. Prev Next. More from ABAlex Karma 3 Warning: this story contains abdl, sissy, spanking, bondage and humiliation fetishes. He sat in a group of some of the most attractive women he had ever seen. Everyone of them was a perfect ideal of someone he'd normally be interested in. Tall, fit bodies, large breasts, long hair, and beautifully dressed to show off every curve.

He couldn't keep his eyes off of them, and just seeing them come in made him excited. Being bounced on their knees drove him insane. The feeling was mutual of course, with one small difference- not a single one of them acted as if he was an adult or acknowledged their effect on him. All their excitement,. ABDL Store!?! In Ontario!?! Not online, but a real warehouse store.

To my surprise, it isn't in Japan, but Kitchener, Ontario. I've gone through the site, and they have quite a selection. Most of the popular brands of abdl diapers ABU, Bambino, Fabine, and Cuddlz along with cloth diapers, pacifiers, onesies, powder, bibs, rash creams, ect. They even included suppositories for those who are into 'that' side of abdl-ism. The only thing missing was more 'big ticket' type items, like cribs or high chairs. I'd also be interested to see stuff like fingerless mittens, locking plastic pants, or bondage implements for the more bdsm style abdls.

Alternatively look up "rearz" on google, it should come up. Does this mean society is become more accepting of out lit. The Last Man Warning: This story does not contain any fetish material.

You can read a ton more techniques, tips and tricks in my book-length guide:

Any more questions, please read the description It was over and they had won. It happened while I slept. Surrounded by walls of sound muffling concrete and far from any cities, there was no way for me to know until morning. My alarm woke me up at 6 in the morning. I reached over to my bedside table and switched own the electric lamp. It flickered for a second, before turning on and filing the small, barren room with dim light.

A narrow cot, the table that also served as a desk with a chair and a tin locker for my uniform were the only furniture.

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I headed for the last one and got out my jogging clothes. I dressed and headed for the door. I walked down a long concrete hallway, again only lit by electric light. There were no windows where I was. I followed it to a steel ladder and a hatch that led to the ground level. There was a small building over. Post all the rules 2. Post 10 facts about your OC. Tag 3 to 8 people and be sure to include their avatars and the OC of theirs you want them to use. Alex comes in various incarnations in different stories, ranging from a fantasy style warrior to an enslaved prisoner to a "daddy.

This probably means there are different Alex's in different universes. Think "Enter the Alexverse. This makes him only more confused as to why people seem to see him that way. His favorite food is pizza.

the naughty corner Manual

Favorite dessert is chocolate. He normally claims to dislike the kinks he becomes involved in and chalks repeatedly being in these situations up to bad luck and conspiracies. What the Heck? Anyone else get one of those "select all images with an X" tests when signing on to DA now? Its the test usually used to stop robots or spammers. What the heck? Why is that a thing, and how do I get rid of it? View Gallery. Featured in Collections Stories by feenix76 Diaper Tester Part2 of Commission 1 for Bask The next morning, Amanda groggily let Mabel change her diaper and feed her a bottle while she tried to forget the previous night.

Had she really just had a baby shower for her? It had been one of the bigger gifts from the party. She was supposed to go a day without pooping her pants. Or peeing them. Was that even possible? She looked at the diaper pail. How to get a promotion Ch. I didn't know what time it was because there wasn't a clock in the room, and I couldn't get out of the crib because the bars were locked and god knows how to unlock them.

Besides, I didn't know if my new " mommy " would approve. Was Ms. Crystal my mother for this month? Or am I just supposed to call her that? She did say she was going to be "the best mommy ever" last night, so I guess that's how I'm supposed to "see her as my mommy" for the next 30 days. I honestly wasn't comfortable by this, being treated like a baby. But I had to play along with this if I wanted to get my promotion, and most importantly go back home. I realized the pacifier wasn't in my mouth anymore, was I supposed to put it back in?

I didn't know. I just kept staring at it for a while un. Kyle took the covers off of him and opened his eyes. A changing table, rocking chair, rocking horse, round table, and baby walker we. I was. I lived in a good sized apartment with multiple rooms. I had a steady job that let me work from home most of the time. I had Gabby, the smartest girl I knew and the love of my life. We were planning on getting married as soon as she was done with college, which was supposed to be the next June.

Oh, I should mention. Yes, we were a lesbian couple, big deal. Anyways I guess I just never really felt content. I would have said I wanted a do-over except I never could have given up Gabby. She m. The Diaper Show The Middleton Magic Academy was a prestigious institution where the young witches and wizards of the world learned their craft.

- How to regress your submissive back to diapers through various techniques and tricks.

Kids started in the school as young as three or four years old and stayed there until they were twenty one when they graduated as fully mature magic users. Taylor was technically still a student herself, but she worked most of the day in the nursery wing as an instructor teaching the four and five year olds. She liked the job a lot. The kids were energetic and eager to learn and fun to watch. One day Taylor had the kids were doing a little writing practice. They were supposed to write about a challenge they faced and then draw a picture of the experience.

It would have gone fine, had a certain unexpected guest not arrived. Anyone else would have gotten a few words from Taylor about manners, but this witch was different. Erin was a witch from the drag. Diaper Shorts Episode 1: Training Diaper Shorts Episode 1: Training Naomi huffed and puffed, stressing as a sizeable load of mush forced its way down into her training panties.

The sizeable portion didn't listen, as Naomi lost to the battle of her bowels, and suckled meekly on her pacifier as the load settled, a bulge in her training panties. When wiw I ever learn how to use the potty? You've been in diapers your entire life - and to think - this time I thought you'd really done it!

You're cleaning up the mess you've made in those practise panties. The red head still in the arms of her apparent mother Lucy Heartfilia; the blonde greeting the various people calling to them as they passed by. Erza was in too much of a confused state to react to all the people who either spoke to Lucy or cooed at her. Still trying to process everything.

Let's get the facts straight. Woke up inside a crib and with the body of a baby. Lucy seems to believe she is my mother while everyone we've run into seems to believe so as well. If this WAS a prank I cannot see how they got all the townsfolk in on it as well Looking down at herself for a moment and blushing at her attire.

Trying to ignore the fact that she was wearing a diaper like a normal infant would. The sound making Lucy look down at her with a raised. The Experiment Pam had been unsatisfied with her life for a long time. She was a straight A college student and had a large circle of friends but she care for any of that.

She was stressed out and tired of her life and always looking for chances for a new life. That was how she ended up in Dr. Once worn, it releases certain chemicals that travel straight to specific knowledge centers in the brain. It then transforms those parts of the brain into waste products, which go straight to the bowels and are then released into the diaper. Why not just give me a shot? Pacifying Perfection The first thing Jasmine noticed was her pounding headache. Too many vodkas the night before at that party.

It swam up through her unconscious state rousing her from her dreams, she groaned and tried to raise a hand to massage her head only to find her hand wouldn't move. Still being partially asleep this didn't bother her for a moment, although a dream induced uneasy feeling began to mingle with the headache. She tried to roll over in bed only to find she couldn't move and her orientation felt skewed. Perplexed but still very much half asleep she opened her hazel eyes. Instantly she was wide awake. She was in her dorm room in her white night shirt and grey shorts, she even had her pink fluffy slippers on, but she was tied to her desk chair.

Thick rope bound her.

Sat on the opposite side of the room was her dorm room buddy Carrie. A short stocky woman with shoulder length brown hair and green eyes. She wore a p. View More. How was the day passing this slowly? Honestly she was beginning to suspect the stupid clock was broken. Worse, it was just late May and she was already bored out of her mind. It was shaping up to be a long summer. Can I see you in my office for a moment? Amanda sighed and stood up. Mabel shut the door behind her.

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Stadtfeld left them squishing in their dirty diapers for what had to have been at least half an hour. Kallen was left helplessly having more accidents and smushing into her ever expanding diaper. When Villetta finally let her out, Kallen was left toddling around clumsily, unable to keep herself from having more messy farts every few steps. Her diaper was sagging low past her knees, almost down to her calves. She whimpered as her mother loomed over her and felt the ruined remains of her bunny suit.

The Hypnotist Pt. Paul placed Mary in an exersaucer and turned on some cartoons for her to watch, he looked at the clock beside him to know the time; it was still 2 pm, what could he possibly do more with Mary? He came too early, why did he think regressing that woman at 5 in the morning was a good idea?! He sighed as he looked at the over-sized baby giggle happily in front of the TV, when he got an idea.

He dressed her in the same outfit she wore to the park then drove with her to the mall. Once they got there, he held her hand as she tried to waddle beside him through the crowd, then he quickly let go of her and left her, causing her to fall without warning. She kept crawling in th. Thank you mommy. Olivia rolled her eyes. Did no one care about her schedule? She had a date with the cutest boy in the school tonight, possibly her one and only chance to become popular, and this little party that Maggie would never remember had taken at least an hour.

Her dad was fidgeting next to her too. He was missing a football game for this. Her mom caught her arm and pulled her back down. She tore at the wrapping paper and finally unearthed a baby doll. Even after she presented with many jars of disgusting beans and prunes, she was still stubborn about getting her title back. Once she was. Cuz I heard that hundreds of times from them. Changing Reality Final Part The three teenage girls sat and played in the playpen happily together. Playing a simple game of catch with a large red ball.

Mostly the girls would miss catching the ball and they would go off crawling after it to bring it back. They amused themselves for a while with the game when a carer came and leaned over the playpen bars. They crawled to the edge of the playpen and jostled with one another so that they would be picked up first. Molly was gathered up first, she kept her teddy bear close and was carried over to a large baby walker. She was eased into the seat. Her feet didn't quite reach the floor properly so she found herself balanced on her tiptoes and as a result her crotch was taking the majority of her weight pulling her.

Stranded- Part 2 Bethany woke the next morning and yawned, for a split second everything was normal before she opened her eyes and the horrors of the previous night came all flooding back. She rubbed at her eyes, then suddenly looked at her hands in disbelief. She was using her hands.

She was Controlling her hands. She flexed her fingers experimentally for a moment feeling relief wash over her. She tried to sit up but the massive diaper around her waist made it completely impossible. She tried to un-pop the poppers on the legs of her footed sleeper, she would get this off and then escape out of the window or something. She couldn't reach the poppers her diaper was so thick she couldn't reach to the end of it where the poppers lay.